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12/22/2009 20:31:27
 jim  To all of the people who will not see Christmas th
You still live in my heart, and I will always love you.
Until we meet again my friends, I'll do my best to show your love this year.
And to all of those who are losing loved ones this Christmas Holiday,
use the time you have left to tell them how much of a difference they made in your life.
Don't waste a minute feeling sorry for yourself.
12/20/2009 20:59:24
 jim  Reality can not be real - this is why
Reality is defined as what a real, not in your head...
But reality became real for me when I was born..and as far as I know, it will be gone whe I die.
Realty for me, will become unreal, so it isn't illogical.

To add to that - I think life is a vacation from whereever we came from.
We are not supposed to live forever, and I think its stupid to want too.

And another thing - The 10 commandments.
These shouldn't be called commandments. They should be called "Manners".
Its rude to kill someone, go after their wife, want their toys, steal from them, lie to them...its just rude.
You won't go to some aweful hell for it, but this planet is too small for a lot of that kind of thinking.
12/20/2009 10:41:56
 jim  Hooked up Becky with her Dad yesterday
I guess they'd lost touch for 30 years? Wow...anyway...he seemed like a really cool guy! Lots of fun...
and they both lit up like Christmas trees
12/20/2009 08:06:49
 jim  Who Would Have Thunk It?
Beatnics, Marriage, Housewives, college, family, alcohol, cars, Unions, Job Stability, Life Insurance, Racial Prejudice, window fans, Am Radio, Operator phone connections.
Flying car produced, top speed land - 65 mph, top speed air 110 mph, but didn't sell.
New house $8,400. Avg Income $3,200. New Car $1,500.
Hippies, Sex revolution, Vietnam (war), Kennedy barely wins election, Pot/LSD, Rock-and-Roll, drunks, War, Black and White TV, Tube Radios, Film, Credit Unions, niggers, hippies, tube technology, party lines on your phone, rotary dial, OPEC, aluminum cans, xerox copy machine, welfare rolls.
Aqua car produce, but didn't do very well.
New house $12,700. Avg Income $5,300. New Car $2,600. Interest rate
High Interest Rates, Stagflation, junkies, pot heads, $40,000 houses, LEDS, Color TV, Mortage Insurance, Racial Riots, red necks, air conditioners, Ethel, transisters, push button phones, princess phones, 10 cent phone booths. Electric Golf Carts.
New house $. Avg Income $. New Car $, Interest rate
Disco, Microwaves, CDs, BBSs,  coke heads, BetaMax, Huge Cell Phones, $80,000 houses, Chips, Car Insurance, Unleaded Gas, Chip, ATMs, Self Serve Gas Pumps
New house $. Avg Income $. New Car $, Interest rate
PCs, Internet, Silicon Valley, Yuppies, crack heads, $150,000 houses, Russia, VHS, Insurance on everything, bottled water, welfare reform, Mexican Immigration
New house $. Avg Income $. New Car $, Interest rate
Cameras everywhere, DVDs, Webcams, Legal  Pot, Instant Messages, Iphone, $300,000 houses to $60,000 houses, no health care without insurance
Letsee...what else can I recall? hmmm
12/20/2009 08:06:49
 jim   (Reply).Who Would Think It?
2010s - Whats coming in:
Keyboardless PCs (exists)
Cell phone projectors (exists)
AI Voice recognation that can replace human translators (exists)
AI Text recognition able to scan any language and understand
AI digitizing of all records from recorded history
Live Global Imaging
Main frame/PC with greater than human intelligence
3D TV flat screen (waiting for communication technology to catch up)
3D TV cube screen  (waiting for communication technology to catch up)
3D TV projection anywhere (waiting for 3D projection system)
Wearable internet, replacing cell phones (getting there)
Eyebuds/sound/audio projection (getting there)
Vehicles that drive themselves (getting there)
Portable solid state pedabyte storage (getting there)
Portable Mortgages
Greyer lines drawn between renters and owners
* (Exists) means its technology is here now, but needs improvement
2010s - Whats going out - Things:
Hard drives, keyboards, mouses, landlines, wire nets, Cell phones, albums, cd's, tape, dvd, blue-ray
Sewage, as we know it
Petroleum fuel
ID cards
Computer languages
2010s - Whats going out - Business Types:
Video Rental Stores
Delivery Professions
Software resellers
Mortgage Companies
Office buildings
2010s - Whats going out - Professions:
Programmers like me
Truck drivers, commercial drivers
2010s - Whats going mobile - Professions:
12/19/2009 10:51:36
 jim  Backyard Christmas Trees
12/19/2009 10:50:56
 jim  Snow changes trees
12/18/2009 17:03:00
 jim  What could be crazier than that
From across the lands of the separated oceans, over desert and wilderness terrain, I've been searching for something outside that I can only find inside....
Reality is defined as that which exists, which for us, was created when we were born and will go away when we die. So, it doesn't really exist. Thats crazy.
Of course, most believe that when we die, we go to someplace else, which is often described as to have pearly gates and lots of virgins, which seems crazy.
We look into the night sky and see the stars they way they looked no less than 4 years ago. So we don't know if any of them still exist. Its crazy.
Our birth was started by two tiny cells uniting, that got their instructions from something much smaller than them. Thats insane!
We had our Christmas party at work today..
but the owners are Jewish, so the band played Beatles music.
It was hilarious!!!! I'm not crazy...the world is!
12/17/2009 03:04:00
 jim  Taking next week off
Thinking of going to DC for a few nights.
Might shake hands with the Prez, and sit in Lincoln's lap if I can get up there.
12/17/2009 02:58:52
 jim  Its not much - But I decorated this year
12/16/2009 17:17:31
 becky  To my love
Hi there my loving man.
I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate everything you have done for me.
I love you so much. I love this ring it is so beautiful. Thank you so much.
I love you (HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Kisses

