The Life and Times of Jim
Hi, there. I'm Jim. Welcome to my phlog!
This site was written for Las Vegas, then LouisVille. Now, it seems to be about anywhere. In these phlogs, you'll see a lot of my personal notes and pictures. I like to post my observations here to remember life and celebrate it. I'm not religious. I don't pray for good fortune. I'm ecstatically grateful for the gift of life and I think our time should be remembered and not taken for granted. I'm not a writer. I think pictures tell stories so much better than words. I love just about everything in this life, and, I guess that would have to include you. So, if you've seen me, don't be surprised if your picture is in here somewhere. Of all the critters, people are absolutely the most interesting. 
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02/15/2007 21:50:45
 jim  Talked to an old friend today.
He was babbling on about Bush, Cheney, and the Tri-State commission.
According to him, Al Kaida has been at Camp David.
Also, the Tri-State commission is planning on blowing up nukes in 5 major cities with the next year.
The goal would be to call a Marshall Law in for a minimum of 6 months, bring in the international police, and kill over 80% of the US population.
The point would be to free the world from the ignorant, lazy and freeloading populations.
All I can say is...WOW!!!
I heard the same thing from a bum in Denver last year.
Now, if all this were the case, I suppose I would go to Florida, walk 10' off of the highway in any direction and get lost, then eat fruits, berries, and crocidile eggs. Of course, the World Police might gas the swamps, but at least I'd stand a chance. LOL.
All I know is, we Americans are obviously being lied to by the press. Why, well, I wouldn't even try to guess.
If we can't take over a country the size of Arizona, with billions of dollars and high technology in our favor, our military people suck. I know Bush's buddies made out to the tune of billions. AND THAT, I believe is treason.
And Clinton got impeached for a blow job, while Bush is a mass murderer for hire.
When I mentioned this to Sonny, he asked me,
Jim, doesn't this guy have any nice things to talk about....
02/14/2007 22:03:50
 jim  Not much going on here
My coding on the notary system looks complete. There's a lot of junk test in it though.
I've been burning the midnight oil, so to speak, getting everything for it all together for my first demo.
The flyer, the business cards and the the system itself looks great.
I put together (well, I kind of borrowed) an Independant Contractors agreement and modified it, early this morning.
Everything looks pretty darned good.
Also happening, the condo is rented.
The tenants are responsible people, who both work for an old folks home. They have a 17 year old daughter too.
Its nice to deal with people who have checking accounts, vehicles and credit cards!
02/13/2007 19:00:00
 jim  Work for Nationwide Marketting
$200 for 2 hours. Participate in marketting analysis. The number is 733-0305. I talked to Joyce.
Its at 3709 Maryland Pkwy, 4th floor. 1 block north of Flamingo.
02/09/2007 06:00:00
 jim  Ordered a fax line. (702-478-9876)
The number is 702-478-9876. Cox is coming between 10am and noon.
02/07/2007 19:37:46
 jim  By the year 2100 AD
Man had learned how to transfer his thoughts from one brain to another. It was called soul transference.
By the year 2200,
Man had learned how to save his soul into non living things such as wafers, slices and crystals.
These souls could be revived into living entities at any given time. This was called soul preservation.
By the year 2250,
Man could communicate through time with connections to timenet.
Timenet worked by utilizing particles that traveled backward through time. Messages were sent to the future by storing the information for its destination in the future.
By the year 2300,
Thanks to miniaturization, man could keep store as many as 30,000,000 souls on an object the size of a pin head. The souls were aware, and could communicate through the evernet. Evernet, in combination with Timenet provided man with his destiny in this be conscious of entire the universe.
Time travel backward though time was not possible.
Since matter can not be created or destroyed, transportation back into time was not possible without changing the content of the whole universe. Time travel forward was only possible through deanimation and reanimation.
Man's last conquest was to populate the universe with his consciousness.
He did this, through a mobile device called DNA. With this device, he could seed the universe, communicate with it through the Evernet. He could possibly prevent the inevitable collapse of all the matter in the universe.
At the very least, something might be saved between the Big Bangs.
