Becky's Log
Hi, I'm Becky. Welcome to my Blog.
I'm just a little ol' country girl from Michigan.
I have 2 sons (Robert and Dustin), 2 daughters (Renee and Jennifer), a mom (GMa), a brother (Paul) and a wonderful boyfriend (Jim) who drags me all over the country.
We live in Las Vegas, but we're staying in Louisville, Kentucky these days. Jim's on a another mission.
So watch your mouth. Be nice. Remember, "You can't eat your cake and lay in it too".
And unlike little bo peep, don't eat all your sheep. haha. AND....enter something in my blog!
Visit my site some time. Thats where I bought this outfit.
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04/06/2009 20:41:20
 becky  My Son, Dustin
He's is leaving home to join the Job Corps Program.
I'm so proud of him.
He's growing up to be a man. I read about the program and it sound's like a great opportunity. I love you Dustin and I will miss you. I know this is going to be a real change in your life. I know in my heart that you will do fine.
Have a great time in Reno.
It is a cool place.
 Kisses & Hugs
Love You
From Jim

Hey Dustin, I never had a son,
but if I did, he wouldn't be as buck ugly as you are.
haha...just kidding.
You know you're cute (especially when you're being tickled...with those arms and legs flying all around everywhere).
I'm already missing hanging out with you guys on the weekends.
I'm missing all those day trips we took. And I'm missing the camping.
All those good times will go with you when you leave for Reno.
And those memories, along with a piece of my heart, will go with you too.
I had a great time watching you grow up.
Love ya,
04/06/2009 20:36:11
 jim  .Snowing Here In Pa
SNOW, those beautiful gentle flakes falling from the sky, covering the ground, making everything glisten white when the sun comes out. I lilke it too. Most of the people here say they can't wait for the spring, but for me, its just another beautiful day.
Hopefully, it won't be snowing on the 18th.
I'm not sure if I'll want to camp in downtown Louisville when its 40 outside. We'll see what the weather brings.
04/06/2009 20:36:11
 becky   (Reply)Snowing Here In Pa
I can't believe I'm seeing snow in April here. We had snow flurries today.
Getting more for the next two day's. I don't remember seeing snow in the
spring time. It is beautiful here when you see the snow flakes coming down.
I can't wait till it gets warm.
03/31/2009 13:40:52
Today is Jim's birthday he is turning 21 (LOL). Three of Jim's co worker's are joining us at
Atrias restruant at 5pm. This should be fun.
03/21/2009 18:36:44
 jim  Lake Stevens, Wa - Renees New House
01/30/2009 07:37:55
 becky  Birthday
Happy Birthday Mom
Love & miss you all
01/25/2009 14:32:26
 becky  ..Wexford Apt Snow - 2009/01/25
Good Morning Weford it's 19 degree's outside right now at 7:39am.
Last Saturday we went to the Pittsburgh Steelers Rally. The stadium is called the Heinz.
It has two Heinz bottle's on each side of the scoreing board. Jim bought us two Steelers
scarf's their colors are yellow and black and yes i looked like a bubble bee lol we have
the hat's to go with the scarf's. I was amazed to hear that the Arizona Carnails are in the
Super Bowl I wish both teams good luck. I miss every one back in Las Vegas. What is
Jennifer and Dustin doing these day's? I haven't herd from them sence Christmas. Jim
and I are here for another six month's. Jim's contract got extended. He will be working
in Cranberry Pa on the 9th of Feburary. It is 20 min from where we live. Where he is
working now is only 6 min away from here that is a big difference. Cranberry is a nice
town. The view here is beautiful seeing the snow on the trees and the mountain's.
We have a chipmuck living under our patio he or she is so cute. I hope everyone
is enjoying the picture.s that Jim has been putting on website. Have a good day
12/06/2008 04:35:18
 jim  My company controls $300 billion in assets
I wouldn't have thought that. Its amazing the things I get into these days.
11/20/2008 01:09:31
 jim  I miss you. I love you. It's been hard lately, giving you the love and attention you need.
Its dark outside when I leave, and its dark when I come home.
Add to that, the twenty degree weather and its the cold season,
and there's just not much left of me by 6pm.
Its supposed to snow 1 inch today, and 4 inches this weekend,
but I'm glad for the timing. At least I won't be knocking it off the truck windows this morning at 7am.
Life in Pittsburgh is a little rougher than I'd imagined. I thought it would be more like Louisville.
I keep thinking of Peter, living in the Lake Michigan area. He must be missing Louisville badly.
Rod and his family are having weather like us.
Then again, I think about Florida, Vegas and San Diego. Those guys are having great weather.
Of course, life would be perfect here if we could telecommute !!!
11/02/2008 08:44:12
 jim  My Songbird
For you, there'll be no more crying,
For you, the sun will be shining,
And I feel that when I'm with you,
Its alright, I know its right

To you, I'll give the world
To you, I'll never be cold
Cause I feel that when I'm with you,
Its alright, I know its right.

And the songbirds are singing,
Like they know the score,
And I love you, I love you, I love you,
Like never before.
10/28/2008 22:10:43
 jim  As I lay me down to sleep

As I Lay Me Down to Sleep

It felt like spring time
on this February morning.
In a courtyard birds
were singing your praise

I'm still recalling things you said
to make me feel alright.
I carried them with me today

As I lay me down to sleep,
this I pray,
that you will hold me dear

Though I'm far away,
I'll whisper your name into the sky
And I will wake up happy

-- Sophie Hawkins 

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