The Life and Times of Jim
Hi, there. I'm Jim. Welcome to my phlog!
This site was written for Las Vegas, then LouisVille. Now, it seems to be about anywhere. In these phlogs, you'll see a lot of my personal notes and pictures. I like to post my observations here to remember life and celebrate it. I'm not religious. I don't pray for good fortune. I'm ecstatically grateful for the gift of life and I think our time should be remembered and not taken for granted. I'm not a writer. I think pictures tell stories so much better than words. I love just about everything in this life, and, I guess that would have to include you. So, if you've seen me, don't be surprised if your picture is in here somewhere. Of all the critters, people are absolutely the most interesting. 
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03/29/2008 15:48:02
 jim  The Wedding Gang
03/29/2008 15:48:02
 jim   (Reply).The Wedding Gang
It was Renee's knot. They've been married for a while now. This was their late ceremony.
We were tempted to jump up there...
03/29/2008 15:48:02
 jim   (Reply)...The Wedding Gang
How do you know we didn't get married ? bwaaaahahahaha.
Hopefully, most beautiful women marry into wealth.
I've do have some real estate stuck to my shoes, some silver in Oral Bank and some CDs in my portfolio case.
These days, I'm an oil barren, a money mongol, and my next house will be a manufractured home. Why, why, why couldn't my last name be Rockefeller?
03/28/2008 03:37:10
 jim  9 months ago in Utah.
I love you. We have come far.
03/27/2008 04:28:41
 jim  Seattle on a Wednesday
Spring is showing its colors, both in plants and in people. Seattle is beautiful!
This lady sitting on nothing. It seemed nobody noticed but me and her.
If I lost my mind here, I could talk to the flowers and not be far out of place.
03/25/2008 06:14:03
 Jim  Good Morning Seattle
I'm at work in Seattle greeting the early morning risers. There's nobody around and I like it. The streets are vacant, the bus wasn't that crowded and the office is empty. If I can just find the light switch, everything will be sitting on the Ritz and honky dory (whatever that means).
03/23/2008 14:53:10
 jim  Easter at Julias
We drove around, pushing through the cold Seattle Easter afternoon, trying to find a place to share a feew warm smiles. Finally, we came to an interesting place in Queen Anns.
We ended up at Julia's.

The atmosphere was great, the service was friendly, the food was wonderful and price was under $25.
The restaurant was a house at one time. The waiter and host we very friendly. On a laugh, the waiter told us he was Cher, and the Bunny was Madonna at Le Faux. And the host dug up a brochure.
We finally found a cool restaurant !!!
Below is a picture of the wine cellar.
03/22/2008 12:03:44
 jim  The Johnson Easter Party