A trillion years in the future
To what man had evolved into, even a trillion years didn't seem long. Time would be coming to an end soon. Even with man's DNA spread throughout the cosmos, nothing would survive into the next universe. The smallest particles known to exist provided the hope man needed. These particles were indestructable. They were called Herculons. Their position in the universe couldn't be moved, but they could be altered. They would survive the Big Bang. Prior to the universe's collapse, tiny messages were stored in the Herculons. It was a blue print of sorts...
Ah, I'm tired of writing...haha.
02/07/2007 19:32:34
 jim  Our previous Loan Signing Agent was Autumn Dorsher
Autumn Dorscher owns Nationwide Signers.
Kathy from Home Lending called and gave me the info.
She said she'd check out my website.
Granted, my website isn't geared for Loan Signings yet, but it will be.
02/07/2007 08:30:02
 Jim  GMa needs to be in court, in Phoenix
I think it'll be at 8:30am.
02/07/2007 02:00:40
 jim  We’re open for business world!
I got a laser printer today.
- Its an Okidata and its perfect.
- It should get 6,000 sheets of print out for each $60 cartridge. Thats 1c a sheet...pretty nice.
- It also prints HiRes Color...Okidata's are the best printer (I've alway thought). They're work horses.
- The links are restored for Be Quick. After I order an extra phone tommorrow (702) 456-5288,
   then we'll be set for marketting.
I found out that XP's fax facilities will accept a fax in and will optionally, forward it for immediate print
That's what we want, unattnended incoming fax orders. We'll handle fax outs with our HP multi function.
02/05/2007 23:32:46
 jim  From me to me, ha ha.
I know, it may not seem like much, but my notary system is done.
Sonny and I worked up a decision table for the binary logic of courier/fax/notary selections.
EG: If someone wants to pay us for receiving a fax, and faxing it out, its cool.
There were 256 possible combinations in the decision table.
I love those things.
I suppose its old faded technology, but any consequence can be determined with them.
Excel worked nicely as my tool.
Now that faxes are coded up, and Becky is familiar with the system, we're almost ready to rock and roll.
Emails are coming in already from people wanting to hooking on to my wagon. Its cool.
We've got so many things to do:
- Rent the condo,
- Order a fax line
- Buy an all-in-one color fax
- Distribute flyers.
- Do lunch with Brian Grady and some other people.
- Do corporate stuff, yuck!
I'm getting so burned out from everything. I've spent 1 month desigining the database, and programs for this system.
17 hours yesterday alone. God I hope it takes off.
If anyone want to take a peek, go to http: // . It works, but I disabled the main shortcut to it ( to cut back inquisitors.
02/04/2007 18:41:53
 jim  Check out this new utility
You'll like it. Zip Code Utility. Its in Info/Zip Codes
It shows:
- All the counties in a state.
- All the cities in a state
- All the cities in a county.
- All the zip codes for a city
- List zip codes in order.
- Will show a map for any it displays.
I wrote it in 4 hours. Pretty cool, huh?
I need to pick up a laser multi-function printer, if anyone has any suggestions.
I added faxing to my little system.
It should make in $0.75 a sheet, in or out.
02/02/2007 00:00:00
 Jim  Ground Hog Day
Don't take a day off though.
02/01/2007 20:17:01
 jim  Aint it good to be alive!
I love the attitude that every moment spent regretting life, is a waste of life.
Me, I've been alive 26,876,556 minutes, and I've pretty much enjoyed it all!
Rob still lives in my heart, and his daughters wedding seems like yesterday.
As I grow older, time seems more and more like an illusion.
I love the way the skin on my hands are scaling.
I love how Becky's eyes are growing old with mine.
I think this is all magic.
I'm so glad to be alive!!!
I hope you are too.
01/31/2007 23:29:30
 jim  I think I’m done with the Notary system.
Well, I have to write a couple of puny programs, and test a little bit, but now I'm down to hours of coding.
The next step will be the funnest part...using it, putting it together and selling the service.
Its nice to know my skills have improved over the years.
Becky and I have to get dolled up for smoozing customers. 
I can finally order a fax line and get a dual tray laser printer, then we can make up flyer's and brochures.
It should be a BLAST!!!
And if this system holds up well, we're going to doing Notary Conventions.
I never really, really wanted to actually do notaries. I wanted to develop a transactional system, and I did.
It took 1 month to develop. YEA!
