Squirt's Alter Ego Log
Hi, I'm Mikey, but I'm also Squirt's Alter Ego.
Squirt lives in Las Vegas, but he needs someone to speak for him. He only says one word (bark)
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04/17/2005 07:49:49
 sae  D.O.G.-I shed on Jim’s furniture and carpet.
I also bark louder than Squirt, but I love being out and about....
Squirt still beats me up though...
07/11/2004 17:05:33
 jim  Thanks Mikey!!!
 LI Ice Teas are a delicious way to get inebriated. :)
Man, there goes the phone AGAIN.
Hey Mikey -> Hopefully Michelle from Resource 1 is going to call me about a job in S. Illinois. It sounds like another DDL/SQL conversion project. I need a 6 month vacation from the 3 year vacation.
07/11/2004 16:35:06
 SAE  Had a great time at GL4Fish Friday night
I may hate computers, but they make interesting bed fellows..... Had a great time at GL4Fish Friday night.... Got a bit drunk, if you can believe that. LI Ice Tea, two bottles of wine for three people, and then a hard drink followed by two glasses of champagne. My regards to Ms. Rebecca, and give Dustin a kick in the pants over those grades of his. Those grades are shameful, even for a LV child. $$ in the mail early this week for you, my buddy.
07/11/2004 16:31:16
 SAE  How do you make "Dirty rice"?
Hay Jimmy... How do you make "Dirty rice"? I mean, what's your receipe? I just buy some flavor of rice I like and throw it on the floor, mash it up a bit and then scoop it up. You've got "Dirty rice". Interesting entries on your BLOG.....
02/28/2004 16:59:28
 SAE  Jimmy
Jimmy. Sent you an email on CutlarEnterprises.com

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