Becky's Log
Hi, I'm Becky. Welcome to my Blog.
I'm just a little ol' country girl from Michigan.
I have 2 sons (Robert and Dustin), 2 daughters (Renee and Jennifer), a mom (GMa), a brother (Paul) and a wonderful boyfriend (Jim) who drags me all over the country.
We live in Las Vegas, but we're staying in Louisville, Kentucky these days. Jim's on a another mission.
So watch your mouth. Be nice. Remember, "You can't eat your cake and lay in it too".
And unlike little bo peep, don't eat all your sheep. haha. AND....enter something in my blog!
Visit my site some time. Thats where I bought this outfit.
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03/17/2013 14:58:13
 becky  German Bistro
German Bistro 2 | $8.95$17.95 Free beer. (That was the name of my band in college. Grabs people's attention.) Irena Seidl opened her second tiny German restaurant in the fall with no liquor license. So she gives you beer or wine on the house. And that's not all: A bowl of vinegary potato salad and sliced bread and butter get you started, after which come unlimited sides (stewed red cabbage, sauerkraut, spaetzle). Seidl will gladly give you a little German tutorial as you make your way through holsteinschnitzel and schweinebraten, and you won't have to worry about any pesky diphthongs when you get to the strudel (if you want the delicious schwarzwalderkirschtorte, just point). 1300 East Bay Drive, Largo; (727) 216-6519.
03/22/2011 09:59:49
 jim  Dustin leaves for BootCamp Today
Don't forget to call him.
12/16/2009 17:17:31
 becky  To my love
Hi there my loving man.
I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate everything you have done for me.
I love you so much. I love this ring it is so beautiful. Thank you so much.
I love you (HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Kisses

