The Life and Times of Jim
Hi, there. I'm Jim. Welcome to my phlog!
This site was written for Las Vegas, then LouisVille. Now, it seems to be about anywhere. In these phlogs, you'll see a lot of my personal notes and pictures. I like to post my observations here to remember life and celebrate it. I'm not religious. I don't pray for good fortune. I'm ecstatically grateful for the gift of life and I think our time should be remembered and not taken for granted. I'm not a writer. I think pictures tell stories so much better than words. I love just about everything in this life, and, I guess that would have to include you. So, if you've seen me, don't be surprised if your picture is in here somewhere. Of all the critters, people are absolutely the most interesting. 
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07/23/2004 09:56:35
 jim  Joke Definitions
Adult: A person who has quit growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle
Committee: A meeting that takes minutes and wastes hours.
Dust: Mud with the juice squeezed out.
Egotist: People me-deep in conversations.
Hankercheif: Cold storage.
Inflation: Cutting money in half without damaging the paper
Mosquito: a. An insect that makes you like flies better. b. An insect that bites you and flies better.
Secret: Something you tell to everyone in private.
Skeleton: A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.
Tommorrow: An invention that saves time and effort.
07/23/2004 07:28:05
 jim  On the good side of the week
1) We fried green tomatoes. My ex sent me her recipe for frying them. She said, you slice them...not too thick and not too thin. I love the way they talk southern people talk.
2) My wireless network running great. Adding a wireless 8.11b card to my server and making some tweaks improved the speed X 10.
3) David is moving out tommorrow. David's a great guy. I know he'll be happier someplace else.
4) The kids might moving out Sunday. Its be a long 4 days since last month.
5) I'm smoking 10lbs of pork. Yum!
07/23/2004 07:01:33
 jim  Beckys Mom is really something!
Beckys Mom wants to have a special talk with us this weekend
Six years ago Becky's husband went to jail. Becky had 4 kids, no job and no savings. Her kids ended up in foster homes. Becky's mom gained legal guardianship over Becky's kids. She's taken care of them for 3 months by herself, and she stole $400 from Becky to do it.
1) Her mom and her brother kicked Becky out in February. Becky was paying rent, supplying food and insurance for the kids. I took Becky in. She and her brother openned, signed and cashed one of Becky's checks ($400) that came in the mail.
2) She took over Becky's kids. Becky's Mom and brother started to say Becky was a bad mom because she didn't walk her kids to school. I walked out when they said this..
3) She told Becky she could see the kids. But she had to be supervised and get permission.
4) She tried to get child support from Becky, which was stupid. Becky doesn't have a job. Becky's mom's standards have kept Becky from working. Becky's mom was always threatening her, and putting her down and using whatever leverage she had to hurt Becky.
5) She asked us to take the kids one Saturday. She called at at 10am, asked us if we wanted the kids. We said sure. Then she asked when, we said noonish. Then she asked us how about every Saturday.
5) She asked us to take care of them for four days. She had a total hysterectomy. Its been four weeks.
6) Now she wants to abandon them. I can practically see that knife behind her back when she hugs me.
This month has been totally ruined. Running those kids across town twice a day in a six hour period has destroyed the weekdays. This talk is going to end in an argument. She kicked Becky out of her hole, took it over and now she wants us to clean it up.
07/23/2004 06:47:03
 jim  Vegas,NV-Gabriel-SmokingPork
07/23/2004 06:40:53
 jim  Ever feel like a worm with electrodes stuck in you
I suppose this life is one of natures experiments.
Dustin is my failed experiment.
He wanted to read his Autobiography to us, he was proud of it.
He wrote about the Cub Scouts.
It got a D+, and he was happy about that. I guess that's how he wants his life to be.
He's got no ambition at all. He just wants to watch cartoons and play games. The neighborhood kids avoid him.
He's got intelligence, but he doesn't like to think.
He wants to waste his precious life.
I can see already how it's going to go with him.
If he stayed here, I'd be cracking down on him all of the time, and he'd end up hating me.
I could just laugh at most of the things he says, but he'd end up despising me. I give up.
I let him in here and I can let him out too.