Thursday (tomorrow), we have to get the condo rented good to go.
That means picking up some blank contracts, and getting organized for renting. It should be very easy this time.
We're less lost.
01/30/2007 22:26:56
 jim  I was watching House tonight
Gosh, I love that show!
House (an atheistic doctor), was trying desperately to help a rape victim who was looking for truth.
They were haggling about life. She wanted truth from House, he said the truth was uninteresting.
She said she believed that there is a god that values and cares about all life.
House said, if there is a god, he's either extremely cruel or insane.
Did he let her get raped to make some kind of sick point? Or does he just want to punish the bad guys in a burning hell while letting innocent people suffer. If thats his game, its insane.
She said, it wasn't like that. Its more like we enter a series of rooms going through life. Our value is based on how well we handle ourselves in those rooms. She asked him if he believed in god.
He said, if there isn't a god, what we do here has no consequences to our eternity. Therefore, there's nothing to keep us from doing evil. We should just have fun and not care about anyone but ourselves.
But if there is a god, then we should suffer here to earn brownie points in some kind of fictitious heaven.
He said, the concept of god is just that, us trying create a central point in the universe that has all of the reasons.
There is no reason for why things happen.
But what we do today matters, and will have an immense affect others down the line.
I like that show. It makes me think.
01/30/2007 22:03:54
 jim  Ate at Red Rock Station tonight
Its was Gma's birthday. The Italian restaurant we went to was pretty special. Paul reserved a private room for the seven of us (Paul, Gma, Dustin, Jennifer, Sonny, Becky, and me).
We had shrimp scampi (3 shrimp), and calamari fritti for the appetizer.
- I had osso bucco, because I'd heard of it, but forgot what it was.
- Sonny had sea bass *****
- Becky had Chicken Parmesian. ****
- This kids split a pizza **
- Paul had a seafood medley *****
- Gma had veal marsala ?????
The reason why I didn't rate my osso bucco is that I was raised on osso bucco!
Its basically roast beef with gavy on rice. Whoops on me.
The service was wonderful, the atmosphere was great, and we had fun. Plus we survived the trip to get there along I515.
The price was high, but, for a once in a year event, it was worth it.
01/27/2007 11:55:22
 jim  Sonny told me about a message popping up on his ce
I forget sometimes that people do pop on LVDude. This is usually a very lonely site.
Well, someone popped in, checked out the Notary system and entered a transaction.
The system does work in the real world. It will take credit cards, and it does page people on their cell phones.
Its not quite there yet. I behaves poorly. Cox internet has been quirky, and I haven't been able to update it anything lately.
Anyway, I have Sonny in the system as a mythical agent in Ely, NV.
I used his cell phone to test Sprint's messaging.
The notary system finds the agent closest to order (which was, I think, in Michigan), and Sonny got a page. LOL.
I was laughing so hard after I figured it out.
The system still has some minor bugs in it, one of being that if someone did create a credit card order right now, we wouldn't know it.
01/25/2007 23:06:47
 Jim  I got my first call today for a notary.
Unfortunately, I wasn't ready for it. I was really surprised they even had my cell phone number. I was listed on as a certified notary on December 21st, after completing my certification test.
Anyway, I was so surprised. I thought it was another loan company calling my cell phone for a home refinance.
I didn't have a canned response for the loan company, so I apologized. Then I asked if the loan was something they could walk me through, since I'm new (I was honest). They said it was a piggy-back loan, and it was rougher than most. hmm.
We will be using Becky's number out for Notaries, not mine. Oopsee.
01/24/2007 16:00:07
 jim  Some Mormons stopped by
As usual, I had to argue with them. I don't know why I waste my time with these people. Some 18 year olds with a Mormon bible or whatever they call it, came by preaching the word, or whatever they call it. LOL.
I told them as long as they believe in doing good, feeding the hungry, help the elderly, improving the quality of life, their on the right track, but I didn't believe in their religion.
Their ideas seem pretty weird too me. But then again, most all religions I've learned about seem weird.
They were rambling on about how you must be Baptized before you die so your spirit doesn't go to hell and yada yada.
I said, spirit! What is a spirit? They said its that part of you that goes on after you die.
I asked them, is there proof that something like that exists? They said they could feel it.
