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11/16/2006 07:59:40
 sae  ..Howling again....
Yea, I think just about everything you see or hear via the media (whether newpaper, magazine - old and web, television and radio) will be at least somewhat twisted to meet the reporter's opinion. Even if it is fact, like say, the sun rising in the east. Who is to say east isn't really west.. There is a lot in the article I do not like. For example, as you said, what can be seen as spying. As far as 2 out of 3 people who die from cancer being smokers, it is hard to say what kills the other person. Second hand smoke or living or working in a really bad environment. How many coal miners died of something like lung cancer or something very close. I do not believe smokers are bad characters. And in regards to renouncing my faith. How does that really relate?!?!? In the early part of the 20th century, if I lived anywhere near Germany, that could have very likely have gotten me killed. But in killing me, did it harm anybody else like second hand smoke does. And remember, no comments about smoke from me coming out of the chimney. That would be very bad taste. Religion has absolutely nothing to do with this. Can I ask you to renounce any of your many great qualities? I suspect not, so don't go suggesting that my renouncing Judaism is the same thing as giving up smoking. Except for ealry 20th century Europe, or being in the wrong part of the middle east, where there are many crazy people (up the lines of Hitler), being Jewish is not going to worsen the quality of my life, make me die any sooner, or harm any body else around me.
11/16/2006 03:25:20
 robert  I sent those pics to you on Pearl Harbor
yea i sent those pics to you on pearl harbor isnt that nuts i was amazed by those i think thats the most realest and the best viewiong i have ever seen of them
11/14/2006 11:37:13
 Jim  A Cutlar Started The Pig War
Lyman Cutlar was a farmer in San Juan, an island near Washington, and Vancover.
During that time, the English and British were at odds of the rights to land.
In 1959, San Juan only had 18 American colonist.
Cutlar caught a pig eating his tubors (potatoes), and shot it.
The pig was owned by a sheep herder who worked for the Hudson Bay Company.
The two, who had gotten along before the incident, got in a dispute, one yelling "Keep you pigs out of my potatoes",
the other yelling, "Keep your potatoes out of my pigs". The British threatened to arrest Cutlar.
The colonist petitioned the US for aid and the situation esculated.
Things started getting CrAzY
Next thing you know, 514 Americans with 14 cannons opposed five British warships, with 70 guns, and 2,140 men.
It was known as the Pig War. It didn't happen though, thanks to President Buchanan's intervention.
11/13/2006 03:16:18
 robert  how do you add pics
hey jim how do you ad pics opff trhe desktop for this i have some great real shots of pearl harbor
11/12/2006 20:58:18
 jim  Nellis,NV-Airshow
11/11/2006 12:01:00
 sae  .Nellis Airshow
Are they "Aborting to Orbit" as in "Abort to Orbit"? Does Jimmy know what that means? HINT: It's similair to a "Trans Atlanta Abort". Sounds like you're peeved by the new Nevada smoking rules change. It's a great thing... See, if you give up cigs, a non-smoking place would be great.
11/13/2006 01:29:39
 sae   (Reply)...Nellis Airshow
In time, Lost Wages will become more and more smoke free. That be a very, very great thing. Yea, those flight teams (Thunderbirds and the Navy's Blue Angels) are fantasic. And I love it when they fly totally vertical. "Abort to Orbit" is what happens upon the launch of the Shuttle, when something nasty happens and they land at the "end" of the first orbit. I believe it usually means landing at the shuttles old landing spot in California. But may mean Florida.
11/10/2006 19:58:45
 Jim  Home Schooling. Is it this bad?
Yes, its bad! Unless Dustin is lying to me.
I asked Dustin about the homework I'd helped him with last week...he said he lost it.
Then he said I got all of my answers wrong.
He said he got an "A" on it.
He also said I was wrong because on a graph, the X axis runs up and down and the Y axis runs horizontal.
Even Jennifer knew he was wrong about that.
He said ratios weren't anything like fractions.
He said I got the slopes wrong. He uses the formula slope = y2 x x2 .
I used the formula of a slope=(y2-y1) / (x2-x1).
In other words, Dustin hasn't learned anything.
But I guess he'll graduate as an "A" student.
11/09/2006 17:30:09
 sae  .Vegas Historical Dates
You didn't include the start and stop dates of the MGM Grand re-host project in the later half of 1997....
08/05/2007 12:13:53
 sae   (Reply)...Vegas Historical Dates
Jimmy... It was August 1997 to December 1997... It was one of the most influential days in the history of LV...
11/09/2006 11:09:09
 Jim  A bleak prediction of the future:
- Free Enterprise and the laws of supply and demand will be destroyed through legislation.