07/20/2004 23:00:00
 jim  Net Definitions and Quick Restores
- GIBˇBERˇISH (jib er-ish) n. Unintelligible or nonsensical talk or writing. 2.a. Highly technical or esoteric language. b. Unnecessarily pretentious or vague language. c. Cube speak. d. What pompous asses talk about at lunch.
- BLOG (BLawG) n. 1.a. Binary Log. b. A diary kept on the internet so others can read about your puny life.
- BOB (BawB) n. 1.a. Beginning of BLOG. b. A word invented by Jim Cutlar (hey, Shakesphere added 1,600 words to the English language so why can't I. LOL)
- LOL (LawL) n. 1.a. Laughing out loud, done quietly over the internet, usually said to someone you who lives on the other side of the planet that you want to fondle.
It was a computer day.
I spent yesterday reloading the PC while Becky reloaded her laptop. Nothing was accomplished after all was said and done.
My Quick Restore (which took 3 hours after 2 attempts) was Ghosted.
I thought that ghost wipes the entire drive with it's ghosted image. hmmmmm.
Now, I don't understand, how, after loading my PC with just 4 factory CD's, it could get a virus. Norton (which was on my eMachines restore disk) detected viruses again, and once again, wiped out several needed files. The network wasn't connected. My only guess is a virus lives in my boot sector or in BIO's somehow.
Becky's Quick Restore (which took 3 hours and 3 attempts) never  worked as documented.
Becky reloaded her laptop to fix several problems, with no success. Nothing was fixed.
I had to create a system floppy and load it with C:\windows\command\*.*, then FDISK the hard drive and remove all partitions, and Format/s it. It took a half hour to find and create a floppy (who uses floppies these days).
Her wheel mouse quit working, and her system never shut down unless you unplugged it. We had tried serveral different mouse types: USB, PS/2, nothing worked except for a serial mouse without a wheel. After all of that, her mouses still doesn't work.
All-in-all, Quick Restores generally suck.
They rarely work the first time. They almost always require some kind of technical expertise.
I remember one time, I had a tech on the phone, he said do this: Go to START, RUN, enter "Regedit", click HK-LOCAL-MACHINE, SOFTWARE, MICROSOFT, WINDOWS, CURRENTVERSION, RUNONCE, right click it SOMETHING, click delete, click FILE, EXIT and reboot. I said, hey, thanks, I never would have guessed that (which was a joke). I've become so ODD that I should have guess that. I wasn't born a nerd, I was made to be a one, and by dingier programmers like myself.
Learning computer secrets is like knowing what the other side of cloud looks like

It's not interesting. The knowledge is useless. The cloud's going to drift away and change anyway. Computer jargon just makes us nerds talk jibberish-see BOB(Beginning of BLOG (Binary Log)).
One thing was good about all of this, my wireless lan is lightning fast now.
I have a wireless bridge and a wireless PCI card hanging off of the PC. Somehow, they work together and increase the speed of anything else thats wireless.
07/19/2004 21:41:19
 jim  Dustin started lying right away
It seemed the day ended before it began.
We took the kids to school, then watched the "BLUE MAN GROUP" (*****) and "Dead Like Me" (***) dvds.
Next thing you know, we're off to pick up the kids.
Dang!Oh, and the dog got out and did his thing to the neighborhood. ewwe.
Dustin started lying right away
I asked him if he had any homework, he said no, he got a homework pass. I turned the truck around and we talked to the teacher. She said he had a pass good for one assignment. Hmmm. Dustin changed his story about what he said...just like clockwork.
I read his history homework about the Civil War. He hacked the answers...things like, what was the Civil War about..he said "winning". Who's side would you be on...he said "ours". How would you feel if the war was over and you came home...he said I'd feel good, I'd eat, get some hugs then I'd take a nap.
07/18/2004 21:29:44
 jim  Chatty Day. Shopped at Fryes
I suppose it was bad of me, but I got down on David for thrashing my Sunday paper first thing in the morning. I told him we are trying to teach these kids respect for other peoples property, and he's not helping us by doing that. hmmm.