I asked why do you think it exists? Can you measure it? No, but the bible says it exists.
I asked them if they believe everything they hear, like do they really believe Joseph Smith had a vision? And why?
Its all so bizarre.
I can't get over, how the idea of a spirit evolved in the first place.
And how it must have evolved from ideas to full blown religions.
And then religions evolved further to tell all kinds of unbelievable stories.
And how people just believe these stories, without question.
There is no proof that spirits exist.
Some say they see them. Some say they feel them. Some say they hear them. Some say they speak for them.
Am I wrong for thinking these people are delusional?
I see miracles everywhere, that  I can see, touch, and measure Why can't these people see them too?
01/24/2007 09:52:11
 jim  I got the code for text messaging working
Its really picky code to master, after all, who wants spam in their cell phone's text messages.
Here's how it works right now.
- You logon into the notary system.
- You place your order
- You select cash for payment type.
- The system locates the closest agent, and sends him text messages about the order on their cell phone.
- A log entry is made to the administrator of the notary system.
- The agent replies to the cell message when each task is completed.
Pretty cool, huh?
The last enhancements will be:
- Add text messaging for credit card payments.
- Add transaction screens for sales people
- Add transaction screens for notary agents.
01/24/2007 09:41:05
 jim  Finished up the condo yesterday.
All except for the final clean up. Becky cleaned and  painted. I painted. Sonny cleaned up the garage.
Sonny actually did most of the work this time. Cheers to Sonny...YEAH!!!!
This time, we'll charge a $50 refundable application fee and we will check references.
No more cash deals. Its too much effort.
I called a real estate agent about the houses across the street.
The 1,600 square foot houses cost $310,000 ($193 a square foot)
The 1,800 square foot houses cost $352,000 ($194 a square foot)
So the condo should be worth over $120,000.
01/20/2007 21:40:14
 jim  Week End at Jimmys
Thursday day, Becky and I worked on the condo (finally). The holes were patched, the front door was painted. The fridge was cleaned. The stove was cleaned. Our tenants were complete slobs. 
I sliced my finger open, and bled in the paint, darn it! But all thats left to do some touch up painting.
Thursday night, Sharon, Michelle, Mandy and Mirrissa came over. They didn't leave until after 2am.
Friday night, Dustin and Jennifer stayed over. We were up late again. I kept cracking up at them. They say the oddest things. A girl in some movie was standing on a hill all saddened by her loss and Dustin said, "Is she going to jump?". I said, "Yea, she's going to roll down the hill to her horrible death"...and I just couldn't stop laughing. It was the thought of a girl in a beautiful dress doing something that stupid just cracked me up to pieces.
Today, we lazed around, playing Family Feud and watching tube. 
Question 1 - "Other names you call small children"...Dustin's answer, "Virgins". My answer "midgets".
Question 2 - "Other names for horses"...Dustins answer, "Jalopy","Sam","Duke". My answer "Equestian".
Question 3 - "Name things that shrink after using them"...My answer...well, I couldn't say it, its dirty.
Its a strange, but leisurely life.
01/24/2007 09:33:36
 jim   (Reply)..Week End at Jimmys
I'd call a newborn baby an adult fetus...haha.
You could only call the baby a virgin if it didn't have a twin brother.
Who knows what preborn babies do in there? Nine months is a lot of time!
Myself, I think I was always trying to peek outside. har har.
I like kangaroo babies.
Their fetal baby is called a "Joey".
Weighing less than two grams, it climbs into its mothers pouch after she licks a path for it to follow.
Her milk will change during its development..
And whats really odd about the Joey
Is has an semi developed backup (a twin in suspense).  It hangs out in the womb for a few weeks after Joey's birth.
If conditions are good, the twin will crawl out.
I think thats incredible how these macropods live.
They live in mobs, ya know.
01/20/2007 09:07:54
 jim  Nevada Briefs
Nevada foreclosures over 100,000 for the fifth month
See article. Personally, I own two houses here.
I recently talked to a condo owner who lives near one of them. He said he bought his 3 bedroom condo for $80,000 in 2004. It is now worth $160,000. Like most of the people here, he has refinanced and pulled cash out. If he had only $20,000 into his condo (with payments), that would represent a two year gain of over 400%.