- Smoking will be illegal
- Alcohol will be illegal
- Caffeine will be illegal
- Gambling will be illegal
- We will lose our rights to what we can eat, drink or smoke
- We will lose the right to privacy
- We will lose all rights to individual freedom
- Spanish will become our official language
- New designer street drugs will be created more frequently.
- Paramedics will become popular
- Right to Forfeit Limb and Life and Liability Waivers will become standard for hospital admissions.
- Life extension will be available for the wealthy.
- The atmosphere will be destroyed.
- Illnesses from solar radiation will become apparent.
- Mankind will eventually destroy itself by its own hand.
And the finger pointing will have to be directed at no one but ourselves.
11/08/2006 11:15:31
 Jim  Called Prelegal about UMC charges
Attorney Iris Fieldman, Esq returned my call.
520 S 4th st #360, Las Vegas, NV 89101.
Tele: (702) 388-4401, Fax: (702) 388-2519
She said call The Nevada Office for Hospital Patients Ombudsman 486-8255.
They are a state funded consumer billing advocate.
I'm faxing the lawyer my invoice, a letter I sent UMC, and the note I showed the receptionist, nurse and doctor.
She will fax me a General Authorization Letter.
She said I might call the County Commissioner.
She said the charges were OUTRAGIOUS!
They would probably justify the markup by citing they take care of the indigints.
11/06/2006 22:39:29
 Jim  Do women have an extra rib?
I asked this question while eating BBQ Ribs at Memphis Barbeque last night
because I wanted female baby back ribs!
So, is it true that women have two more ribs than men do?
If so, could this be the origin of the biblical story about how Eve was made from Adam's rib?
The answer follows:
All people have twelve ribs.
The origin of the Adam's rib story isn't known for sure, but some think it may stem from a Sumerian joke.
So, you won't get 2 more ribs if you order female baby back ribs.
11/04/2006 23:01:42
 Jim  Vote!
Gibbons for Nevada Governor.

I didn't even know they could run!
Another election year.
Another year of representives bashing other representives.
They seem like children fighting over a toy.
Why do these political commercials intermesh with my otherwise pleasant TV time?
Me, I don't vote for anyone who spreads hate or negativity. 
The problem is, there's so much of that.

Me, I'm still upset about the Bush/Gore election.
As I understand the news, some votes got lost in the swing state of Florida, which happened to have Jeb Bush as governor
and Gore lost the election even though he had the popular vote.
But I'm not making this up...according to the The 2000 Presidential Election by Wikipidia
Main articles: Florida Central Voter File and Florida election recount
Some observers have questioned whether he or Secretary of State Katherine Harris attempted to help his brother in the 2000 presidential election by tampering with the voter rolls and then certifying a controversial election, though there is little evidence to back this. Questions have been raised about Bush's involvement in the notorious "Florida Felons List" affair in which primarily black and Democratic voters who were not in fact felons erroneously were listed as ineligible to vote. Bush ignored at least one direct warning from a state computer expert that the list was flawed and should not be used. [13] Questions were also raised about the conduct of the vote count itself, which was chaotic at best--- although it should be pointed out that there were Democrats who arguably contributed to the confusion as well

While your voting, ponder this from:
Some of the worst news possible for the security of U.S. elections came a year ago, and somehow I missed it. In March 2005, Smartmatic, a company based in Venezuela, purchased Sequoia Voting Systems, a company which makes electronic voting equipment.
What's the big deal?
Sequoia's systems are just as insecure as Diebold's, with irregularities being reported this week in Pittsburgh and Chicago. And the parent company, Smartmatic, whose machines were used in Venezuela's 2004 recall election, still refuses to answer questions over the results of that election.
11/04/2006 22:00:00
 Jim  Vote for Jennifer: Dog Pound Director
Jennifer and I got into a mock debate for the position of Dog Pound Chief.
Jim :
Jennifer, my esteemed opponent has no experience with dogs. I have pictures of a dog walking her!
Jennifer: If I am elected, I will make sure the dogs aren't fed bad food
Jim: Jennifer is a dog. She wants to feed them her food.
Jennifer: I will make sure these dogs are treated humanely.
Jim: Jennifer wants to put innocent dogs in prison, with gang members.
Jennifer: I will act in both the dogs and your best interest
Jim: Thats the problem, she's not real. She's an actor.
Jennifer: I honestly love dogs. I'd never do anything to hurt them.
Jim: See, she admits never doing anything.
Jennifer: Vote for me on election day. I'll try to do what best for all of us.
Jim: Vote for Jim. The man of the people, for the people, by the people.
