Watch this video!
Sony played this mind-blowing video at their executive conference. 
Be prepared to be startled by facts. 
In the next decade, computers will become more intelligent than we are.
The questions that rise are:
- What kind of child are we giving birth too? When they pass us in intelligence? Will they continue to be our tool?
- As the world of information continues to unfold, what will we learn about ourselves and this life?
- Where are we going as a species? Will silicon life out live carbon life? 
- Who will be controlling our direction, or will it all be just a series of actions with no direction at all?
- Finally, after we learn how to conquer death (and we will), what will our new fears become?
These, and more questions will be the future.
Saturday, August 1, 2009 10:36:04 PM, From: jim, To: stories