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Created: 8/17/2006 2:12:08 PM
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05/09/2007 18:15:06
 Jim  Failed experiments.
Okay, I'm still bored, but I still keep my mind busy.
Experiment 1 - Inertia dispersment
I put a toy jet boat in a bag half full of water. I put the bag in a sink, full of water. I turned the jet boat on.
With the jet turned to the side, the bag spinned in the opposite direction.
With the jet turned straight to the back, the bag did nothing.
What I expected to see was the inertia coming from the water jet in one single direction driving the bag to one side of the sink. The inertia, for the jet returning to the front, I thought, should have been dispersed omni-directionally. Meaning there should have been some kind of inertial imbalance.
I was wrong. It still seems right though. However, it was a $5 toy boat and the jet was extremely weak.
Experimet 2 - 3D Video Poker
I wanted to create a 3D Video Poker game. I know how to do it, however....
I bought a 3D poster. It had fish on it and they looked raised and 3 dimensional. From an experiment when I was a kid, I realized there were actually 2 pictures behind the plastic grooved lens, each geared for a single eye's line of vision.
Well, I scraped the fish picture off and created a Paint Shop Pro image of a picture with black lines on it.
What I expected when I placed the lens from the poster over the image on my monitor was, to see the image go from full image to black as I moved from the left to right.
What I got was, nothing!!!
My monitor doesn't have a strong enough resolution apparently. Blaaaahhhhh!
Oh well. It never hurts to try!
05/09/2007 16:59:37
 Jim  Looking into the past, like a TV show.
I liked my first pin hole camera.
It was a piece of cardboard with a pin sized hole in it.
I constructed a box with wax paper on one side, the cardboard with the pin hole on the other side.
As I panned the box around the backyard, I could see its image upside down and inverted on the wax paper. I was amazed about the amount of information carried by light through such a small hole.
I could see the back yard through it!
Black Holes 125 million light years away.
They bend light towards their center, however, some light must escape.
I would think some light might even do a U-Turn around the black hole.
If that is found to be true, a very powerful telescope should be able to view our sun's light from 250 million years in the past. It would offer us a reflection from the past, and it would eliminate our need to travel faster than the speed of light, to look back into Earths past.
Who knows for sure. Maybe the Hubble has already discovered this to be true. hmmm.
03/12/2007 08:39:33
 jim  Dreaming of Absolute
The ancient Romans envisioned the atom long before modern technology. How?
In their dreams
Most guys dream about girls, money and cars. For some reason, I dream about life. So here goes...
I was dreaming about absolute zero, as if I were part of the substance being chilled.
In my dream, everything was flying past me, starting slow at first, then speeding up until it reached blurring speeds.
Time was happening so fast for everything, but me. Everything was glowing white and I was shrinking.
On waking, I realized that, to everything in normal time, this matter appear to be falling apart and disappearing.
In essence, it would become an unchanging substance. It would be another form of matter.
Then I saw that this form of matter is everywhere.
Its a form of matter that wants to attach itself to other matter, but can't.
All other forms of matter are already in balance with energy. This matter would have no energy.
And this is the interesting thing...this form of matter would remain stable throughout eternity.
So, I began reading about absolute zero this morning.
It lead to theories about zero-point energy. hmmm. That lead me to read about Albert Einstein's theories.
It is nice to know these dreams and thoughts of mine aren't crazy. They are, in fact, incredibly sane.
QUOTE-The slowing of atoms by use of cooling apparatuses produces a singular quantum state known as a Bose condensate or Bose–Einstein condensate. This phenomenon was predicted in 1925 by Albert Einstein, by generalizing Satyendra Nath Bose's work on the statistical mechanics of (massless) photons to (massive) atoms (The Einstein manuscript, believed to be lost, was found in a library at Leiden University in 2005). The result of the efforts of Bose and Einstein is the concept of a Bose gas, governed by the Bose–Einstein statistics, which describes the statistical distribution of identical particles with integer spin, now known as bosons. Bosonic particles, which include the photon as well as atoms such as helium-4, are allowed to share quantum states with each other. Einstein speculated that cooling bosonic atoms to a very low temperature would cause them to fall (or "condense") into the lowest accessible quantum state, resulting in a new form of matter
03/12/2007 06:10:45
 jim  I’ve created a lot of interesting things.
