Stupid's Log
Stupid is as stupid does. Thats what old Forrest Gump says anyway.
We hear stupid things said every day,
by people who act like they really know what they are talking about.
Or people say things that just sound funny.
EG - President Bush: "Our troups are being offensive in Iraq".
This is the place to put those stupid things people say.
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08/26/2006 15:39:19
 Jim  Deep Thoughts-Dark
Does everybody have a choice of whether on go to the dark side, or the bright side?
I wondered who in their right mind would go into the dark side.
Wouldn't they be bumping into to things all over the place there?
I mean, how much fun could that be?
08/28/2006 08:20:39
 sae   (Reply)Bumping into things in the dark.
Well, Luke Skywalker's dad (Aniken) went to the dark side and didn't bump into things.
08/28/2006 08:21:38
 Jim   (Reply).Bumping into things in the dark.
See now, thats what I don't get...with exception of his shiny black plastic exoskeleton looking outfit, nothing about him was dark. Besides, Darth used the force.
08/28/2006 08:21:57
 sae   (Reply).Bumping into things in the dark.
Using the Dark Side of the Force, I suppose is like bumping into things. Like being bad, and doing bad. Like being a criminal and bumping into the law. What we didn't see in any of the 6 Star Wars movies, was that Vader was consistently commiting these crimes, getting caught, convicted and sentemce to one 20 year sentence after another. All in a days time. So, did Jimmy buy a car? Go to Heavensville?
08/20/2006 18:44:15
 Jim  Never ask who Jesus’s brother was...
I was talking to somebody who claims they know Jesus, and that Jesus Lives
Here's how it went:
Q: Sooooo, who was Jesus's father?
A: God!
Q: Um, Ok...then who would have payed his child support?
A: Joseph
Q: Ok, who was Jesus's mother?
A: Mary
Q: And who was his brother?
A: Mary had daughters that were hers, but we're all Jesus's brothers and sisters.
Q: If thats true, wouldn't your MOM be your sister, and your father be your brother?
Q: And wouldn't we have all been products of incest, which is a sin?
A: I don't know.
Q: Did you know Jesus had a brother? His name was Ya'aqov, (Aglicized as James).
A: No. But we're all his brothers and sisters.
08/19/2006 06:36:00
 Jim  Drivers ED
The current buzz-word for erectile disfunction is ED.
My girlfriend said she took Drivers Ed in high school. (ED meaning Education).
But now, Drivers Ed could mean "Drivers Erectile Disfunction".
Special Ed could mean "Special Erectile Disfunction".
Now ain't that just special?
08/06/2006 16:27:14
 Jim  Why do you let that dog lick your face?
I asked a kid, because the dog just licked his butt, and was licking the kids tongue.

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