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08/05/2007 09:02:35
 lvjenny  blog
today i woke up at 6:55 found grandma downstairs not looking good.kissed her layed down and watched some tv .grandma went up and took a shower. I played a little pokemon,and listened to radio disney on my cd player then went down stairs watched some cartoons  went up stairs got dressed,woke up dustin,tlaked on msn with mom .and wrote a blog. 
08/05/2007 08:30:12
 lvjenny  my sister
my sister she is a great sister when she was growing up as a teenager. she wasn't  really that nice but that all changed when grandma took her into bad she was sort of a romodel to me.when she came back she taught me the wrongs and rights.i love her so much.she helped us keep our selves in the lord we were always complaining but she did what she thought was best for us.we have so many fun and great memories of her but now she has had her baby and going to get married soon and then ill know that i have to let my self let her go.ill miss her so much but she will be a woman of God.i love her and miss her renee/sisie
10/21/2005 11:20:49
 lvdude  We’re Rockin In The Free World Babe!!!
Ain't this kind of a BLAST!!!
Beats the crappola I'm doing here.

10/21/2005 10:20:42
 lvdude  I’ll be coming home for lunch sweetie!!!


10/21/2005 10:19:55
 lvdude get "Call Becky" to drop down under the
Click just before the C in  Call Becky (right next to the picture) and press SHIFT ENTER.
I can't change the way that part works.
10/21/2005 08:59:44
 lvdude  Welcome Aboard
We are glad you joined usDude
09/15/2005 08:49:23
 lvdude  Welcome Aboard
We are glad you joined us lvdude

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