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11/19/2005 11:08:49
 Jim  I may find out who hires for the Starship Cruise L
It seemed to me that I'd be a good fit for one of those boats. I can deal, maintain their systems, and fix things. Everything there was so familiar. I know I could improve their marketting strategy too. The boat had mainly drive bys (like us), and bus people on it. Most of the people their would never be the targets of a Las Vegas casino.
I was dying to fix half the things I saw. I was this || close to fixing one of their toilets
Their slot enrollment wouldn't let you combine points. It couldn't handle joint memberships. Data entry was rough.
Their cruise reservations was clunky. After signing someone up, you had to search for their name in the database and pull up a change screen to see what you had entered. It looked like a cheesy system.
11/15/2005 09:48:59
 Jim  I’m taking a Brainbench test for Cobol 74
11/14/2005 03:57:51
 Jim  Feeling kind of lost
Reloading my laptop has left me with some strange feelings. I keep asking myself "What am I doing?".
There is no right or wrong way to do anything in this life,
and in a sense, the future is as much written as the past.
But still, trapped in the present, I feel like I may be doing the wrong thing.
I wonder what would have happened if we never came here. I wonder what would have happened if I didn't quit M2.
I only proved one thing by quitting M2, which was to myself. 
I won't let anyone demean me for any amount of money. I'll alway choose to keep my integrity intact.
The direction I'm headed doesn't seem to be as clear cut as I'd like it to be.
I'm wondering though the present.
11/13/2005 09:29:26
 becky  Saturday
Hi Babe
I had a great time last night at the dog race. I would like to go again
but let's try the one in Daytona it is a lot bigger. I was very suprised
that we won. You are right about the people there were pretty wierd
looking. I liked the Aquarium with the big fish at the Oyster Bar. The
guy Smitty was a nice there

Love Ya

11/12/2005 09:31:35
 Jim  Net info

11/11/2005 15:39:51
 Jim  HP Chat
Sammy: Hello Jim,
Sammy: Welcome to HP Total Care for Pavilion Notebooks. My name is Sammy. How may I help you today?

Jim Cutlar: This my 3rd time back today. I have a HP Pavilion ze4600 Notebook PC (AMD) 
Sammy: I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, Jim.
Jim Cutlar: The laptop's monitor started blinking on and off. The dvd's decoder seemed to be having problems. I installed some softpacs from the HP site. Then, after flashing fails to work.
Sammy: Have you flashed the exact BIOS?
Jim Cutlar: I just hooked an external monitor to the laptop. It had no response. The power light is on. The special keys blink.
Jim Cutlar: I believe something may have gone wrong wit the flash. I waited for it to finish for over an hour.
Sammy: Jim, I have just been through your previous chat session.
Sammy: Are you able to download the service manual?
Jim Cutlar: I downloaded it, and read it. From what I read, the chip is not replacable, and may be reflashable.
Jim Cutlar: The laptop won't boot with a USB floppy though.
Jim Cutlar: I started to follow the instructions for removing the motherboard, but, unless I can rejumper it to go back to factory spec, I'm not sure what good that would do.
Sammy: Jim, I suggest you to take the notebook to nearest Authorized Service Provider and have a check by a technician.
Jim Cutlar: That sounds like a great idea. I wonder if there's one in Orlando.
Sammy: Sure, I will help you with this.
Sammy: Could you please give me the zip-code?
Jim Cutlar: 32714
Sammy: Here is the information:

Altamonte Springs CompUSA Superstore (4 Miles)
Store # 607
130 E. Altamonte Drive
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Store Hours Mon - Sat: 9am - 9pm | Sun: 11am - 6pm
Phone Numbers Main: (407) 339-8009 Fax: (407) 261-4098
Service Center: (407) 261-4075

Sammy: Orlando CompUSA Superstore (15 Miles)
Store # 309
7802 South Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32809
Store Hours Mon - Sat: 9am - 9pm | Sun: 11am - 6pm
Phone Numbers Main: (407) 438-1270 Fax: (407) 852-2298
Service Center: (407) 852-2275

