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07/17/2008 21:21:31
 jim  Vegas,NV-Fremont Chippendales
07/17/2008 21:06:16
 jim  Vegas,NV-Fremont Canopy
07/17/2008 19:31:58
 SAE  .Ford does it again !
See, if you had a Honda instead, it wouldn't happen.... Howl!!!!

American automakers are typically bad at customer service. Double Howl!!!!

I ate some corn last night....

Any news on the job search?
07/17/2008 19:31:58
 SAE   (Reply)...Ford does it again !
It's not just Ford, or Las Vegas. It is the American automakers.
07/17/2008 19:31:58
 jim   (Reply)Ford does it again !
I took my Mustang in to Gaudin Ford yesterday to get an extra key and remote made. The sales rep says $24 for the key, and about $40 for the remote. $64 dollars so far, right?
He mentioned my Universal Belt needed replacing, and I asked him how much.
He said $80 with labor. I said okay. I'm thinking, with taxes, its $150 tops.
So, he writes me up an estimate for $190.
I told him, man, thats high for what you said. He said, we write them higher than they will be.
We waited for three hours, and they arrived with a bill for $380. I'm serious!
He said, well there's taxes and all. And said "NO", there is a problem, and I started getting loud. Your estimate says $190, and he said, no, that says $290. It had a suspicious looking 1 on it. I said, THATS STILL WAY TOO HIGH!
He said, oh, wait, there is a problem, and he comes back with a bill that says $310.
He said "There, its right at my estimate, I think I did a good job".
I said, "Man, you know didn't do right".
The last time I was in Vegas, Ford County screwed me.
I took my F150 in for its Air Conditioner not working. They put a charge in it, and gave me a bill for $400.
- Maybe, I wouldn't have minded if they didn't use inferior refrigerent.
The stuff they used didn't even have leak detector in it. I can't even find where you get bottles of refrigerent like that.- Maybe, I wouldn't have minded if when I took it back in again, they didn't quote me $1,200 for a new compressor.
I eneded up having to buy a $10 bottle from Auto Zone, and charging the system myself.
And then there was the time we went to buy an $8,000 car off their lot.
With the paperwork, the car came up to $30,000.
But if you have one, you'd better be willing to fix it yourself.
07/17/2008 12:41:02
 jim  Vegas,NV-Gabriel Sonny WakingUp
07/16/2008 13:26:08
 jim  Gabriel,NV-Mustang,Becky
07/14/2008 16:23:24
 jim  Stormy Vegas Days
Robert and Emily's Wall Pictures
07/14/2008 16:06:37
 jim  Vegas,NV-Becky,Jen,Robert
07/14/2008 05:17:49
 jim  So what does one do in Vegas ?
If they don't drink, gamble or have money for the shows ? This I've wondered often while living in Las Vegas.
I think I've seen most of what this desert has to offer.
I've camped  out everywhere, seen the hotspots, and even have my own secret 4x4 places.
It would take months to visit all of the casinos in Vegas.
In those months, more casino's would have been built, while the ones you visited would have been remodeled. 
Since we've been travelling, within a few blocks
- the Cannery (a high rise casino) was built
- The Nevada Palace was leveled.
- A Super Walmart has opened
- The neighbors that wanted to move got stuck, the ones that didn't got foreclosed on
- The roads that were under construction, with the cones and equipment, haven't been touched.
There's always something going on in Vegas.
07/14/2008 05:17:49
 SAE   (Reply).So what does one do in Vegas ?
What is up with Jimmy R. Cutlar? Anything happening on the job hunt? Eating any corn? I did on Tuesday evening.