I'd vote for Jennifer. She actually said something.
11/04/2006 11:12:20
 Jim  Home Schooling, is it quality?
I just helped Dustin with his math homework.
EG: Simplify this ratio 15 cats to 50 dogs.
       Answer: 3 cats to 10 dogs or 1 cat to 3.333_ dogs
       Dustins answer: 3 continous
EG: The temperature went up 7 degrees between 1990 and 1997.
       The temperature went up 6 degrees between 1997 and 2000.
       During which period did the temperature climb the fastest?
      Answer: 1997 to 2000
      Dustins answer: 7...between 1990 and 1997.
EG: A line goes from x,y coordinates (1,1) to (4,2) on a cartesian graph. Find the slop.
      The formula is Slope=m where m=(y1 - y2) / (x1 - x2)
      Answer: 1/3
      Dustins answer: 9
Matter of fact, out of 60 questions, he only got 1 right by accident.
He said it didn't matter. He'll still get a C.
First off, I'm wondering HOW?
11/04/2006 09:22:26
 Jim  Primatene Mist Scare
For a long time, the FDA has wanted to ban Primatene mist because it uses chloroflourocarbons as a propellent.
They contend those little bottles are destroying the ozone layer.
I've read cows burping methane are destroying the ozone layer too. We still eat cows.
I went to Smith's Food King to by a Primatene Mist inhaler last night.
They told me it had been removed from the shelves.
During my next near fatal astma attack,
I must decide to die or lose everything I've got to medical professionals for what should be minor care. I don't know why professionals would put anybody in that position. I was able to purchase Primatene Tablets (which take longer to work), but I had to provide my drivers license which was keyed into Smiths database. Now my name exists on some lists that I don't want to be subscribed too.
According to what I've read, 3,000,000 people use Primatene to control their Asthma.
700,000 people use it because they have no health care. I would be one of those.
In effect, my last bottle of Albuterol, along with 5 antibiotics, and some steroids, cost me $700 with the doctor visit after all of the tests they seemed to need to confirm the obvious.
It was like a mechanic doing an alignment to fix a flat tire on an old car.
I suppose in a reach, the alignment could be the problem.
In the end, I called around. Primatene Mist is not banned yet.
Smith's Food King told me they had to remove it from the shelves.
Hopefully, the FDA will wait until another product hits the shelves before banning it.
For me, Primatene Mist is the only thing that controls my Asthma in Las Vegas.
Of course, I'm no doctor...I'm just a silly consumer who thinks Primatene helps.
11/01/2006 23:30:56
 sae  .The Pharaohs must have been resurrections.
Did you stop after the two beers? And by "two beers", I assume you don't mean two six packs or two kegs.
11/02/2006 12:35:07
 sae   (Reply)...The Pharaohs must have been resurrections.
I am so pleased you stopped at two... What did you do differently, that you didn't turn those two into 100 or more? So, what is the word from Frank McDonald?
11/01/2006 11:37:56
 sae  .Stardust closes at Noon
Woof..... There goes another one of my "favorite" old hotel/casino on the Lost Wages Strip. A sad day. Why did you let it happen, Jimmy Cutlar? You probably funded that $4 billion to the builders of the Echelon complex. Bite, Bite, Bite anybody who does that. 
11/02/2006 10:17:50
 Jim   (Reply)Stardust closes at Noon

Stardust is closing today at noon, to make way for the 4 billion dollar Echelon complex.
Wow...I did say that right!
It opened in 1958.

This really puts pressure on Phil Ruffin to finally make a decision about The Frontier.
With Echelon, Encore, Palazzo and The Trump Towers, The Frontier will look like a trailer park surrounded by luxury if something isn't done - And Circus Circus will probably have to go as well.
11/01/2006 11:27:24
 Jim  Halloween 2006 - Green Valley Ranch Gang
Jennifer,Becky,Renee,Jonathon,Dustin at the Green Valley Ranch.
11/01/2006 11:17:50
 Jim  Green Valley Ranch - Becky, Jim
Becky and Jim, gobbling around at the Green Valley Ranch.
One kid asked me what I was supposed to be.
I said, I'm a "Hekifino".
In this picture, is just my imagination or is my head HUGE!
11/01/2006 03:09:15
 sae  I took off my mask and scared everybody to death..
And it didn't cost anything.
10/31/2006 21:58:56
 jim  Vegas,NV-GhostHunting-Sonny,Jim,GVRanch
10/31/2006 21:58:56
 jim   (Reply)GhostHunting,NV-Sonny,Jim
10/27/2006 14:01:22
 Jim  Katie Couric: Fat people cause pollution!