Your Love Becky
12/16/2009 03:24:03
 jim  What could be crazier than this?
We are on a rock, that's spinning at 1,000 mph,
travelling around the sun at 80,000 mph,
with rocks the size of baseball diamonds coming at us.
with only 2 miles of breathable air above us
And we feel safe.
What could be crazier than that?
12/16/2009 03:24:03
 Guest   (Reply).What could be crazier than this?
Jim, you spoiled that safe feeling I had  for me now Jim! :)

I feel dizzy!

Have a good one!!!

12/13/2009 23:35:00
 jim  A memory of from long ago
I don't remember what went wrong with Annette and I, back in 1978,
but I do remember I was so much madly in love with her.
I knew we were too young for a three year love to last and I knew my love wasn't shared as deeply.
And it was Vegas. Who falls in love in Vegas?
But in my mind, someday we would have had children that were raised with wonderful values, and her parents and my parents would have been excellent grandparents.
All I can say is, life could have been so different. Its nice to think about how life might have been.
Its been a good life even still, but there was that dream, and I still smile whenever I remember it.
I don't remember the love making as much as I remember her whole hearted laughter. She was so much fun to be with.
12/11/2009 18:54:40
 Guest  .Time is in a Bottle
Hi Jim!

Just read your "Time is in a bottle" story.

Very interesting thought and also very well written!

Got your name, I forgot it, when Don came back for a gig at GE.


Jan {one Cube away I sat at GE Healthcare}

12/11/2009 18:54:40
 jim   (Reply)Time is in a Bottle
If there is only one past, then isn't it only logical that there is only one future.
I've heard theories about multiple possible futures, but when it arrives, there could have only been one path to it.
So, if there is only one possible future, and one possible past then the present is just a slice of time between in the two.
With this reasoning, we can go as far as to say we are just characters in a play.
People 100 years in the future will be able to look back and see every you thing did, and know that you had to do it for their world to exist.
Everthing that ever will happen in our future, has already happened in someone elses past.
Our consciousnes is taking us through an inevitable series of events.
And whatever we do, we are supposed to do.
Everything is exactly the way it is, because it has to be.
And there is nothing that says destiny had to be created from the past to the future.
It could have been created in reverse.
And I'd be willing to bet that the end of time was conceived first.
12/11/2009 18:54:40
 Guest   (Reply)...Time is in a Bottle
Hi Jim!

