ace's Log
Created: 7/31/2006 4:33:33 PM
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12/31/2006 12:33:40
 Jim  After making breakfast this morning
Dustin got some breakfast out of the skillet. I asked them how much was left when he came to the table.
He said (holding his hands side by side) "About this much". I said "huh?"
He said, "about a hand full". I said  "Who's hand?"
Then he said, "Theres about 7 sausages left exactly too."
I laughed so hard. Then I said "Becky! There's only a pocket full of scrambled eggs'd better get some".
She laughed.
07/31/2006 13:34:43

Long ago in the day when dragons were feared by all and hated by most, the King and Queen of the land had a son. They named him arthur. When the boy was five he he encountered a dragon in a cave. The dragon was curious about the boy for he wasn't armed with a weapon or had any shield, so the dragon let the boy go along as he pleased. Then each day the boy boy would come back to greet the dragon. Sometimes when he was older he would sneak food from the kitchen for the dragon.When the boy was 15 he was followed once by his royal administer and when the administer saw thedragon he came screaming out of the cave screaming theres a dragon in the cave!theres  a dragon in the cave! Then dragon said that he hadto go but the boy didnt want the dragon to leave but the dragon said he must but i will always be with you so the dragon touched the boys forehead and a mark appeared on him the dragon said this will allow you to talk with me anytime you want just think of me and ill be there so the boy said good bye the dragon left and when the king got to the cave he saw nodragon and the boy wasnot suspected of the administer was fired and the boys secret was kept forever

                                                     The End


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