I've earned the right to be CrAzY...bwahahahah!
- I'd came up with a system that I've proven will save 25% off the summer electric bill.
That invention alone could save Las Vegans $75,000,000 A MONTH
75,000,000=($300 utility bill x 1,000,000 Vegas homes * 25%).
What's annoying is, I've told many people about it, and it doesn't even raise an eyebrow.
THAT'S SO ANNOYING! That leads me to believe that I don't know the right people.
The latest shift in daylight savings time was supposed to save an as yet, unquantified amount of energy.
My device costs $60.
Meanwhile, our new governer wants Nevada to burn Coal, which he claims is not a fossil fuel, which is insane.
So, I'll go on creating things, in the dark.
What have I done so far that was ahead of its time?
In the 70's
- I designed and created a big screen TV which consisted of a 40 inch lens in front of a color TV.
It had a remote on and off switch. I hadn't seen anybody do that before.
- My room lights would come on when you'd break an infrared beam by openning the door or stepping out of bed.
- I built my first A/C unit in 1975.
- I own a Cadillac and a Chrysler with a 007 style trunk in it. It had an air bed, stereo, tv, and a wine cooler.
In the 80's
- I finally could afford to go to college.
- I'd made a paint stirrer that fits on a drill that's still better than anything you can buy.
I made it from a coffee can, and I still have it.
- Sonny and I came up with a design for a light that comes on when you walk into the room.
That was 5 years before anything hit the shelves. It beat the heck out of Clap On, Clap Off.
- I'd written systems that allowed clerks to do ALL of the operational procedures on main frames.
It had intelligent menus for maintaining those systems. (I used a language called Exec).
- I'd written 2 sports book systems from scratch, on a NCR mini, and a Tandy 2000 PC. Both, were doomed hardware.
- I'd written systems to monitor Point-of-Sale machines, and ATM's at Bank of America (then Valley Bank).
My programs did all of the INN switch routing for Valley Bank of Nevada.
- Chris Fahey and I wrote a fee system for Valley Bank. It was the first of its kind in the US. We charged a fee to the customers at the ATM (you've seen our screen before). The bank got very rich, very quick. Bank of America bought them.
In the 90's
I just worked a lot!
- I'd written probably the first interface between a Tandem and a CD player (for online Zip+4 address corrections).
- I'd written probably the first interface on the Tandem to scan and display .JPGs from a pathway screen.
- I've written programs that actually write other programs. I believe they are still in use for the Mirage properties.
- I'd written program generators for 13 other consultants at Mgm.
With them, what would normally take two days to code, took 10 minutes to generate.
In the 2000's.
- Sonny and I know how to build extremely cheap replacement lights for incandescent bulbs.
- I built and tested a working Air Conditioner energy savings device. It worked great, but I don't know what to do with it.
- I wrote LVDude. A web newspaper, where people could enter their own articles, and ads. It never took off.
- I've written a Notary system in the last two months that just may be he best available in this country. I'm hoping I can handle the marketting myself. If not, it will be my last project.
- I am going to build a boat that moves without rockets, or propellers. It will use inertia. It should cost $50 to build.
What I fail miserably at is marketting.
- Lvdude has the same stuff Craigs List has. It has the same stuff My Space has. I LVDude working first though.
So I don't know what I'm doing. I create things in the dark. It seems nobody sees them. 
I dropped development on it. I've never had the desire to spam people,  :( , so I lost.
I still think the calculater under the Info drop down is one of the best around. It took one day to write.
So, when I babble, its not BS. I have made my mark.
But my marks are like all trees falling in a forest with noone around to hear them :)
** Smiles **
03/12/2007 02:23:49
 jim  Opposites attract, don’t they?
The theory is, as matter approaches the speed of light, almost an infinite amount of energy is required and time slows down.