Chatted with Allen in Missouri
He's held himself together for 7 days now. We came up with, YET ANOTHER INVENTION...the TP Parking Meter. It measures feet used per toilet paper roll. For a quarter, you get 5 minutes and up to 10' of paper!!! Another great idea from two of the worlds greatest minds.
Took the little kiddles to GMa's place
We chatted outside for awhile, but it's too nasty out there. Humidity/Heat are a killer right now. Paul was there. He's very happy with his Elections Apprenticeship. THAT'S GREAT!!! Paul, Rob and I went the International Brotherhood of Electronics Workers last summer and applied. I got called but turned them down. Paul finally got called. Rob probably would have been called, but, you might say he lost interest in everything.
Shopped at Fryes
I picked up a 802.11g wireless PC card (for laptops) and a PCI card (for PCs, huh?). They were on sale for far below their marked price. If you shop at Fryes, don't ever believe the sticker price. Also grabbed "The Golden Child" and "The Blue Man Group" Dvds.
07/17/2004 12:04:21
 jim  Vegas,NV-Gabriel Jennifer-BDayGlasses
07/17/2004 12:00:05
 jim  Vegas,NV-Gabriel-Nook-Becky Laptop
07/16/2004 20:13:24
 jim  I told David he had to go
I told him too many odd things are happenning when we're gone: Bikes being moved, his window open to cool the world, hand prints on his window, his broken curtain on that side, my tools being scattered around, his friends knocking on the door then walking in, plus they call too much.
I said David, I want my phone back. I don't want to lock the doors all the time. I don't want to worry about the security of my home. Then there's that little matter about paying rent. He's two months behind, and I don't he's going to be able to pay me by hanging out in his room.
He asked for more time. I told him, he's got a week, which means, someone has to be here all of the time, the neighbors will be watching this place, and I'll be recording activity from my neighbors house (they're impressed by the technology)!
07/16/2004 14:23:12
 jim  Jerry Newberry called!
Being one of my favorite people these days, we talked for about an hour.
We actually told Hellen Keller jokes (who?).
Anyway, his brother (Jim) is coming down from Missouri next week,
and I'm gonna sprint on over to Jerry's to say howdy. It should be interesting.
At one time I was thinking about buying Jim's liquor store in MO but changed my mind. Being near the Ozarks would be nice, but, being an ex-drinker myself, the temptation to drink the inventory might be too great.
07/16/2004 02:47:03
 jim  Gabriel,NV-Carport Bike,Junk
07/15/2004 20:23:33
 jim  David is on his way out
Came home last night, two bikes were moved from the carport to the front yard
What's strange is, they were upside down, but nothing was stolen. Nobody here said they did it. Everyone that's come over said they didn't do it. Hmmm.
Becky and I came home a 11:30 today. Davids window was wide open.
I shut it. It seemed strange, cause, nobody was home.
I just pointed out to David, that there were hand prints on his window
It looked like someone opened the window from the outside using both their hands. The prints are 5' 6" off the ground. Both Becky and David suggested maybe someone just put their hand on it to lean on. I said WHAT!!!
I think someone thinks it's okay to come in here when we are gone.
Someone has got to go! This is looking like a replay of 4/21/2001.
07/15/2004 07:36:32
 jim  I read up on people lying last night
Kids between 2 and 8 lie to test people
They are testing the 'All Knowing' parents, and adults around them.
They don't what things are and how to identify them.
Kids between 8 and 12 lie to show people they are special
They are insecure and are developing their ego.
They still don't know fact from fiction or how to identify most things.
Kids between 12 on up lie to protect themselves or others
We all do this, to what extreme though, will dictate how others will think about us.
We lie to keep people happy with us, to avoid trouble, to cover embarrassment or inadequacy, or because we don't have a clear distinction between the facts and fiction.
The times to take action against lies is when they cause harm.
07/14/2004 20:55:02
 jim  Went to pick up Dustin and Jennifer at school toda
They weren't at the pick up spot.
Becky went inside the school, I drove to their house.