Jim Cutlar: Thank yo very much. I'm worried that I may have invalidated my warrentee. Do you think I did by trying to fix the CDRom problem?
11/11/2005 01:14:20
 Guest  .Just great! My laptop is toast.
Possible linux bootable os from disk or imige for furtur? kanotix is nica.  run os off disk entire no installation, parting.
Hey , this is old posto, 2005, never mend.  Mebbe you bios was scared of wat it see when u flashed it , he he.
anyways, its me, wRren.  Im not loaded yo, jest baked.  like by the mother of all suns.  hey what a nutty place ..
im watching a nice dvd on Lenny bRuce.  Lenny, Jimi Hendrix, Layne Staley, such courageously naked people.
anyways. peace. 
11/08/2005 07:30:10
 Jim  With computers, people use jargon to create whole
To use words like OOP in a sentence even sounds stupid.
OOP is not a computer command. Its not a program. Its not a language.
It's a magazine's description for something we've been doing for years.
Just because someone says its new, doesn't make it new. It only makes the word new.
Until this century, Shakespear added more words to the English language than any other entity.
Microsoft and Ibm have more than doubled the number of words in the English Language.
11/06/2005 16:54:46
 Jim  Just to clean off my desk
Tuesday at noon - Lunch with Enricci 407-551-1319 or 213-408-0236
Tommorrow at noon - Raymond James interview in Tampa.
Remain calm, if they ask about M2, say:
- M2 wasn't what I was looking for.
- I'm looking for personal growth in a challenging environment.
- I'm also looking for stability and long term employment.
11/06/2005 16:49:19
 Jim  I bought a suit (pants to match) at Sears today.
Jimbo, man, you look
Shoes, suit, pants, and two ties cost $160. That's not a bad price to pay to look snazzy.
We also got a portable Dvd/Cr Reader/Writer.
If I don't back up some of this stuff, I'm going to lose it.
11/04/2005 19:43:54
 Jim  I talked to my good ol buddy Jerry Newberry today
What a great guy! We think alike. Its nice to talk to a like mind.
I needed to find some kind of solace in my decision. He gave it to me.
He was a Tandem guru since it first came out, so he understood everything I told him.
And it was nice to hear from another developer.
He said he absolutely.hated doing maintenance code.
He did it at Bank of America on Base24.
Same thing I was doing...add a chunk of code, then talk or document it for days.
He said he talked to Kevin McDonald and he's the head of some IT department for BOA.
Good ol Kevin. What a die hard. I should call his butt an give him a hard time.

Hmmmm. Its nice to be known by people in high places.

11/04/2005 14:03:10
 mike  Linda flaxed your timesheet to STJ
So there.......haha
11/04/2005 06:45:12
 Jim  When I think about a job, I think about where I’ll
With this job, I saw myself doing the same thing I was doing on the first day I started:
-  30 minutes: Being told about a line of code they want added
-  10 minutes: Adding that line of code and recompiling.
-360 minutes: testing that line of code

-  25 minutes: documenting it that line of code, in the code (5 lines), in a document, a time sheets and a task list.

-  60 minutes: talking about that line of code, if I did anything other than exactly what I was told to do.
From the times above you can see that one programmer who just coded could replace all of the other programmers.
But, that's what maintenance programmers do, I guess. They don't code, they test and document. Thats messed up.

Development programmers use their time as follows:
- Designing and programming are interactive with the user and takes up about 90% of the time.
- The users are almost always happy to create the documentation. The design specs change in the development cycle.
- It's typical to write several hundred lines of code each day.
I can honestly say I didn't learn anything new in the last month.
If I stayed, I would have learned how to mindlessly write sloppy code. I can't do that. I care about the quality of my work.
The worst thing I saw about this job was: myself slowly going broke with no reputation to show for it.
In programming, if you don't gain new skills, you are almost worthless.
The only way to keep a job without learning new things is to lock yourself in. You can do that working for the government, or some big corporation where noone knows what or how you do what you do.
Usually, the people who have seniority in a programming shop, are the people with the fewest skills.
They haven't learned other ways of doing things, and they usually think their way is the only way.
They almost always say, "Thats not the way we do it here". 
Any programmer who reads this, should realize it is the truth.
Bad coders get promoted, while the good coders move on.
About job recruiters. They're great for when you don't know anyone, and you haven't established a reputation.
However, once you've been at a place for awhile, if you do exceptional work, people will talk about what you've done. When you leave a job, people will call you wanting to hire you. If they don't, then you have either a bad reputation or none.
We all sell ourselves by what we do. If we don't care about what we do, others will see that.
And there was no way I was going to get a good reputation at a place that controlled every thing I did.

