Squirt's Alter Ego Log
Hi, I'm Mikey, but I'm also Squirt's Alter Ego.
Squirt lives in Las Vegas, but he needs someone to speak for him. He only says one word (bark)
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05/20/2007 06:16:28
 sae  It’s the fault of Florida (America’s Ponis)...
On the way back from a trip to Tampa/St Petersburg, I got rear ended HARD on the I-4, near the attractions, south of Orlando. My nice, "new" car, took the hit pretty good, but it did a fair amount of damage. The idiot (driving a SUV) hit me at about 65 mpg. And why? He was making unsafe lane changes in that fast moving traffic, while talking on his cell phone. As more time goes on, I am being to believe that Floridians are taught that they must weave in and out of lanes at high speeds and to be carrying on a conversation on their cell phones.
05/20/2007 11:21:17
 jim   (Reply).It’s the fault of Florida (America’s Ponis)...
DAYAM!!! Your new car. You just bought it.
On the other hand...
What was that you said? Your neck hurts? You won't feel right until you receive $1 million in punitive damages.
Tell me about it though.
You'd think those cell phone drivers have the phone screwed into their brain!
They should put these offenders under the "Clockwork Orange" therapy.
Friday, while doing the courier thing,
- the freeway came to a screeching halt twice 
- some guy switched lanes on me at 70mph.
That's why I really like my Mustang convertible.
My eyes don't have to adjust from the darkness inside the vehicle to the brightness of outside it.
I can see everything around the vehicle, and that's cool.
Of course, if someone's going to slam into my ass at high speed, all that means is I can see my doom coming.
Just be glad it wasn't a tweaked out, 18 wheel, truck driver that smacked you.
That would be a nasty way to get thin, wouldn't it?
05/19/2007 11:00:01
 sae  .Pauls IBEW Graduation!!!
So, does this mean that Paul can now take a trip somewhere?? A "journey" of sorts?
05/17/2007 01:33:50
 sae  ...RE:RE:The New Frontier is closing in 60 days
So, does this mean if you get the BJ dealer's gig at Sam's Town, you are going to not do the Notary?
05/23/2007 10:39:18
 sae   (Reply).The New Frontier is closing in 60 days
Jimmy... Tell me it ain't so... Another "landmark" biting the dust. What's Sonny going to do? I assume his talents can be put to good use at another hotel. What can be said, is that, it isn't like hotels are going out of business there in Lost Wages. Just making room for newer, bigger, fancier ones.
05/23/2007 10:41:40
 SAE   (Reply)...The New Frontier is closing in 60 days
Sam's Club has BlackJack dealers? In which aisle, Mr Jimmy... I know, it was one of my type of slip ups. But, you know I had to harass you about it.
04/27/2007 04:52:29
 sae  .Back from Disneyland.
Well, it sounds like a great stay, there at Dinneyland.. See, if you had flown me out there, I could have gotten you those passes, because I still have my Studville (California) Driver's License. So there... See what you've been missing, driving the F150. You can go a long way further with a tank of gas in a passenger car. Did the kids enjoy it? It was their first time, wasn't it? I plan on being in Heavensville (LA) the third weekend in October. Maybe I can get you those passes at that time.
04/27/2007 12:36:07
 jim   (Reply)..Back from Disneyland.
We drove the 97 Mustang Convertible. It was very FUNctional! It got 25mpg, was very maneuverable and I trust it now at high speeds. Driving it was like being in a star attraction at Disneyland.
Its turning out to be a great little car, even if it is, haha, 'A Ford'.
The kids seemed to love it.
Dustin rode several of the rides with me and Paul. Jennifer preffered riding between me and Becky.
btw-I know thats bad English to say 'me and someone', but, if everyone says it, who am I to be proper.
Everytime a ride would drop 5 feet, Jennifer would pull me close and shake.
I thought that was cuter than a Blue Ribbon Pig at the Livingston County Fair.
