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09/16/2008 07:40:57
 jim  Power Outages all over the Pittsburgh area.
We had 70 mph winds Sunday. Power lines and trees went down everywhere.
Schools were closed on Monday. People were being told to boil their water in some areas.
The best story I've heard so far about it:
A coworker attended his brother-in-law's wedding that day. Twelve of them were in a basement watching a football game in their Tuxedos. When the power went out, it went completely black.
I couldn't imagine that. In all my travels, in all my experiences, I've never watched a football game with a bunch of other guys. It sounded GREAT!
09/14/2008 20:09:59
 Jim  We are riding the snake
Its a train and its going 60 mph..
Our track ends after 40 million miles, where our ride takes us off the side of a mountain in the clouds.
We know it ends, but we don't care. On our ride, we can look out the window at all of the beautiful things.
We can't become a part of them because our train won't stop.
But we can love all that we see.
And it is beautiful.
09/11/2008 21:28:53
 SanDiego  Pittsburgh - Downtown
09/09/2008 20:41:46
 jim  North Hills Park - 1 mile away
09/09/2008 16:59:10
 jim  NorthPark,PA
09/07/2008 13:45:04
 jim  Pittsburgh-PA-RideTheDuck
09/06/2008 16:31:26
 jim  Station Square
09/05/2008 22:23:55
 jim  Pittsburgh at Night
09/01/2008 06:19:50
 Guest  ...Apartment Hunting
Hey Buddy So Pittsburgh is a good deal! you will have to go see ya steelers game while you are in Pitt It was good to see you last week, we will have to hook up in Cincy soon BTW i couldn't remember my password and the site is broke when i ask it to email me it doesn't work Your friend Chez
09/01/2008 06:19:50
 SAE   (Reply).Apartment Hunting

Where did Jimmy end up? The Saigon Hilton?

How is the job, Jimmy R. Cutlar?
08/30/2008 20:58:03
 jim  The best of Kentuckiana
08/29/2008 18:37:20
 jim  4th Street Live
08/26/2008 18:11:29
 jim  Vegas,NV-Gabriel Sonny
08/25/2008 10:45:19
 jim  Vegas,NV-Gabriel,CanneryEast
08/23/2008 21:19:48
 jim  Vegas,NV-4703 Kitchen
08/22/2008 18:13:34
 jim  Taxes are so confusing
I finally did my taxes for 2007. It wasn't so bad.
Now I'm faced with half a year of pure income, no taxes taken out.
Ahhhh, but what happens at the end of next year.
If my recruiter fills out my 1099-Misc for Florida, I save $5,000 in state taxes.
If my recruiter fills out my 1099-Misc for Pennsylvania, I pay $5,000 to Pennsylvania.
Ouch and/or Hmmm.
Once again, its not what you did, its what people say you did that counts.
08/21/2008 12:01:24
 jim  Vegas,NV-Cannery-BeckysHaircut
08/18/2008 18:43:14
 jim  Vegas,NV-JoesCrabShack-Becky,Jim,Sonny
08/16/2008 14:07:46
 jim  Vegas,NV-TahoeVillage

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