11/03/2005 13:56:03
 Jim  We’re gonna go to St Petersburg Monday
I got a call from Pete Strickland (702-425-413-1580)

I have an interview on Monday 11/7 12pm, at Raymond James
Ask for Lisa Tomberlin in the IT Contracts Group, she works with Brian
It's at 880 Carillon Pky, St Petersburg, Fl 33733
I should dress up and the interview may be somewhat technical.


11/03/2005 08:01:13
 Jim  Yesterday, I worked on two tasks.
It seemed like the third part of the task was missing, forgotten or unassigned.
I asked Jeff about it and he told me he had the third part of it.
No one told me, and I've learned I'm not supposed to assume anything.
Now thats just fucked up.
11/02/2005 09:43:05
 Jim  It irritates me how little people think for themse
Once again, someone has said something demeaning about Smoking
I've known hundreds of smokers in my lifetime. Of them, only one has died from cancer.
Only one. I don't know if she smoked, but she almost died at my house on Gabriel Drive.
They've died of heart attacks, accidents, sucide and pneumonia.
In my opinion, several of them would have lived longer if they didn't have surgery.
But, that's just what I've seen with my own eyes.
Please note that the following does not mention deaths caused by old age, or deaths occurring after major surgeries.
Leading Causes of Death in the US (2002):
 1-Heart Disease: 696,947
 2-Cancer: 557,271
 3-Stroke: 162,672
 4-Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 124,816
 5-Accidents (unintentional injuries): 106,742

 6-Diabetes: 73,249
 7-Influenza/Pneumonia: 65,681
 8-Alzheimer's disease: 58,866

 9-Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 40,974
10-Septicemia: 33,865

11-Suicide: 31,655
12-Liver Disease: 27,257
13-Hypertension: 20,261
14-Homicide: 17,638
15-Pneumonitis: 17,593
Other Causes: 407,900

What you don't see is this:

Journal of Theoretics Vol.1-4
Oct/Nov 1999 Editorial

Smoking Does Not Cause Lung Cancer

(According to WHO/CDC Data)*
By:  James P. Siepmann, MD

Yes, it is true, smoking does not cause lung cancer. 
It is only one of many risk factors for lung cancer.
I initially was going to write an article on how the professional literature and publications misuse the language by saying "smoking causes lung cancer"1,2, but the more that I looked into how biased the literature, professional organizations, and the media are, I modified this article to one on trying to put the relationship between smoking and cancer into perspective. (No, I did not get paid off by the tobacco companies, or anything else like that.)

When the tobacco executives testified to Congress that they did not believe that smoking caused cancer, their answers were probably truthful and I agree with that statement.
Now, if they were asked if smoking increases the risk of getting lung cancer, then their answer based upon current evidence should have be "yes." 
But even so, the risk of a smoker getting lung cancer is much less than anyone would suspect.  
Based upon what the media and anti-tobacco organizations say, one would think that if you smoke, you get lung cancer (a 100% correlation) or at least expect a 50+% occurrence before someone uses the word "cause." 

Would you believe that the real number is < 10% (see Appendix A)? Yes, a US white male (USWM) cigarette smoker has an 8% lifetime chance of dying from lung cancer but the USWM nonsmoker also has a 1% chance of dying from lung cancer (see Appendix A). 
In fact, the data used is biased in the way that it was collected and the actual risk for a smoker is probably less. 
I personally would not smoke cigarettes and take that risk, nor recommend cigarette smoking to others, but the numbers were less than I had been led to believe. 
I only did the data on white males because they account for the largest number of lung cancers in the US, but a similar analysis can be done for other groups using the CDC data.

