Hi, I'm Warren
I'm Jim's (LVDude's) Nephew. I'm the son of Jim's estranged sister, Linda, of which whose when whereabouts are unknown to everybody concerned, and probably even to herself. Yep.
Pride and joy streaming like a rockets flare thru most every orifice of my heritage. 
Why am I here right now.  Why are you reading this? 
Were I your keeper for this not so compelling smidge of hackneyed excerpts I would say,
"Hey, go have yourself a love revolution, raise the children of strangers to cultivate the deepest aversion for injustice, learn to bake better holiday fare, something.  Just dont read this."
Seriously though
, if you like to read and wonder what the voice is behind the 'readinz' read Neil Postman. 
He be a fine citezen and I endorse his wonder whole-heartedly.
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03/12/2007 06:10:45
 warren  .I’ve created a lot of interesting things.
Wowzer times like a million, you are one awesome dude.  People should be raising eyebrows so much they have
sixpacks on their foreheads!! Seriously, youd be like a god in an Amish community, once the infuriatingly meddlesome
elders were out of the way ! Kudos to you .
01/17/2007 11:38:01
 warren  Lu:Lu:Mr Short was asking...
I followed the link.  Thought It might lose me it was moving at such a frenzied but groovy pace.  Ended up here.
What feedback? At the payment window I entered some funny credit card number without selecting payment
type, like usd or card icon.  It didnt care.  Took me to the next window.  There was a broken image.
Did this on explorer.  Not my comp.  I use Mozilla.  Im a user.  And a snot.  You probably know this dont you.
DONT YOU?  You and your high falutin cronies.  Good job on it though, Auto complete, auto zip detect, aparently you
have math in your pocket, very nice.  No lines or cursors for some fields and lines under others.  I can backkey and forward thru stuff I entered long after the fact and its still there, even after googling in the same window and rewinding
(after the payment window!).  Something I wish like freagin wonderland you had going for the logs. [because] I had  the most
awesomely smoking response to the "MLK whos that guy" log entry.  Seriously, it was beautiful, like I was channeling
a hybrid of Nelson Mandelas soul and James Woods balls, I was gonna smoke that comment.  Alas, I tried in vain to
bring it back to life after looking up wether Martin Luther King actually walked from Selma to DC (800 miles!) accidentally
from not another tab, and .. it just wasnt the same.  The freak was all I could channel of spirit, every sentence just missed some little kibble of metre, dammit all to hell was my evenings name then.  Anyhoo.  I dont really need the small catapult.
Ps. there is triple scrolling happening here.  two scrollbars, outermost one scrolls a shmeensy percent of the content, up arrow saves the day.  Peace baby.

01/27/2007 07:51:49
 jim   (Reply).Lu:Lu:Mr Short was asking...
Sorry it took so long for me to discover your entry.
Sonny got your order on his cell phone the other night.
If I had all my code out there, you would have seen a little cell phone with your message on its screen.
Anyway, now that I know that was you, I'm cracking up !!!!
You are awesome dude, and Sonny's expression was priceless!!!
I fixed most of the problems you mentioned, but its still in my local test system.
I've been having trouble copying my stuff...cause my cable internet burps a lot.
The credit card portion does take credit cards
but I haven't finished yet, cause I'm actually testing with my money.
Right now, if someone paid by credit, noone would know about it...haha. I'm dealing with Paypal, and I still have to find out what they're going to tell me...eg: did the credit transaction work or fail?
I've been testing with both Mozilla and Explorer.
Screw Netscape. IE and Mozilla seem to have their own ideas on what OVERFLOW:AUTO means. Now I've got scroll bars everywhere I look. They're ugly, they're blue, and I can't seem to change the little boogers.
I like how Mozilla handles errors with its magic disappearing cursor.
The cursor just disappears. I'm dealing with 5 languages here, and if I miss a semi-colon somewhere in the 1,000s of lines of code I've written, boom, the cursor disappears. That blows.
01/16/2007 10:34:08
 warren  .Ah, a new log is born. (For Movies)
Warren is just ever so awesome, isn't he!  :-)  Kudos for Warren!!!!
01/15/2007 21:36:47
 warren  hello world
There .. is .. like ... no one here.. OH MY GAWD ! this is so totally crazy yall!  I am sooo going to write something here!
I like just totally saw an 'Outer Limits' episode with, you are never gonna believe this -- Frank Whaley!Yaaa!
And he was so totally Frank Whaley and he was in this episode called 'zig-zag' and it was all about these crazy 'weathermen' even though one of them was like , a woman! ya! Anyways it was really surprising, is that how you spell it? And Frank Whaley was soo not a loser, he was even cooler than when he was in Swimming with Sharks with Kevin Spacey. I dont know who was the loser in that one.  It definitely wasnt Michelle Forbes, she was so HOT in the scene at the laundro-mat!!
