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11/24/2007 00:47:07
 jim  Today was quite an exceptional day.
We saw Preacher Scott at the parade.
He's also our security guard at the door of Kentucky Towers.
There was a chemistry between Scott, Peter, and Susan.
One that I may never understand. They are so different, and so alike.
Becky and I have just hovered around these three, being part of them as they mixed with people coming in and out of the building. It was so incredible.
Peter's gone now. He's in Michigan.
We're leaving tommorrow. We'll be in Seattle by Friday.
Preacher Scott will be leaving soon. His education will be complete.
The group has broken up.
But for a time, there was something so incredibly powerful, and wonderful about being part of this group.
It is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.
Hopefully, some of these times come through, from the pictures I took.
I can only hope, that documenting these times was the part I was supposed to play.
For all times to come.

BTW - If you guys read this, feel free to reply to it (if you can figure out my coding style).
11/22/2007 01:35:52
 Chez2199  .The hardest word to say is goodbye
I Like to say See Ya Later. It's not so final. It may be another 10 years but i will see you again!
11/20/2007 19:18:05
 Chez2199  .I got the job!!!
Great news For you and Becky!! sad news for me. The Family is heading to Minnesota tonight when Resse gets off Work. Visit the family for the Holiday weekend. We will be getting back Sunday late. WE need to get together at least one night before ya leave.
11/11/2007 00:00:00
 Jim  Veterans Day
Veterans Day is an American holiday honoring military veterans. Both a federal holiday and a state holiday in all states, it is celebrated on the same day as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other parts of the world, falling on November 11, the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I.
11/09/2007 16:37:50
 jim  2nd Street Bridge
11/09/2007 16:25:08
 jim  The Spaghetti Factory
11/08/2007 22:59:38
 jim  More Birds
11/08/2007 12:07:51
 Chez2199  .Made a 10 minute change to this web site.
It Works~!~~~~!~!~!~!~!
11/08/2007 12:07:51
 jim   (Reply)Made a 10 minute change to this web site.
Now, if you hover over a New Logs entry, it will come up under the Stories area.
Let me know if it doesn't work in your browser.
11/06/2007 20:59:57
 jim  Louisville,KY-PetersParty
11/06/2007 20:59:57
 jim   (Reply)Louisville,KY-PetersParty
11/06/2007 18:55:59
11/06/2007 18:55:59
 jim   (Reply)
11/06/2007 18:55:59
 jim   (Reply)
11/06/2007 18:16:58
 jim  Louisville,KY-Colts,Peter,Heather,Jeff,Zoe
11/05/2007 08:36:03
 jim  The life of a consultant...
You work. You make good money.
Your contract ends. You wait.
You wonder if you'll ever work again.
It takes a level of faith to do what I do.
What happens if the phone doesn't ring, or if I don't get that email for my next contract?
This is the second time I've ventured out-of-state for a contract.
I don't know where I'll be working next.
I don't how much I'll be making.
Being in between is awkward.
I could never do this if I was alone.
But there are benefits.
You get plenty of time off.
You get to see new places.
You get to make new friends.
The sad thing is, you are in a world all of your own.
Few people understand what its like, not being attached to a job.
11/05/2007 02:13:40
 jim  Jesse came by...burned his hand really bad!
We offered him vinegar ice water and beer.
It was a small offering. He drank it all.
It was nice that he came to us.
I was amazed.
We haven't told many people where we live. We go out a lot.
Jesse is a popular guy. He's got an excellent personality.
Anyway, he hung out and watched a movie with us, while soaking his hand in beer.
And then he mozied off to his 7th floor apartment.
11/05/2007 02:05:21
 jim  Talked to Tony N
He's doing well. He's programming in C#, and doing web programming.
They only worry about IE and FireFox, which is a relief.
All I test for on this website IE, Firefox, and now, Safari. Netscape is just too rough to code for.
Anyway, Tony's found the Lord, and quit drinking, which is cool.
I believe whatever leads you to doing the right thing in life, is the right thing to follow.
So, he's doing GREAT! He sounds GREAT! He is GREAT!
And I am glad I called my old friend.
11/01/2007 14:58:28
 sae  .You just get used to some things
Howl... Time for you to donate your iPhone to Kevin Short, and buy yourself a landline. So, what's the story with it?
11/01/2007 14:58:28
 jim   (Reply)You just get used to some things
My site goes up and down.
Insight (the internet) goes up and down.
AT&T goes up and down.
And I took a shower with no hot water again.
My IPhone shows me 5 bars even when it isn't even working.
I just found out my cell phone hasn't worked since Tuesday.
So, I actually did get called for an interview today. :(
I rescheduled for tommorrow at 5pm.
10/27/2007 21:41:52
 jim  4thStLive,KY-Halloween BalloonMan
10/27/2007 21:07:58
 jim  4thStLive,KY-Halloween Babes
10/27/2007 21:06:24
 jim  Louisville,KY-4thStLive Halloween Becky
10/27/2007 20:58:24
 jim  4thStLive,KY-Halloween Babe Sullys
10/27/2007 20:37:22
 jim  4thStLive,KY-Halloween Knight
10/27/2007 19:11:58
 jim  Louisville,KY-4thStLive Halloween SullysContest
10/26/2007 21:51:18
 jim  Gosh!!! What I love about Louisville!
The people have smiling eyes. They have great HAIR! They love to photographed, and they love to be extreme.
It's like every one here is the star of their own show.
This place really grows on you.
10/26/2007 20:38:30
 jim  4thStLive,KY-DiamondRio
10/26/2007 12:26:10
 sae  .Last Day on my Louisve contract
10/25/2007 22:16:46
 jim  4thStLive,KY-ThreeDogNight
10/25/2007 19:11:58
 jim  4thStLive,KY-ThreeDogNight
10/25/2007 19:02:42
 jim  4thStLive,KY-ThreeDogNight
10/22/2007 07:29:21
 jim  Its 7:30 am and it is still dark outside.
The sun is just now coming up.
I love this time of the morning.
I usually get up at 6 am to the chirping on my IPhone's alarm.
It's a quiet time.
I usually have time to write a program, play with some pictures or check out the lastest hackers to my website.
Its a great time to learn new things.
I've written a VB graphics program thats wonderful.
It allows you to:
- Select files from windows folders using wild cards (like explorer should do).
- To drop to DOS in the folder your viewing (like explorer should do).
- To rename files using wild cards (like DOS's REN does).
- Put the modification date/time of files (pictures) in the beginning of the file name.
- Thumbnails graphics in mass.
- Creates an html file that enables you to view graphics, watch movies or listen to the sound recordings in the file.
I take a lot of pictures, and file names like IMG_0001.JPG just won't do.
In two clicks and a little typing, the files can be named 20071020-100000-CherokeePark.JPG
Thats pretty cool when you have just downloaded 100's of pictures!
I know programming, but I don't know how to market with a small budget, and thats such a shame.
This is my last week at work.
It would be so nice if they'd just tell me to take off with my last weeks pay.
So far, thats never happened to me.
There's not a lot to do where I work, so this may be a very boring week.
*** yawners ***
Well, guess I gotta go take a shower.
HAGD yall.

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