You don't see this type of information being reported, and we hear things like, "if you smoke you will die", but when we actually look at the data, lung cancer accounts for only 2% of the annual deaths worldwide and only 3% in the US.**


11/01/2005 18:34:35
 Jim  So Here’s The Plan:
- My last day at M2 is Friday.

- Next week I want to finish our tour of Florida.

- I may end up getting a job at Raymond James working on Web Development. I want that.
- If I don't find work, I'm going to work on my website, with marketting being my goal.

- If, by January, I haven't made any money off of my sites or found work then I'm going to take a Truck Driving School. 

- We'll live either here or in Las Vegas, depending on our money situation.
- If do go into Trucking, my goal will be to own a truck, then a fleet of trucks.

11/01/2005 07:45:36
 Jim  Friday’s my last day at M2
Dang...I really wanted to talk to Mike Muscato (the owner).
His resume reads exactly like mine.
All I wanted was 5 minutes of his time, but it doesn't look like I'm going to get even that.
I think I'll bust a nut to see the man.
I know if we talked about the old times with the ATM's and the switch networks, he'd place me someplace more appropriate than the change one line of code and talk about it for an hour position I've been in. There's a chance he's even heard of me. The Inn switch is probably as well know as the Star Network in Nevada (I think).
10/31/2005 07:51:19
 Jim  As much as I enjoyed last weekend, there were some
The condo was nice, but I felt like we were imposing somehow. It didn't feel right.
Plus my aunt wouldn't let us pay for anything. She insisted on paying for 2 lunches and a dinner.
It was hard to get her to smile. I was being my perky self, and Becky's always perky.
She like Becky a lot, but, I suppose all of the things she'd heard about me from my Dad and Kelly got in the way of things.
I bought her a Billy Bob Big Mouth Bass Plaque. She said her cats would like it.
She kept going on about how we were killing ourselves by smoking.
Both her and her husband had smoked. She still drinks a little. He died this year.
I kept saying that we all die from something when we get old. Old age is never listed as a cause of death.
She implied that I wanted to die. I just told her, no...I'm just not afraid of living.
Then we got on the thing about the medallion. She said her mom made a mistake by letting dad have it.
Then she said she was surprised Sonny let me take it out of his safety deposit box. My jaw dropped.

We openned the box and put it in there. It got stolen when I was documenting it. Someone broke a window to get into my house. I have a police report...sheesh!
When we talked about Kelly, I mentioned how Kelly could be dangerous.
She told everyone, including people I worked with that I dropped LSD and drove 24 hours her to Colorado Springs, which is stupid. I said, I had tried LSD, but that was long ago, and that Kelly mistook NoDose for drugs.
Kelly was badly mistaken.
My aunt got stuck on the LSD part. She asked why I did it and I said, everybody was doing it back then. She said, her kids and grand kids never did drugs, but her son might have smoked pot. I wanted to say, yea, right.
Then she got off on how poorly my Mom must have raised me.
How I must have gotten a lot of my traits from the Rogers.
I told her the Rogers were basically dull but very dependable people.
They'd get a job and work it all their lives, and they were very predictable.

I don't think Becky heard a lot of this because my aunt is such a low talker.
I doubt we'll be going back up there to visit any time soon.

10/27/2005 13:53:12
I reduced the code by 66% in RCBHLD. By removing cluttered logic.
In SCBHLD, I reduced the code by 41%.

And, I added functionality.

10/26/2005 23:04:29
 Jim  Oh yea, we’re getting an M2 lunch here on Monday.
We're ordering it, we pay for it and  I'm surprised I don't have to pay for all of it, since I'm the new guy.
I still haven't been introduced to everybody yet. Not even at the meeting today. wow.
Oh well.
10/26/2005 22:00:34
 becky  Happy Halloween
It's dracuala or is it a Batman? 
This was cute. Hope you like it?