Oh my god yall, the world is so totally like .. on fire, that is so gross!! But yeah, what was I saying?? Anyway, the wizard of oz ruled in a world didnt he? "We represent the Lullaby League -The Lullaby League, -the Lullaby League
And in the name of the Lullaby League -We wish to welcome you to Munchkin Land!!"
that is soo funny!! And that Scottish guy,  Sean Connery, omg! He played in a John Boorman movie called Zardoz and
THAT was REALLY A CRAZY MOVIE !! It was scary in the beginning and that big godface thing spit out all the rifles for the Brutals. But it was really cool when Friend took Zed to where they made the green bread for the Apathetics!!
Wow, You should totally call this section Movies, cuz its all about movies so far.
01/10/2007 18:29:59
 warren  .The Iraq war, Bush, and his buddies.
Did someone say disturb?? Someone say ugly head? Guess thats my cue. For all they have seen and done in deed, "it must be horrible".  The news on the wankertube should be reformatted in three layers.  First the news, keep the sounds and oratory media.
  1st superimposition, CSI like hyperbolic pornography.  The kind of stuff that tailors itself to fantasies involving solving murders and keeping consumers together when trauma takes ahold in some unfortunate demonstration of tissues force and physics.
This sets the tone for alerting the viewer that interest and fantasy is now licensed(thus possibly connecting with a baseindex of meanings from outside the actual box of the hour(program)).
'because we care about YOU' Thats a real message solicited across the broadcast interface. (TV)..
Second superimposition.
THE media REAL detectives, police EMTs and medical triage peepz must sort through every second of the day.  mainly the gruesome cacophany of images taken for evidence in repugnant flash lighting. If you like text there are reports to be read then. Adjoin a sparse but breathtaking clause of  THE scenery. things WE are familiar with, that usually offer the inheritance of their usual safe, usefull ordinary meanings, (this is a wall, that is a mailbox, this is a refridgerator, thats a bustop,hey look children playing in a park!).  Now you have the news. 
Hmm, clean desert clad 'workers' kicking in a slightly dusty door for the nteenth instance and reviewed? Following an APC exposing security enhanced bodylanguages, ...
Nope, just keep the dumbed down audible headlines and cirkle-reasoned headline qualifying agents, (gotta keep something to let us knoiw its the news right?),,,,
Add the fantasy liscencing agent, and then please dont close your eyes cuz you need to know what youre recompositing with the fantasy licsencing agent along with the ordinary scenery clause into the news,ok now add those two last little darlings so that YOU, who WE care about, like ..oh my GAWD, all the time -- DUHH !!! can actually get the news, and then, i dunno, pop an asperin or something.
Thats the world of these poor people from under one umbrella of hate to under a several of others is like. 
And then read some antiquated irrelevant humoring bits of stuff copied of John Quincy Adams in his feverd rush to rise to his occasion something something um experiment in democracy .. yeah yeah yeah and TRY like hell to keep an even brow when someone tells you in so many unspoken terms of preemptive censorship that{"if we werent there" As If {(the official infinitive state of the term 'there' is whatever an ends justifying a means will suffer;) evidence of children torn apart and wailing parents is ok}}. Im done.  Im too pissed now to be of any use. Tvee news should be experienced in three layers minus the heart though, if we are as interested as our habits suggest. sorry eh. There is always a simpler way, what use this is escapes me.
If anyone has any better and distanced perspective please share, my myopia is summoned me into a trite fairweather gadfly.
yuck!!! ooh, theres what I was hoping for "Please enjoy your visit to LVDude." ok, next time then.  can I still have that beer??
01/10/2007 10:28:56
 warren  .A pioneer effort
Hey Sonny!! I would be ever so pleased to read one of your stories!  Youve been teasing me most infrequently with them for several years and its come to a head!  A Tomb?  With a Nemesis? Inside of it?? Please!! Just hook me with one chapter?? Ha ha , take care Sonny!

12/27/2006 08:58:02
 warren  .Regarding quitting smoking and hypnotism
Hmmm, scrolling action incapacitated at some point, but aside from that.  A super great method for quitting shmoking is this, and it really works.  Dress up your hands each morning.  One hand, the hand you smoke most often with, dress up as a
burglar, or better yet as Bush, or any of his sneaky awful cabineteers.  Dress the other up as something good to you, like some one you would ordinarily most always trust.  Then when the burglar attains in its arms a cigarette you immediately know to
demand an answer from it as to what nefarious intentions it plans for you.  And it will say to you, "Oh this? I just want to
bring the chemicals inside by way of lighting it on fire, you kniow, show them off again to the rest of the body, beginning with
the lungs and heart."  Well, youve caught him there! and the wrestling match should be easily won, as you are alot larger and heavier than your own hand.  After awhile the burglar hand should just give up.  If youve dressed up your other hand correctly
wrestling with it will not be an issue, it will not want to do things it knows you frown upon.    No - Bad mr rumsfeld, you will not host a fundraiser in my body - bad bad mr rumsfeld!!
Im winning yay! This has such moralizing
overtones i think Ill just stop now.
12/13/2006 04:29:35
 warren  feeling superior enough act mediocre
At my friend Sandys in Sioux Falls. Yep. To Sioux Falls did I make.
