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This log represents the Life and Times of the Las Vegas Dude.
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10/14/2007 02:31:52
 jim  Louisville,KY-4thSt Sullys-Babes and Gawkers
10/13/2007 23:36:14
 jim  Third Base - Indiana
10/13/2007 01:49:25
 jim  Louisville,KY-Saddleridge Babes
10/12/2007 10:46:26
 jim  Louisville,KY-Petrus,StevieRays,Jim,Becky
10/07/2007 11:43:32
 jim  HuberFarms Market
10/04/2007 22:22:12
 jim  Once upon a time in Louisville
10/04/2007 20:36:02
 jim  Louisville,KY-4thSt-Blue October
10/04/2007 06:46:28
 jim  Calls are coming in for jobs
Being on the market for jobs means you've got to be ready for phone calls, anytime.
Its a big world out there with lots of time zones.
I came home last night, Becky was out front with Ms Beatty.
They wanted to know if I could help her by taking a couple of boxes to the Greyhound Bus Staion. I said sure, but I've got to hop the phone for an interview. It turned out it wasn't a couple of boxes, it was a truckload, and it had to be hauled from the six floor. We emptied out the truck, loaded up the boxes, and I had my phone interview in a parking lot. Ms Beatty gave Becky $50, which was really nice, but we didn't ask for anything.
10/03/2007 19:32:54
 jim  Louisville,KY-Sunset
09/29/2007 22:58:57
 jim  Bowling Green
Bowling Green does have a strange name, doesn't it?
I think they should have named it Bingo Green instead...cause I didn't see a Bowling Alley.

09/29/2007 21:13:04
 jim  Nashville Accident

We were in the left hand lane,
travelling south on 7th or 8th street, near the stop light at Union.
A red truck was in front of us. A bus and a limo were stopped in the right lane. The red pickup truck looked like it was having a hard time getting around the bus.We saw a man hop out of the red truck, run in front of our truck and into the path the oncoming Toyota SUV.
He looked for oncoming traffic only after he was in the lane.
The SUV hit him pretty hard, and he was thrown about 40'.
I hopped out and called 911. 
The impact was strong enough to knock everything out of man's pockets.
The ambulance and police showed up after about ten minutes.
I gave my statement, consolled the driver.
I gave my contact info to the police and driver.
The driver of the Toyota SUV was in terrible shape.
Her emotions might be shredded for weeks.
She called her boss and someone called her lawyer.
The fellow that got hit, had incredible reactions!
For a guy that wasn't paying attentioned, he did well.
As the Toyota hit him, he put his hands out,
then maintained a perfect skid on his back.
He may have gotten lucky with just a nasty bruise,
but he was conscious, and screaming in pain.
The people that also saw the accident:
- Two pedestrians from Memphis,
- Some lady from India who was screaming and crying. No one knows why she was so emotional. We thought maybe she was involved somehow.
- The convenience store manager said he saw it too. He thought the girl was speeding. I wanted to tell him to just Shut Up !!!
There was nothing the girl could have done.
09/29/2007 19:23:56
 jim  Nashville Buildings
09/29/2007 18:52:22
 jim  Nashvilles 1st and Broadway
09/29/2007 18:43:02
 jim  Nashville People
09/29/2007 17:57:48
 jim  Nashvilles Capitol
09/29/2007 14:34:20
 jim  Mammoth Cave
09/29/2007 12:56:01
 jim  MammothCave,KY
09/29/2007 07:14:44
 jim  Job Satisfaction.
I got a chance to talk one-on-one with Peter about values.
Specifically, we talked about money vs job fulfillment.
For me, the rule is the most amount of money for the least amount of work, but that's changing now.
Here in Louisville, the cost of living is half of what it is in Vegas. We don't need a lot of money.
Almost any kind of job would pay the bills.
And I'm happy here.
If I were to lower my work expections, a lot of jobs would open up.
It seems both Peter and I are tired of being disposable employees.
We know some day, we'll be going through the gates at work, and they won't open.
Then we'll call, and find out we don't work there any more. It will be that abrupt.
And then there's also the issue about taking orders from people who burn their knuckles on the carpet when they walk.
Is it worth it?
Do I really need to make five times as much as the average person?
There are money pressures, for sure, but I've created all of them. 
I could eliminate them just as easily as I create them, if I could only decide to just let go.
All I have to do is decide what I want
Happiness is a state of mind that only exists in the present. You can't plan a happy future.
So, planning to be happy some day in the future isn't logical.
I know Becky would like to stay here, and so would I.
But what would we have to give up to stay here in paradise?
I think I'd have to give up the unique existence that I've grown so accustomed too.
My self image would have to drop from exceptional to normal.
Happiness is a personal decision based on a persons environment and self esteem.
A really good self esteem can override any bad environment.
But a good environment is like WD-40 for a rusty soul.
It makes a good self esteem easier to accomplish.
However, Maslow's self actualization can be achieved in thought. You can be happy anywhere.
I've seen happy bums.
09/28/2007 20:54:01
 jim  Louisville,KY-4thStLive-Average White Band
09/28/2007 20:54:00
 jim  4thStLive,KY-Average White Band
09/27/2007 22:15:26
 jim  Becky met the people I work with today.
We all ate at the Hard Rock Hotel downstairs.
They all liked her! It was great!
Later, Becky and I went to an outdoor Indian restaurant.
Gosh the food was really good.
The restaurant is on Restaurant Row, down on Bardstown road.
Bardstown road is about 3 miles of nothing but Mom and Pop stores and restaurants, and its always packed.
Most of the streets surrounding it are single lane with parking on both sides, but they are 2 way.
So you have to pull over if someone is coming your way.
And Bardstown road is a four lane, until dark. Then two of the side lanes become parking lanes. They have stop lights in each lane that tell you which way to drive.
Sometimes, the whole road goes only one way!
Now different.
09/27/2007 06:07:53
 jim  The most spectactular light show
Its right outside my window!
Thunder smacking the sides of high rises.
Rain pouring down.
What a way to wake up !!!
The lightning looks like its right outside my window.
I guess thats because IT IS !!!
I just recorded lightning striking right next to us...
the camera fell off the window sill. SO COOL!!!
I didn't have time to upload the pix...
I'll have to put it on later.
09/27/2007 03:10:24
 jim  Ate with Peter, Susan and the gang
We went to, you guessed it, TGIFs!
Its nice to have everything within walking distance.
Its also nice to talk to people that you have things in common with too.
Like Peter, taking a contract, and it lasting one week. The computer was still on the pallets.
Like me, taking a contract, and not even having a PC set up.
And this other guy, who started, but has nothing to do at all, but wait, and read.
I used to think it would be great to get paid the big bucks for doing nothing, but it feels awkward.
Its feels odd, being a disposable worker.
We know that some day, we'll come in and our security cards won't work, and we'll be gone.
I've heard it so many times:
You'll get fired for walking into the secretary's office when she's not there,
or tweaking a program from the web and not removing the authors name,
or using the phone for personal business
or letting a former employee in.
Maybe Peter's right to get out of the trade.
Susan would like to see us all do something new and rewarding.
Its nice to sit back and shake out new ideas.
Nothing earth shattering has come up yet.
It will though. It always does. And it won't be something any of us would expect.
I have lots of faith in the belief that Everything always works out for the best.
Lots of failures don't matter if you succeed.
After all the 10,000+ failures, the light bulb was created from only 1 success.
wow...what am doing up and why are you reading this...bwaahaahaaha
09/26/2007 12:28:04
 jim  Don’t ya just hate it when you’ve got a 6 month co
- its delayed one month coming in.
- it gets sold
- the new contract isn't adjusted for that month.
- your Yellow Page ad comes out, but you decided to give up an active business to come out.
- the people you work for think its a 3 month contract
- and you have alread paid up a 6 month lease.
I could see there was a misunderstanding after my second week here.
There really is no development going on here...just maintenance.
My project was the first real development project they've had in years!
But, I just found out I won't get to implement the project.
Its got to wait months and months and months before it goes in. It's dependant on other departments.
So thats depressing...hmmm.
Anyway, I am VERY proud to have had this chance, and its been great living in Kentucky again!
October 26th is my last day. 
Maybe...I'm not sure where they got that date from.
Its in no contract that I've seen.
09/26/2007 12:28:04
 Chez2199   (Reply).Don’t ya just hate it when you’ve got a 6 month c
wow what a drag Oct 26th huh? Going to look for anything in the area?
09/25/2007 20:09:37
 jim  Louisville,KY-Tumbleweed
09/25/2007 07:12:15
 jim  Do stocks have a personality?
I've been watching the stock market, and noticed between 10 am and 11 am, stocks will take a jump, usually around 2% in one direction or the other. I'm thinking its from night trading, but I'm not sure.
They also seem to respond opposite of the way they you'd think they would.
One of Boyd's hotels just burned, and its stock went up?
I wish I could just invest in whatever Dick Chaney invests in.
09/24/2007 19:36:03
 jim  4thStLive,KY-SaraJohnson
09/24/2007 17:39:22
 jim truck is fixed.
Ahhh....Rod called about 6:30 am asking if I needed a ride.
What a guy!!!
The Ford people (three blocks away from the apartment) gave me a ride to work.
At first, they said they couldn't give me a ride back after 3pm,
then at 4:30pm they called and said they could.
They also said my truck wouldn't be done until tommorrow,
then at 4:45pm they said it was done.

