This log is dedicated to the rememberance of those who have passed away.
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07/08/2010 01:24:00
 jim  Idas Mom has Left The Building (1925-2010)
10/05/2009 22:16:37
 jim  Jimmy Leavelle has Left the Building
I know, he ain't much to look at, but he was a good friend.
Jimmy was always more than happy to tell you his Dad was the detective handcuffed to Lee Harvey Oswald when he was shot.
He was also more than happy to tell you when our team was suckin hind tit.
Jimmy Leavelle was a Texan to the end. 
From the sudsy sunrises to the jack sunsets, Jimmy always had some kind of interesting expression to fit any occasion.
His Dad found Jimmy in a never ending sleep after his last Saturday night in this world.
I knew Jimmy throughout the 80's and 90's and last saw him last at Ashley (Allred) Ellison's wedding. 
Jimmy was a computer programmer like me, and it was always pleasure working by his side. We did some pretty amazing things together.
So here's to you old pal.
Say a southern styled "Hello" to Chris Pajak, Rob Allred, Milly Gabriel and Bill Enyoue 
and tell them to click their glasses together and wait for me.
Dude, I don't know what anyone else might have thought about you, don't much care, but
Life was always better with you in it!
09/14/2009 22:33:09
 jim  Patrick Swayze Dies at 57
He was really great, wasn't he?
I loved his acting in Road House, and he was fantastic in Dirty Dancing.
Now he is a "Ghost", trapped in the past...
or is he?
If you could recieve a transmission of Dirty Dancing from the constellation Pleiades (if there is still a Pleaides),
you would have to wait another 400 years to see Road House for the first time.
WE ALL SHINE ON, like the moon and the sun and the stars - From the late John Lennon
05/15/2009 21:14:42
 jim  Ruth Kelley (8/29/61 - 5/15/09)

Ruth Kelly
(Aka: Ruth Tatum, Ruth Cutlar, Ruth Fortenberry) passed away from cancer on May 15th, 2009, 9:17 PM in Forest, Mississippi. She was diagnosed with stage four cancer (very fatal) in 2007 by doctors in Mississippi. Ruth started chemo therapy, but quickly discontinued it. She believed the cancer went into remission through prayer. It resufaced a few weeks ago after doctors did a biopsy on a lump in her back. I can't say and I'll never know for sure, but her family thinks the biopsy caused her cancer to turn malignant again.
I met Ruth in 1989.
She was a clerk at the Rebel Station on Nellis and Boulder Hwy in Las Vegas.
Ruth had moved in with my best friend (Chris Fahey) who lived in a trailer at Pueblo Del Sol (which Chris had bought from my step-brother, Terry Leblanc). Later, she rented a room from me, at my house at Gabriel. We were together for 11 years. Together, Ruth and I toured San Diego, San Francisco, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Nevada in a travel trailer. We visited Otis Kelley (deceased), and the rest of her family in Forest, Mississippi in 1998.
At one time or another, most of her family had stayed with us at our Gabriel house in Las Vegas.
Our guests were: Ruth Lambert, mother, Forest, Ms; Jim Lambert, stepdad, deceased; John Kelly, brother, deceased; Tex Lambert, brother, deceased; Charles Kelley, brother, Forest, Ms; Sandy Kelley, sister, Forest, Ms.
We shared many close friends:
Rob Allred, deceased; Chris Fahey, deceased; Allen Harmon, deceased; Darla Richards, Las Vegas; and my Mom, Ruth Leblanc, deceased.
We bought a Summerlin house in 1996, and formed Cutlar Enterprises in 1997.
We were married from 9/9/90 to 1/11/01. In that time, we raised 3 miniture poodles (Muffin, Little Girl, and Little Man), and saved many helpless birds. Our divorce was amical and with my blessing, Ruth remarried Ricky Fortenberry (an old high school sweetheart) in 2001. I found my new love, Becky Ruth Spurling, that same year. Becky, ironically, lived in Pueblo Del Sol. Becky and I visited Ruth and Ricky in 2005, when we stayed with her brother Charles for a week.
Ruth had finally gotten the Mustang Convertable of her dreams in 2004.
I bought a Mustang Convertable for Becky, in 2006.
06/24/2008 20:57:55
 jim  George Carlin Died
George Carlin (my hero) died a couple of days ago.
For me, life is all a bonus. Its not a problem. I think no problem is a problem worth disliking.
Its all fun !!!
I don't know where I'll be next.
I know I will be on a path that will lead to home. San Diego has been great ! Louisville was great !
i've made new friends that are worth more than $1,000,000's of dollars.
They are original, and they are good people.
Gosh, life has been good. And I don't ask any help for anyone. That, in itself, makes me responsible.
Once again, life is good. I've enjoyed all of it.
02/08/2008 06:58:35
 jim  Allen Harman has left the building! (6/11/58 - 02/
An old high school buddy passed away last Thursday. We lived near each other in Burna, Kenucky. Allen lived with me in Colorado Springs.
We kept in touch throughout the years.
We shared many of the same friends (and girlfriends, but not in a kinky way). He was a really cool guy who never quite got past the wild partying teenager stage.
Allen finally realized his dream
He wanted to be a Montana mountain man. He lived in a log cabin on a mountainside for a while. He loved the Colorado mountains, and he finally got to live the dream.
He died in Iowa and went out in flames, 
just like he had always wanted. His death made the headlines. I don't know exactly what happened, but I do know he was set up to be a target of a swat team. He didn't have a criminal record, but he liked weapons. He tried to contact me. I missed it.
Have a good one Allen.
You can have your own mountain now. A lot of people out here miss you.
Your buddy for 36 years - Jim
11/27/2007 05:05:16
 jim  Tears in the night - I miss Squirt
I am looking at his doggie bed. I knew if he got out, he'd run up to Mtn Vista and get killed. I said that more than a couple of times. That's what he did. I miss him. He is alive in my mind. and he is jumping all around me right now.
If I throw a ball Squirt, would you come back to fetch it just one last time?
Squirt was enjoyed by many people
Mike adopted the name of SAE (Squirts Alter Ego). Mike gave Squirt a voice.
Squirt was a cool dog and a good friend.
09/09/2007 20:16:54
 jim  Squirt has left the building!
What a wonderful friend !
He got out of his running cage, out of the backyard, and as is so predictable of him, he ran up to Mountain Vista.
Rico, my neighbor, did a search and found him.
He called animal control to scoop him up.
He went out in a blaze of glory.
He got to see beyond the boundaries of his universe.
He sailed into the horizon and fell off the edge of the Earth, so to speak.
He made it to Mountain Vista !
We had a toast to him today.
We celebrated his life. Its great he lived enough to be loved.
I'll miss playing fetch with him, and playing rag drag.
I'll miss his getting jealous whenever I'd hug Becky.
In our short time here, it was great to have him as our guest.
It was great to have known his personality.
We loved him.
He was one of my best friends.
08/19/2007 18:19:47
 jim  Resees Mom passed away
Becky and I want to express our deepest sympathies to you Resee.

