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This log represents the Life and Times of the Las Vegas Dude.
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09/16/2010 22:30:04
 jim  Tampa-TomPetty Lazer Show
09/16/2010 21:20:36
 jim  Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers
09/16/2010 20:46:24
 jim  Tampa-Concert People
09/16/2010 20:21:38
 jim  Tampa-ZZTop-20100916
09/16/2010 20:00:52
 jim  Concert Half Time
09/16/2010 19:51:34
 jim  Tampa-From St Pete Times Forum
09/14/2010 20:11:20
 jim  Tampa Hard Rock Pictures
09/14/2010 16:53:48
 jim  Tampa Hard Rock
09/12/2010 17:22:30
 jim  I4 Rainbow-20100912
09/12/2010 14:39:44
 jim  Jacksonville, FL - Skyline
09/12/2010 13:31:34
 jim  Jacksonville RCBC-20100912
09/12/2010 11:56:28
 jim  Rt A1A N
09/12/2010 11:24:30
 jim  A1AN Marsh to Jacksonville
09/12/2010 10:52:56
 jim  St Augustine-Bird House
09/12/2010 07:37:34
 jim  St Augustine Beach-Sunrise
09/12/2010 07:34:50
 jim  StAugustineBeach Sunrise-20100912
09/11/2010 21:19:48
 jim  StAugustine Lighthouse-20100911
09/11/2010 20:52:02
 jim  St Augustine Bar
09/11/2010 20:45:12
 jim  St Augustine - Old House
09/11/2010 20:32:04
 jim  StAugustine 5541-20100911
09/11/2010 20:09:44
 jim  Wax Museum - Seinfield
09/11/2010 18:10:42
 jim  StAugustine Becky-20100911
09/11/2010 14:07:56
 jim  StAugustine FountainOfYouth-20100911
09/11/2010 14:02:54
 jim  StAugustine SanMarcosFort-20100911
09/11/2010 13:57:12
 jim  StAugustine Oldest House
09/11/2010 13:25:02
 jim  StAugustine College-20100911
09/11/2010 13:18:28
 jim  StAugustine Church
09/11/2010 12:57:26
 jim  St Augustine Lighthouse
09/11/2010 12:26:24
 jim  St Augustine Resort
09/11/2010 11:33:52
 jim  StAugustine Waves
09/11/2010 11:33:24
 jim  St Augustine Waves
09/07/2010 18:33:34
 jim  Clearwater Rainbow-20100907
09/05/2010 03:47:20
 jim  Fun with math
I always tell people that we're travelling at 80k miles an hour around the sun,
but if the earth is 94.5 million miles from the sun, then are we travelling at 34k miles an hour, aren't we?
Happy Labor Day Weekend to you all.

BTW-This is Labor Day, not Memorial Day, right? And Labor is spelled Labor and not Laber or Labre. haha
Circumference = Diameter x 3.14. (That sounds about right).
The Earths distance from the sun = 94,500,000 miles, but that could be debated.
Its circumference of travel = 94,500,000 * 3.14 = 296,730,000 miles. (Sort of, discounting any wobble).
Days to circle the sun = 365.4, or 8770 hours (you can prove this by calibrating a sticks shadow to a watch).
Miles per hour = 296,730,000 mile / 8770 hours = 33,834 miles per hour.
Add to that,
The Earth has a circumference of 24,901 miles (at the equator, maybe), (once again with sticks, 2 stick's shadows a mile apart can prove this out)
and there are 24 hours in a day (or something close to that), 
Then we are spinning at 1,000 miles an hour (roughly).

08/28/2010 21:16:40
 jim  Epcot Fireworks
08/28/2010 18:07:30
 jim  Epcot Germany
08/28/2010 17:16:16
 jim  Epcot China
08/28/2010 16:31:16
 jim  Epcot Norway
08/28/2010 16:07:28
 jim  Epcot Mexico
08/28/2010 16:06:06
 jim  Epcot Lake
08/28/2010 15:34:00
 jim  Epcot World-Us
08/28/2010 15:15:13
 jim  Epcot People
08/28/2010 15:15:12
 jim  Epcot - Fountains
08/26/2010 07:09:36
 jim  Computer Consultants are a strange group
Travelling computer consultants are a strange group.
We all have two places we call home.

We're broke between contracts, and rich during contracts.
Most people don't want to see us when we're broke, and that's usually when we are hiding in our real homes.