                              Love Bexky
10/26/2005 17:36:38
 Jim  I love it!!!! That is SO COOL BECKY!!!
Wow. I just mentioned a couple of things of buggy things I found.
I'm actually afraid to mention any errors that I find anymore.
I showed someone an error that basically said "The Tandem Transaction System isn't working".
I mentioned that since it came from the Tandem and transaction processing is mostly what the Tandem does,
that it probably wouldn't ever be displayed, because the Tandem System would be down...DUH!!!
The response was "Nah, that could happen. If the server got too many transactions."
I wanted to say "Saddam Hussein could get the Nobel Peace Prize too."

This server processes one transaction, then dies, which in itself is queer.
But in this case, the 50 (not 3) lines of code used to display that crap causes this program to be spaghetti.
I asked Mikey if I should point anything out anymore, he said he gets an att-a-boy when he does at times.
I keep getting, naaah, we need that, or we shouldn't change that.
If I stayed here, I'd end up being SO depressed.
I'm depressed now.
10/26/2005 14:25:06
 becky  To My Love

This is cool 
10/26/2005 14:10:41
 becky  Here’s A Rainbow
You Brighten up my life Babe.
Rainbow Twirl Pink Triangle                       
Thank you for lunch today it was good. I'm watching 
Got Mail Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan.  


10/25/2005 11:43:37
 Jim  Hey there everybody!!!
I suppose I'm gonna get reamed again today.
Instead of adding a ?SAVE PARAM, ASSIGN in my program I put

?SAVE ALL in the program I'm working on.
There is no local docs saying I have to do it either way.
Something will be said about it, and if I am told to change it to ?SAVE PARAM, ASSIGN,
its going to cost these guys money when they finally discover STARTUPTEXT exists!!!
I don't think they're aware of that. The only program I've seen use it is a C program...which is pathetic.

10/25/2005 07:48:44
 Jim  So, Jeanne had better hope I never speak with Mr M
I'm sure he'd understand the significance of a decision that cost him $200.
It was just one email, one decision, and another day of management error.
Add that up over a year and you get $5,200.
10/25/2005 07:42:54
 Jim  I thought yesterday would offer some kind of confr
It almost happened, but it didn't. Everything wend gracefully, like I'd hoped.
I knew I was pushing the line when I put down zero hours for last Friday.
Jeanne asked me if I worked Friday
I replied "If I wasted our time on this project, I can't, in all honesty, bill for it. My loss."
Now, I know damned well its their loss, probably to the tune of over $200.
She came back and said "Let's split the difference, put down 4 hours".
Jeanne is so funny. She's lost her focus.
I may have lost $120, but the company lost at least $200.
And I would call that another bad management decision. LOL.
10/24/2005 06:06:19
 Jim  Now that my log is personal, I can finally say thi
Friends are people who offer you unconditional positive regard.
They don't take sides against you.
If they do, then they are not being your advocate, and they are not being your friend.
Good ol' Mikey told me today if I wanted to say somethings to try to improve M2 on my way out, not to expect anything.
I told him I wouldn't expect anything, I'd be leaving...but if there was some kind of suggestion I could make on my way out, let me know, and I'll voice it. That I'd like to do something good for the people at work.

Once again, Mikey said, sure, that's all well and fine, but don't expect anything.
And once again, I said, I don't expect anything. I'm leaving.
Then there's Jeff, saying he didn't have any trouble working on the progam I'm working on.
I didn't tell him I knew how many hours he put on the same program I'm working on.
He needed help keying in the input using the editor. I tried to help him, and finally let Mikey explain it to him.
As far as M2 goes, there is no team, and there was supposed to be.
I see a bunch of people who work together that don't communicate with each other.
The email to Phil about his coughing, sent by is enough to indicate that.
BTW - I like how Mikey backed up JoeSmith. That makes me think he did it.
But there is too much pressure and ambiguity for this simple application.
And I would have quit the first day, after I sized the place up. Phil knew I wanted to.Mikey didn't.
Now, all I want to do is leave. Honestly, when I said I resign on Friday, they should have let me go.
I will never understand this system because of how they are using it:
   They use params, not pathway, to control a server that has three different functions in it.
   Those three different functions having the same paragraph number in the program.
   The program has 10,000 lines of code in it.
   Documenting the program indicating each and every day a programmer worked on it...EG: * 103105 Continued
   Securing the DDL source (the heart of the file system) so no one can read it.
   Not documenting testing procedures, when thats 90% of what they do. 
   I've been told expanding a PIC 9(8) comp field to PIC 9(16) comp was out of line. That's just ridiculous.
   I worked over a day on a program that wasn't even used. It was someone elses junk.
  I've been reprimanded for not increasing a table size to 3,000. Jeanne said I didn't test the program.
  She was looking at a table that represented a small subset of the table need to be increased in size.
  BTW - That was the program that I took all of Mikey's code out of. I restarted it from scratch.
  He had no idea what he was doing. 
  Man, I sat back and took her insults.
10/24/2005 04:19:42
 Jim  I need to pull a rabbit out of my hat.
I've got a bunch of them in there.
I need to contact the president of this small company here. I worked with him at Caesars Palace.
He may something for me.

