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08/01/2009 22:36:04
 jim  Watch this video!
Sony played this mind-blowing video at their executive conference. 
Be prepared to be startled by facts. 
In the next decade, computers will become more intelligent than we are.
The questions that rise are:
- What kind of child are we giving birth too? When they pass us in intelligence? Will they continue to be our tool?
- As the world of information continues to unfold, what will we learn about ourselves and this life?
- Where are we going as a species? Will silicon life out live carbon life? 
- Who will be controlling our direction, or will it all be just a series of actions with no direction at all?
- Finally, after we learn how to conquer death (and we will), what will our new fears become?
These, and more questions will be the future.
08/01/2009 20:02:05
 jim  Cranberry, Pa - Red Robin
08/01/2009 07:08:47
 jim  Wexford - Fog and Turkeys
07/30/2009 18:28:36
 jim  Moon, Pa - Jimmys Restaurant
07/26/2009 14:49:15
 jim  Ross, Pa - Mad Mex
Surprisingly good food for a Surprisingly Great Price,if you don't have a Margarita
07/26/2009 10:02:16
 jim  Work Places
07/25/2009 16:59:56
 jim  Washington, Pa
07/25/2009 16:07:24
 jim  Eighty Four, Pa
07/25/2009 10:50:44
 jim  Out and About
07/24/2009 17:48:21
 jim  More about C Data types
C Data Types found in Guardian C/C++ Programmers manual
#pragma XMEM default for TNS C compilers, specifies a 32 bit model. NOXMEM specifies a 16 bit model.
#pragma NOWIDE changes the size of int, long and short to 16 bit. Only valid for #pragma NOXMEM which we don't use.
To call Guardian Procedures you should include
In a scrape with compatability problems, use the #pragma OLDCALLs. This specifies the pre C00 parameter order for old programs.

Best practices.
Don't use int. use long or short instead.
Put environment specific functions in an #include .
Avoid HP specific, and C extensions to data types if possible.
Use unsigned only for short and long.
Abbreviation Long forms Usage
bool bool * Non Ansi
char char Ansi - 1 byte (8 bits)
short short Ansi - 16 bit integer. Preferred usage.
signed short
short int
signed short int
long long 32 bit integer. Preferred usage.
signed long
long int Don't use this
signed long int Don't use this
int int, signed, signed int 32 bits, 16 bits with nowide. Don't use this. Use short instead.
unsigned short unsigned short 16 bit integer
unsigned short int
unsigned unsigned
unsigned int
unsigned long unsigned long
unsigned long int
unsigned long long unsigned long long Non Ansi. unsigned 64 bit integer.
long long long long 64 bit. Used when decimal numbers are is followed by ll or LL modifier
decimal decimal Non Ansi. Only for programs with #pragma SQL and #include
float float Single precision
float float Single precision
double double double Double precision
long double long double
Data Types
char 1 byte
int 16 bit integer
float single precision
double double precision
short 16 bit integer
long 32 bit integer
signed +/-
unsigned +
*int, *float pointer to int, float
enum enumeration constant
const Unchanging constant
extern Declare an external variable
register Declare a register
static Local variable
void No value
structure Define a structure
typedef x Create a name of a data type
sizeof x Size of an object
sizeof (x) Size of a data type
&var Use the variable at this address
07/24/2009 17:48:20
 jim  AWAITIOX - C Example
!From, Page 157

#include <in.h>
#include <netdb.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <cextdecs(AWAITIOX, FILE_GETINFO_)>
struct sockaddr_in fhost;
int len,rsock;
char buffer [8*1024];
short error, rsock2, rcount;
long tag;
error = recvfrom_nw(rsock, buffer, sizeof(buffer), 0,
(struct sockaddr *) &fhost, &len, tag);
if error (!= 0) /* some error checking */
printf ("recvfrom_nw failed, error %d\n," errno);
exit (1);
rsock2=(short)rsock; /* AWAITIOX/FILE_GETINFO_ expects a short
for socket descriptor */
(void) AWAITIOX (&rsock2,,&rcount,&tag,1l);
(void) FILE_GETINFO_ (rsock2, &error);
if (error != 0)
printf ("error from AWAITIOX, error %d\n", errno);
exit (1);
error = socket_get_info (rsock, (char*) &fhost, len);
if (error != 0)
printf ("socket_get_info failed, error %d\n", errno);

