Meanwhile: Back in Pittsburgh
I got up at 6 yesterday morning, drove to work and it was dark and foggy. I LIKED IT!
I had the same old problems to solve, sitting on my desk, and I LIKED IT!
I came home to my beautiful Becky, and saw some red breasted robins searching the new grass for worms. And guess what...I LIKED IT!
Some think I am crazy for wanting seasonal weather, but I don't.
As the weather changes, its like another year is being reborn, just to dye again. Snow, fog, rain, sunshine, those days when the sun just barely peeks through the clouds,
to me, they are beautiful. I can't wait to hear our first thunderstorm.
Oh, I told a white lie.
I actually picked Becky up at the store.
She grabbed her back pack, took the trail down to the creek's bridge, crossed McKnight Road, and went shopping at Giant Eagle (or as I like to call  it, the Big Bird).
Yesterday was a nice day for taking a hike through the woods.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 6:42:14 AM, From: jim, To: Stories