Hi, I'm Louis Cutlar, aka: Sonny !!!
I  was born in Washington DC, but was raised as a Kentucky hillbilly.
I moved to Las Vegas in 1975 and Vegas has grown faster than my gut.
Jim and I bought a condo in 1978 where I've lived happily ever since.
I have one daughter, Jessica, whose being lots of fun as a teenager.
I'm an engineer, at the crumbling and soon to be imploded, Frontier Hotel.
I've also written several novels (to be published here at a later date).
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01/10/2008 17:35:37
 jim  Missing your bus stop
There's not much that can compare to the excitement of wiping the fog off your bus window to see that you've missed your stop. I had to walk about a mile in the rain. On the plus side, it was downhill !
Buses are fine, but they automate another porton of your life.
For me, they take away control. I'm getting rustier as I get older, and walking in the rain hurts.
This event shouldn't have happened.
This is one of those times in life where I can honestly say if I had it to do over again, I'd do it differently.
I planned the trip and the stay in Seattle so very, very badly.
We might have lived further away from Seattle, and paid for parking in town.
I might have researched it, and found out that corp-to-corp wasn't a good option.
My credit card info wouldn't have been hijacked. I would have used an inactive credit card for the trip.
Bad planning is the reason for: the rushing to get here, rushing around to find an apartment, being without cash, and living out of my budget. My budget's blown, I'm tired, and free time has gotten scarce as a result.
I didn't allow enough time to plan. I let myself be rushed into a major decision and I'm paying for it.
It will take time to undo the damage.
But time has a way of creating good out of bad.
I'll learn a good computer system. I'll be more careful in the future. I won't repeat these mistakes again.
Hopefully, I'll learn from these mistakes and become a better person.
* Making a few mistakes is normal. Making many mistakes is stupid.
Writing down my mistakes will help me consider them in future decisions.
10/11/2007 07:04:36
 jim  I’m writing a book
My Four Little Programs
By James R Cutlar

This is probably the funnest assignment I've ever had!
Instead of complaining about things, I should be rejoicing.
Ok, so I'm not programming. And ok, it might be a little technical.
But its got flow charts, diagrams...COLORS..wow!
I know its crazy, but its cool.
I've always put documenation in the programs, where I can find it.
08/15/2007 18:51:33
 Jim  Sorry about dwelling on the voltage thing
I just assumed, the volts were added up for each leg that came in. EG: 240v = 0v, 120v, 120v.
I'd think if you measured one leg of the 240v with the other, it could come up a wiggly 0 volts.
But thats just what I'd think. I'd never know until I tested it, and I've never tested it.
But just one question, do AC meters measure 3 phase voltages correctly across two hot legs.
You're my AC guru!!!  Wouldn't you just love to have an oscilloscope these days.
I thought you might know all about those HOT LEGS!!! har har!
08/04/2007 09:47:04
 becky  Happy Birthday Sonny - from Becky
Hi Sonny
Have a great birthday today.
We miss you & love ya
Becky & Jim
08/04/2007 08:17:25
 jim  Happy Birthday Sonny - Here is your gift!
Another day, another month, and now, another year has gone by.
Here, I got you a coupon for your birthday

* * * A Free Trip to Las Vegas * * *
Plus one free dinner at the Venetian

Just cut this out and present it to the hostess.
Tell them LVDude sent you. lol.

BTW - Your hotmail keeps bouncing your emails back. It must be filtering them based on content (whats said in the email).
07/24/2007 07:52:48
 jim  Hotmail rejects emails with ’Password’ in it.
I bought a years subscription to Morning Star, and have sent you 4 emails trying to tell you how to get into it.
Morningstar is a really good investment site.
The site is at: http://www.morningstar.com
I'll call tonight and give you the logon and password for it.
07/20/2007 06:23:26
 jim  This month has been extreme.
Sonny, just wanted to let you know, Iím not forgetting you, slighting you, or dodging you in any way.
Iíve just bent so burnt out.
Maybe we shouldnít have moved downtown.
Its definitely not boring.
We went bowling last night. Weíre going on a steamboat cruise tonight.
We saw two concerts, went camping, and walked the Louisville skywalk last week.
Iíve got a natural curiosity of this high rise.
Iíve already popped a breaker taking an outlet box apart. They have of each roomís outlets coupled with half of the adjacent room apartments rooms. So I pop a breaker and half this apartment goes out, half the adjoining apartment goes out. Its weird!
And these outlets, Sonny, Iíve never seen anything like them before. They are so odd looking. You can see two bare wires sticking out facing the front of the outlet, right next to the cover screw. Thatís seems dangers to me. And these outlet covers have plastic that goes into the outlet. I doubt you could buy them anymore. The breakers for the whole floor are next to the trash shoot.
I took a board off the wall. There concept to fixing a whole in the wall is to put a panel over the whole, and anchor it in there. It is kind of handy. But inside the walls is the interesting part. The pipes are copper, and the corrosion almost adds 10% to the pipes diameter. Iíd feel fearful about touching any of the plumbing, even just turning off a sink valve. The pipes and valves are so old. Theyíre begging to break.So, its been a wonderland kind of life here too.
Its hard to believe we were in Las Vegas less than a month ago.
So much has happened in the last 27 days. That's why I want to keep this blog updated.
I'm going to forget this month if I don't write it down someplace that won't be deleted.
06/26/2007 23:18:43
 Jim  The condo is SOLD!
Yeppers! And it couldn't have happened at a better time.
It should be closed by the end of July.
Sonny's situation is improving.
He's got a new job at Circus Circus.
His daughter just turned 18 too. Hopefully he can save what he was paying in child support.
My situation is improving too.
The money is good, but I won't get paid until mid July.
So for now though, we're impoverished.
But we've got riches right around the corner.
We're having a better rollar coaster ride than any amusement park could offer!
Everything is changing fast for Sonny, Becky and I.
06/26/2007 08:10:38
 sonny  Okay Jim - from Sonny
I think I see how to use this . Jim I am scheduled to see Grady at the same Starbucks you and I went to . I got your message that you want to close the deal with Mr. Hic. (Hispanic for short) but you are not too keen on the deal itself.  I don't understand the mechanics of real estate very well but I believe that Mr. Hic is going to have to put forth some kind of money in order to secure a purchase of the condo. Oh well! I know that you do understand the mechanics and I will go ahead and sign the papers as you , according to Grady have already done. It is now eight seventeen Las vegas Time. Have a good day Jim and Becky. Squirt says Baaaarkkk! (Short for I miss you!)
06/26/2007 06:25:38
 Jim  Notes about the Condo offer
I can't say I like it. It's $6,000 short of what I expected to get.
Another hispanic guy (not that I'm prejudice, but I'm getting that way), has made a squirrely offer on the condo.
He basically, wants to buy the condo with no money down.
I guess his realtor has worked these kinds of things out for these guys. It looks like they'll buy anything.
Its like this fellow crossed the Rio Grand, and got a realtor.
They probably have a squirrelly deal worked out for a loan too.
The deal isn't as good as I'd like, but, since no one has made an offer, this is probably the best thing to do.
We need to get this money working for us, instead of against us.
06/26/2007 23:18:11
 Sonny   (Reply).Notes about the Condo offer
 Jim, I am scheduled to meet Brian Grady today at ten at the Starbucks to attempt to close the deal. I only have a few questions ,myself , that I want to ask him before I sign the deed which I understand that you already have done. I will sign it anyway. We'll get the money working for us! It is now eight am here in Las Vegas. 

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