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05/12/2007 15:35:09
 becky  Shek 3

05/12/2007 15:22:51
 becky  Pirates Of The Carribean The Worlds End

Pirates of the carribean 3

05/12/2007 13:03:55
 becky  ..Drive In
This is one awsome bike dude. Nicolis Cage was awsome in this movie.
05/12/2007 15:42:38
 becky   (Reply)Drive In-Spidey 3 and Ghost Rider
Spider Man 3
Hi babe.It was a nice night for the Drive In. Thank You for
taking us. I love you.


05/11/2007 23:59:55
 Jim  .Drive In
I loved it. It was very nice.
Too bad we grabbed a TENT instead of an extra camp chair though...haha.
I liked when Dustin opened the little bag up and said "I don't know how to put it together".
And it was tent poles!!!! hahahahaha.
Next time we'll get it right.
The only thing is, the next time we go it will probably be 100 degrees outside at night.
04/15/2007 01:25:29
 jim  300 was a pretty decent movie
Nah, we didn't spend the usual $40 we'd spend in a walk-in theatre.
We spent $12 at the Vegas 5 drive-ins.
Gosh I'm cheap! But with that admission, you can watch any 2 movies!!!
Of course, you're not supposed to hop movies, but they'll tell you right up front, that's what most of the cheap people do.
The music comes in through your car's FM stereo, so you can blast it if you want.
And here's a kicker, we brought our own Starbucks Coffee.
I suppose we could have brought our own whiskey, gotten all slap silly drunk and stayed all night if we wanted.
Now do that at a walkin movie. I dare ya.
It was great! I just love the drive-ins.
We got cozy in the back seat of the Mustang
- we had the convertable top down
- we were all laid back
- our feet were kicked up.
- and we were snuggling like young lovers.
Try any of that in a walkin movie.
We didn't do hickeys like in the old days. At our age they take a year to heal!
The refreshments at the snack bar were reasonable too .
$7 bought 2 Nathan hot dawg lookin things and one huge 20 gallon coke.
And the best part of it all...
You can record it all on your camcorder,
Sell the recording and maybe pay for your kid's college tuition.
Just kidding...hahahaha!
01/16/2007 10:34:08
 jim  Ah, a new log is born. (For Movies)
The movie log, or as I'd like to spell it, the moovy log. Inspired by the ever so awesome Warren...
Big hand for Warren....rah rah, clapping hands, confetti and dancing girls to ya.
You mentioned Zardoz 

which, by the way, happens to be one of my all time favorite B movies.
I liked that movie so much.
They used crystals for their memory storage.
At that time, I had read they were developing crystals with blue lasers for computer storage.
I thought. "YES, FINALLY, a better medium than VHS tapes! I can free up an entire room now.". 
But they came up with DVDs instead. They looked just like CDs, but cost more.
DVDs confused to people, somehow.
I've seen people throw DVDs like Frisbees, put their finger prints all over them, and even use them as coasters.
Some people decorated their Christmas trees with them. They even hung them on their rear view mirrors.
But outside of their misleading appearance, DVDs are supposed to have a shelf life of 100 years.
Thats great, really great, but I don't keep mine on the shelf! I keep them in a coffee can. I actually watch them too.
They just don't last that long after all the sliding in and sliding out and spinning and screeching to a halt from 1,000 mph.
Another advance that I liked about Zardoz was the flying head thing.
Imagine, if cars flew and looked like your head. That would be great!
No more searching for your car in crowded parking lots.
You could just ask anyone if they knew where you parked. "yea, uh, that car over there looks just like you".
01/15/2007 21:36:47
 warren  hello world
There .. is .. like ... no one here.. OH MY GAWD ! this is so totally crazy yall!  I am sooo going to write something here!
I like just totally saw an 'Outer Limits' episode with, you are never gonna believe this -- Frank Whaley!Yaaa!
And he was so totally Frank Whaley and he was in this episode called 'zig-zag' and it was all about these crazy 'weathermen' even though one of them was like , a woman! ya! Anyways it was really surprising, is that how you spell it? And Frank Whaley was soo not a loser, he was even cooler than when he was in Swimming with Sharks with Kevin Spacey. I dont know who was the loser in that one.  It definitely wasnt Michelle Forbes, she was so HOT in the scene at the laundro-mat!!
Oh my god yall, the world is so totally like .. on fire, that is so gross!! But yeah, what was I saying?? Anyway, the wizard of oz ruled in a world didnt he? "We represent the Lullaby League -The Lullaby League, -the Lullaby League
And in the name of the Lullaby League -We wish to welcome you to Munchkin Land!!"
that is soo funny!! And that Scottish guy,  Sean Connery, omg! He played in a John Boorman movie called Zardoz and
THAT was REALLY A CRAZY MOVIE !! It was scary in the beginning and that big godface thing spit out all the rifles for the Brutals. But it was really cool when Friend took Zed to where they made the green bread for the Apathetics!!
Wow, You should totally call this section Movies, cuz its all about movies so far.

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