They were in the school waiting, and said their teacher walked from the school and said they couldn't wait across the street for us, it was too hot outside. We were 5 minutes late, which ain't bad for driving across town. They had 2 school guards within sight, lived 2 blocks away, and were 300 feet from the school. I doubted them, but Becky bought it. My guess is if their teacher didn't want them hanging outside, its because Dustin laid on the sidewalk kicking his feet yesterday and it looked nasty.
We went to their home to pick up extra clothes.
Dustin said, I don't need any more clothes, I have 11 pairs of clothes.
I told Dustin that was a lie. He said he was just guessing...he really had 5 pairs. I had Becky to have him get some more clothes.
I noticed it was raining in Red Rock Canyon, so I decided to take everyone on the loop.
It was beautiful, however, the conversations seemed to come from planet Pluto.
We were in a canyon, with 800 foot walls, red rocks surrounding us, and I think I'm the only one that noticed how awsome it was. No, I didn't see dog faces on the walls. I didn't care about an ant (hole), or a spider web on a plant. We have that in our front yard. I did take some great pictures though. I think I'm the only one who enjoyed the trip.
09/05/2007 20:05:42
 jim   (Reply)Today started off nice. Dustin started lying right
Today started off nice. Up at 6am, doing some things on my laptop.
Then Dustin knocks on the door and says they don't have breakfast at school today, can he eat some cinamin twirl toast cereal.
I said to Becky...doesn't that sound like a lie. I verified it with Dustin. I talked to Becky about it obviously being a lie. Becky and I go in kitche, she checks the calendar, it said they have breakfast pizza. Dustin's munching on his cereal.
I told Dustin he lied to me!
He kept munching. He said, no, I said they didn't have GOOD breakfast.
So, he lied again.
I grabbed his spoon, threw it, and took his cereal. 
I told him he was not going to profit from lying to me.
Dustin cried, ran away.
Jennifer lies saying, no, I think he said he didn't like the breakfast at school today. I'm saying WHAT! 
Becky comes in, lies saying Dustin said he didn't like their breakfast. Later, said she didn't hear him say anything.
So, here I am, all alone.
Three people telling me the sky is green at noon, when I'm seeing blue.
That ain't right.
I suppose, Becky is just defending her kids, and Jennifer's just talking to talk, and Dustin never comes down from this game he constantly plays (after spending over 5 hours with him today, I'm convinced he NEVER tells the truth).
I really didn't even care about him eating cereal. I didn't care about them serving breakfast at school either, but if they weren't, we could have taken off at 15 minutes later, and I could have finished what I was doing on the laptop.
I wanted an ounce of truth and got a pound of lies.
So...what to do...hmmmm.
I started recording all of our conversations because I know the sky isn't green. GTFO time?
07/14/2004 12:30:01
 jim  Redrock,NV-Jennifer,Map
07/14/2004 12:16:01
 jim  Redrock,NV-Jen,Dustin
07/14/2004 12:01:01
 jim  Redrock,NV-Dustin,Becky
07/13/2004 14:17:26
 jim  Dustin was humping the sidewalk
DVDXcopy didn't work. :(, AwE mAn!
Well, yesterday was definetely an off the cuff kind of day: 
Becky and I picked up her kids at school.
Dustin looked like he was humping the sidewalk.
He said he had to use the bathroom.

- We went to her old house to find the laptop I was letting the kids use. Couldn't find it my laptop .
- For the heck of it, we went to Tony's place (where Robert lives) it was supposed to have been broken into and robbed .
- Tony was there (he supposed to be moving in with his dad ), with no intention of moving.
- Nothing at all was stolen .
I found my laptop in Roberts room.
- The apartment door had been jimmied, but Tony said told someone to do it, it was okay.
- Robert had not been kicked out , like I was told, but he will be if he does pay rent.
My feelings are hurt from all the lying.
- We got home, and Dustin said he forgot his homework. I hit the roof. His last report card he got an F in 1 out of 5 classes. Before that, 3 out of 5. Most of the bad marks were him not doing his homework.
I asked him repeatedly why he didn't have his homework. Dustin lied everytime he answered me. He's learned to lie, mixing truth with lies, but he's terrible at it. He stutters too much, and says UM, WELL, I UH, which is a sure fire sign of a lier.