10/24/2005 03:34:27
 Jim  A local fisherman told us today, that this is the
He said it'll last through October, and it is always followed by a six month drought.
Can you place like a put on Orange futures?
10/24/2005 03:30:47
 Jim  Jeanette in Sacremento called tonight. She’s all w
Hurricane Wilma is all over the news out there, so I suppose its national news.

10/24/2005 03:29:29
 Jim  Here’s a perverse thought about the system I’m wor
This server that I'm working on in Pathway is actually three batch programs in one. What it does is determined by by someone actually changing parameters set in pathway. Pathway's purpose, the very reason its named pathway in the first place, is because requesters are supposed to determine which program to run, not fixed parameters.
I've been so overwhelmed by how these people use pathway.
I'm not even sure why they use the Tandem to do this processing.
Almost everything I've seen so far is batch, it is not online processing.
The Tandem is an online processor, it's terrible at batch processing.
People use it for EBay, Wall Street, ATM's, 911, medical and even Airline systems.
10/24/2005 03:09:12
 Jim  I was just scanning the local ads here.
I asked someone at work recently, what are they calling programmers theses days? Software Engineers?
This guy said, there are no such things as a programmers or software engineers any more.
They all have a degree in something else, programming is expected. lol.
I scanned Orlando's ads for programmer positions, and there seems to be a lot of them here.
One that caught my eye was an openning for a gaming programmer.
I should point out, that my interest in working here never ever had anything to do with money,
especially since my current contract sets me back 20 years in scale.
I was looking for job satisfaction. If I wanted to be a grunt, I could have worked in Las Vegas.
10/23/2005 19:52:01
 jim  OMG...I just talked to my Aunt Tass
She lives near Daytona Beach. Anyway, she sounds exactly like someone I
Anyway, we're coming down for the Friday at 7pm...
Once again, Yeeehaaaaa.
Also, I was thinking about tommorrow...should we come in or not?
In my case, what are they going to do? Fire me? lol.
10/23/2005 19:09:22
 jim  Hurricane Wilma is coming...and the weather is ter
I'm as serious as a heart attack.
The schools and government offices are closed for tommorrow.
Local TV Channel 13  is all about the weather right now.
Well this is just as exciting as all hell.
However, its not raining, you could go outside and if you went outside and blew bubbles, they'd land on your head.
Its calm out there.
10/23/2005 18:44:10
 jim  Its been an interesting day to say the least.
I invited Jeff over. He helped me carry a dresser up the stairs (which I gave to Mikey).
Mikey was on his way to see Neil Diamond.
We talked about work a little bit.
Now, I know, I've thought way too much about the things at work.
Seriously, all I want to do is leave.
If something sounds wrong, it probably is.
I heard a guy got fired because he didn't use his key card to get into the building on a Sunday.
Well, that didn't sound right, so for the heck of it, I went by there today.
The door was not locked. So, someone spread not only a vicious rumour, but a stupid one.
But enough about work, that's almost history, I hope
Becky and I sat on a bench next to Lake Destiny.
We talked to a guy fishing there. He was an interesting character. He said, if you salt water fish, or fish on a fresh water lake without a license, they take your boat, and hit you with $5,000 bail. So, he avoids the game wardens.
This fisherman said, said salt water fishermen have a four fish limit
I guess the ocean must be getting low on fish...haha.