C / TAL Comparisons (Using SEND_NW as an example):
C Synopsis, used for data type comparisons
#include <....lost in html conversion>
#include <...lost in html conversion>
error = send_nw (socket, nbuffer_ptr, nbuffer_length, flags,tag);
int error, socket;
char *nbuffer_ptr;
int nbuffer_length, flags;
long tag;

C / TAL Comparisons (Using SEND_NW as an example):
C Synopsis, used for data type comparisons
#include <....lost in html conversion>
#include <...lost in html conversion>
error = send_nw (socket, nbuffer_ptr, nbuffer_length, flags,tag);
int error, socket;
char *nbuffer_ptr;
int nbuffer_length, flags;
long tag;
Tal Synopsis, used for data type comparisons
error := send_nw (socket, nbuffer_ptr, nbuffer_length,
flags, tag);
INT(32) error, socket;
STRING .EXT nbuffer_ptr;
INT(32) nbuffer_length,
INT(32) tag;

07/24/2009 17:48:20
 SAE   (Reply).AWAITIOX - C Example
There are 2,201 bugs in this code segment
07/24/2009 08:36:18
 jim  Tal
-- This is a comment
! This is a comment
! This is a bracketted comment !
STRING         - 1 bytes integer 0 to 255, EG STRING(2) x; is a 2 byte ascii string
INT            - 2 bytes, 0 to 65,535 or -32,768 to + 32,767. This can also be a string EG: INT twochars := "CH";
INT(32)        - 4 bytes
UNSIGNED(1~15) - n bits, 0 thru (2**n - 1)
UNSIGNED(16)   - 0 to 65,535, or -32,768 to +32,767. This is your standard address
FIXED          - 8 bytes, for FIXED(0) or FIXED(*) the range is -9 kazillion to +9 kazillion
REAL           - 4 bytes, precise to 9 digits
REAL(64)       - 8 bytes, precise to 17 digits

INT(16)   is the same as INT
INT(64)   is the same as FIXED(0)
REAL(32)  is the same as REAL

LITERAL double_word = (4 * 8);
INT    (double_word) num; ! num is a INT(32)
INT       x := 4                  ! x is decimal 4
INT       x := %177               ! x is Octal 177
INT       x := %B01010            ! x is Binary 01010
INT       x := %B0000000000000010 ! x is 2;
INT       x := %B1111111111111110 ! x is -2 (using twos compliment);
INT       x := %H1A               ! x is Hex 1A
FIXED(3)  x := 0.642F;            ! x is 642000, the  3 shifts the decimal right
FIXED(-3) x := 642945F;           ! x is 642000, the -3 shifts the decimal left
FIXED(*)  x := 123                ! x is stored, not scaled

BLOCK  x                       ; ! Declare Global Variables
     INT        flag    := TRUE;
     INT(32)    index   := 22  ;
END BLOCK                      ;
BLOCK PRIVATE                  ; ! Declare Local Variables
     INT        myflag  := TRUE;
     INT(32)    myindex := 22  ;
END BLOCK                      ;

PROC paragraph_x   ; FORWARD   ; ! Declares that paragraph_x will be out of compile sequence
PROC called_program; EXTERNAL  ; ! Declares that a paragraph can be found in a called program
PROC paragraph_x (param)       ;
     INT param;