[Minneapolis - Mankato - Gods Pristine Breadbasket - Manifest Destiny - ctrl - shift - delete - new history ]
Spent the first 86/100ths of two weeks working for a crew putting up helpful signs on the inTerstate.  You know, like, this is I29  , Pass Out On Your Front Porch And Make Up With the Missus In the Morning, Exit Right Lane 1/4 mile Ahead.  Stuff like that.   Of recent Ive been working at a call center
taking holiday orders for people who put the 'daunt' in 'impossible', who ask way too much from publicly traded organs of federal institutions, who initiate my subconcious to install illegal isotopes of gag reflex in my various soul registers because they are so wholly self assured and illogical and unfortunately legitemized by credit industryz. I translate their madness by way
of a poorly thought out, and comicly slow interface to a database that taunts me with its unattainable key.   My fear is
some of these new gag reflexs have been partially installed and I havent noticed thier folder, even though I turned off hide
system folders and files back in 83.  Mebbe earlier. Am I ranting or what.  Few jobs have embraced me in a private
permanent state of 'letting my performance go' until I hopefully get fired.  For some reason my work ethic only works in the strictest of legal dimensions here.  And I dont steal credit card numbers either. I just dont.  But I do leave my phone on
'not available' for to be unexplainable intermissions, and I do browse much of the pornography explicitly forbidden by the
fantomas tech rep.  I consider John Quincy Adams and Akkadian word lists pornographic anyway.  To the character of REAL men. 
So yea.  Another week of this? Turkeys and Cheeses delivered a day before CrissMas sans extra postage with sweetly triumphed
gift messages to those who beared their physical safety for 365x18 or more 24 hour periods , that sound and look
unfavorably  like every other counterfeit shadow of holiday sentiment since 1913?   If im lucky.  Arostotle
did so bear his sentence with a stunning reflection to Crito , [Were it not for Athens I would not be the great man I am].
Or some such slander did he reflect.  Im just looking for some road dough so I can bike south.  Still not knowing what It
iS i am bound for.  I should be very grateful.  And I guess I am.  But man, no wonder they give the rest of us the tweak-ed
privelages of pigs in their yards?  Institutionaliuze, Organize, Solidari-fer-ize, let the crys of the endlessly hungered try
their limbs and harms upon our walls!  Shit, I think ive just stepped into Arnold Schwarzenegger mentality.  I was originally
Just to who-is my uncles website for some unresearched inspiration.  I need a new host and DNS to set up a website with
out the stupid name of my other.  Happiness. Peace. Love.  Beauty.  Love.  Triumph.  Community.   Love. 
12/14/2006 18:53:39
 Jim   (Reply).feeling superior enough act mediocre
As always, your writing is incredible!!! I love it!!!
I wish I knew you in real life...hahahahaha!
On a sad note, but then again, you probably never got to know him, your grandfather died in September (Grandpa Louis to you I guess). We popped on up to Erie, Pa for his funeral.
It was small, short, and his sister paid for it. Sonny and I were the only ones to speak for him.
288,000 people die in this world every day, and on September 4th, he was one of them.
Kind of sad isn't it, how the most exciting event in some people's lives is their death.
10/24/2006 23:08:24
 warren  252 kilometres whatever the hell that means
Left Duluth saturday afternoon.  Actually from Cloquet, from my darling Heathers home.  I was on the trail heading back to duluth, v-e-r-y slowly.  There was a discernable feeling taking over my gut, took a look and realized it was the law of diminishing return munching slowly, unnoticed for weeks, until that moment.  Apparently im in no mood for specifics right now.
Oddly?  a man next to me speaking aloud just said to his guest -"Here, Ill give you the short version".  Happens all the
time doesnt it?  Anyways.  To dust with the expectations for 'lucrative tree fetching' in duluth.  So i turned around,
registering for miles the fact that Heather would be back from Grand Marais the next day at noonish, and would drive me to minneapolis.  With her friend Leify.  They were to get a train there for Montana anyways. 
So it took me about fifty hours.  A few bundles of those were late at night and it was striking cold and I sharpened the hell
out of my night vision capacities, razor sharp.  fun, like shirly maclean driving a truck down a county road without hands kinda
fun.  ya know?  Yesternight Heather and Leify drove down to St Paul, (changed her ticket to reflect new 'disabled' class membership so as to reap a needed saving), and I met her at the Dubliner bar, had some ass tasting cheep beers together...
la la la .. went to the station and kissed her a few damned times goodbye, held back tear in eye like man, smoked a cigarette and watched her cozy up in the tube, but it did not leave the station.  Never effing does these days, 13 minutes of thinning
out a superior romantic event, to which suspense does not improve or clarify one bit.  Nope.  waving, leaving, blah blah blah.
So now im here, at Hard Times Cafe, logging, waiting to sip some brewz with Jake, who works here, who hooked me up with a rim to replace the one i smacked very obtuse 15 miles from here and still made it with.  Cheers people.
10/25/2006 12:53:11
 Jim   (Reply).252 kilometres whatever the hell that means
So has your bonnie Heather left or will she return?

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