10/23/2005 06:23:44
 Jim  M2-Corp

(407) 551-1300
850 Trafalgar Ct #100, Maitland, FL 32751

10/23/2005 06:19:41
 Jim  M2 People
Dave McCloud - VP
Bryan - Asst IT Manager
Jean - IT Manager
Kevin Callanan - Stj Inc
Mike Scasny - Stj Inc, business manager
Kevin Short - Kentucky guy, was consultant, now5 years emp.
Linda - Office Manager, HR
Jeff - Mike's friend. Consultant
Mike - Consultant
10/23/2005 06:17:06
 Jim  Robert’s Phone Number
Robert (702) 604-1318
Joy (702) 604-1319
10/23/2005 06:05:03
 Jim  CD Keys

10/23/2005 06:02:46
 Jim  Camden 818 Renaissance #301
Our Phone: 321.558.5059
818 Renaissance, 32714
Camden Renaissance

818 Renaissance Pointe #301
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714-3504
Fax (407) 294-8639. 
Progress Energy

Service will start 9/30.
Acct: #7375241103

Bright House 407.461.8098. $135/mo
Will come out 10/1 11~2pm
Phone-digital modem
Main phone should be wired, not cordless.
We'll know our phone # 9/19/2005
Unlisted #, other phones work normally.
we do our own wireless
TV-1 Digital box/recorder
All rooms will work w/o box.
I got the only package w/phone/cable/isp.
Autopay available after 1st month.
Other Bills
Water/Garbage - $30 to Utility Co
Washer/Dryer - $40 to Camden
Rental Insurance - $20 to Insurance Co
Move In Rent - $966.17 + $87.50 split.
Move in Sept 30th. Bldg 818 (20) .
Need $1,000/2.
$40 rent wd,
$30 water/garb, discount on cable.
$20 renters insurance for $20,000.
DMV-940 W Canton Ave, FL 32789

10/22/2005 22:03:52
 jim  We went to Universal Studios tonight.
I'd rate it a little lower than Universal Studios, Ca, but, these parks are always fun.
Among the rides, we liked the ET ride best of all. It wasn't a lot of spills, chills and thrills, but it was very visual.
I'm still very happy about the decision I made to quit.
Life is good.
Oh, we ate at a Whistle Stop restaurant/buffet on the way home. They have GREAT food.
Fried Green Tomatos, Killer Spanish sauce with tomatoes/okra/onions, GREAT mashed potatos and gravy
and a very very nice Chicken and Dumplings dish.
10/22/2005 15:17:54
 jim  A Taste of Florida
10/22/2005 14:09:48
 jim  I need a summary for next week to give to Mr Musca
I probably shouldn't waste time hoping to be introduced.
I don't know what kind of man he is, and frankly I don't really care.
And I'd have rather had 5 minutes of his time before I walked in the door, than when I'm walking out.
But my summary might be something like this:
    Since testing is a major portion of M2's business, develop test procedures. Word of mouth is terrible documentation.
    Documenting programs like you would a car, is fine. But for most people, they just need to know how to drive it.
    Get test data from a QA database. They are the experts on testing. Use them like you would any other asset.
God, how I'd love to intimidate Jeanne, using her techniques. She likes to put people on the spot with silly questions.
I'd say something like:
- Why did you waste 30 man hours putting Jeff, Mike and I on simular projects. To compare us?
- Why did you tell me to learn this program? Then when I said I documented testing it, you said I was wasting time.
But ya know, I don't care enough to do that. It would be fun, but it wouldn't accomplish anything useful.
10/22/2005 11:39:51
 jim  I know I’ve thought some things to death.
But when something seems wrong, I have to know why.
I always ask the question "WHY?".
When Pepcon blew up and the ceiling was falling in at Bank of America,
Everybody was leaving the building through the turnstyle, standing in line, waitng to swipe their cards to get out.
I went out the emergency exit next to the turnstyle and the line followed me.
I thought about this for a long time.
I wondered why people were standing in line, when an emergency existed.
It was because they weren't thinking. Without question, they were doing what they had been told to do.
By my action, I told them to use the Emergency Exit.
There were probably 50 people standing in that line.
I was the first one to think of using the emergency exit.
In a worse emergency, they would have died.
The difference between me and them was, I'm a leader and they were followers.
10/22/2005 11:25:32
 jim  I need to zoom in on this one action from last wee
If you were a trucking company, and you had three units to deliver to one place.
Would you:
1-Have one truck driver deliver all three units to that place.
2-Have three truck drivers each driving different types of trucks, deliver one unit a piece to that place

