Another rainy week has gone by
It's been raining a lot, and the snow finally melted away. The trees look like they're ready for spring in a couple of weeks.
My new job location takes 30 to 40 minutes to get too, so I haven't been watching the news that much.
It seems like all my time has been revolving around work.
Its the same old thing. Get up at 6, get home at 5, then try to muster enough energy to enjoy the rest of the night.
Usually that involves having a harmless beer at a local bar (I like Blue Moon with an orange in it), or coming home, and watching a movie or playing Wii with Becky.
I guess, at this time of the year, life can't really be described as being depressing, it's more like just plain ol' boring. Its too cold to go out and play.
It takes 10 minutes to put on my t-shirt, shirt, sweater, overcoat, scarf and of coarse, the pants and stuff.
We went to New Jersey and New York.
Every place is starting to look the same to me. Unless there's something that is unusually beautiful, its just another sight. Houses strewn together, factories, shipyards, bridges, tall buildings, and lots of people. The Statue of Liberty and the ferry to and from there was, well, just not that exciting.
On the other hand, the taxi drivers in New York made the trip worthwhile for me.
Those guys are the best racers I have ever seen.
They come within inches of other cars, and don't even sweat it. Most of the roads don't bother with lines to mark the lanes.
Driving in New York is more like a free-for-all. I enjoyed driving there, but when we finally decided to take cabs, those guys made me feel like a beginner.
On the other plus sides of the week
I talked to Robert and Rod this week. Its nice to reaffirm we have friends out there.
Soon, we'll be headed back to Vegas for a short stay. I can't imagine what the economy has done to it.
Our friend Jeff is picking dropping us off at the airport and picking us up.
I keeping hearing about local layoffs in large proportions
Its funny though, I don't see much about it in the news. I really think the big things that are happening aren't being reported to the public.
Once again, I really feel lucky to be working at this time.
Its odd though, I'm working in a large building complex where maybe only 1 in 5 cubes are being used.
I guess most of the people at work think it is life as usual, but I can't help myself from seeing things in a different way.
Welp...that's my babble for a cold Saturday morning.
Love to all, and may happiness fill your days.
Saturday, February 28, 2009 7:12:29 AM, From: jim, To: Stories