PROC paragraphs_nested (param) ;
  ENTRY entry_point              ; ! Declares a programs entry point
  some code
  SUBPROC entry_subroutine(x)    ; ! Declares a subroutine with a PROC
     some code  

     some more code


PROC myproc;
BEGIN !Local data declarations
   SUBPROC some_sub (param); !Declare subprocedure 
      INT param; 
      ENTRY sub_entry;         ! Declare entry-point identifier
      INT var;                 ! Some code here 
   sub_entry:                  ! Apply entry-point
      var := var - param;      ! identifier to statement 
      some code         ;      ! Tal can get ugly very quickly
   END;                        ! End subprocedure 
   some code 
   !Local statements
   CALL sub_entry (1); !Call entry-point SUB_ENTRY 

PROC xx(v1,v2,v3);
...CALL xx(v1, !nothing!, v3) ! Comments help document ommited variables

DEFINETOG omit                !
some code
?IF omit
some code
?ENDIF omit

Sample compile statement: suppress octal code after each line, suppress all but header information, compile for syntax only
   and puts the errors in a file called xxx, and sets the omit toggle on
TAL/in myprogram/;nocode, suppress, syntax, errorfile xxx,settog omit,

  x  := 2     ! move 2 to a number
  x ':=' 'AB' ! move characters to a string
  x := @var   ! x is the address of var
  .x          ! convert x from a INT to the word address of another variable
  <<          ! Signed Left shift
  '<<'        ! Unsigned Left shift
  + - *       ! Signed operators for add, subtract and multiply
  '+' '-' '*' ! Unsigned operators for add, subtract and multiply
  = <= >=     ! comparisons
  '=' '<='    ! comparisons (unsigned)
  <>          ! Not equal

According to the manual, you can do math on a string variable. EG: STRING x; x ':=' 'A"; x := x * 2; Go figure?

07/24/2009 08:36:18
 SAE   (Reply).Tal
But only 1,022 bugs in this code segment..
07/21/2009 20:11:06
 jim  WestView, Pa - DPietros
07/20/2009 18:08:29
 jim  The Flame BBQ
07/20/2009 07:17:22
 jim  A week of Goodbyes
It was nice hanging with you guys.
Goodbye for now: Jeff, Jennifer and Glen.
We took Jennifer to the airport.
She went to Vegas and we went to the Moon Township. We never got a good chance to take her to Mars.  (I'm serious)
While at the airport, Jen got into a little bit of trouble. It was her first time flying alone. She misplaced her ticket and her birth certificate down some place.
A nice couple saw that she was in trouble and offered their help.
In the end, the security office had her documents, and Jennifer and the couple flew off too Vegas.
The couple was guessed it, Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh people are the best!
07/18/2009 16:14:15
 jim  Coraopolis, Pa
07/18/2009 10:45:24
 jim  During Jens Last Day
07/17/2009 20:34:21
 jim  Homestead Square at Night
07/17/2009 20:33:31
 jim  Homestead - Jen, Becky

