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05/15/2006 11:03:17
 Jim  Sonny’s Vacation
Yipee. Two weeks.
05/13/2006 01:00:00
 Jim  Asthma Screening
Free-St. Rose Siena Hospital, 3001 St. Rose Parkway
05/13/2006 00:28:41
 Jim  Picked up 2 blinds for the condo today.
Plus a faucet for the bathroom. I didn't pick up a drain stem though...oops. Picky little things lik that drive me nuts
05/12/2006 13:40:22
 Jim  The powerlite bulb arrived this morning
Amazing!!! So fast!!!
05/11/2006 17:10:17
 Jim  Ordered Epson Powerlite S3 lamp
From (EPSV13HOL33) $203. Should be here tommorrow.
Order #W4283830.
05/09/2006 01:01:06
 Jim  Range and Hood delivery
Contact number is 866-433-5879
05/08/2006 23:18:17
 Jim  Went shopping. I must love returning items.
Bought a vanity.
It was cracked.
Had to take it back.
We installed the new one, but it didn't have a faucet. :(
Bought a bathtub spout.
But it didn't fit.
Had to take it back.
Sound like a pattern?
It happens everytime I do house repairs.
Trips back and forth take more time than the installation.
05/08/2006 04:08:04
 Jim  Still feeling badly
I took a couple of those pharmacudical uplifters.
They finally kicked in around 10pm. Now it's late! ANYWAY...
I cut the top and bottom channels for the condo's closets.
They look good.
I straightened up the tool room.
It seemed unfair that I'm getting Sonny to throw away his junk, while I'm keeping mine.
The room's clean now, but its poorly organized.
Becky was feeling bad today.
She did a lot of work last night help Robert move.
05/07/2006 06:23:47
 Jim  My eyes itch, my skin feels itch
I feel tired. Exhausted even. My breathing is labored, and I feel like someone is sitting on my chest.
Damn, I'm tired of feeling run down.
05/06/2006 23:11:38
 Jim  Robert moved today
Becky help him move his stuff up the stairs. I was just to drained to help.
05/06/2006 21:57:30
 Jim  Robert and Joy moved out today
We picked up the Uhaul. Robert loaded it up, and unloaded it. Becky helped him some.
I didn't help cause I'm already in enough trouble with my health. (I'll be glad when/if this finally clears up).
05/06/2006 12:03:06
 Jim  Roberts Address
Address: 1804 W Bonanza #23, 89106
Phone: 702-237-3227
Home Phone: 702-648-6854
05/05/2006 19:42:07
 Jim  Sonny goes back to work.
Big vacation ends.
05/01/2006 20:03:05
 Jim  If I am never to get any better
If these bad health issues I'm having are a signal of an end coming, I got to say, I'm not afraid.
In the end, we all must realize everything we did, all the things we believed, and all we held true, were myths.
Life is just a box of dreams. None of this can be proven to be real. If the present is more real than the future, and the past is more real than the present, but the past is just a memory, then this is all a dream.
04/29/2006 18:52:00
 becky  Hi Babe
Your my Cuddley Bear. I Love You So Much!!!!!!!!!!!
04/29/2006 16:23:45
 becky   (Reply).Hi Babe
Two Koala Bears sitting in a tree. Me and you Babe Kiss
04/24/2006 16:42:40
 becky  Response:1968 VW Bug
I would like to have this vw
04/24/2006 16:44:47
 becky   (Reply)..Response:1968 VW Bug
How about 20.00 LOL
04/23/2006 15:09:46
 jim  BoulderDam,NV-TimedPhotos
04/21/2006 20:09:22
 becky  .Aint that little bird so cute.
I woke up at 8am. Took a shower checked on
the baby sparrow. He's still hanging on so cute.
Sonny got home 8:40am. I want you to know
babe that I will do anything for you we are a
team working together. I know that you are
so sweet. I'm here for you. I love you so
much. How was your night? I heard you
wheezing when I got up. I will see you
when you get up.

04/21/2006 19:49:26
 becky  .I love you so much
I like these color's they work very well
to see.
04/21/2006 03:30:50
 becky  To My Love
Hi babe
I had a great time tonight. Hush Puppy's was very nice. It was nice seeing
Red Rock, Blue Diamond. I Love you sooooooo much.

04/21/2006 00:29:33
 Jim  Fixed the stove
Stoves - Its amazing people have survived as a species. The stove (standard) changed sometime ago. I've been to 3 places and spend more than 8 hours, just looking for adapters to make a stupid gas hose work. Sometime ago, the standard changed from 1/2" to 9/16's of an inch. Thats a 1/16th inch difference. That makes no since to me...AT ALL.
Bonnie Springs - toyed with the peacocks. There menu was very basic for dinner.
Red Rock Casino - didn't go in though, it was packed. I can't imagine why people out there complained about a casino near Red Rock Canyon. There's a Best Buy closer to the canyon.
Hush Puppies - Our waitress was tweeking.
04/20/2006 18:03:18
 jim  BonnieSprings,NV-Sonny,Becky,Peacock
04/20/2006 18:03:18
 jim   (Reply)BonnieSprings,NV-Sonny,Becky,Peacock
04/19/2006 13:29:47
 Jim  Cobol Jobs
After say yea to a recruiter this morning for a job in New Hampshire, I decided to read up on Cobol jobs.
Apparently, there are still quite a few of them out there.
The recommendation is to send your resume to the CIO's of the top Fortune 1000 companies.
Cobol programmers are retiring, but their applications are still the heart beat of many companies.
04/19/2006 07:46:06
 Jim  The garbage men just came
Cory, my east neighbor, once again filled up my dumpster on the first day. 
He often just sets the trash out on the side walk next to the dumpster. That pisses me off so bad!
He could more easily put his trash bags on the side walk in front of his house, but instead, he chooses to make me look like a pig. I got down on him yesterday about it.
The worst thing Cory has ever done to me was to put a wet trash can full of shit next to the dumpster.
He's just a stupid man. He's got no consideration for others. His dogs destroyed my fence. Rather than fixing the fence, he built a crappy one inside his yard. The dogs still managed to get out, and they chewed up my antenna wiring.
04/19/2006 07:18:40
 Jim  6am - Terrible Asthma Attack
Its terrible! I slept for 4 hours just to wake up feeling like I was dieing.
I tried the inhalers, and the Las Vegas mix drops. Just sitting up helps a lot though.
I feel so pathetic.
04/18/2006 17:18:35
 becky  .I LoVe yOU bABy
I love you too babe
04/18/2006 06:59:51
 Jim  Our desires seem so simple
Our desires center around our need to procreate.
We want young women because they are best suited to carry our offspring.
There's nothing wrong with that, its nature's way.
Males seek mates with what they consider healthiest characteristics.
Women with less attractive characteristics mate with men of the same like.
Men with less attractive characteristics tend to force women to mate that have healthier characteristics.
These are natures techniques for genetically mutating a species.
No psychiatrist or geneticist could deny that our desires are programmed through instinct.
Apparently, nature likes to throw the dice. It can take generations to make dramatic changes in a species.
Its hard to understand why people deny their own nature. I suppose it has a lot to do comfort levels.
It was nice to hear someone say what I've always thought about religion
Last night, someone on TV said, "This person brainwashed her child into believing generations of lies, all while telling her she did it because she loved her".
04/15/2006 22:22:33
 Jim  Another day shot to hell
Kind of. Joe the tree trimmer trimmed the palm trees.
Chuck came by.

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