Its Beautiful
I see natures overwhelming technology. It is more profound than a cell phone, a plasma TV, or a computer.
I see harmony. All the living things seem to know their tasks, and they do them very well.
I see love in the animals, mostly amoung their own species, but sometimes they share their love with me.

Sometimes, I walk on the soft grass with my bare feet, and I feel like everything here was made just for my pleasure.
But that is a mistake.
All things are given the choice of whether to love or hate their lives.

What I am saying is, Heaven and Hell isn't something we experience after we die.
It is something we create while we are alive. It is our choice to see what we want to see.

I used to want to live forever, but that would be greedy.
There are many others waiting to take my place.
And I hope when they come, they will see this life as I do.

For me, when the beautiy of life seems distant, when life becomes about bills, work, chores, and responsibilities,
I look at my sweet Becky sleeping, then walk outside. I hear the birds singing, smell the honeysuckle, feel the moist breeze, and see another day begin.

-- It is Beautiful --
Wednesday, June 24, 2009 7:13:01 AM, From: jim, To: Stories