Your Love Becky
12/13/2009 21:11:34
 jim  To My Love, Becky
Around 2002, when I was divorced,
   I called out to you, with an outer force.
I was a drunken net chatter, whose desires were never met, 
   And I remained alone, secure in my motel-like nest.
You came in and you smiled, with one of my others. 
   I took your hand, she got mad, and now we are lovers.
That was 7 years ago and I no longer drink.
   The others have gone. I don't miss a thing.
Cause each day with you, brings me joy I can't describe.
   The sound of you voice, the warmth by your side
We're still a loving couple and I think thats really something, 
   Cause we're over the hill, and we're still humping.
09/19/2009 06:59:52
 jim  Lost between Moon PA and New York City?
We're off (if all goes well) to Gettysburg, Philadelphia, New York City, Ocean City, Annapolis, and Washington DC.
(Click here to see our route)
Pittsburgh is going to be a mess next week. I'm so glad we didn't move downtown.
06/08/2009 06:47:28
 jim  Two apartment weekends have gone by.
We've spent two weekends at home. I guess this weekend was a good one because I wrote a Yatzee program on Saturday. It was fun to do. Writing games is always fun. In my spare time, I can usually write one program a day. We're taking the neighbors out Tuesday, camping in Kentucky this Friday during the Nascar races. Jennifer will be coming to stay for a month on the 20th. We'll pick her up in Buffalo, NY. After that, every weekend will be spent traveling and having fun. I'm hoping we'll see Niagra Falls, New York City, Washingon DC, Kennywood and Ohio Pyle.
06/08/2009 06:38:13
 jim  A Perfect Smile
Becky gets fitted for her new smile today. I've thought of her as lucky. She has a beautiful smile. I always wanted dentures. My Mom had dentures. She said she loved them.
Being a smoker and a coffee drinker almost all of my life, I have had a No Awards winning smile. On the flip side, I still have most of my teeth, which should count for something. I can still strip wires with my front teeth, which is darned handy.
05/09/2009 08:10:05
 jim  Mothers Day came early this Year
I sent some flowers to Ruth (my ex-wife) in Mississippi. She's not going to survive much longer -gbhs. While I was on FTDs website, I thought we'd send some flowers to Becky's Mom (Gma). Well, I got a call from the Mississippi FTP florist, who jokingly said in a strong Mississippi accent "I would love to travel to Las Vegas to deliver these flowers, but can you afford it?". I said "I thought FTD employed a naked guy with wings on its head and feet to deliver flowers". I cancelled the order. Meanwhile, I got a call from a friend who is in a Asia. He called saying "Jiiiim, Heeeeeelp.". I can't resist that. In all of the excitement, he left his credit card in an ATM, and was stranded with just the money he had in his pocket. I took the morning off and wired him some money. I didn't have time to replace the flower order though. Becky went on to finish what I/we started earlier...getting some flowers for GMa. Later that day, while at the store getting some sliced ham (half of which I ate in the checkout line),  I'd realized I'd made a BIG mistake. I'd gotten flowers for my ex, and we'd gotten flowers for Becky's Mom, but I'd overlooked the most important person in my life...Miss BECKY. Now this is really wild, I bought her some Starlight Lillies, a little Koala Bear, and a nice MOther's Day Card and when I gave them to her with ham on my breath, she hugged me and started to cry. I asked her why. She said nobody had ever given her flowers on Mother's Day before. Being stupid-like, I said "But you have four kids and you're 100 years old". That snapped her back. The night before, Becky got a call from Renee, and when Becky was talking on the IPhone, all I could here is what sounded like geese cackling (saying something about ghoulash). On Friday night, Becky got another call and it sounded like geese cackling again, so I assumed it was from Renee. This time it was from Jennifer. She was all high on life and I'd swear if she had rockets in her heart, she'd already be past Pluto. Jennifer put on GMa, and she was all high on life. During that call, a florist delivered her Mother's Day Flowers. Now here's the kicker. A voice in the background sounded just like Ruth. It had that strong Mississippi drawl. She was a friend of GMa's. Friday was a very good night.
Oh, Becky got some new gradient transitional lensed glasses. They were the best lenses available from Walmart, and I realized I would be taking a gamble (it would probably be the first time Becky had ever seen me clearly). I worried about having to explain to her that my hair wasn't really fuzzy. She cried when I bought them. hmmm.  Coming home, I decided to take I76 to I79,  but I76 didn't have an exit for I79. Matter of fact, it didn't have any exits for 30 miles so we decided to go to Cleveland. But I had second thoughts when I realized I had YooHoo from an exploding can all over me. I was so sticky. Instead we went to Beaver Falls, which is a wasteland of dead mills and factories. From there, we went on to Richland, which consists half of mansions, golf courses, and elegant cemetaries and the other half abandoned houses, shops and greenhouses. We stopped at this little pub name "Tilts". I'd heard about their bands from a guy at work. The bartender was almost impolite at first (we were outsiders), but after a few small conversations, she warmed up and started bringing us jumbo shrimp. Becky had the nastiest Slo Gin Fizz on this planet. Being a gentleman, I drank half of it and had the bartender fill it back up with 7-up (what a guy!).
And, that's my long, drawn out, over embellished, never ending, run on story with  colors , for this week, as I see it. ---yawn 
04/22/2009 20:43:03
 jim  Becky Time
What do you think? (YUK)
New Glasses!
My work threw a putt putt contest through the cubicles. GREAT STUFF! Working here is fun.
04/06/2009 20:41:20
 becky  My Son, Dustin
He's is leaving home to join the Job Corps Program.
I'm so proud of him.
He's growing up to be a man. I read about the program and it sound's like a great opportunity. I love you Dustin and I will miss you. I know this is going to be a real change in your life. I know in my heart that you will do fine.
Have a great time in Reno.
It is a cool place.
 Kisses & Hugs
Love You
From Jim

Hey Dustin, I never had a son,
but if I did, he wouldn't be as buck ugly as you are.
haha...just kidding.
You know you're cute (especially when you're being tickled...with those arms and legs flying all around everywhere).
I'm already missing hanging out with you guys on the weekends.
I'm missing all those day trips we took. And I'm missing the camping.
All those good times will go with you when you leave for Reno.
And those memories, along with a piece of my heart, will go with you too.
I had a great time watching you grow up.
Love ya,
04/06/2009 20:36:11
 jim  .Snowing Here In Pa
SNOW, those beautiful gentle flakes falling from the sky, covering the ground, making everything glisten white when the sun comes out. I lilke it too. Most of the people here say they can't wait for the spring, but for me, its just another beautiful day.
Hopefully, it won't be snowing on the 18th.
I'm not sure if I'll want to camp in downtown Louisville when its 40 outside. We'll see what the weather brings.
04/06/2009 20:36:11
 becky   (Reply)Snowing Here In Pa
I can't believe I'm seeing snow in April here. We had snow flurries today.
Getting more for the next two day's. I don't remember seeing snow in the
spring time. It is beautiful here when you see the snow flakes coming down.
I can't wait till it gets warm.

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