She says, fat people, per year, are using 1 billion more gallons of gas than 40 years ago.
Lets see now. 40 years ago, 1966...
How many people drove cars then?
Did we even have freeways?
The population went from 200 million in 1966 to 300 million in 2006.
Looking at this closer, a car weighs around 3,000 lbs.
The full tank alone weighs 160 lbs.
A spare tire (or over weight belly) must weigh around 20 lbs.
So, lets blame the driver. haha
And my truck gets 12 miles per gallon now.
That's what trucks in the 60's got.
But, lets not blame automotive technology.
Lets blame FAT PEOPLE! haha
See now, I might have said:
- Don't lose weight, your probably driving because your overweight.
- Don't keep a spare tire in the trunk.
- Drive on empty
- Remove the back seats
- Remove anything that might use excessive energy, like those 400 watt boom boxes.
- Remove the air conditioner.
- Never roll down your window while going down the freeway.
Why not say, lets all hate fat people, and while we're at it, hate driving our cars too.
What do you drive, Katie?
10/27/2006 04:28:16
 robert  what is family and what is love
To me family is a group of people that take care of eachother,  are there for eachother, that love eachother.. That is what family is. Well I have not had the greatest thing in family since i was alittle kid always moving in group homes, foster homes, shelters, and even Jail. But that is not the reason why I am writing this letter I am writing this cause i heard poeple hare wondering why I dont talk or invite my self over or visit anymore. Well here are my reasons... When we got to Grandmas place everybody is off in there own little world staying in eachothers rooms nobody visiting eachother or hanging like a family should. It would be a lot better if people actually visited eachother oh and another thing family outings like b-days and family fun Joy and I are not invited why is that why werent we told about it? And when we ask for a little help for something or want somthing we get charged for it or somthing happens that i said negative torwards somebody or something and it gets talked about it over and over, It need to be let go tell the person your talking about not to someone else. why gossip? Oh and when we go visit we mostly here a lot of complaing about eachother and then my lady comes home al;l upset telling me about everythign that was said or happend and she is upset and makes me upset cause most of it is about us why?? well i dont need that anymore. to me this is not a family. this is why i strive every day to show her a real family and what its liek to be close and do things together I dont want my kid to grow up like i did I am not going to kick her on the streets at 15 and 16 no matter what there is always otehr options in life and you only have one so live it the bst you can and hope your kid does better. to me thats what life and family is about we love we care we are close to eachother.. I have been sitting back getting a feel testing waters and looking at my family and know that i have i see how they are it is all jacked up to me i dont consider it a family to me this is the reason why i have become quite and I choose not to visit cause its not soemthing i need in my life it brings me down and I do not need that. I have chosen to remove my self from everybody and i plan to stay that way for a while i dont want any part in this family for a while i cant stand it and i have been upset about it for a while and i am through.. Joy will prob still talk or do whatever but i am out i am tired of it i dotn want it and cant take it anymore this is not a family in fact i dotn think i have yet to have a real family that i could get along with and trust and be there for without all the comotion.. but i will still love everyone and everybidy because i am part of you guys still but i dont like what we are i mean we need to take care of eachther there isnt much of us left theres only 6 of us int he spurling family left think abotu that compared to other families we dont know other cousins or brothers or sisters we jsut have our sleves and we need to be there for eachother and have good times not fighting arguing complaining about someone or something. family is for eachother lvoe eachother but this family i see here is full of hate or still mad at things and cant let them go and its not good.. so for know i draw myt self away for a while when i am ready and i feel i am then i will talk but for know i love you all much but i dont want to be a part of this anymore      
10/24/2006 23:08:24
 warren  .E22klmte htvrt
She was away, but returning when I left for Minneapolis.  She met me in st Paul on monday and left for montana and is on the train comin back today.  Of course I will  miss her return because I have to do a job Sunday morning.  aye yaye yaye. "At this rate maybe well never get there". 
10/24/2006 16:42:19
 sae  .That Mustang is Zipper
Just imagine if you were driving a Fererri Enzo. Or is that a Enzo Fererri? Like the guy who crashed one into a telephone pole or something in Malibu earlier in the year at 162 mph. The car was valued at $1 million. Note: The key word here is "was"....
10/20/2006 15:27:54
 sae  I am headed for a Day Trip to Tampa/Clearwater Sat
To watch a football game with Bobby Shannon, someone I worked with at Northrop, and back in 1999/2000 in Boston, MA. We're cheering for opposing teams, so if his team wins, I am grabbing his 50" Sony High Def LCD 1080p TV and making a quick bolt for the door as I head back to Altamonte Springs.

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