All I know is, bad liers make me wanna ralph (sorry to all the Ralphs out there, its an expression).
The only good liers I know are intelligent, have good memories, coordinate their lies with the truth and plan their lies well. I avoid them like the plague.
I suppose I should be grateful that I only know a few liers, and they are terrible at it.
07/11/2004 17:13:48
 jim  Downloading DVDXCopy Platinum
Oh yea, I'm downloading DVDXCopy Platinum (no keygen needed).
I'll let everyone know how well it works. Honestly, I'm just looking for a simple program like DirectCD to create CDs and DVD's with. With the mix of operating systems I've got in this house, its difficult finding any format that simply works on all PC/Notebooks.
07/11/2004 17:05:33
 jim  Thanks Mikey!!!
 LI Ice Teas are a delicious way to get inebriated. :)
Man, there goes the phone AGAIN.
Hey Mikey -> Hopefully Michelle from Resource 1 is going to call me about a job in S. Illinois. It sounds like another DDL/SQL conversion project. I need a 6 month vacation from the 3 year vacation.
07/10/2004 21:06:15
 jim  Just a bunch of lying...again
1) Robert just called, said his apartment was robbed and his truck has 2 flat tires.
He said he doesn't have the keys to his truck. They took the PC, playstation and 2 TV's.
Tony (his roommate) has been kicked out of his apartment, and is going to move in with his Dad (who lives in Tonopah).
Robert said he is in Blue Diamond, with Joy and their dog. He said Paul had called his auto insurance and they couldn't help him. He said his truck was towed to Blue Diamond and is on blocks.
Robert said, that Paul said, D.O.G. (Roberts snot slinging dog) could stay at his house, but but Robert and Joy (Robert's girlfriend 6 months pregnant) couldn't.
I Know I stuttered. I'm turninging into a blithering idiot.
2) We called Paul on the speaker phone.
Paul said he barely talked to Robert. Paul said, that Robert said, that he had 3 flat tires and that Robert had his own auto insurance. Paul said, he told Robert, whatever it is, I can't help, I have no money. Paul said they didn't even talk about the dog.
3) Dustin came in and told Becky his sweaty Pokemon cards were worth $135.
He told Becky this one card was worth $5. I told Dustin, he should sell it then, and buy 10 more cards. Then, later on, I made a copy of his $5 card. Then we cooked up a scheme to print 1,000 of them, plastic coat them, then sell them all for $5,000. Then we could use the money to help Robert and his pregnant girlfriend. LOL.
4) Jennifer asked for a Cola.
I said to Jennifer, that I'm glad she's thru bed-wetting, give me a big hug! She said, yea, I can hold it for 12 hours, and if I need to go while I'm asleep...I wake up and go.
07/10/2004 12:26:45
 jim  Jennifer just showed us an angel with wings.
I asked her why angels needed wings. She said because they can fly.
I said, then they fly on they breath air...she said they can breath anything.
I said hmmm, if they have to breath, then, when they can't breath, they die, where do they go...She said HEAVEN!!!
But they are in Heaven...Once again, 2+1=5.
I love the logic of religious people.
But, they're cool with me as long as they don't tell me that I am going to their idiologically custom built hells
07/09/2004 23:25:15
 jim  We saw Chuck and Patti at the Tailspin Bar
We saw Chuck and Patti at the Tailspin Bar/Grill for an hour tonight. Chuck helps the band. If I were still a drinking man, that is where I'd go to party. The Tailspin is only a couple of miles away, has the 80's feel to it and the band was excellent. I found it a little cramped for all that they offer, and they lacked a dance floor to get crazy on.
07/09/2004 16:00:00
 jim  My Gazpacho Recipe
Took some DVDs back, bought $140 on groceries for everyone, made Gazpacho and dirty rice. That took up 5 hours of my day.
My Gazpacho Recipe: 6 fresh tomato's (blanched, peeled), 1 cucumber (seeded), 1 onion, 2 stalks celery, 1 bunch of cilantro, 6 cloves garlic, 2 cans tomato sauce, 1 can minced clams, 3 lemons. Chop all veggies. Salt/tabasco/pepper to taste. Add 2 ounces of vegetable oil for preservative purposes. Thinly slice 1/2 lemon for decoration. It's a Gourmet's delight!