03/20/2008 02:20:15
 jim  As Seen On TV
I got a FLOWBEE.
It's a hair clipper that attaches to any wet vac. My hair is getting bushy and I figured, since I'm going to have to spend some money anyway, why not spend it on something that will pay for itself. Hopefully it works okay. You set if for two inches, turn everything on, and it sucks your hair into a tube and cuts it. All the trimmings go into the vacuum.
Our bed sprung a flat! So we sprung for another Coleman inflatable bed.
Inflatable furniture is kind of nice.
It's cheap to replace, and you always have new furniture!!! Nobody will ever complain about your old couch. You can even keep replacements in your closet. I'm hoping someday someone will invent an inflatable house that fits in a backpack!
03/18/2008 05:06:39
 jim  Carkeek Park
03/16/2008 10:52:01
 jim  Dress Shopping Day
It was supposed to be a shopping day.
Renee wanted clear plastic plates and some spray glue.
We went to Michaels, Walmart, Fred Meyers, Costco, Joannes, Ross, Party City, and AAA China Buffet. Becky got a blue dress that is killer (see the previous blog entry). 
03/16/2008 10:39:59
 jim  Becky - All dolled up!
03/15/2008 09:59:51
 jim  Belltown Bldgs
03/13/2008 20:49:23
 jim  Seattle Compared - Per Diem
The Cost of Living per day.
Seattle, Wa $216
Tacoma, Wa $167
Portland, Or $155
Everett, Wa $144
Eugene, Or $136
Olympia, Wa $129
San Francisco, Ca $232
San Diego, Ca $203
Los Angeles, Ca $182
Sacremento, Ca $170
Redding, Ca $126
Phoenix, Az $216
Las Vegas, Nv $188
Reno, Nv $153
Denver, Co $189
Aspen, Co $168
Kansas City, Ks $147
Omaha, Ne $127
Co Springs,Co $127
Albuquerque, Nm $124
Chicago, Il $213
Cleveland, Oh $161
Nashville, Tn $161
Louisville, Ky $145
Indianapolis, In $141
Memphis, Tn $139
Lexington, Ky $137
Chattanooga, Tn $129
Key West, Fl $303
Atlanta, Ga $188
Miami, Fl $178
Tampa, Fl $177
Savannah, Ga $153
Orlando, Fl $148
Manhatten, NY $375
Queens, NY $308
Boston, Ma $284
Washington, DC $265
Philadelphi, Pa $213
Pittsburg, Pa $162
These are set by the government.
They reflect the cost of living per day, in different cities throughout the US.
The IRS excepts this amount as untaxable.
If you are a for salaried employees working away from home, and you would normally be paying 30% in taxes, and were living in a $200 per diem city, you would save $60 a day because of the per diem allowance. That works out to $1,500 extra a month you would no t have to pay in taxes.
03/12/2008 21:00:25
 jim  The big hole in my dash is handy
Don't need no stereo. I can fill that hole with snacks! It could even hold a night bag.
I was surprised how easy it is to break into an F150.
The thief must have taken a screwdriver, placed it in the key slot, punched in the door lock and given it a twist.
The door lock is just barely held in place, so its easy to punch inward. Once the lock is loose, all it needs is to be rotated.
I'm just grateful he didn't rip the wires out. He was careful enough to unclip the wires from the stereo, and to remove the moldings without breaking anything.
My locks needed fixing anyway.
Ford's power lock actuators (the things that electronically unlock the doors) go bad in Vegas heat.
When they go bad, you can't use the remote to unlock your doors.
They will fix them for $400, and they'll go bad again, and again.
And you'll end up living in a cardboard box howling at the moon.
I got two actuators today for my door locks.
The idea was to get the remotes working, then I don't need my busted key lock fixed (which could be very expensive if Ford did the work). It took 1.5 hours to do the driver side door. Gosh, they make it. You need fingers 5 inches long!
But now that I know how to do it and the tools are already down there, the passenger door actuator should go much quicker.
Maybe. was a productive night, and now I can drive around with a little confidence.
What I liked about Ford's improvements
Ford used to have these clips that would break whenever you took off a door panel. No more...the panel has one screw, and simply unhooks.
I replace the hard drive in my laptop last weekend.
Actually, its the laptop the SAE used to have. Becky was using mine. My hard drive croaked. I got a new laptop, then fixed my laptop, and gosh, I'm getting more confusing the more I babble!
03/12/2008 07:17:56
 jim  In search of...Coffee Vending
We've been kicking in around, and our next adventure might just be a real adventerture.
300 cups sold in a day = $1,000 !
Coffee Guy
Seattle Coffee trucksMobile espresso coffee and fruit smoothie concession trailer
Seattle Coffee Truck - Best Looking TruckMobile espresso and fruit smoothie truck
Mobile espresso and fruit smoothie truck
03/08/2008 03:30:07
 jim  This weeks highlights
The bus pass experience - Having to walk all over in the rain to get the wrong pass replaced.
The truck being burgled - A visit from Poppa Lock yielded no stereo, no GPS.
Dining Out - Eating at Fremont Dock, Nickersons, and Bubba's BBQ.
Finding a way - Venturing off to St Marks Cathedral across the lake.
Gaining New Friends - Its hard here, but its happening. Progress is extremely slow.
03/06/2008 22:05:02
 jim  Could a BBQ Place be this easy?
This BBQ take out place is smaller than our apartment. It looks like a simple business to manage. Really easy!
They sell sodas, 4 sides, and 4 types of BBQ sandwiches that they smother.
They have a heat rack, a cooler, sink, fridge and POS cash register..
03/06/2008 21:57:47
My truck is parked in a locked garage under our building. It seemed secure.
Someone popped my door lock today and stole my stereo and GPS Unit.
I guess we're cursed here. We've been robbed twice in three months.