I would think the foreclosures would hurt the loan companies, then the banks, and eventually the US Treasury. I would think the interest rates would go up. But who knows, things often work out the opposite way of how you'd expect to.
On the flip side, luxury houses are going for a mint! A luxury condo at the Turnberry Towers goes for $2,000 a square foot. Most houses go for $20 a square foot.
Child Welfare gets bad an "F".
See article. No surprise there. I've heard the best thing to do, if you need social assistance, is to move to California.
Nevada Educational funding gets an "F".
See Article. No surprise there. Talking to kids these days, they seem to know very little about our Greek and Roman heritage. They're understanding of geograpy is weak. It seems that even with D's and F's, these kids pass the grade. I still find it hard to accept that playing a computer game is considered Physical Education.
Nevada stem cell research is happening.
See article. I was curious about why research was so contraversial so I read up on it. The stem cells can take on the attributes of any cell in the body (IE: liver cells, or in my case, a new brain), but with current technology, extracting them kills an embryo without dignity. Normally, the embroyos would be wasted if not fertilized. See wikipedia.
Nevada Methamphetimine use called Epidemic
See article. No surprise here. I often drive down the road and see people waving their hands and talking to themselves. Sometimes they walk erratic and fast.
This is why I don't read the news much. Its depressing.
01/17/2007 12:48:46
 jim  Have you checked out Office 2007 yet?
One of Sonny's engineer buddies gave him MS Office 2007 Professional. Then Sonny gave it to me for Christmas.
Its pretty cool.
I've been using their Access 2007 for my database design.
It looks just like SQL Server 2000. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was MSSQL 2000.
I like the way table relationships are done...
EG: I have a User table and a Tran table. To create a relationship, you drag User.user_id to Tran.user_id, and Bingo, you've got a relationship! I like that a lot. I did a lot of that for IGT with their transformation tables.
01/17/2007 11:38:01
 jim  .Mr Short was asking...
Click this link and tell me what you think about my system:
The system should take credit cards securely, but I'm using $10 for testing purporses.
I don't want to have brochures and business cards printed up until I have a system in place.
I'm almost done too =)
But you never know how it comes out on different browsers. Netscape is one I'm not even considering.
Mr Short might like this:
Right now, the system calculates distances between zip codes (using my address as a base).
Legally, a mobile notary may only charge $5 a notary and a maximum of $10 for travel during the day, $25 at night.
That sux. So, how are notaries making money?
The way to make money is to inform the customers of additional charges in advance. EG: I want $20 for the order, plus $2 a mile for every mile of 20.
I'm not doing notaries yet. I have to advertise first. My Yellow Page ad comes out in April.
01/17/2007 12:45:29
 jim   (Reply)...Mr Short was asking...
Thats what I'm hoping to get ($120 to $250 a signing), if I actually do the work.
Actually, I would like to get ALL the business from the other agents in town.
I'd like them to go through my notary system. That way they can legally get more than the legal limit, and I can get a commission.
The way it works now is clutzy for notaries.
They are lucky to get paid anything, from what I've heard.
Most of them don't take credit cards.
One girl said when she gets a check, and she runs to the bank asp to cash it.
Most of them only make $600 a month doing loan signings, and thats usually around the end of the month.
What I need to do is smooze lawyers, title companies, loan companies, hospitals and real estate agents.
I created a transaction under your name for the heck of it.
If you click on the Notary dropdown or go into , and click enter twice, you'll see the Pizza transaction. lol.
Let me know what you think, ok?
01/27/2007 07:51:49
 jim   (Reply).Lu:Lu:Mr Short was asking...
Sorry it took so long for me to discover your entry.
Sonny got your order on his cell phone the other night.
If I had all my code out there, you would have seen a little cell phone with your message on its screen.
Anyway, now that I know that was you, I'm cracking up !!!!
You are awesome dude, and Sonny's expression was priceless!!!
I fixed most of the problems you mentioned, but its still in my local test system.
I've been having trouble copying my stuff...cause my cable internet burps a lot.
The credit card portion does take credit cards
but I haven't finished yet, cause I'm actually testing with my money.
Right now, if someone paid by credit, noone would know about it...haha. I'm dealing with Paypal, and I still have to find out what they're going to tell did the credit transaction work or fail?