Makes 100 servings. LOL. Last 2 days around here. I'm hooked on it!
My Dirty Rice Recipe: 3 lbs hamburger (boiled, chopped, strained to remove water and grease). Fry the hamburger with chopped onions and garlic. Season to taste with soy sauce, accent, onion salt/powder, pepper and salt. Add 2 cups minute rice, 2 cups water and simmer. It is delicious.
Makes 100 servings. LOL. Last 1 week around here, I use it for dog food too.
Oh, I was eating some dirty rice and offered Dustin at taste of it. Dustin looks at it, and says "ewwwwe, what is this!". I hit the roof as he was digging around in it with my spoon (looking for what he wanted to pick out of it!). For a welfare kid, Dustin has bad manners and is spoiled.
Both Dustin and Jennifer had much better manners only 4 months ago. I get tired of having to put my foot down on every little thing they do that lacks basic manners and consideration. Guess undoing what someone has accomplished doesn't take long with kids. (someone put a dirty spoon in dish drainer with clean dishes again). A word comes to mind...airhead.
07/09/2004 12:04:11
 jim  Vegas,NV-TailSpin-DrasticMeasures
07/08/2004 21:42:21
 jim  Woke up with an asthma attack
Woke up with an asthma attack. Becky handed me some Primatine Mist (with pseudophedrine) instead of Albuteral (which we ordered over the net without a prescription for less than prescription prices. The pseudophedrine kicked my butt, so I barely left the room all day. That stuff is nasty.
07/07/2004 21:42:21
 jim  Visited GMa today at 5:30pm.
Visited GMa today at 5:30pm. She wanted us to be there at 5pm but I was busy rewiring Skips room for his new phone. (I mean switching Line 1 with Line 2, he has a 2 line phone). It's 9:30pm and I'm pooped. Its been another wasted day in Paradise. Becky and I are going to keep the kids for an extra week, so, next week, I'll be shuttling them across town at 9am and 3pm. And that, my friends, pretty much ruins the rest of July for producing $$$.
07/07/2004 16:30:31
 jim  Skip got his new phone in.
Sonny came over, he bought a HP printer/copier just like mine.
I think Sonny likes it! We copied money and our ID's in color. Then printed some print quality pix.
Sonny and I tried to teach Dustin and Jennifer how to hold a knife and fork like most people do.
They kind of got it, they being 9 and 11 years old. He said his 15 year old daughter still holds a knife like an ape. Noone's teaching her anything. The lesson may stick this time with Dustin and Jennifer, but I doubt it. Deja vu.
Dustin spilled a tupperware bowl of freshly chopped onions on the floor, and was going to use paper towels for cleaning it up. I got a broom and had him sweep, but he doesn't know how to hold a broom, so I ended up sweeping the onions off of the floor myself. That boy ain't quite all there. Good thing he doesn't read my blog. I'd hate to depress him. But you'd think, Dustin, after getting 3 F's in 5 classes at his school, would be wanting to better himself. He's got no incentive to learn though. He's the product of PlayStations, stupid cartoons, and Yugio cards. He has fights over Yugio Cards. Those Power Rangers kill ugly creatures every episode, and they are dumber than rocks. The Japanese have won the war. Dustin has developed A.D.D.
As usual, Becky had problems playing games with her mouse, and we messed with her laptop forever, then my little laptop wouldn't work and I gave up on it. May as well, just throw them all into the closet if people don't quit inviting viruses in. I hate to do it, but I may end up reloading my entire home network and passwording everything, and securing everything. But then again, its theirs only 6 on this network, it seems like too small of a group for that.
Blaaaahhh.....another day, shot to hell!!!
07/07/2004 12:29:41
 jim  Vegas,NV-Doris,Gma
07/07/2004 10:18:50
 jim  Another Dustin day
The phone rang twice this morning for no good purpose (solicitors), so I decided to get up.
Then Dustin knocks on the Bedroom door. The second time...I just said what!
We're not dressed, don't wanna get dressed...WHAT!!! He said, um, what time are we going to see Grandma today?
