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Hi, I'm Becky. Welcome to my Blog.
I'm just a little ol' country girl from Michigan.
I have 2 sons (Robert and Dustin), 2 daughters (Renee and Jennifer), a mom (GMa), a brother (Paul) and a wonderful boyfriend (Jim) who drags me all over the country.
We live in Las Vegas, but we're staying in Louisville, Kentucky these days. Jim's on a another mission.
So watch your mouth. Be nice. Remember, "You can't eat your cake and lay in it too".
And unlike little bo peep, don't eat all your sheep. haha. AND....enter something in my blog!
Visit my site some time. Thats where I bought this outfit.
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04/28/2007 12:37:10
 becky  Actor James Doohan
New Mexico, April 28, 2007
The ashes of "Star Trek" star James Doohan are sent into outer space, April 28, 2007, as a rocket blasted off from a remote launchpad in the New Mexico desert near Upham. Doohan\'s ashes were accompanied by the remains of former U.S. astronaut Gordon Cooper and those of 200 other people. 

James Doohan played "Scotty," the chief engineer of the Starship Enterprise, on the original "Star Trek" series as well as in several films. The Canadian-born actor died July 20, 2005 at age 85. The cast of TV\'s Star Trek (1967)
The crew of the Starship Enterprise, boldly going where no one had gone before. The series, which debuted on NBC in 1966, only ran for three years, but it spawned several other television series and a slew of films that continued the exploits of man\'s exploration of space.
The ashes of "Star Trek" star James Doohan are sent into outer space, April 28, 2007, as a rocket blasted off from a remote launchpad in the New Mexico desert near Upham. Doohan's ashes were accompanied by the remains of former U.S. astronaut Gordon Cooper and those of 200 other people.
(CBS) The cremated remains of actor James Doohan, who portrayed engineer "Scotty" on "Star Trek," and of Apollo 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper soared briefly into suborbital space Saturday aboard a rocket.
It was the first successful launch from Spaceport America, a commercial spaceport being developed in the southern New Mexico desert.
Suzan Cooper and Wende Doohan fired the rocket carrying small amounts of their husbands' ashes at 8:56 a.m. local time. "Go baby, go baby," said Eric Knight of the commercial launch company, UP Aerospace Inc. of Farmington, Connecticut.
Since it was a suborbital flight, the rocket soon plummeted back to Earth, coming down at the White Sands Missile Range. The payload with the remains descended by parachute.
"We nailed it. We stuck the landing," said Knight.
UP Aerospace launched the first rocket from the desert site in September, but that Spaceloft XL rocket crashed into the desert after spiraling out of control about nine seconds after liftoff. Company officials blamed the failure on a faulty fin design.
Family members paid $495 to place a few grams of their relatives' ashes on the rocket. Celestis, a Houston company, contracted with UP to send the cremated remains into space.
Charles Chafer, chief executive of Celestis, said last month that a CD with more than 11,000 condolences and fan notes was placed on the rocket with Doohan's remains.
Doohan died in July 2005 at age 85. The remains of "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry were sent into space in 1997.
The launch from the fledgling spaceport currently a 100-foot by 25-foot concrete slab in a patch of desert more than 50 miles north of Las Cruces keeps the New Mexico project ahead of its nearest competitor, in West Texas.
Jeff Bezos, founder of, is said to be developing the spaceport north of Van Horn, Texas. Bezos' Blue Origin is working to develop tourist space flights.
British billionaire Richard Branson also has announced plans to launch a space tourism company, which is expected to have its headquarters at the New Mexico spaceport.
04/27/2007 04:52:29
 jim  Back from Disneyland. We had a great time!
The trip up was a breeze. I followed Paul all the way.
We both got their in just under 4 hours on 3/4's of a tank.
My scheme to get annual tickets didn't work, but it cost nothing to try.
We got two, two-day passes for the same price at the gate.
