Squirt's Alter Ego Log
Hi, I'm Mikey, but I'm also Squirt's Alter Ego.
Squirt lives in Las Vegas, but he needs someone to speak for him. He only says one word (bark)
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02/16/2008 16:07:01
 jim  .Had a not so good day.
Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear that.
Enrique is such a great guy too. I learned a lot from him while I was in Orlando.
Give him my condolences.
02/16/2008 16:07:01
 sae   (Reply)Had a not so good day.
You remember Enrique at work, here? His wife died a week ago, yesterday, (Friday the 8th) of leukemia. She had "beat it" once before, in 2001, and it returned in mid January, this year. So a few of us, went to the funeral this morning at the church, and a couple of us (me included) went to the burial at the cemetery in the afternoon. Very depressing. She was 3 days younger than me.
02/16/2008 03:49:00
 jim  ..Sometimes the lake outside looks like glass
Java. Java. JAVA!!! I bleed coffee these days!
Its rare when I do want a beer, and actually I wouldn't mind it if no one sold beer anywhere.
The world would be better place without it.
However, beer does seem to go nicely with a live band and a dance floor..
It would be great to go out dancing somewhere.
We just haven't found any place that has a  band, or a dance floor.
There is a Hooters across the lake that we haven't tried yet.
02/16/2008 03:49:00
 sae   (Reply).Sometimes the lake outside looks like glass
Jimmy... I'd probably have to say, the "No alcohol purchases between 2am and 6am - EVERYDAY (Why would Friday or Saturday nights be any different?)" is pretty normal. California, Washington State, Florida, Massachusetts, New York State... Those are where I have personally seen it, but suspect it's the norm in most states.

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well and couldn't get your beer. But life will go on. How about a nice cup of java?
02/10/2008 18:57:05
 sae  .Best Headlines of 2007
A few of the headlines remind me of a TV press conference, shortly after the last earthquake I experienced, while living in Heavensville (L.A.) in January 1994. The quake had occured on a, as the USGS geologist had just expplained, PREVIOUSLY unknown fault. Some reporter pipes up and asks the geologist, "Tell us, please, what history of quakes have occured on that fault, in the past".

I thought that kind of strange, and stupid. If anybody knew the history of quakes, that had occured on that fault, it wouldn't have been "unknown". Now, in theory, after they knew the fault was there, they could look and possibly figure out some sort of history. But this was the day of the quake.

Speaking of which, earthquakes are FUN.... You should stick it out there, in the Puget Sight, (on the Pacific rim, that has the potential for HUGE quakes) until you've felt a 7.4 or higher, on the richter scale. It's the damage they cause, that isn't much fun.
01/29/2008 20:26:48
 sae  .Well...
That happens to be a very deep subject, there, Jimmy R Cutlar.....
01/27/2008 12:23:52
 sae  How did FreshUI tweak utility work out for Jimmy?
Does FreshUI tweak well for you?

Did you go out to eat corn today?

01/27/2008 12:23:52
 jim   (Reply).How did FreshUI tweak utility work out for Jimmy?
A lot of the options in FreshUI were not available in Vista.
Things like "Add New Programs, Add Remove Programs, Active Desktop, Desktop Themes, Icon Size..." have been eliminated or reworked in Vista. I did get it to do a few things that were handy...like adding Cmd to the file context menu.
Thanks bro!!!
I bought a new watch at Walmart
My other one exploded. This is the coolest gadget watch I've probably ever owned. Casio finally came out with something great! Its got a remote control built into it. In learn mode you press a watch key, aim a controller at it, press one of its keys, and the watch will remember it. I'm going to have some fun with this at the next sports bar I go to...har har.
We stopped by stopping by Green Lake.
It was frozen over. Its amazing, the number of people that jog in freezing weather. I'd bet we saw 300 people walk or jog down the lakeside pathway.
Somewhere along the way, we drove around Ballard.
Ate at the Ballard Brothers Seafood fast food restaurant joint. My blackened cajun salmon sandwich was yicky. It got a little too much blackening. I could have used it to do a charcoal canvas of something. Becky had the fried cod and it was great.
The hilight of the day was the guy who was beating up a bus.
The guy was yelling and screaming about something. Its so sad that people will let themselves fall that far.
01/26/2008 09:25:11
 jim  .Is Jimmy partying this weekend?
Four cuts for one shoulder...my my, you are one complicated dude!
Hopefully, you're 35 will be back to 100% soon. Just don't go blind.
We're not partying.
We're just passing the time, growing quietly older together and watching the snow fall outside of our window. Renee and her baby are over for the weekend, so we're catching up on Hollywood's latest.
I'm not really doing much at the place I work at.
Haha, there are no references to who I work with or where I work at anywhere in my blog/phlog. I'm kind of undercover, kind of like a secret agent...bwahahaha. As long as what your hearing isn't bad, I'm good with it. I'm just trying to blend in.
The editor  <p>'s all over my documents. 
The paragraphs in this blog are caused by the microsoft plugin that lets me code for Word style editting. I can't control it. What I know is that the [ENTER] generates <p></p> tags,and [SHIFT][ENTER] generates <br> tags.
<p>paragraph</p> = a paragraph block.
<br> = a carraige return.
They work very differently. 
01/26/2008 09:25:11
 sae   (Reply)Is Jimmy partying this weekend?
You partying again this weekend, over the completion of another work week?
Had the bandage and stitches removed this past Wednesday afternoon.
Turns out he cut me four times.