Howl and out... Things good at RJ...
07/12/2008 17:58:43
 jim  Vegas,NV-Cantina-Robert,Em,Becky
07/08/2008 11:43:22
 jim  Vegas,NV-Gabriel WaterSoftener
07/07/2008 20:25:46
 jim  The Strip - 2008
07/07/2008 20:08:11
 jim  Vegas,NV-Strip View
07/05/2008 08:50:45
 jim  Family Spots
Family differences can be hilariously funny.
Growing up, in my family, when you sat somewhere, you stayed there.
If you got up, you came back to the exact same spot.
If someone offered you their spot, they were being polite. You would reciprocate by graciously turning them down.
You would say "Thank you, that's very nice of you, but that's okay, I'll just grab a chair.". 
That was our system of manners and respect. You didn't take advantage of someone elses generousity.
Spots were a big thing in our family.
For years, all of us had a spot on the couch (it was an 8' wide, homemade couch).
- Mom had her spot on the couch on the end
- I had mine near Mom
- Sonny and Dad sat further away at the dining room table. If they sat at the couch, they had an issue to resolve.
- Linda, Grandfather, Grandmother, and various guests had their spots at the end.
- Kelly was a spot stealer, she never chose a spot. She would either stand in front of us, or sit in the middle of the cushons, to take up two spots.
You wouldn't believe how many arguments having a spot picked out, resolved with a family of six living in a very small house.
But all families are not created equal.
I noticed at a BBQ yesterday, that everyone who left the living room came back to sit in a different spot.
There was an easy chair in the living room, and almost everyone sat in it.
One person left their spot in the easy chair to get some pie.
He had to sit on the floor, because in the minute he was gone, someone had taken the easy chair.
In our family, that would have meant WAR !
At the BBQ I had my spot on the couch in the living room.
It was marked by my camera, and my sunglasses, and by golly, if someone took it, that would have met the wrath of Jim.
Someone offered me her spot at the table
I wouldn't take it. Neither Sonny or I will do that. We pick our spots. That's was just our family's way.
No, I didn't slide over because Dustin and Becky got up.
No, I didn't take the easy chair when Gma, Paul, and Emily got up. Robert may have sat there too. lol.
And most of all, NO, It didn't mean I'm a pervert who wanted to cuddle up to the 13 year old, budding, Jennifer.
It simply meant, I was not taking some else's spot.
And by the way, thank you all very much for reading this. You have been very kind.
07/04/2008 22:24:36
 jim  Vegas,NV-Robert,Jen,Em,Jim,Becky
07/04/2008 21:36:16
 jim  Vegas,NV-ArroroPark Fireworks
07/04/2008 21:28:18
 jim  Vegas,NV-ArroroPark Fireworks
07/04/2008 21:26:32
 jim  Vegas Fireworks
07/04/2008 21:00:56
 jim  ArroroPark,NV-Fireworks-Robert,Amy
07/04/2008 16:07:01
 jim  Vegas,NV-Gmas,Jen,Becky,Robert,Em
07/04/2008 16:06:11
 jim  Emily
07/04/2008 15:53:52
 jim  Gmas,NV-Robert,Amy,Jim,Jen,Paul
07/03/2008 12:02:01
 jim  Vegas,NV-SkyLine stitch
07/02/2008 20:23:34
 jim  Vegas,NV-Venetian,The Strip
07/02/2008 20:14:46
 jim  Vegas,NV-NYNY,The Strip
07/02/2008 19:58:59
 jim  Vegas,NV-AppleStore,Strip,Becky
07/01/2008 12:10:02
 jim  Vegas,NV-BackToVegas CA I15
06/21/2008 11:51:54
 SAE  Howl from SAE....
Howl..... That was a mean poster, who made the remark about LV drivers being DUI. Oops, that was me!!! Naughty Puppy!!

Are you out, at Fly's, picking up some pocket knifes for yourself, something for Rebecky and Sonny. And loads of stuff for me, like a juicy steak bone to chew on?
06/19/2008 08:56:48
 jim  Vegas,NV-Sonnys-SwassrDrawing
06/19/2008 04:53:30
 jim  Energy Saving Light bulbs.
A bill passed Congress that will require people to use fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs. What's interesting about this is: they are only made in China, they contain mercury, and as such, become hazardous waste when disposed of, and if you break one, you're encouraged to call a Haz-Mat team to clean it up.
I just left General Electric.
They are spending months reinventing themselves. Can't they just stop that, and spend one weekend inventing a better light bulb? I'd think a middle school science project contestant could put something together with LEDs.
I often thought, that by simply replacing the breaker that controls the lights in a house with a rectifier and stepdown transformer, then replacing the bulbs in a house with led's, would be an incredibly simple solution. It would be cheap, the bulbs wouldn't burn out, and we could move on to the next energy issue.
I know that precooling the condensor on home air conditioners with water
can save homes in Las Vegas 30% off their power bill. I know, because I built a prototype. It hooked up to the garden hose spigot and used 1 gallon a day, and it didn't waste any water.
And how about making round tires for cars ? Have you pushed a car lately? The tires themselves provide friction just by changing shape as they roll. Try this with your car....try coasting on a level road to see how fast you slow down. You are slowing down because of all the resistance from wind and road resistance.
I'd think that could be easily be improved...again, by a middle school science fair contestant.
I'd think new cars would be shaped more like a wings than boxes.
Speaking of about powering them with water ? You could create you're own hydrogen and oxygen at home from tap water. And when the mixture burns, its only by product would be water. That could used for making of a truly unique hybrid engine that doesn't burn petroleum.
And speaking about hybrid engines Is anyone every going to come up with a battery that comes close to 100% efficiency. Most of the energy waisted by braking could be stored in it. Whenever you let off the 'gas' pedal, the battery could be charging.
These ideas are kind of brain dead solutions. Are they too simple ? Or is everybody going through life these days with a cell phone to their ear, and a gameboy in their hands?
06/17/2008 05:24:35
 Guest  .Tmf auto aborts an entire batch after 1 error
They could have gone with DUI in respect for all LV drivers.

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