So, the opposite must be true for a complete absence of energy, eg: time speeds up, (or passed by) at an infinite rate.
It could be surmised that if something were brought to a temperature of absolute zero, it would be frozen through an infinite period of time. I'd think it would be lost to our realm.
My question is, if something were brought to absoulte zero, what would cause it to absorb energy again?
I'm still stuck on my little theory that everything, everywhere is expanding at the same rate, and some kind of stationary fabric works in what appears to be the opposite direction.
I'll have to read up on absolute zero experiments again.
For anyone reading my thoughts, please just know, I realize how crazy I sound.
But, I have created systems, and had ideas, years ahead of their time. Many Las Vegas systems have me written all over them. My computer systems have been rewritten to run on different platforms, but the originals are always the most difficult to write.
08/17/2006 13:18:51
 Ideas  .Idea-doggy doors with a brush liner
Damn, I am one cute doggy....
08/17/2006 23:37:48
 Jim   (Reply)Idea-doggy doors with a brush liner
As the dog comes in and goes out, he gets groomed.
No more leaves on the carpet.
The shredding hair could be easily collected.
Heck, you could take this a little further,
and add a doggie wash.
Just hookup the hose, plug it in,
and by the time the doggie gets inside the house,
he'd be washed, dried and brushed.
I think I'll make one for my Squirt.
He sheds a pound of hair a week!!
Thinking about it, how about a people wash door.
I'm a genius!

08/17/2006 23:40:07
 Jim   (Reply)..Idea-doggy doors with a brush liner
Oh yea...and when we trimmed you this morning I just gotta say
Gooood lawd! My, my my! What a hairy butt you have.
08/17/2005 11:29:01
 Ideas  Air Conditioner Invention
I talked to Larry Lewis yesterday. He offered some advice on my invention and its so simple.
Install several of them free of charge.
Have those people monitor it.
Those will be my Beta Sites where I can work the bugs.
Next, start a business and advertise.
Install the things myself until there's enough business to hire on more people.
If the business is successful, I should be able to sell it and make a fortune.
It seems to me that should have been an obvious formula for success. It just didn't occur to me.
McDonalds, Starbucks, Mary Kaye, and Mrs Fields all started with a good idea, and they all started small.
Now they are empires.
Those commercials that show the guy that says "Clap on, clap off", that was my idea but I didn't get a patent are so phony. If he actually got off his lard butt, made one, perfected it, and then produced a bunch of them, he would have gotten rich.
The Invention Rules Are:
- If you can't make a profit by selling one, don't expect to make 10,000.
- If you are confident you have the best product available, market it yourself.
- The big boys can't beat you if your product has already saturated the market.
- People patent everything imaginable. Enforcing a patent costs money and time.
- You can't patent an idea that should be obvious
08/04/2005 21:24:42
 Ideas  Scent emitters - hmmm
Ok, I just saw a commercial with one of those scent emitters. They'll never work.
This is why: They put out the same scent all of the time.
We don't smell common smells because our brains block them out.
If the smell changed though, we'd smell it.
I wonder why Glade doesn't realize that.
They should have a scent disk. Everytime hour or so, it should put out a different scent.
08/17/2006 16:20:23
 Ideas   (Reply).Scent emitters - hmmm
Its weird. I saw Glade with a scent disk a few months after I wrote this. Wow.
I guess thats why the whole world was working on powered flight when the Orville brother flew.
07/25/2005 00:29:01
 Ideas  Idea-3D TV without those silly glasses.
It's simple. Ever see those 3D post cards or 3D Jesus on the Cross paintings.
Now, I wondered this when I was a kid. I dissected one of those Jesus 3D post cards.
On the front of the card is a square of plastic, with ridges in it.
These ridges act as lens to focus your eye on a particular perspective of the picture.
The picture behind the plastic is actually TWO pictures.
Anyway, with one of these square of plastic on a computer monitor, it would be possible to write computer games that don't require glasses. They just interlace 2 images on the screen.
Simple, sweet, and no one's made it yet. Why?

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