We've done things or are doing things that are outside the realm of normality.
One buddy is walking across the country, another has programmed the Space Shuttle, and another is bartending.
Some flourished with their own companies during the dot com boom, just to fall back into consulting.

You never hear about us, but we do change the world.
I've done some world-first, including adding some stuff to the ATM screens that you see all over the country.

Usually, we come in, do incredible projects, make it work and leave.
If it fails - We are responsible because we are idiots. Fortunately, I've never failed.
If it works - Others are responsible. They almost always get promoted. 
The consultants either move on, go full time, or become managers and never code again.
Rarely, if ever, our names get mentioned anywhere. We almost never get CC'd on the "Job well done" email from the CEO.

But still, it gets into the blood.
We know what we've done. Our abilities to work either independantly or in a group, has molded our ways of thinking.
The travelling is great, the money is good, and we've gotten used to saying "Hello" and "Goodbye".
At night, we either go insane with thought, or we're happy and we do things most locals would never even consider doing.
Its an emotional roller coaster, and the adrenalene rush is addictive.
And it would be hard for me to stop.

(Spoken after 15 years of consulting, 5 years on the road, and 27 years in the business)
08/26/2010 07:08:59
 jim  Our second airbed has gone flat in just one week.
Airbeds - Our second airbed has gone flat in just one week.
It turned out our cot had a sharp edge. I wonder if there are other professionals out there who have had this problem. BTW - I'm not sure when or how I got so strange. Its happened slowly after 15 years of consulting.
08/23/2010 04:15:06
 jim  Jennifer left Saturday
It's 3am on a Monday, and as usual, I can't wait to go to work.

Jennifer went back to Vegas last Saturday, and I already miss her.
So now, when I say we, I mean Becky and I.
On the flip side, instead of doing just teenage things, we can do adult things too. I'm thinking Concerts!
08/22/2010 07:15:31
 Robert  One More Time Before You Grow
Rob Truckin on Facebook
I guess that I can hold you
one more time before you grow.
And tell you that I love you
so that you will always know.
Please let me tie your shoe again.
...One day you'll tie your own.
And when you think back to this time
I hope it's love I've shown.
Can I help you put your coat on?
Can I please cut up your meat?
Can I pull you in the wagon?
Can I pick you out a treat?
One day you might just care for me,
so let me care for you.
I want to be a part
of every little thing you do.
Tonight could I please brush your hair?
Can I put toys in the bath?
Can I help you count your small ten toes
before I teach you math?
Before you join a softball team
can I pitch you one more ball?
And one more time can I stand near
to make sure you don't fall?
Let's take another space-ship ride
Up to the Planet Zoor.
Before our Cardboard Rocket
doesn't fit us anymore.
Please let me help you up the hill.
while you're still too small to climb.
And let me read you stories
while you're young and have the time.
I know the day will come
when you will do these things alone.
Will you recall the shoulder rides
and all the balls we've thrown?
I want you to grow stronger
than your Dad could ever be.
And when you find success
there will be no soul more proud than me.
So will you let me carry you?
One day you'll walk alone.
I cannot bear to miss one day
from now until you've grown.
08/20/2010 19:23:44
 jim  Treasure Island, FL - Gators Cafe
08/19/2010 07:23:13
 jim  Jennifer is taking off Saturday
She has been so much fun!
We've done a lot of travelling and beach combing in this Tampa Bay Area.
But this is probably the worst time of the year to be here. It's hot and extemely humid.
Tuesday, she gave quite the scare.
She had an asthma attack. Here's my take on that:
Medical care is such nightmare these days. 
Jennifer had an asthma attack and she's on Nevada Medicaid. Medicaid is only covered out-of-state in Emergency rooms.
We found one, and after 2 hours they put her in one of those little rooms where she waited for 2 hours.
Finally after they gave her an XRay, a breathing treatment and a prescription. The whole thing took 5 hours.
It makes me wonder how many people don't survive in those little rooms.
This makes me think
If she didn't have any kind of insurance, I'm sure that visit would have cost $1,000.
For $1,000, she could have flown her to Mexico or Canada, where she could stayed in a nice motel, and she could have bought Albuterol over the counter for $12.
Of course, she could have had a bird flu, in which case, everyone in the Emergency Room might have caught it.
08/17/2010 20:13:35
 jim  Tampa Bay Skies

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