Happy Feet!
07/17/2009 16:35:51
 jim  A Cool Goodbye
I was standing outside, talking to my buddy as he loaded up his car with the last of his belongings from his cubical.
We shared a smoke, and I watched him drive off for the last time.
Standing alone, I felt a cold breeze at my back.
In less than five minutes, the sky turned into an orchestra of thunder and lightening. The streets flowed with mud.
When I left work soon afterwards, it was still pouring outside.
I looked at the parking lot and I realized that out of the hundreds of people I work with, I was the last person to leave. 
I have five weeks and three days left on my contract. This past year has been full of magic.
07/16/2009 18:16:39
 jim  Cabana Bar - Jeffs Going Away Party
Bon Voyage, Jeffrey We celebrated Jeff's goodbye party at the Cabana Bar (lots of fun). The Cabana Club has a thatch covered bar in an outdoors setting with sand, lots of tables, fire pits, and a water fall. After two drinks, we wanted something to eat. If you want food at the Cabana Bar, you have to order take out from the restaurant, and bring it down. That seems odd, since it is right next to the restaurant. County codes make businesses do some very odd things. So our next stop was Walnut Grove. The party broke up probably around 7 pm. It sure is nice having friends. It's been a fun year with you buddy! We celebrated at the Cabana Bar then went to Walnut Grove. These guys are the greatest!
07/14/2009 21:49:45
 jim  Robinson Cracker Barrel - Becky, Jen
I stepped out, bought some shirts and a jacket, had them gift wrapped, then brought to the table - Just Because
07/14/2009 06:50:55
 jim  So Sad to Say Goodbye
A fellow contractor got the axe yesterday. I'm going to miss him a lot.
It's pretty common for us contractors to come and go.
It can happen at any time and as a general rule it should be expected.
For me, contracting makes the most efficient use of the time we have here; if there's work, I work. If there is nothing to do, I play.
It's not like my fellow contractor did anything wrong. It's always difficult to say goodbye. But we'll bump into each other again.
We picked a high paying profession.
We knew we'd be travelling a lot. We knew we'd be changing contracts every year. There's always the chance that when we come in, all of the security codes will be changed, and we'll be out of work.
We knew we'd be giving up our rights of employment and we signed them away.
While the road, I've lost loved ones, forgotten what it is like to have a home, and I can't say for sure who I've become. Last year I lost my fortune.
I could never do this alone.
To contract nationally, you have to give up a normal livestyle.
It's an exchange. You trade familiarity for a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience.
And I've got to say, I've met some GREAT People along the way.
07/13/2009 20:26:02
 jim  West View - Football Fields
07/11/2009 19:42:04
 jim  Splashes of Kennywood
07/11/2009 19:18:24
 jim  Kennywood-Fountains
07/11/2009 17:47:46
 jim  Kennywood-Becky,Jen
07/11/2009 17:33:48
 jim  Kennywood-Views
07/11/2009 15:35:13
 jim  Kennywood-Rides
07/11/2009 15:32:32
 jim  Kennywood-SkyTram
07/11/2009 08:04:12
 jim  Wexford Apt Critters
07/10/2009 20:55:53
 jim  New Castle - China Buffet
07/10/2009 20:30:34
 jim  New Castle - SummerFest
07/10/2009 20:24:54
 jim  New Castle, Pa
07/10/2009 18:59:06
 jim  Boating in Moraine State Park
07/10/2009 18:47:22
 jim  Moraine State Park - Lake and Sky
07/10/2009 18:04:18
 jim  Moraine State Park - Jen, Becky
07/10/2009 18:03:38
 jim  Moraine State Park - Beach
07/09/2009 12:51:12
 jim  Somewhere in Pa
My Cubical Area - To some it may sound strange to actually enjoy their job, but me, I love mine. There is a feel of comradery here. There is humor, excitement, and a feeling of importance I get when I'm working in my cube.
Contractors generally don't get much attention on the job. We usually sit, read, code, test and document. Our contacts exist in the form of emails, instant messages, and word documents. But this contract is so very different. I actually understand most of the system at this point. That is because, to the people, I'm not just a body, I am a real, live person. And these people, no matter how far they get promoted, they know the system's nuts and bolts.
Today, an analyst pulled up a program by its number, moved through the code, and called it up by its server name (not so cryptic). There are over a thousand programs in the system I work with, and he had this one memorized. Many of those who worked on this system have been promoted levels beyond programming.
I will miss this place and these times.
From Becky, Jennifer and myself, I'd like to express a special appreciation to Jeff, Lonnie, Georgia, Cynthia, Cindy, Arden, Rob, Scott, Dave, the people at Ericsson, and all of the people that we've met in Pennsylvannia so far. Pennsylvannia is beautiful by itself. Add you guys to it, and it is my heaven. Too bad it all has to end.
07/08/2009 16:19:04
 jim  Soergel Orchards
07/06/2009 09:47:26
 jim  Apt Critters
07/05/2009 16:34:06
 jim  Pittsburgh Cemetary
07/05/2009 15:14:27
 jim  Jim, Becky and Jennifer
07/05/2009 13:46:28
 jim  Shadyside, Pa
07/04/2009 21:38:36
 jim  State Pt Park - Fireworks
07/04/2009 20:27:19
 jim  State Pt Park - Three Dog Night
07/04/2009 18:45:36
 jim  Boat Races

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