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11/08/2008 00:35:27
 jim  Foggy mornings wallpaper
11/07/2008 23:52:42
 jim  A Foggy Morning Drive to Work
11/06/2008 06:05:44
 jim  Why did Mgm buy the Mirage?
I'm haven't read up on many things.
There's too much information out there, and so much that is not out there.
For example, I don't know why Mgm bought the Mirage, but I'd guess, it would be to merge management, eliminate competition and cut jobs.
I assume that. I didn't read it in the newspapers.
Wouldn't these be terrible headlines? 
- "X buys Y, increases profits by firing 40% of the workers.
  Management applauded with healthy bonuses".
- "X Property Development increases profits by hiring illegal aliens"
- "X increases profits by outsourcing high tech jobs to India"

haha...seriously though,
These things we don't read, but we see it happening.
We know that is what is going on. I'd think these wonderful decisions have hurt U.S. citizens. For instance, I'd be willing to bet India's education systems are better than ours because of these decisions.
When's the last time you saw the words Made in USA
I realize, I haven't said anything about what to do to cure these problems. Certainly, squashing and strangling big corporations isn't the answer.
I don't have any answers, other than to support the good corporations with your purchasing dollars.
But I doubt that would work.
I need to put some more pretty pictures on
11/05/2008 06:53:31
 jim  Obama Wins!!!
I liked both Obama and McCain, but I REALLY liked what Obama said.
And I like his speeches because he's not reading them, and they just sound right.
It'll be interesting watching what he does about the mess this country is in.
By that, I mean, education, health care, economic growth, the credit crisis, human rights, ecology, the energy crunch,
and finally, terrorism.
11/04/2008 16:52:22
 jim  If I could live to be 300 years old
If I could live to be 300 years old,
I would start tommorrow, trying to find ways to live 1,000 years.
If I could live to be 1,000, I'd spend my life trying to find ways to live 1,000,000.
But instead, I've spent all of my life, just trying figure out how to survive to 50.
I doubt I'll live to be 60.
Its a crazy world.
Money is the motivator and longevity is not.
We sing praise to people that live past 100 years old.
They can barely see, hear, and walk.
And we spend billions on medical care systems that don't even try to preserve youth.
They mask aging, but don't seem to have a clue on how to really extend a persons life.
Certainly, they haven't found ways to live 1,000 years old.
When they do, I'll sing praise to the medical profession.
Then their motivation won't be money. It will be survival of the human species.
Which I believe, will ultimately lead to the preservation of all life on this planet and possibly the Universe.
11/01/2008 00:00:01
 jim  Set your Clocks Back Tonight
You don't really want to be early to work on Monday, do you ?!
10/31/2008 18:13:13
 jim  Its a Pumpkin Affair
See, Pumpkins ARE good for something!
10/30/2008 06:30:45
 jim  Snow, turkeys, and Beaver Pennsylvania
10/28/2008 21:31:31
 jim  Mars, Pennsylvania
Only in Pennsylvania do you see outlandish, zany things like this.
Welcome to Mars.
We've driven down beautiful two-laned highways, where pockets of civilization are strewn about the mountainous terrain, in towns with names like Mars, Moon, California, Washington and Beaver. Some towns adhere to the theme.
And we come home, to spaceship Earth
10/26/2008 14:19:54
 jim  Meet Scats
10/25/2008 15:33:08
 jim  Apartment Complex

Believe it or not...this is where we take our trash. We talked to several people at the compactor. I think it is amazing how several people can live in the same area, see the same things, and have totally different opinions. For instance, we love it here, we like the manager, the grounds, our neighbors...everything. Another guy at the compactor agreed with us 100%. He took our picture. Then a lady came up, and complained about EVERYTHING we said we liked. I took a look at her trash bag, it was small. Then I looked at her car, it was full of trash. I thought her life might improve a lot if she just bought larger trash bags.
10/24/2008 07:11:22
 jim  Views from my work site
It is still dark when I come into work at 7am. I think its beautiful, but then again, I think everything is beautiful. 

These vibrantly red bushes are everywhere. What are they?