I said WHAT, this afternoon, of course. She just got out of the hospital, and she's/we are just waking up.
So, I suppose he went to the neighbors house to mooch some Playstation while telling DJ (their very intelligent son) that he's glad to have him as his friend. He knocks on their door at least 8 times a day.
Anyway, realizing Dustin was bored, I got up, made some expresso, sat down with Dustin and Jennifer at the table.
Dustin goes on, Jennifer, remember that kid, who used to pick us up, well, sometimes he'd pick me up from school, after the bell rang, and I'd sometimes, well, most of the time, do my homework, do you remember him.
I SAID WHAT!!!!????
Exactly, how do kids think?
07/07/2004 10:11:48
 jim  Skip paid ahead for July...what a guy!!!
Becky and I ate at Joe's Crab Shack. I wish they'd bring the Seafood Steam Pot back, but Shrimp Scampi, Fried Oysters, and their double Dip was great.
Got us 2 tiedyed T-Shirts to flirt.
Got Becky up some underwear for flair.
Got some Bourbon for Skip to sip.
Got to-go food for my morning mood. (tacky, I know).
07/06/2004 11:34:14
 jim  People are funny!
1) I was helping a guy, who is moving to Missouri Wednesday, move his furniture into a storage unit. I said "I read Missouri had a nasty tornado yesterday. He said, yea, Amarillo Texas is having them too.". Anyone else think that's an odd response but me?.
2) July 4th, someone asked me to turn my truck lights on so they could see the fireworks better.
3) Dustin said a kid on the block said his Dad was going to beat up Dustin's family, and he believed the 9 year old he just met. He warned us. lol
4) Jennifer, who complained the fireworks hurt her ears cause she has great hearing, wanted my 100 watt surround system turned up from half way to full, cause she couldn't hear it. (the windows are rattling from the bass right now).
5) The people who I helped move yesterday, rode the elevator up to where they where they were storing their furniture, but took the stairs down. They said, 'cause it was easier'.
6) Someone just told me, they were told this is the worst time of year to get a job in Las Vegas. LOL!!!
7) I've helped move practically two houses of furniture in one week for absolutely no gain at all. And I gave, then installed a truck shell too. (I did get a Coke and some breakfast out of it all though).
07/06/2004 09:53:14
 jim  My challenge to non smokers
Ya know. I was on the freeway the other day, stopped in traffic, A/C sucking in fresh air to cool down the inside of my truck. I was smoking a cigarette. I thought about the smoking and nonsmoking sections at a buffet I ate at earlier.
See, someone complained about my smoking.
- I go into a closed garage and smoke cigarettes with 20 people for one hour.
- They go into a closed garage with their running vehicle for one hour.
Then we'll all come out, and talk about how toxic passive tobacco smoke is.
Of course, they'd be dead from the carbon monoxide emissions from their vehicle, I'd think.
07/06/2004 09:12:53
 jim  Thanks for the entry Becky.
I suppose I got my reward already for helping those people move.
I got my Tit for Tat. :)
I've got a family of sorts, thanks to you and yours.
07/06/2004 09:08:31
 jim  Last night, I dreamed that I was at a rave party
Rob came up to me. He told me his funeral was just a scam, he made a lot of money out of it. He just wanted to let me know that he was doing great. He said he he had a new name, was living in Spokane, Washington with Missy.
Funny how the days turn into your dreams.
I got the rave party from part of "The Matrix" movie.
Rob is dead, but I think he did what he did for the money
Missy is vacationing in Spokane, Washington right now.
And someone asked me what happens after you die.
I'd told them, what's left of you breaks down, germs eat it, other things eat the germs, and maybe in a million years or so, you get to become an intelligent life form again.
That seems like a pretty true statement doesn't it?
07/06/2004 09:03:32
 Jim  How is your back this morning?
Good Morning Babe (bf)  I'm going to study on driving test online today. Thank you for getting the Black Cohosh for me. I think you should have gotten something for helping Joy's Parents move it just didn't seem right that when you help someone move that it should have been a Tit for a Tat. Love ya Becky :)
07/06/2004 08:02:37
 Jim  Yes this is my truck, and yes I will help you move
Cooked 3 lbs bacon, 26 eggs, washed the truck, the dog. Becky (my g/f) and I spent 6 hours on the road. We helped Robert (her son) move his preggers g/f's parent's stuff into a storage facility.
