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02/25/2009 08:04:35
 jim  Wednesday Blues
You know, I was thinking about that 19 year old that posed for the Statue of Liberty. What a sight!!! She's in a sheet, holding a torche, and a book, wearing sandles. Doesn't that make you wonder what was on her mind.
02/19/2009 09:27:58
 jim   Wexford Snow 2009/02/19
02/15/2009 18:40:02
 jim  RockefellerCenter - 2009/02/15
02/15/2009 11:04:22
 SAE  ...New York People - 2009/02/15
BL stands for "Bryan Lund". Also known as BLLB for Bryan Lund, Lover Boy....

BL and I went to high school together and Jeff worked with him for a good number of years, as recently as 2003, at CDG in LA.

Why are you always "Mobile"? I want to IM with Jimmy...
02/15/2009 11:04:22
 SAE   (Reply).New York People - 2009/02/15
Jimmy - Ask Jeff to look at your photos here, and ask him if he thinks you are turning into BL...
02/15/2009 11:04:22
 jim   (Reply)New York People - 2009/02/15
02/15/2009 10:50:28
 jim   NewYork StatueOfLiberty - 2009/02/15
02/15/2009 10:50:28
 SAE   (Reply).NewYork StatueOfLiberty - 2009/02/15
Did you slug this cop, after you took the photo?

I actually got to go up "Lady Liberty" and look out from her crown. And then up her right arm to the torch.

See how studly I am for having not wait so long to go to NYC!!! That was back in the 1970s.

I am so glad you finally made it to NYC, one of the world's great cities. Someday, I think you should go back for a week and see all the city has to offer a visitor. Museums, plays, more of the people, the feel of the city during a work day. See the NY Stock Exchange from the observation deck on a trading day. And much more.

But this weekend trip was a great start.
02/14/2009 16:19:24
 jim   Hoboken Bay Shiphyard - 2009/02/14
02/14/2009 16:11:50
 jim  New York - 2009/02/14
02/14/2009 16:09:38
 jim  Hoboken Jeff,House - 2009/02/14
02/14/2009 16:01:22
 SAE  .Hoboken, NJ 2009/02/14
So, you went to NJ on the long weekend? And with Jeff!!! He's from NJ, you know. Did you also go to the "Rotten Apple" (New York City) too?

NYC is one studly city. Even too studly for Jimmy.
02/14/2009 16:01:22
 jim   (Reply).Hoboken, NJ 2009/02/14
Ahhhh..there's more to come...these are just some of my crappy pictures...hahaha
02/10/2009 23:23:50
 jim  A Song Writes Itself, Everyday of Our lives
I'm working in a new office. The people there are great! I can't think of a group of people that I've enjoyed more.
Its a family of sorts, and I feel like I've been invited in.
If my life were a song, it would be happy one.
And I'm proud to say, if I had the chance to do anything differently, I wouldn't change a thing.
Its all been a pleasure. This life has been a beautiful gift. I couldn't imagine anything better.
02/08/2009 11:34:02
 jim   Apt Snow Melting - 2009/02/08
02/08/2009 02:46:49
 jim  Music, Pictures and Memories
I realize I'm about the only person who reads this blog. That's kind of nice. I can say things here that aren't said anywhere else.
My thoughts at the moment are about Music and pictures, both of which I've collected throughout my lifetime.
I have over 17,000 pictures, and 1,000s of songs.
They each have a deep meaning to me.
I was just listening to Don't Speak by No Doubt.
In an instant, I am in my truck, parked at the Mgm Grand garage. That was the moment that I decided it was time to get divorced. Our marriage was dead. Drinking was all we had. My life was propelled by my desires, and hers were restricted by fear. With that combination, our destiny would have been to drink ourselves to death. Without words, a plan was set into action. The plan was to help her find happiness, so I could have mine. It took a year, but it worked. Now she's happy, and now I'm happy. We are still friends. The love wasn't lost. But it was that initial thought began in my truck, in the parking lot of the Mgm Grand, listenning to Don't Speak.
When I hear a song, or see a picture, something amazing happens.
Almost in 4D, my mind puts me in that time. I can smell the flora. I can feel the weather. My emotions match the time.
Even those pictures of when I was only 3 years old, I can remember that kid voice in my mind, with those scrambled thoughts, and its amazement of everything that I assumed would last forever. Lying on the grass, picking clover with my mom stands out. I asked her why everything was so beautiful.
Its easy to forget who we are, and what we stand for.
We are born to be something. We all have our functions to perform. Just what they are isn't quite so clear. But for me, I believe I've done what I was supposed to do.
In this blog, I hope to show a life that has gone by. The ups and downs show in pictures and thoughts.
One thing that should be clear, is, that I was never in control of anything. I was just following the plan that I was born to accomplish.
And the planner is so much bigger than any of us.
There's a universe much larger than the one we can see with our eyes
That universe is in our minds. It defies nature. It can freeze time, and can even reverse it. It can create. It can destroy.
Its where I live in times like now, in the middle of the morning. Thats when I go back and visit all of my loved ones and enjoy moments with them.
It is not insane to remember the loved ones in your mind. It is insane to think they exist in the world outside of your mind.
02/06/2009 20:42:34
 jim  When Places Become People
There seems to be a time when a place just isn't just a place anymore.
Memories of the cold streets, faceless buildings, fields of grass, quiet bridges and empty streams become alive with the people that you shared memories with.
You'd know the feeling if you'd ever lost a love one. Every place you go reminds you of that person.
All of those fun times you had together come back like faint images on a foggy morning.
As contractors we know that we are dispensable employees.
We carry an emptiness inside us where ever we go.
From town to town, from group to group, we know it will end. In our hearts, we are saying goodbye when we say hello.
But sometimes...only sometimes....there are places that feel like home.
I've had that feeling in Louisville, San Diego and Pittsburgh. People knew my name and for a short time I had a sense of belonging.
It's odd that a sensitive person like myself would pick a profession where I'm a drifter, and I fear if I didn't have Becky to come along with me, I'd lose my mind.
Her memories and my pictures tie the times together, seemingly giving them purpose.
Today was a sad day for me.
We're changing offices at work. The people I've grown to like and admire so much, will be separated from us. All of the drifters like myself will be corralled together.
Changing faces, changing places. Memories past.
Once again, work will be just a job with endless computer correspondence and my life will be a cubical, with a monitor for a view.
Sometime soon, I'll be sitting at my desk at home.
I'll have those wonderful morning conversations with my brother, and I'll look in my back yard, and remember those 40 someone odd people that have lived in my home.
I guess, in the end, when everything falls apart, I will have been the glue thats held at least a few things together.
02/05/2009 15:06:17
 jim  I am going to miss these views - 2009/02/05
02/03/2009 06:58:09
 jim  Greed is Good
'The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.
Greed is right,
Greed works.
Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.
Greed, in all of its forms: greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge, has marked the upward surge of mankind.'
- Gordon Gekko (Gekko was the main character in Oliver Stone's 1987 film Wall Street)
As long as someone has money, they'll spend it, and when they do, we'll have jobs.
02/02/2009 02:26:32
 jim  The Steelers Win Their Sixth!!!
02/01/2009 13:09:50
 jim  Apt Snow - 2009/01/29
01/28/2009 12:10:18
 jim  Wexford Apt Blizzard - 2009/1/28
01/25/2009 14:32:26
 SAE  .Wexford Apt Snow - 2009/01/25
What is that weird white stuff on the ground? I don't see it here in Flahadah...

And is that Rebecky's Bumble-Bee outfit?
01/23/2009 18:14:13
 jim  Heinz Stadium Rally

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