Famous Daves is close to work. They closed to remodel. We are wondering if they will ever open their doors again.
These geese look like hay bails from a distance. They like this field for some reason. They call other geese when flying to this field, and they are rarely fly alone.
10/22/2008 18:42:40
 jim  Atrias Restaurant

Normally I don't say much about the restaurants I eat at, but Atrius has class, an excellent menu, and very good prices.
10/22/2008 06:09:42
 jim  Its cold in Pittsburgh
The leaves are falling, and the temperature has already hit 29 degrees.
I'm thinking this is going to be a very cold winter with lots of slushy snow.
Words of Wisdom from the Locals
- Get windshield washer fluid with an antifreeze ingredient in it. It makes the snow turn
- Keep a heavy jacket in your vehicle

I still can't believe how friendly Pittsburgh people are.
They offer kind words, good advice, pure honesty, and have a positive outlook on life.
They're family values are the highest I've ever seen, and their love for sports in undying.
Through my travels, I've noticed unfriendly pockets of places in friendly towns.
I haven't found any pockets like that in Pittsburgh, and we've been all over.
Even the bums (which they're aren't many of) tell you their story.
I think I'd hate being alone here, but Becky and I meld in whereever we go.
This is an incredible place.
10/16/2008 20:16:39
 jim  Atoms are shaped like kidney beans
I just gotta say this. I've seen pictures of atoms...and they're funny.
If gravity affects them at all, they're shaped like kidney
Theory is great, but it may lack important items like GRAVITY.
Don't trust every thing you read. Don't trust pictures.
Everything you need to know is in your mind.
10/15/2008 18:34:38
 jim  Shadyside
10/12/2008 20:11:08
 jim  Wexford Fireworks
10/12/2008 16:53:30
 jim  Fun with Pix
10/12/2008 16:04:10
 jim  McCandless Day
10/12/2008 15:37:15
 jim  McCandless Carshow
10/12/2008 11:56:13
 jim  I am not an economist BUT
Two things have happened in this century which are phenominal:
- The cost of houses have doubled or tripled.
- The cost of transportation / fuel has doubled.
The powers that be, could try to bring home prices down to what people can afford...
- yea, that might work..
Relief loans could be provided for loans in trouble...
- yea, that might work..
But it seems to me that what really needs to happen in this country is
Incomes must rise, to meet the rise in cost of  everything else.
It's been a long time since my salary doubled. I'm making less than I was in 1996. How about you ?
I think inflation must occur for all areas that haven't caught up to the housing and transportation inflations.
I think we need to grow our own food and produce our own products.
We need to produce own our oil...don't you think ?
We need to produce SOMETHING besides slavery for the other impoverished countries of the world.
I also want to add this,
How could buying oil from Iran and Iraq ever have helped the free world?
We built the monster.
10/11/2008 08:45:06
 jim  Everybody must get stoned
An Iranian mother of four faces death by stoning "at any moment", human rights campaigners have warned. Kobra Najar has spent more than ten years behind bars after being convicted of adultery and encouraging another man to murder her violent and heroin-addicted husband, who forced her into prostitution. If her sentence is carried out, Najar will be ritually washed, wrapped in a white shroud and carried on a stretcher with her hands tied behind her back to an open space in the prison at dawn. There she will be buried up to the armpits and stoned to death in the presence of prison officials.
10/10/2008 22:19:24
 jim  Kinneywood Park - Scream Night
10/10/2008 04:14:37
 jim  My favorite sayings
When the US sneezes, the whole world catches colds.
Live today as if its your last. Plan tommorrow as if  you're going to live forever.
No matter how much reason you offer a person with faith, they don't get it.
Make the most amount of money in the least amount of time.
When your occupation, vocation, and vacation are the same, you're set for life
I take that back. If your happy in your head, you're set for life.
The eleventh commandment 'Thou Shall Not Get Caught'
Do unto others (before they do unto you).
Eat, Drink and be Merry (for tommorrow everything might suck).
The best formula for wealth is to be born wealthy, which wasn't my option.
Success is dictated by being born wealthy, being attractive, having a good voice or being just plain lucky. Intelligence doesn't seem to have much to do with it.
Being a doctor or lawyer is a great idea, if you can afford working 8 years through college.
I'd sue everyone who has ripped me off, if lawyer's didn't rip me off.
I wonder what the chairman of Lehman Brothers did to make a half a billion dollars a year. The company went under.
Path of least resistance is the reason for how the rock rolled down the hill into the road. The dent in my truck was its purpose.
10/07/2008 07:34:36
 jim  Fields of Wexford and Ross

I still can't believe any apartment could have such a beautiful view of a forest.

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