03/05/2008 20:05:24
 jim  Its funny how the nights move
Seattle is a lonely place with lots of people. We are just passing through it.
We take things one day at a time here. We've seen no cheering crowds.
At the end of the day, we roll the credits, and fade off into the next day.
03/05/2008 19:53:18
 jim  St Marks Episcopalian Cathedral
We see it across the lake. It takes a seagull less than a minute to get to it. For us its 20 minutes by car, 40 minutes by bus, 60 minutes by walking.
03/05/2008 18:49:06
 jim  Seattle-Fremont Dock
On the advice from my bus stop buddy (Patty), we went down the road to Fremont Dock. We didn't see a dock.
It looked like a dive to me. Its not the kind of place Becky and I usually hang out at.
Becky ordered the best Reuben I'd ever tasted. I had a country burger (BLT, egg burger). VERY NICE!
03/05/2008 04:13:41
 jim  Seattle-Night Fog
I often wake to catch the world sleeping
The balcony views here are incredible
This morning, fog rolled over Seattle
03/04/2008 17:53:45
 Jim  Theres times in my life...
There are times when, no matter how lost and alone I feel, no matter how blue, there's something that comes along that puts it all together. I see something that's common, and once again its beautiful, like it was the first time I'd ever seen it.
I experience a warm glow. I feel like a kid again when everything was new. Its like the first time I saw a kitten, a weeping willow near a pond, or a pasture of  frosted grass glowing under the moonlight. It feels good.
I get these feelings when I see Becky smile.
I love her so much.
03/04/2008 03:17:01
 jim  More fun with Bus Passes
It would have been a great day for walking.
But it drizzled all day.
I started to hop the bus this morning, and was surprised when the bus driver told me my pass wasn't good enough. I needed a quarter more. OUCH!!! He let me on though. These bus drivers a pretty cool.
So, now, the problem was exchanging my pass
I had just purchased my pass Friday from Bartell's for $54. I guess they didn't know the rates had changed March 1st. hmmm.
I walked to Bartells.
They had to get the manager and I waited. She told me they don't do exchanges or refunds, and that I'd have to go to the Transit Station on University and 4th. Its in a mall.
I walked the Transit Station.
I went through a long line, but it moved quickly. They told me that they didn't do exchanges or refunds either! I'd have to go to the bus station on the other side of town. They could, however, sell me a booklet of 25 cent passes...hahahaha....The booklet was twice the size of a quarter! I'd bet it expires too!
I hopped a bus to the Bus Station at 201 Jackson Street off 2nd and Main.
The bus dropped me off at a 5 way intersection. There was a bus depot two blocks away, but it was vacant. What I was looking for was a building that wasn't even marked, at least, I didn't see a sign on the building.
So, I went inside and there was the line from hell.
It wound back and forth, ending up at three windows. I had plenty of time while standing in line, to contemplate what I may be doing wrong, (did theyt take Visa, did I need a receipt, did they do exchanges at this building).
I finally got to the window.
The clerk said she didn't do exchanges. She said I'd have to see the manager at another window. Wow. I did, and he had me fill out a form that I had to return to the first window.
Well, I finally got the pass for $63. Did I mention its only live 2.6 miles from my apartment to work? It costs about about 63 cents a mile to ride the bus. Toss in that it cost $150 a month to park my truck at the apartment and I'm paying a lot to get around here.
Leaving the bus station/whatever they call it, I couldn't find a bus back to work.
The street I came down (3rd Street) turns into a one way street, which means there was no bus stop on the other side from where the first bus dropped me off. Now, I'm thinking, I could gamble, and wait at any bus stop to ask the drivers if they came close to 3rd and Madison, or I could walk down 3rd street until it turned back into a two way street. I decided to walk.
On my walk back, I noticed there were two 2nd and Main Streets.
I'm serious!!! One is 2nd Avenue, the other is 2nd Street....I still don't know the technical difference.
I always thought that avenues were short and streets were long. Its reversed here. Maybe thats normal...hmmm.
The worse thing about this whole experience wasn't walking up the steep hills.
When I got up this morning, I got dressed in the dark and I put on a mismatched pair of shoes.
03/04/2008 03:16:02
 jim  Bus Pass Walk Pictures
I did enjoy the walk from the station.
The timing could have better though. Its alway amazed me how essential public customer services are always open when the majority of the public is working.
These shots were taken with gray skies. It looked gloomy so, I jazzed them up a little.
03/03/2008 00:39:56
 jim  Harbor Island
03/02/2008 19:22:15
 jim  Cloudy Days, Apartments, and a Baby
03/01/2008 05:54:51
 jim  Kodak camera wide shots

I bought a Kodak Z712 IS a while back. Its got some really great features. I was checking out its panorama feature.

This camera lets you take 3 shots R2L or L2R. When you are done, the camera stitches them together. This is the first digital camera I've seen that does that.

 Others, you upload your pictures, run some software and it stitches the pictures together, so you never really know what you've got until you've left the scene.
02/28/2008 20:51:35
 jim  GE has an openning for a contractor
If anyone's interested...give me a ding dong.

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