The Will Call booth gave me a rough time about my Nevada Drivers License.
I couldn't believe the agent was talking Disney techno talk to me.
She said I'd have to bring my apartment's lease agreement with me, because anyone could print business cards.
She said the 'Bank' might approve it if I talked to the manager, but I'd have to buy tickets to take to the Bank.
However, if someone was with us that had California ID, they could've have bought our 2 annual passes for us.
Its was all pretty strange. The logic seemed flawed in all directions.
The Californian Adventure.
I was surprised about the park. I thought it was supposed to have an adult theme to it.
From the start, Paul and I split off from the group.
It had one decent rollar coaster (it had a really nice launch technique).
We actually got Jennifer to ride a tiny roller coaster with us.
Jennifer didn't know it, but through out the two day trip, it had the roughest roller coaster ride.
The day passed, and we wrode everything we wanted to ride.
The most interesting looking of all the rides was the Haunted Hotel.
It turned out to be a glorified elevator.
The best ride of all was the Omnimax like motion simulator. It lifts you up and you feel like your flying of the ocean and through the mountains. It even through in 2 smells.
I held up alright for only having 2 hours sleep the night before.
We stayed the night with Paul, GMa, Jennifer and Dustin at a Sheraton.
I think Paul paid $190 for the room, but I couldn't chip in. I budgeted a one day trip at $200, 2 days at $400.
They offered to share their beds with us, but, I slept on the floor anyway. It just felt more natural to me.
Actually, I didn't care where I slept. My feet felt like BRICKS.
Becky and I got an extra blanket and slept together for awhile, but I couldn't stay asleep.
I got up at 2am, went outside and enjoyed California's night air, then watched "Independance Day".
When I got back at 4am, Becky was sleeping with GMa, Paul looked content in his bed, and I passed on the floor
I could barely walk. Sleep was nice.
We spent Thursday at Disneyland.
We started to spend the day together as a group, but Jennifer started crying in deathly fear about riding Space Mountain.
I just wanted to have fun, and didn't want to have to deal with those irrational fears, after all 8 year old kids were riding the ride. So, Paul and I took off. We wrode most of the major attractions in 3 hours.
Paul and I wrode Space Mountain, Big Thunder, The Matterhorn, Mr Toads Wild Adventure, Pirates of the Carribbean, and The Haunted Mansion.
Becky, GMa and the kids road watched Innovations, road Mr Toad and Snowwhite Adventures.
We connected later, and wrode Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion again.
Almost all of us rode Star Tours, Indiana Jones, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Jungle Cruise.
Dustin, Paul and I capped off the day by riding Space Mountain one last time.
Splash Mountain was closed, and I never noticed Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters.
All-in-all, we pretty much experienced the best rides that Disney had to offer.
Driving home was breeze.
Except for the usual freeway delays, we drove 80mph most the way, stopping only at Cajun Pass to let the top down.
The trip takes less than four hours, one way.
Cutting through California's freeway traffic is a breeze in a convertable...
Hehehe...I only got flipped off once after squeezing in between a tailgater and the car in front of him.
What can I say, I put on my blinker, looked directly at him, and still, he wouldn't give me enough room to change lanes safely. I guess some people enjoy at risking other people's life.
To sum it all up - We all had a great time.
The whole trip cost me around $400. It probably cost Paul around $900.
The driving up and back was great.  
I'd say cramming that much into 2 days was making us cranky. I know I was starting to feel edgy.
When we got home at 10:30pm, my blistered feet were swollen, and my head felt like I'd had a bottle of Jack Daniels.
I'll take a couple of days to recover.
But the pleasure far exceeded the pain.
I'd do again in a heart-beat!
04/23/2007 21:46:25
 jim  I love you too sugar booger!
I Love you too Becky Babe
I think we'll have fun tommorrow at Tule Springs
Disneyland should be a blast too, Wednesday.