Two small incisions on the front of the should, and one small one on the back of the shoulder.
Plus one HUGE incision on the front of the shoulder, right at the top of the arm.
I start Physical Therapy Monday morning. Twice a week, for six weeks.
I hope I get a young, attractive female therapist. Dirty minded me!!!

I heard a little bit more this week about you and IDX.
I heard you are taking the place by storm. And I don't mean by snow, ice and rain!!
Howl, grawl and bark!!! As well as a few well placed licks...
01/20/2008 05:26:17
 sae  ...The IKEA...hey I love inflatable furniture!
Mean growl on disposable, blow up furniture. But to each, their own style and taste....
01/20/2008 05:26:17
 jim   (Reply)..The IKEA...hey I love inflatable furniture!
I read the Apollo Series spacecrafts were practically inflatable! IKEA should carry something you can blow up besides their cool shopping bags.
Mattress beds are fine
But bugs build their own little version of New York City in them, the size you get is all you get, and short people can't move them around easily.
Water beds were a great idea at one time 
but when you discover something else is living in your bed because you forgot to condition the water, they lose attraction.
Leaks are always fun to wake up to, too.
Air beds are vesatile.
They can be shrunken, enlarged, carried under your arm, be used in the back of a truck, and used as a floatation device.
And dust mites can only pitch little tents on them.
For paranoid folks out there, an air bed could save your life.
If you are at the top of a smoldering building, and smoke starts billowing under the door, you have your own separate oxygen supply. I'd bet you could even slice one up and make a parachute out of it, but, that would be something I'd leave to Myth Busters to check out.
And for the college dorm people out there, they're perfect.
Once your through with college, you can practically stick your bed in a scrapbook.
So There..pltpltplt!!! bwahahaha
01/20/2008 05:26:17
 sae   (Reply).The IKEA store in Renton
So, you have finally been deflowered, Jimmy. I can't believe you've never heard of IKEA, or been to one of their stores, until this weekend. I went to the Renton store a few times, when I was there in 1998-1999. I went to the Orlando store, with Kevin X Short, last weekend. Why would they want inflatable furniture? Inflatable furniture is pure kaka, broke college student furniture. Long live IKEA....
01/17/2008 17:55:10
 jim  ..It was just another average ordinary day
I always liked taking a Slob Day
Slob Days are when I don't feel like getting up. I don't take a shower. I just lay back and watch tube.
I think its actually good not to shower a couple of times a month.
I think I heard somewhere that it lets your skin and hair replenish its oils.
Oxycodone makes me feel tired and irritable.
The dentist gave me some for an abscessed tooth a while back. My tooth still hurt, but I felt too dopey to care.
01/17/2008 17:55:10
 sae   (Reply).It was just another average ordinary day
Thanks, my dear friend, Jimmy... Even with the Oxycodone, I am having a bit of pain. But managable. Mainly, the worse part is I have not changed clothes since Wednesday afternoon when I left the hospital (it's now early Friday morning), have not not bathed since Wednesday morning. The loss of the use of my primary arm is a pain. Simple things like typing on the keyboard and brushing my teeth is a royal pain.
01/17/2008 17:55:10
 jim   (Reply)It was just another average ordinary day
Got up, showered, rode the bus to work. Worked. Rode the bus back home.
And here I am, 13 hours after I got up, glancing at Seattle's view, and watching an old Mash episode.
I really liked the theme of Mash
Every episode of Mash is about another day that was somehow extraordinary. If only every day of living was like that for all of us. Maybe your day and mine was extraordinary and we just didn't notice. hmmm.
To SAE: Glad your operation turned out okay.
Hopefully, tommorrow will be just another average ordinary day for you too!
01/17/2008 17:55:10
 sae   (Reply)...It was just another average ordinary day
I find not being able to move an arm, specially your main one, ruins your slob day though. You can't scratch, etc. Can't even 3-5-3-5 with the other hand. HaHa... All I want is a constant stream of corn....
01/01/2008 07:09:47
 sae  .Its like a whirlwind out here
First "Howl" to Jimmy for 2008. And a second "Howl" to Rebecky... I didn't call because I was drunk on champagne. I was never one big on calling on New Year's eve anyway, even when sober.

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