So, I've helped people move for two days in 1 weeks time, with absolutely nothing to gain. Some would call me a fool. I know I do at times.
I need to print up a bumper sticker saying "Yes this is my truck, and yes I will help you move". lol.
Seriously though, I'm been dancing around with 'TIME EATERS', as I call them, a little too much lately.
07/04/2004 23:17:13
 jim  Well, spent the night partying (soberly) with the
Well, spent the night partying (soberly) with the neighbors. My brother, Becky, Jennifer, and Dustin went to VoTech hill to watch Las Vegas's fireworks. Its the highest point in the valley and it's one mile away. Dustin didn't want to leave the trucks cause of scorpions, Jennifer wanted to turn the lights on to see the fireworks better...It was an interesting night. The neighbors red taped the road off for X thru traffic...but they only had $50 worth of fireworks. The main party favorite was booze and pot. lol. Those days are long past for me...but it was fun hanging out.
07/03/2004 00:18:55
 Jim  Talked to Skip about his wonder drug that lets you
Talked to Skip about his wonder drug that lets you live forever (supposedly another Gerovital, Laetrile, HGH) answer to a healthier/longer life. It's an MLM that sells a Mangoxxx juice. I was thrilled to point out those tiny letters at the end of every article, that say its all BS, not to take it's advice, use it as therapy, and to seek a physician for any ailment. I love franchises...they all look the same to me.
The real way to make money is to SELL franchises with your own DNAJavalium Juice from the jungles of Columbia with actors, statements from DR's, and Testimonials...and be sure to include the disclamer statements to forgo the lawsuits and libel laws. LOL
07/03/2004 00:11:48
 jim  Went to LVMS and watched Fireworks
Took Becky, Dustin and Jennifer to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Bullring), and watched 3 hours of racing and a demolition derby. At the end, they had a decent fireworks display that lasted 5 minutes. It was pretty cool.
07/02/2004 21:12:34
 jim  Vegas,NV-StreisandPark-Fireworks Jim
07/02/2004 17:04:01
 jim  Vegas,NV-RaceTrack-Jim,Becky,Dustin,Jim
07/02/2004 12:02:21
 jim  Vegas,NV-RaceTrack
07/01/2004 21:28:06
 jim  What I call a good deed is
What I call a good deed, is something you do nice for someone else, without anything to gain from your action.
07/01/2004 20:21:57
 jim  Another day of good deeds. Helped someone move.
I helped move a friend across town for about 7 hours today, and it was HOT! Everything from a queen bed to a refrigerator. Guess I've still got the physical stamina that kind of labor requires and that's nice to know!
Bought 6 cartons of smokes, laid back, watched tube. Made some smoked pork/gravy and mashed potatoes for dinner. (Just didn't feel like going out for KFC).
06/30/2004 20:33:01
 jim  I’m sorry Warren Davis.
I'm sorry Warren Davis. Well, I would have been right if I just said Dave Davis, since all of the Davis men are Dave's. :) I think (anyway). is a fun site. Thanks for the T.O.
06/30/2004 00:00:00
 jim  I hate waiting for things. Loff is still unemploye
Waited in a parking lot for 2 hours while Jennifer got new glasses ,
then I went back an hour later and picked up David (a roomie) an hour later in the same neighborhood.
Installed a shell on Robert's truck. (I dug it out of a dumpster, lol). It looks great. Then they left us with 10 loads of laundry hoping we'll do it. WOW! That would take all day and night to finish!!! I figure if we do it, we'll hit a laundrymat and do it all in 1 hour.
Talked to Loff today.
He's not having any luck finding work. I told him my house appreciated the taxable equivalent of me making $17.50 an hour last year, and I cashed in on it with a loan that I can write off, and I'm making more interest than I'm paying for the loan. Ain't math wonderful!!! But most people don't get it. :(
Life is simple if you let it be.

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