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04/23/2013 07:26:36
 Jobs  Highest Unemployment Rates Paid
Unemployment Rates (highest paid)
Alabama:$265 Alaska:$441 Arizona:$240 Arkansas:$457
California:$450 Colorado:$454 Connecticut:$555 Delaware:$330
DC:$405 Florida:$275 Georgia:$330 Hawaii:$560
Idaho:$343 Illinois:$385 Indiana:$390 Iowa:$459
Kansas:$420 Kentucky:$415 Louisiana:$258 Maine:$372
Maryland:$410 Massachusetts:$653 Michigan:$362 Minnesota:$585
Mississippi:$235 Missouri:$320 Montana:$446 Nebraska:$348
Nevada:$398 New Hampshire:$427 New Jersey:$600 New Mexico:$455
New York:$405 North Carolina:$535 North Dakota:$470 Ohio:$524
Oklahoma:$368 Oregon:$507 Pennsylvania:$573 Puerto Rico:$133
Rhode Island:$566 South Carolina:$326 South Dakota:$295 Tennessee:$275
Texas:$426 Utah:$451 Vermont:$425 Virgin Islands:$454
Virginia:$378 Washington:$604 West Virginia:$424 Wisconsin:$363
05/23/2007 18:38:31
 Jim  Interview with the LV Dudester
11:30pm - Interveiw with Louisville, KY. Conference call. Call HH 30 minutes before
2:30pm - Wrap up loan at Common Wealth, 2200 Paseo Verde #190...bring cancelled check.
05/21/2007 10:00:00
 jim  Sams Town Interview - 21 Dealer
Dress nice. I will take an hour. Bring employment history and references.
12/16/2004 21:02:35
 jim  The Kansas City Interview was a complete bomb!
The techie guy asked odd questions. I wanted to tell him Einstein's words, "Never remember anything you can reference in less than two minutes". He was asking for the names of views that nobody, except for someone that just got out of school, would use. Everything he asked me, I could have told him within 10 seconds if I had a Tandem computer at my finger tips. Oh well. Their loss.

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