Obviously, you'd pick option 1, if you wanted to get the job done.
You'd pick option 2 if you wanted to find you most efficient driver.
However, your experiment would have failed, because they were each driving different types of trucks.
In Mike, Jeffs and my case, the our truck type, was who told us how to test our program.
I couldn't have just known to run RSBNVAL, where as Mike and Jeff were probably told to do that.
I was told that, of course, the record has to validated, which I'd think would happen in the program I was working on.

10/22/2005 00:17:13
 jim  Its late...hopefully my brain will shut up now.
I want to go to sleep, but everything seems to be coming out now.
10/22/2005 00:16:24
 jim  And here’s another one, I had to sign a Confidenti
On the first day of work, after I'd invested $1,500 just to get the job.
I think I would have to sign it...wouldn't anybody?
That kind of thing should have been signed before taking the job, not after. So if there was any problem, it could be worked out as part of the consultants contract.
That makes me wonder what else I'd have to sign to keep my job, if I decided to stay there.
Like I said, none of this makes sense to me. Who does business like this?

10/22/2005 00:09:25
 jim  Oh jeese...I can’t sleep...I keep thinking about t
A fellow programmer (contractor) got an email from
It had to come from someone at work, because you could guess an M2-Corp address.
They had to know it. It said:

Please, control your coughing. It's very annoying and I can't concentrate at work because of it.
Seek medical attention for it, or do what ever you have to do, but stop it.
The break area (where the coffee and refrigerator are) has a sign on the wall. It says:

Please be quiet, there are people working.
The front door is locked. Someone always has to let people in.
Its probably the only office in the building with a locked front office door.
Unlike the IRS, there are no live data systems there. If anything, they're across the hallway, in a different area.
Besides, every place I've worked has an auto logoff set on Tacl.
I'm told if I were to enter Linda, the office manager's, office and she's not there, 
I'll be fired. uh...ok.
I'm told Jeanne at work fired a guy for saying he worked on Saturday,


because the key card system for the building didn't show him entering the building.
#1 That's just a very ill thought lie, if someone actually did say it.
#2 Why would someone check and depend on a system they know nothing about, when they're Tandem experts?

#3 Why wouldn't they check the Tandem system that they are supposed to be experts on?
#4 Why would someone spread that kind of rumour if it were true, anyway?
#5 If work had fired him for that, and they wrote it down, they could be liable for a lot of money if sued and they couldn't prove it. At the very least, they could be sued for slander. And that would just make them stupid.
Anyone should know that. I think they teach that in Management 101.
What else do you get in trouble for?
If you come in early, you have to prove it with an email (that could easily be fudged, check out who spams you sometime)
If you work late, you have to prove it with an email.
If you take a longer lunch than normal, you will get reprimanded for it.
If you need to take off early, you should put it on the calendar.
If you don't send an email with TIME SHEET W/E 100505 as the heading with your time sheet attached, you will get reprimanded.

If you work on a program for two days, you must enter that in the code (in a comment). 

If you accidentally change your program's source date (not the code) the day after you've finished it,

you have to document it. But you don't have to recompile it, which seems strange.
Does any of this make any sense?

If you receive a project on Friday and accept it just before you take off, it will be two days late on Monday, and they say that to you. (Mine was a program I'd accepted on Friday before a three day weekend). On Monday, it was 4 days late. I got reprimanded for that.

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