Becky's Log
Hi, I'm Becky. Welcome to my Blog.
I'm just a little ol' country girl from Michigan.
I have 2 sons (Robert and Dustin), 2 daughters (Renee and Jennifer), a mom (GMa), a brother (Paul) and a wonderful boyfriend (Jim) who drags me all over the country.
We live in Las Vegas, but we're staying in Louisville, Kentucky these days. Jim's on a another mission.
So watch your mouth. Be nice. Remember, "You can't eat your cake and lay in it too".
And unlike little bo peep, don't eat all your sheep. haha. AND....enter something in my blog!
Visit my site some time. Thats where I bought this outfit.
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03/31/2009 13:40:52
Today is Jim's birthday he is turning 21 (LOL). Three of Jim's co worker's are joining us at
Atrias restruant at 5pm. This should be fun.
03/21/2009 18:36:44
 jim  Lake Stevens, Wa - Renees New House
01/30/2009 07:37:55
 becky  Birthday
Happy Birthday Mom
Love & miss you all
01/25/2009 14:32:26
 becky  ..Wexford Apt Snow - 2009/01/25
Good Morning Weford it's 19 degree's outside right now at 7:39am.
Last Saturday we went to the Pittsburgh Steelers Rally. The stadium is called the Heinz.
It has two Heinz bottle's on each side of the scoreing board. Jim bought us two Steelers
scarf's their colors are yellow and black and yes i looked like a bubble bee lol we have
the hat's to go with the scarf's. I was amazed to hear that the Arizona Carnails are in the
Super Bowl I wish both teams good luck. I miss every one back in Las Vegas. What is
Jennifer and Dustin doing these day's? I haven't herd from them sence Christmas. Jim
and I are here for another six month's. Jim's contract got extended. He will be working
in Cranberry Pa on the 9th of Feburary. It is 20 min from where we live. Where he is
working now is only 6 min away from here that is a big difference. Cranberry is a nice
town. The view here is beautiful seeing the snow on the trees and the mountain's.
We have a chipmuck living under our patio he or she is so cute. I hope everyone
is enjoying the picture.s that Jim has been putting on website. Have a good day
12/06/2008 04:35:18
 jim  My company controls $300 billion in assets
I wouldn't have thought that. Its amazing the things I get into these days.
11/20/2008 01:09:31
 jim  I miss you. I love you. It's been hard lately, giving you the love and attention you need.
Its dark outside when I leave, and its dark when I come home.
Add to that, the twenty degree weather and its the cold season,
and there's just not much left of me by 6pm.
Its supposed to snow 1 inch today, and 4 inches this weekend,
but I'm glad for the timing. At least I won't be knocking it off the truck windows this morning at 7am.
Life in Pittsburgh is a little rougher than I'd imagined. I thought it would be more like Louisville.
I keep thinking of Peter, living in the Lake Michigan area. He must be missing Louisville badly.
Rod and his family are having weather like us.
Then again, I think about Florida, Vegas and San Diego. Those guys are having great weather.
Of course, life would be perfect here if we could telecommute !!!
11/02/2008 08:44:12
 jim  My Songbird
For you, there'll be no more crying,
For you, the sun will be shining,
And I feel that when I'm with you,
Its alright, I know its right

To you, I'll give the world
To you, I'll never be cold
Cause I feel that when I'm with you,
Its alright, I know its right.

And the songbirds are singing,
Like they know the score,
And I love you, I love you, I love you,
Like never before.
10/28/2008 22:10:43
 jim  As I lay me down to sleep

As I Lay Me Down to Sleep

It felt like spring time
on this February morning.
In a courtyard birds
were singing your praise

I'm still recalling things you said
to make me feel alright.
I carried them with me today

As I lay me down to sleep,
this I pray,
that you will hold me dear

Though I'm far away,
I'll whisper your name into the sky
And I will wake up happy

-- Sophie Hawkins 

10/26/2008 14:40:56
 jim  Whats cool and whats not...
We went back up to the trash compactor today. What a beautiful day !!!
While we were up there, I decided to put some windshield washer fluid (with deicer) into the truck. A girl pulled up behind us, and I asked her if she'd like some...she said YEA!!! Then she asked me if I'd like some Rainex...I said YEA!!!
That was cool.
We needed some quarters for the washing machine, so we went to Big Eagle.
Becky hopped out of the truck, and couldn't walk. She's got tendonitis in her right knee.
That was not cool.
I got her to drive one of those motorized carts. She did. It was fun watching her navigate the cart.
That was cool.
We're getting old. We're starting to give back all of the gifts we recieved from our youth.
And that's not cool.
But on second thought, I'm with a beautiful woman. We're going to age well together.
And very cool!!! 
10/04/2008 10:18:09
 jim  I think its Beckys birthday today
She woke up, and said "It's Becky's birthday today"
I said, babe, "You're Becky"
She said, "I thought Becky was at the White Capitol"
I said, "No, that's the White House, and she...I mean WE, went last week, or did we go last week?".
She said, "No, I think we went last month.". "So, I wonder what Jim got me for my birthday."
I said, "Jim?".
I'm trying to figure out who and where I am these days
Am I Joe Six-Pack, Joe Lunchbucket, or the White Collar Elite ?
Do I live on Main Street, or am I the McMansion type?
Joe Six-Pack is generally understood to be one heckuva nice guy. He drinks, but he never drinks and drives. When he does drive, he would be the last person to tailgate or cut anybody off in traffic. He just Wants What is Best for America.
He has lunch with a lot of so-called "blue-collar" types - plumbers, electricians, truck drivers, the guy who owns the local car-repair shop. Some make more money than Mr White-Collar Elite. Joe Six-Pack is the one the politicians seem to like best. He's usually married to Soccer-Mom.
Soccer-Mom doesn't logically exist, or I don't know any of them. Soccer Moms work hard for their kids, but soccer is far too expensive for most middle class Moms. I think the middle class mom would be best coined as a Pink Collar Mom since most Mom's have to work these days. Mr and Mrs Cleaver are working so Beaver can spend all of time online.
Joe Lunchbucket  is a working stiff who has to pack his own lunch and can't even afford beer. Nobody seems to mention him much. I don't know any of these guys. Most of the people I know in this class work through lunch.
The White-Collar Elite guys live one subdivision away. In fact, you can catch all these guys after they've taken off their white or blue collars and put on t-shirts to go watch football. They're awfully hard to tell apart.
Wall Street is where all of those stock brokers go to have panic attacks, heart failures, and mental breakdowns just before they get soused at a local bar, then take the subway home. Nobody I know, knows these guys.
Main Street I think is where we are supposed to live. I can't usually afford to live downtown.
I think I'd call my self Joe Cubical,
I live in Back Street America. You never hear about that. 
Most of the people I work with don't take lunch breaks. Who takes lunch breaks these days?

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