Becky's mom is still loving us.
We talk to her almost daily.

My Mom, on the other hand,
passed away December 12, 1994.
Not a single day goes by that I don't remember all the love she shared with me.
There will never be anyone else like my mom. As long as I keep her in my heart, she will never die. I'd like to think I was her greatest accomplishment.

We have their smiles.
We share their memories.

And if our life is equal to the sum of our memories, then we can make them live on, just by remembering how beautiful they would be, if they were here, with us.

Jim and Becky
06/01/2007 17:50:36
 jim  Skip Leblanc has left the building (3/24/44 - 6/1/
David Leblanc, Jr (Skip) was my step brother.
He spent most of his life hustling pool, golf, and bowling, and tending bar. I worked with him when he managed the construction of Calvert City Golf Range and Putt Putt. Many people didn't approve of his lifestyle. I admired it. He was truly a free individual who lived life on his own terms. Skip was married twice and had one son, who died shortly after birth. He knew a lot of celebrities.
Skip was probably one of the best pool players alive.
He played Minnesota Fats, and toured several countries playing professional pool. I learned a lot from him, and I owe him a lot.
In 1972, he gave me his old clothes, and I started to get girlfriends. He also gave me pointers on driving a car. Skip lived most of his life in San Fransisco (where he tended bar).
He followed Mom, Terry, Dave, Allen,and Kelly from Paducah,Ky to Colorado Springs, Co, and Las Vegas, Nv.
He lived with me for one year.
If I hadn't gotten a contract in Louisville Kentucky, he'd be alive today.
The last time I talked to him, he said "Jimmy...I want to come home".
He jumped a week later. I miss you Skip. Sorry I let you down.
02/18/2007 12:19:37
 jim  Ode to the dying

Smile for me before you say goodbye. We were together for eleven years. We toured the land in a travel trailer. We shared memories no else will ever know. We saw the glistening waters of Lake Tahoe, and the frosty shores of Crater Lake. We collected agates off the big sur, saw seal cave and camped in San Diego. We explored California, Nevada, Utah and Oregon for almost four months. We bought a house in Summerlin with a heated pool and spa, and it had a spectular view Las Vegas. We knew Rob, Chris, Mom, Otis, John, Tex, Jim. We raised Little Girl, Little Man, Muffin and two chicks that fell from a tree. You were my soul mate, and now its your time to go. I'll always love you. As the sun light fades to darkness, know I'll be waiting with a smile on the other side. And I will always remember you well, Ruth (Cutlar), my Mississippi Queen.
I'm sorry you have to go.

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