Squirt's Alter Ego Log
Hi, I'm Mikey, but I'm also Squirt's Alter Ego.
Squirt lives in Las Vegas, but he needs someone to speak for him. He only says one word (bark)
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04/11/2007 13:02:46
 jim  ...car:I like Honda Accords
There, that should be better!
Nice Car Mikey.
04/11/2007 13:02:46
 jim   (Reply).car:I like Honda Accords
They're nice, reliable vehicles.
I just bought a new gas cap for the Ford Mustang.
Turns out the owner of the Brakes Plus place was right, a bad gas cap can cause emissions systems failure (or more importantly, the check engine light to come on).
Gas caps these days aren't just caps.
They have a check valve in them, allowing air to come into the tank, but not leave it (unless its over a certain pressure).
It figures doesn't. These days, even gas caps are complex....
04/11/2007 21:22:38
 sae   (Reply)2003 Honda Accord EX
Jimmy... I got me a new (used) car. The Mitsubishi was beginning to nickle and dime me. Plus a bunch of other reasons. Ended up getting a 2003 Honda Accord EX (The EX is the top version) V6. Leather interior, sun/moon roof. Load of other goodies. Got a great car for what I paid. Or, shall I say, will be paying. I almost had the Mitsubishi paid off. But I figure I can get the Honda paid off in less than 2 years. The car had 1 previous owner and was a recent return from an expired lease.
04/12/2007 03:50:56
 sae   (Reply)..car:I like Honda Accords
Mine is white, is a 4-dr and has a sun/moon roof. I'll take pictures and email them to you this weekend. Long live good, operating gas caps.
04/11/2007 13:01:51
 sae  One the picture of the hand, where’s the ....
hair? Shouldn't there be hair on the palm?
04/11/2007 21:23:20
 jim   (Reply).On the picture of the hand, where’s the ....
<======= They should look something like this.
04/12/2007 03:22:40
 sae   (Reply)..On the picture of the hand, where’s the ....
No, not on the back of the hand. On the palm. As in too much time spent 3-5-ing,,,
02/07/2007 08:30:02
 sae  .GMa needs to be in court, in Phoenix
Why does GrandMal need to go to court in Phoenix? Rebecky getting custody of Justin and Dennifer back?
02/07/2007 02:00:40
 sae  .We’re open for business world!
Also, take a look at www.trustfax.com if the Okidata doesn't work out for you. If you're getting and receiving a lot of faxes, I don't know about the expense, but I have the lowest price service and it's great. And they provide you with you're own, private 800# for receiving faxes. Mr Short informed me of it about a year ago. Long live Mr. Short..
01/20/2007 21:40:14
 sae  .Week End at Jimmys
In regards to Question #1: Test for Jimmy... What do you call a newborn baby?
01/24/2007 09:33:36
 jim   (Reply)..Week End at Jimmys
I'd call a newborn baby an adult fetus...haha.
You could only call the baby a virgin if it didn't have a twin brother.
Who knows what preborn babies do in there? Nine months is a lot of time!
Myself, I think I was always trying to peek outside. har har.
I like kangaroo babies.
Their fetal baby is called a "Joey".
Weighing less than two grams, it climbs into its mothers pouch after she licks a path for it to follow.
Her milk will change during its development..
And whats really odd about the Joey
Is has an semi developed backup (a twin in suspense).  It hangs out in the womb for a few weeks after Joey's birth.
If conditions are good, the twin will crawl out.
I think thats incredible how these macropods live.
They live in mobs, ya know.
01/25/2007 01:57:27
 sae   (Reply)...Week End at Jimmys
A baby is a "Minature Human"...

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