There was a lot of hugs and hand holdings throughout the whole event.
When you come in October, we'd like to bump heads with you in Los Angeles.
I think that would be the greatest of hooters.
Why October?
04/27/2007 22:15:50
 sae   (Reply)...Back from Disneyland.
I am attending the UCLA football game against North Damn-It (Notre Dame). It's on Saturday October 20. I will be attending the game with Dominic Lewis, one of the contractors I worked with at Northrop, who I also worked in the very early '90s. During the late '90s and early '00s, he worked at Microsoft, and is back there again. His family (wife and kids) are up there in the Seattle area.
04/24/2007 01:00:00
 sae  .Disneyland
Becoming Californians will only serve to make you even better. Californians, by nature, are highly superior to all other "species"...
04/24/2007 06:47:41
 jim   (Reply)..Disneyland
So true. Californians are magicians.
Nevadan's owe so much too our California friends for buying desert land.
They've turned this rock and sand into GOLD.
Even Arnold Swartzenhagger has a house down the road!
BTW - I mentioned that I had signed up to be a loan officer with some company and that turned out to be just another MLM hustle. He said it sounded like I was talking about World Loan Corporation.
He said they were sued out of existance, lol.
What was really very nice about these loan people is...
They said they needed mobile notaries badly!!!
He said they could never find a mobile notary after 6pm. They can't notarize their own documents.
I told him, hey, I can be anywhere in 20 minutes.
Just calls us (I gave him 10 of our business cards). I told him after this week, we'd be ready for anything.
04/24/2007 12:36:39
 sae   (Reply)...Disneyland
What are you doing to "become" Californians? Getting California driver's licenses with a  Needles/Barstow address? Be sure you do whatever it takes to satisfy Disney's requirements. Their criteria, as I remember from many years ago, and I don't know if they've changed, was you needed a California DL or ID card (issued by the DMV) for very SPECIFIC zips codes, in LA, Orange, SD, Riverside and SB counties. And in regards to Riverside and SB, not all zip codes may be accepted by Disney. Enjoy your time at Dinneyland as Larry Lizard would call it. Sounds great about the guy wanting to make use of Be Quick's services, beginning next week. I feel bad about that whole WLC thing. I had hoped, being in the situation I was in, to find a career option that would hopefully improve my situation. 
04/24/2007 15:34:44
 jim   (Reply)Disneyland
We're taking off tommorrow. Gotta get up early in the morning.
I feel weird, making us CA residents to get 50% off an annual pass.
But then again, it cost the same as two tickets...bwahahahahahaha!!!
I am SO BBBBBAAAAAaaaaaaaddddddd...
04/24/2007 15:46:07
 jim   (Reply)...RE:Disneyland
We're new residents of:
City Place Apts, 801 E Walnut St, #201, Pasedena, CA 91101  for a $1,455 (1 bedroom apartment) hahahaha.
Life was so much cheaper in Vegas...hahaha.
Anyway, Disney said all I needed to do was show the credit card I used to purchase the tickets with, show my online ticket voucher with barcode and some sort of picture ID.
We did something like this in Orlando for the Universal Studio 3 month pass.
When we got those passes, we didn't have Florida ID. All I had was a sweet, sweet story to tell...
But if it doesn't work, I'll cancel the transaction and just get two tickets.
If it does work, I'm in for 2 (1 year passes) to Disneyland and California Adventure...
04/25/2007 08:51:05
 sae   (Reply)...RE:RE:Disneyland
That's Pasadena... Not Pasedena... Naughty... But, then again I spell every thing wrong too. Funny, that address on E Walnut is Jeffwee's old address before he arrived here in Florida. Right down to the apartment #. Look for the "stuff" hidden in the walls, inside the electrical outlets.
04/11/2007 13:02:46
 jim  ...car:I like Honda Accords
There, that should be better!
Nice Car Mikey.

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