Louisville's Log
This is my favorite place to upload pictures too.
Louisville is a wonderful city.
Its not too big, and its not too small.
Its just about the right size to take roots in.
The people greet you with a southern hospitality and that southern drawl thats so adorable.
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08/29/2008 20:55:32
 jim  20080829 - 4thStreetLive
11/24/2007 09:02:47
 jim  Goodbye Louisville!!!
Thank you for the best times of my life !!!

11/23/2007 18:13:41
 jim  Thanksgiving Parade
Now, this the way to blow out of Louisville. We had fireworks, parades, and listened to several bands.
Its all free.
Louisville is a town that cares about its youth, and its elderly.
It can, because the taxes are so high!!!
But, I'd rather they get the money from me and do their thing with it, than me saving it.
Louisville is a very thoughtful city.
In Louisville, everyone is a celebrity. Below is Preacher Scott.
He is intelligent, witty, and just a lot of fun to be with. He has never preached a word to us. Instead, his actions greater than anything he could say about the Lord. He is a good man.
The Lord's love flows through him.
You can feel it. He doesn't have to tell you how good he is.
You just know it
Louisville parties likes it 1999. Below are Jesse and Chris, the Pub-lashers. They're great to hang out with. When its dead on 4th Street Live, they are out front, cheering people on. It's hilarious.
11/23/2007 18:05:10
 jim  Colors and Buildings
11/22/2007 01:35:52
 jim  The hardest word to say is goodbye
I reunited with Rod for 5 months.
We were apart for almost 10 years.
And once again, we said good bye.
Rod went north on I65. I went south.
Until we meet again my friend.
I'm going to miss Rod.
You are, and always will be, my friend!
BTW-These images you can click on.

Vegans never drive 10 miles to visit.
In Louisville, it is a common thing.
Vegans meet their friends at work.
Kentuckianans make friends anywhere, then get together with them.
If I'd lived here for 30 years I'd have 1,000's of friends by now. If I had another life to live, I'd spend it here, in Louisville.
11/20/2007 16:30:06
 jim  20071120 Kentucky - 4th Street Park
11/11/2007 16:03:39
 jim  Sunday Walk
11/09/2007 21:14:10
 jim  Ben Sollee
Music with a twist. Ben Sollee uses a cello, with a Rap style backup singer. It was really interesting and very delightful to listen too.
11/09/2007 20:18:38
 jim  Andrea Davidson
This girls voice is no less than BEAUTIFUL! She's a regular Sully's on Thursdays.
11/09/2007 20:16:00
 jim  4th Street Babes
11/09/2007 20:05:38
 jim  Louisville 4thSt Sullys
11/09/2007 16:46:10
 jim  Louisville Buildings

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