Love You Mom
         Love you Mom
Mom I love you and miss you so much.
Please forgive me for the loss of words.
To express how special you are and always will be.

For it was you who taught me love and tenderness.
You have always been there for me mom.
You have always shown me that you love me so much.
There will never be one in this world
That comes close to having your touch.

The wisdom from your words and the knowledge from your heart
Is something that could never be bought.
I sit here in tears because I didn't hold on to the life of freedom which I sought

Forgive me mom for anytime I disappointed you
Or in the slightest let you down,
But I'll always remember something I learned.
It's thanks to you mom now I've found
I've found I've been blessed by God just to have you mom.

I now begin to change my ways
And be the son you can be proud of
And smile proudly about one day.

I love you mom.
It's your voice I miss.
It's like an angel from above.
And I'm hoping that someday soon
I can show you just how much you're loved.

Saturday, March 21, 2009 12:12:03 AM, From: Robert, To: Stories