Chez2199's Log
Hey! Thats ME...and my daughter Jessica. We're Indianans, and I'm a horseshoeon. Yea!
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04/18/2009 08:22:50
 chez2199  .Louisville Trip
Thunder was the deal.. Perfect weather for the day of the event!!!  Out in the beatiful sun all day game of baseball, airshow and ooh by the way.. the best fireworks show in the nation!!!
11/28/2008 05:01:54
 jim  ..Happy Thanksgiving!
Hey Rodney!!! It's great to hear from you!
Any time sounds like a good time to get together. You pick the date and we'll come.
11/28/2008 05:01:54
 chez2199   (Reply).Happy Thanksgiving!
Hi Jim And Becky
Thank you for the card Happy Holidays to both of you from the Friedrichs Family!
Miss you guys.
We should make plans to meet in Columbus Ohio in January for February just for the weekend or something.
I'm sure there is stuff to do in Columbus.
I looks to be about 3 hours for each of us
09/30/2008 02:32:54
 chez2199  .Not having followed much of the news
This is spot on and exactly what I think, but no, we will bail out the mortgage company's so they can give a bunch more loans to people who can't afford them and we will be right back in this mess again.
They would be better off doing nothing and letting it all flush out, 
In my opinion bailing out the mortgage company's is the worst of 3 options.
- Best option help the people and there foreclosures'
- 2nd best option do nothing and let it all flush out. Most of those people knew they were getting in over there heads and deserve what they get.
- 3rd and the worst option: bailout the mortgage company's who knew exactly what they were doing but didn't care cause all they saw was the short term gains in stocks and bonus in there wallet.
09/18/2008 02:42:41
 chez2199  .We move into our apartment this Saturday
We had those same winds, 60% of the louisville area was out of power. I'm on my 7th day with no power. Hurricane IKE can kiss my ass!
03/12/2008 21:00:25
 Chez2199  .The big hole in my dash is handy
So you got your truck robbed? That sucks That woul;d never happen in Louisville :-)
03/04/2008 17:53:45
 Chez2199  .Theres times in my life...
Some times it's to deep for me :-) but i miss ya! it sucks that you have been burglared twice never hapen where i live.. Hey maybe you should come back!
02/13/2008 12:18:28
 Chez2199  .Nicer Weather is on the Way
we had a pretty good snow/ice storm, but it is supposed to reach 50 on Friday. Short lived in this neck of the woods. we rarely get to many cold days in a row
01/19/2008 14:20:27
 Chez2199  .I designed Bill Gates house?
And here you thought you just were a programmer! You have architecual talents as well! Not to mention the talent for drinking a good cold beer LOL
01/19/2008 14:20:27
 jim   (Reply)..Beer, wine and coffee
Wish I could say I was still a talented beer drinker.
Seattle is 180 degrees away from Louisville.
In  Louisville, I could walk to Fourth Street Live in 5 minutes, and try a different beer every night. 
Any place we go in Seattle is going to take over 20 minutes to get too by bus, and thats a real buzz kill.
I can't seem to find any good beers in Seattle.
A good mead, cider beer, or any kind of fruity beer is hard to find. Bud and coors are practically flowing in the streets downtown, but I can't find any really good stuff anywhere.
About wine - on last week's black ice day, I walked to Lyons.
Thats our local convenience store (which is smaller than our apartment). There, I bought a small bottle of Cabernet sauvignon. It was rather nasty, but I drank it anyway. The really interesting thing about this wine was, the smell lingered on my breath for two days! I'm just glad it didn't turn my hair flourescent orange. So much for wine tasting.
Great coffee is everywhere in Seattle.
Even Wells Fargo has an coffee station. I'm surprised we don't have an expresso knob built into on our kitchen faucet.

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