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12/13/2008 01:27:29
 SAE  Bark and Howl....
SAE turns 385 years of age on Sunday, the 14th.. So, he'll be a drunken fool.Maybe he can IM with Jimmy R. Cutlar on Saturday, this weekend.

Got an email from Pat Hill this week. He didn't say much, but knew I was at RJ and had my email. Unhappy with the fact he knew this, so I will sniff down the informant, and bite off his weiner.(And of course, spit it out)
12/12/2008 17:47:54
 jim  Wexford Apt Snow - 12/12/2008
12/11/2008 16:14:56
 jim  Snow, Beautiful Snow
12/08/2008 04:50:49
 jim  Its 14 degrees in Pittsburgh
It snowed powder all weekend long.
We watched about 50 cars stop on the road below our apartment. They seemed to be stuck in the street.
They may have been playing it safe while waiting for a salt truck. These roads were soooo slick,
Several of the people left their cars and walked up to their apartments, waiting for help to arrive.
That seemed odd to me. You never see something like that in California 
I took the truck out to do some sliding!
I thought it was fun, but then again, I wasn't worried about losing control.
Ya just gotta love 4 wheel drive with anti-lock breaks in weather like this.
Pix-2-come. I left my camera in the truck.
11/28/2008 21:08:08
 jim  Ross Mall Christmas Tree
11/28/2008 19:50:40
 jim  Hartwood Acres - Chistmas Lites
11/28/2008 18:37:40
 jim  Hartwood Restaurant
11/28/2008 05:01:54
 chez2199  .Happy Thanksgiving!
Hi Jim And Becky
Thank you for the card Happy Holidays to both of you from the Friedrichs Family!
Miss you guys.
We should make plans to meet in Columbus Ohio in January for February just for the weekend or something.
I'm sure there is stuff to do in Columbus.
I looks to be about 3 hours for each of us
11/28/2008 05:01:54
 jim   (Reply)Happy Thanksgiving!
Whether with you, or as we roam; the gypsies leave you, to make new homes. 
We know your voice, we know your face; we know your town, we've seen your place.
We leave our marks each place we go; on starlit beaches, in melting snow.
We never stay too long. Our homes are shelved. Each place we leave, we leave ourselves.
And Holidays are odd at best. We dine with strangers. We laugh and jest.
The cold world of contracting, that's where we are. Whats in between, lies in the stars.

To all of the people we know and love in Las Vegas, Orlando, Seattle, Louisville, Toledo, San Diego, and Pittsburgh 
Happy Holidays!!! We love and miss you.

I want you to know, I didn't choose this way of life. It chose me.

11/27/2008 12:27:24
 jim  Thanksgiving Day
The sun is melting that snow
The Cracker Barrel Restaurant
Pittsburgh, from Mt Washington
Black Friday Shoppers at 8pm
11/26/2008 09:06:35
 jim  Enjoying the snow at work
11/25/2008 16:56:08
 jim  Monday was a bad day
Monday was a bad day
- I woke up late
- I was late for a meeting that I'd organized
- I forgot to submit my timesheet
- I got a hateful email from a potential friend
Maybe it wasn't such a bad day.
- I got to sleep in and had wonderful dreams.
- I don't like meetings. Being forgetful is bliss.
- A friend forgot his timesheet too 
- I only lost a potential friend
I guess anything can be positive
11/21/2008 22:29:30
 jim  Majestic Cruise Lines
11/21/2008 22:04:58
 jim  Fireworks - 200,000 People We There
11/21/2008 19:19:00
 jim  Pittsburgh from the River
11/21/2008 08:49:20
 jim  November 22 Started with a Blizzard
11/21/2008 02:58:29
 SAE  Howl
Don't eat any yellow snow. It's not a snow cone....
11/20/2008 00:35:54
 jim  Wexford Snow - Wallpaper

11/19/2008 20:03:18
 jim  Too Much Snow!
11/16/2008 19:08:29
 jim  Snowy Days

The snow flurried early this morning. I think it is the most wonderful sight!
11/15/2008 15:09:08
 jim  Saturday at the movies
11/15/2008 05:50:08
 jim  I am blessed
Its hard to comprehend the beauty that I have seen
It's everywhere!
Its in the flock of geese that flies over me in the morning.
Its in the snowflakes that form on my windshield in the morning.
I love to hear Becky telling me about her day.
I love hearing my brother tell me about his life.
Jennifer and Dustin are a shear delight.
Hearing Mikey talk is a pleasure.
I love the little critters around here. Its all great.
I love hearing about the lives of the people I work with. Its magical!
I love, just about, everything, and what I don't love, can be fixed.
Maybe I'm going senile....but if what I see is crazy, it is right for me.
This is such a beautiful life.
I've been blessed, I guess. I don't need a magical mythical being in a robe to believe in. For me, god is everywhere.
All I have to do is exist and feel. That is enough of a gift.
We are poor, but from what I've seen of the rest of the world, we're rich.
So, no matter whatever happens, I'm good.
I've had a really good life. Thank you god, or whatever.
It's been a pleasure to exist.
11/13/2008 20:15:04
 jim  The Moon Over Pennsylvania
11/12/2008 21:36:24
 jim  What will survive?
I've read stories about how GM, Ford and Chrysler may fold.
I've read stories about how its inevitable that China and the US will be at war over oil.
I've read that half the population of the world needs to be eliminated.
And as I live today, a person who I work with will be replaced by someone from India.
I'm not saying its right or wrong. I'm just saying changes are happening all around us.
And I wonder, where we'll be in 5 years.
I suppose what really matters is, that we continue to do our best at what ever we do.
The American spirit isn't built on stock prices or credit worthiness.
It's built on pride. We can do better than any one else, if our country will lets us.
We are bordered by friendly countries. We are protected by our military might.
Our religious freedoms hasn't killed our country. It has made it a haven for religious freedom.
But I fear, that within the next two decades, those freedoms will die.
Other freedoms will arise as time goes on, but this may be a rocky couple of decades.
Don't expect for things to be like they were. Prepare for change.
We're going through a revolution of sorts.
Good or bad, I believe eventually it will work out for the good.

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