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02/11/2011 11:25:19
 jim  Dawns Going away Party
Dawn has moved on to Fifth Third Bank. I organized a get together at Courtside, and I say organized loosely!
I sent off an email saying Friday was Pennys last day. Greg, John, Joe, Dawn, Penny, and myself showed up.
02/08/2011 19:21:19
 jim  Everbody Wung Thai Tonight!
We had Tom Yum Goon, Yum seafood salad, Curry w/ coconut milk, pork, veggies and crab rangoons.
Tossed in the Thai Tea for good measure, and it was all delicious.
5545 Roosevelt Blvd, Clearwater, FL.
02/08/2011 17:59:39
 jim  Clearwater-WungThai
02/05/2011 12:35:16
 jim  StPetersburg-Gandy Shore
02/04/2011 17:17:41
 jim  Orthopedic Surgery - Rotator Cuff
It's a helpless feeling, seeing my baby on Demerol and Percocets.
The sling she'll be wearing for 6 weeks is mammoth size!
Any, its done, and all we be great soon.
02/04/2011 07:18:11
 jim  StPetersburg Surgery
02/04/2011 06:48:04
 jim  Bayfront Medical
Am tying my shoes. Na. Just in PreOp with Becky Babe. She's getting her rotator cuff fixed today.
02/01/2011 07:13:30
 jim  The F150 was Burgled
They got my Canon camera, the new lense and a new camera bag. Its a fluke, me leaving it in the truck (out-of-sight).
Guess they liked my cheap GPS unit. They didn't take the power cord. My truck sits high, and this is an upscale area, so its amazing they picked on my truck.
On the Plus Side
I didn't like the Canon. The camera with its long lense was bulky and stuck out. It was next to impossible to get a candid shot of people.
Someone would always be snearing at the camera in pictures of crowd, and forget about taking shots on a beach.
Serials: Canon EOS Rebel T1i. EOS 500D. $840.
01/28/2011 07:10:57
 jim  Loggins/Cross - 02/1/2011
Tuesday, 8 p.m. Ruth Eckerd Hall, 1111 McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater. $45-$85. (727) 791-7400.
Dismiss this declaration as hyperbole if you must, but Tuesday night's Kenny Loggins/Christopher Cross concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall could be the musical highlight of 2011 in Tampa Bay. Snicker if you want, but "yacht rock" isn't a farce; it's a soothing, mental balm that wraps around you like a warm blanket. Look for a night of non-stop hits from their '70s and '80s catalogs. Cross will open with a slew of heart-mending ballads including Think of Laura, Sailing and Best That You Can Do followed by the prickly Ride Like the Wind. Loggins will crank things up further with Footloose, Danger Zone and This Is It. And just when you think your soul can fly no higher, Kenny will come crashing down, leaving you sobbing and vulnerable with the wrenching Return to Pooh Corner. Steve Spears
01/26/2011 20:49:48
 jim  Court Side Grill Party
Had another get together at the CourtSide Grill Wednesday night.
15 people showed up. Now I have a four drink hangover. :(
Guess I'll be drinking sweet tea at future parties. It was fun.
Becky and I both had a good time!
01/25/2011 19:17:10
 jim  Clearwater BuffaloWings
01/25/2011 17:34:07
 jim  Buffalo Wings - Another Going Away Party
John, Anthony, Keith, Becky and I ate at Wings. I think maybe their sweet tea was expired.
The weather in Tampa Bay was crazy yesterday. High winds, torrential rains, flooding.
Driving down the road, it was hard to see 10 feet ahead.
01/21/2011 20:56:56
 jim  Keiths going away party (Joes Crab Shack)
Put together a going away party for Keith Z. 14 people showed up to Joes Crab Shack. Nice turn out!!!
01/20/2011 18:41:58
 jim  Tampa JimbosBBQ
01/18/2011 22:36:52
 jim  Ate at Buffalo Wild Wings on 19
At Bay Meadows, I had 100s of birds catching bread pieces (salvaged from the back of the truck)
I loaned a neighbor my remote camera shutter control.
His parents have been here from India for the last 6 months. They go back tommorrow and they wanted some pix!
Wings, cider beer, cheese cake, and great company. Keith, Becky and I hooked up, then Anthony joined us !
01/17/2011 22:36:03
 jim  Chronicles of Narnia 3D
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Poster
Played some pool with Anthony, ate some wings, and watched Narnia 3D movie!
01/16/2011 22:34:21
 jim  Boizoa Brazilian Steak House
Great food. John, Anthony, Chrissy, Tabatha, Heather, little Anthony, Jack, Becky and I went. Very expensive but worth it.
01/16/2011 18:12:07
 jim  Boizao Brazilian Steak House
01/15/2011 00:07:24
 jim  Clearwater - The Venue
01/08/2011 16:06:50
 jim  Apt-New Canon Lens 75mm-300mm

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