Yep, it's me! We were about to buy a house but we were outbid twice, think a little Angel was interfering
because she can she the Time Bottle we're in and had some credit with the Gods to interfere :) "Why Jan,
why? Tell us, The suspense is killing us!!!!" :)

We are going to California baby!!!!!!! My wife's job was relocated there, to Carlsbad and now I'm going
too! We're going to drive, a road trip, "Fear in Loathing In Carlsbad" We shipped the Civic, and the
Chrysler LHS form 2000 {Yes, I bought a boat!!!!! :} and I love it!!!!!! Great big American car. A dream
come true} we will drive. Nice chance to see the whole West coast,
head to toe. My wife will fly back here and then we drive all together. Will be great fun. Will try to take
some 101 and go through the South Oregon mountains.

How are you doing! Having fun I read in Pensylvania. Hope all is well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to hear from you again, you were out of reach, but thanks to Don I learned it was LVDUDE to put
be back on track of your site!!!!!!!

Greetings from a cold Bellevue where it's supposed to snow tonight!!!!

12/11/2009 18:54:40
 Guest   (Reply).....Time is in a Bottle
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooodmorning Jim!

Sounds great your adventures on the West Coast! I was there with Thanks Giving and saw and heard the pacific for the first time. Awesome!!!!!
I think I arrived in heaven. I like the sea. I was born in a city called Harlingen in the north of Holland, so I like being at the coast, hang out,
stare into infinity, feel the sea breeze and enjoy the sun sets. My son also likes it, the first moment there he already got totally soaked and sandy,
2 hours before we had to fly back.

When "LVDudes Brotherly Love Shack" is officially open I will stop by to join a ceremony!!!!! :)

Time for coffee and some programming.

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/08/2009 20:39:42
 jim  Sometimes a Wedding Ring is for Christmas
12/07/2009 12:54:16
 jim  Cranberry ChristmasTree
12/01/2009 22:43:24
 jim  Christmas Lights
12/01/2009 21:55:20
 jim  Georgias Party 2
12/01/2009 20:09:46
 jim  Atrias GeorgiasParty
11/27/2009 09:47:30
 jim  PA - First Snow
11/27/2009 03:28:59
 jim  If a tree falls in the forest
If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does there a sound?
For most of my life, I thought that was a stupid question. Of course there is a sound.

I didn't realize the depth of that question.
My answer now is, "No, it does not make a sound". Without perception, the universe does not exists.
Thought, as it turns out, is reality. Dimensions exist within thoughts and without thought, nothing matters.
There was no time before the big bang. There was no space. I can see it now. There was nothing.

I think it was a thought that created this universe.
And when we die, our universe will cease to exist.
In a very real sense, this universe exists because we are here.
And it just may be, if you wish there is a heaven to go to when you die, that is where you will go, and that may be another illusion.
I'd like to hang around. To discover the universe is to discover the dreams of the creator.
Perhaps God did create you in his own image. Perhaps you are here to discover the beauty this creation.

I got this from a dream.
In my dream, the spirit of death wasn't a separate entity.
Now that I think about it, I realize it was me.
When he told me to come, I told him no. I told him I'd like to stay here.
This creation is my heaven, complete with beauty, magnificense, awe, happiness, sorry, horror and delight.
Ane even in an eternity wouldn't be enough time to understand all that there is out there.
11/26/2009 14:05:47
 jim  A Dream of the Angel of Death
I lay down to sleep, and dreamed I that died in my sleep.
I was in a city and the angel of death came to me. I didn't like his voice or his personality.
He said  "You have to come with me".
I said, "I think I'm just going to hang out here, and watch the animals, plants, and sky. I won't bother anything".
Then he changed the world into fire and said "You must come".
I said, "I think the fire is beautiful, I'd like to stay here if that's okay".
Then he changed the world to empty space, and said "This will be your eternity"
And I said, "This is wonderful, all of those solar systems with planets like ours. Please, I'd like to stay here".
And he said, "You Must Come".
And I said, "I'm staying here".
I remember feeling fear about going with him. He was going to take me to a place that I didn't understand.
Then I woke up in my bed with a smile.
I love this life. I love my dreams.
11/22/2009 21:01:01
 jim  Vegas,NV-Annette

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