I love Las Vegas Realestate!!!!
Don't you?

04/19/2007 23:36:23
 jim  I found Jack, (one of my old friends) too.
We first met in Kentucky.
But I have no idea who this other guy is.
04/19/2007 15:53:19
 becky  Found Freind
I found Teresa phone number. I was very surprised that she remebered me.
She is still living in the same house. She has'nt ever gotten married and no kid's.
She told me that she has been thinking about me alot. It was so awsome to hear
her voice on the phone. She told me that she would try to find Henrietta for me.
There is another friend her name is Becky her and Teresa have been trying to
find me too. I hope she calls me back.
04/13/2007 18:37:12
 becky  Happy Birthday Jennifer

To Jennifer
We Love You
Jim & Mom
04/12/2007 21:40:39
 becky  Jennifer’s birthday
She's 12
04/09/2007 19:38:57
 becky  Easter Day
myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphicsAll these picture's were sent to me from a lady that lives in texas her name is Susie she is a sweet christen women. I thought they were so beautiful.
04/09/2007 19:36:34
 becky  A Rose
04/09/2007 19:35:17
 becky  Heart Angel
Courtesy of
04/09/2007 19:33:30
 becky  Angels
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
04/07/2007 21:24:23
 becky  Happy Easter
Happy Easter my love
                                        I Love You
04/07/2007 22:15:53
 jim   (Reply).Happy Easter
I love more than elephants love peanuts.
I love you more than mice love cheese.
I love you like salt loves pepper
I love you more than dogs love Alpo.
I need you more than my socks need washing.
You are my Easter Bunny Baby!!!
04/06/2007 21:35:36
 jim  GMa gave me some Combivent.
Its seems to work pretty good for my COPD.
I may have a chance at life after all.
Thanks GMa!!!
Of course, its got some pretty nasty side of them being death.
But if you'd had my experiences lately, its worth the risk.
Its got "ipatropium bromide" in it, and is one of the ingredients in Atrovent.
BTW - I ordered some Advair and Pulicort from Canada.
6 months worth for $180 including shipping.
The Japanese, French, Icelanders, Swedes, Spanish and the English all live longer than Americans. 
04/06/2007 21:25:32
 jim  Movies all day. Thanks Rudy!!!
We watched:
Ghost Rider
I thought it would turn out to be another "Wicker Man" for Nicolas Cage, but it was one of his best yet.
The effects were awsome.
IMAX  Deep Sea
Wonderful movie. Its amazing how they illustrate the balance of nature.
They put together how all the creatures interact in life and death, and in ways that even a cave man can understand.
It was okay. The story was very predictable right from the beginning.
Ahhhh, but whoever recorded it ran out of memory at the last 10 minutes of the movie.
I thought that added to the movie. I made up my own ending, which was probably better than the real one.
Wild Hogs
Good movie with Tim Allen, John Travolta, Will Macy, Martin Lawrence and Ray Liotta.
A good illustration of an over the hill gang getting a second chance at life.
04/03/2007 23:52:11
 jim  We just watched The Good Shepperd
It was okay. It dragged on...
One of the things the hit on was a group called the Skull and Bone "Bonesmen"
This is real group, a secret society of sorts, of Yalemen.
They relishes their glass enclosed skull and bones of "Geronimo".
As odd as this group sounds, its 800 members include some of the most powerful people in the world.
Bush is one of them. Anyway, their purpose seems be powerful, and to make a difference.
The CIA director was one of them.
Somewhere in the mix, they hit on the CIA's disinformation strategies.
How they tell truth mixed in with lies, all to get people to behave the way they want.
I instantly started thinking about the Kennedy assassinations an what we were told about it.
It could have been Castro, the Mafia, the Soviet Union or Lyndon B Johnson, as has been suggested.
We heard everything except for what should have been obvious. It seems obvious too me anyway.
Here's what I thought:
Shortly after John F Kennedy's assassination, Robert Kennedy was assassinated.
Shortly after that, Jacquie Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis (the richest man in the world).
NOW, that just sounds odd to me.
Why didn't anyone mention that maybe...just maybe,
Onassis had John killed to marry Jacquie, then Robert killed because he objected to the marriage.
Its a theory as good as the others.
What makes it a better theory is, it has never been entertained.
Why is that?
I mean, isn't that more believable than anything else we've heard.
But please take note: I don't know anything. I just read and reason.
I thoroughly admit that my ideas are influenced by dis-information.
04/02/2007 23:44:41
 jim  Ah...I forgot to mention my birthday
That's because I usually forget my birthday.
My birthday was Saturday,
but we celebrated it on April Fools Day.
So, for me, there was no Saturday Night Fever,
However, I liked the picture so I put it in here anyway.
For my birthday, Sonny gave me a pair of binoculars with a camera on it.
That's cool, because I like to play a "Peeping Private Investigator" a lot!
Now, I can take pictures of the neighbors taking their garbage out....Yippppeeeeee!!!!
I got two calls.
Sharon called and said HBD. She's having rough times.
Ida called and said HBD. She's having good times.
Becky got me a couple of XXL Shirts!
Thats great, because my tummy is as big as her heart.
I talked to my sister in Frisco, Texas.
She's having rough times.
She's got here to fall back to if she wants. She can be a Las Veggy with us!
I talked to Allen in Texas.
We philosophized and drempt of new things, new ideas.
"The future holds infinite possibilties, while the past holds only one" was a cool thought.
Becky's mom made me Black Forest Cake and Paul made homemade Chicken Alfredo.
Yum. It was really great of them.
Robert, Emily and Amy came by, and we all watched a tear jerker on my old 60" TV.
I was having a really rough time health wise though.
I kind of talked to Ruth.
Actually, I talked to her through her neice, Daphne. She's in really bad shape.
She really liked the pictures I sent her.
It maybe morbid to say this, but, cancer is pretty quick, and you miss the last few weeks.
Ruth has time to truly appreciate this life.
For most, today was just another day.
At the same time, Ruth knows she's down to just a few more sunrises.
For me, today could have been my last day,
and ya know, if it was, it would have been one of my best days.
With that in mind, the truck got broken into at the Flamingo last night.
Some desparate soul stole the stereo.
And it seemed so unimportant.
03/19/2007 20:30:00
 jim  Last night, we cruised the strip
I'll probably never know why it gets cold around the airport on Las Vegas Blvd S.
It drops about 10 degrees for about 1 mile.
We had the Mustangs top down, and I gotta tell ya, we noticed the temperature drop.
Thats the only place in Vegas that did that, and there's nothing special about the area.

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