Mikey - I'm Squirts Alter Ego
Hi, I'm Squirts Alter Ego...alias SquirtAE.
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11/04/2005 14:03:10
 mike  Linda flaxed your timesheet to STJ
So there.......haha
10/27/2005 07:34:06
 Jim  Yeppers Mikey, blowing off steam helps oodles.
Especially when it falls on deaf ears. I know only a couple of people read this blog, so I feel safe blowing off here.
Leaving jobs has always provided opportunities for me in the past.
It's never been a bad thing yet. I won't miss M2, and they won't miss me (what-his-face, the new guy).
Leaving Las Vegas and getting Sonny to move into the house was a good thing.
Sonny's fixing up the condo for both of our futures. He's gaining confidence in himself too.
I need to keep my eyes focused on the future.
I've always counted on people like you who remain stable in their environment.
Should I ever need it, I know I can rely on you for fall back.
Whatever happens next Mikey, your in.
I am unhappy about not being introduced to the key players at M2 though.
Alliances, affiliations, contacts and whatever else they are called, are probably more important to have than good skill sets.
Working hourly for wages is nice. It keeps things going.
But meeting presidents and doing lunch with the people in power is the best way to get ahead.
That was not going to happen at M2, unless I paid for the lunch.
10/21/2005 17:25:24
 mike  Oh My Gosh....
I can tell Jimmy is blowing off steam. You'll look back on this time as you lounge on your boat in San Diego and laugh some day.
10/21/2005 16:41:59
 mike  Jimmy - Come back to me.. Please!!! I miss you alr
Interesting entry, that one this afternoon.....Oh my Gosh...
10/11/2005 14:03:53
 Mike  Hi, this ain’t Mikey
It's Jimmy....I just wanted to show an entry for Mikey!
09/12/2005 10:51:13
 Mike  Welcome Aboard
We are glad you joined us Mike
01/28/2005 16:47:14
 jim  Headhunters are a rare breed and very superstitiou
Jimmy... Headhunters are a rare breed and very superstitious.
They'd just as much as anything submit everybody, qualified for a job or not, to a job opening and have the person interviewed and hired. But, they develop a certain level of experience to know certain things happen under certain job market conditions. If the market were really hot for jobs (they were plentyful), hiring managers at Kevin's clients would be begging for any sort of qualified candidate. But, as Kevin explained, a hiring manager, correct or not in doing so, only seems to want to see workers a bit more current. I ran into it when I was looking in 2001-2003 too. Like Don Catino who told me he wouldn't submit me to a job I was 100% qualified for, because I had only been out of work 20 months, while John Doe was out of work for 22 months. Like I cared!!!
01/27/2005 11:00:58
 jim  BTW Mikey
I know you're right about my resume being inactive for 3 years. People are so picky.
Kevin saw my resume and thought that was a problem.
I wonder if brick layers get into trouble by taking some time off. ***SMILES***
01/27/2005 10:56:58
 jim  I had a simular problem creating a dual boot c: dr
Yea Mikey...I had a simular problem creating a dual boot c: drive
I wanted Windows 2000 server and Window98 to run on the same system. It was a real pain. I think when you do that, you get a file called boot.sys which you can edit, but it's risky.
01/27/2005 10:19:00
 Mike  Jimmy... What you up to these days?
That Linux I bought at Fly's hosed my system. It went and totally repartitioned my HDD even when I said not to do so. Now I am fighting to get the liptop running again. Have a recent backup, but it's a pain. In a Internet Cafe right now. Long live MS Windows... Down with Linux... At least poorly written installation packages. Oh, btw, Good Morning Ms. Rebecca (Grandma)...
01/22/2005 16:59:56
 Mike  hello everybody
Wow I woke up after sleeping 14 hrs tonight I slept so good even though the bed is hard as a rock I slept awesome. Jim comes in talking about dreams, you know dreams are a wonderful thing to me it takes me to another world we dont even know exist and its just another part of u that nobody else can get into to. well Jim and Mike are off to the road again. Oh yea Hello Mike good to see you. well love u all
01/22/2005 16:33:01
 Mike  Hello. My name is Squirty,
Hello. My name is Squirty, and I am Jim and rebecca's little puppy dog. Excuse me for any mistyped words, as I never went to school and my paws don't fit this keyboard. Just wanted to thank everybody for the attention, but who is that guy in the brown shirt who keeps calling me a cat?

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