I've been testing with both Mozilla and Explorer.
Screw Netscape. IE and Mozilla seem to have their own ideas on what OVERFLOW:AUTO means. Now I've got scroll bars everywhere I look. They're ugly, they're blue, and I can't seem to change the little boogers.
I like how Mozilla handles errors with its magic disappearing cursor.
The cursor just disappears. I'm dealing with 5 languages here, and if I miss a semi-colon somewhere in the 1,000s of lines of code I've written, boom, the cursor disappears. That blows.
01/16/2007 10:34:08
 jim  Ah, a new log is born. (For Movies)
The movie log, or as I'd like to spell it, the moovy log. Inspired by the ever so awesome Warren...
Big hand for Warren....rah rah, clapping hands, confetti and dancing girls to ya.
You mentioned Zardoz 

which, by the way, happens to be one of my all time favorite B movies.
I liked that movie so much.
They used crystals for their memory storage.
At that time, I had read they were developing crystals with blue lasers for computer storage.
I thought. "YES, FINALLY, a better medium than VHS tapes! I can free up an entire room now.". 
But they came up with DVDs instead. They looked just like CDs, but cost more.
DVDs confused to people, somehow.
I've seen people throw DVDs like Frisbees, put their finger prints all over them, and even use them as coasters.
Some people decorated their Christmas trees with them. They even hung them on their rear view mirrors.
But outside of their misleading appearance, DVDs are supposed to have a shelf life of 100 years.
Thats great, really great, but I don't keep mine on the shelf! I keep them in a coffee can. I actually watch them too.
They just don't last that long after all the sliding in and sliding out and spinning and screeching to a halt from 1,000 mph.
Another advance that I liked about Zardoz was the flying head thing.
Imagine, if cars flew and looked like your head. That would be great!
No more searching for your car in crowded parking lots.
You could just ask anyone if they knew where you parked. "yea, uh, that car over there looks just like you".
01/16/2007 00:00:00
 jim  ..Martin Luther King
Thats a good question Mikey. I looked it up. Who is this guy?
01/15/2007 15:35:44
 jim  Life
I've been searching for the meaning of life as long as I can remember.
Growing up, there were too many Bibles, too many insane stories, too many overlooked truths.
I look around and I see animals that are not that different from myself. They have organs like me; hearts, kidneys, stomachs, brains. They have hair. They are as alive as I am. Yet we kill them, because somehow, it isn't a wrong.
I never saw people as black, yellow, white or brown.
That was just a minor difference. All the hate was plain stupidity.
I wondered, if people were smart, why didn't they seek science for longer lives. Why did they seek greed, power and control. I realized, our species is insane. If we don't understand what we see, we invent concepts that are not real. Then we kill our own species if they don't believe in our insanity. As a result, most of the human race believes in things they know can't be real. Our ignorance is only overcome by our arrogance.
It should be obvious to anyone who dares to look...
We were all spawned by the same entity. Everything on this planet is necessary. All life on this planet is related. We are cousins of the animals, and distant cousins of the plants. Our greatest forefathers were single celled creatures. Life on earth could have been spawned by one single celled creature. Four billion years is a long time for life to grow.
It takes our own body only 9 months to form from a single celled life form.
Its not so far fetched, that all the knowlege we were given at birth, was inherited by our ascendants. We are reincarnations of those who spawned us. We just can't remember them simply because we don't need to.
Our purpose is to help life spread.
These observations should be obvious.
I believe that the worst thing we could do to our dead is to embalm or cremate them. To do so, destroys their DNA. It obliviates any chance of their knowledge being passed down.
Adults seem as impatient as children at times.
I've heard people say that when we die, we go to heaven, even though theres no evidence of this.
I think we don't go anywhere. I believe we mutate and there is evidence of that.
I think, in 8 billion years, given nothing else to accellerate the process, we'll be back. I say that because that is how long it took the universe to create us.
Perhaps, in a hundred years or so...
People will drop their fantasies, forget about the gods and devils they imagined, their heavens and hells, and just look at what is real. Maybe we won't use and abuse other life forms just because they are different.
Maybe someday, we'll share with this planet and go on to make the universe a better place.
But for now, the human race seems to be insane with greed, religion and power. We are dooming ourselves.

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