I feel like a new man!
By the way, Ford gave me an oil change for only $12 and a new battery for $80. What a deal!!!
09/21/2007 23:45:24
 jim  Louisville,KY-4thStLive Becky struttin
09/21/2007 23:45:24
 jim   (Reply)4thStLive,KY-Becky Struttin
09/21/2007 23:45:24
 jim   (Reply)20070921 Louisville, Kentucky - Becky struttin
If you're going to strut your stuff, Louisville's Saddle Ridge at 4th Street Live is the place to do it. Becky is feeling all hot here, after she got that great hair cut.
09/21/2007 22:23:38
 jim  4thStLive,KY-SaddleRidge Waitresses
09/21/2007 18:08:48
 jim  Louisville,KY-Becky,Linda haircut
09/21/2007 00:00:00
 Jim  Hair Styles - per Sheila
Visable Changes - Linda
5304 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40291
Becky got a beautiful haircut...

Someone referred me to Linda.
She does excellent work.
Linda, you are the best!
You should be in Hollywood.
09/20/2007 23:03:32
 jim  Who sang this?

The world was on fire
No one could save me but you.
Strange what desire will make foolish people do
I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you
And I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you

No, I don't want to fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]
No, I don't want to fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]
With you
With you

What a wicked game you play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you
What a wicked thing to say
You never felt this way
What a wicked thing to do
To make me dream of you
v And I don't wanna fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]
And I don't want to fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]

{World was on fire
No one could save me but you
Strange what desire will make foolish people do
I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you
I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you

No I don't wanna fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart
No I don't wanna fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]
With you
With you

Nobody loves no one
09/20/2007 23:03:32
 Chez2199   (Reply).Who sang this?
ok now i recognize the song but still dont remember the artist
09/21/2007 19:30:41
 Chez2199   (Reply).Who sang this?
i don't know? so i spent the last 4 nights after work replacing the liner in my pool :-( What's on the weekend plan list for ya
09/20/2007 07:34:49
 jim  The Brown Hotel
They are known for their Hot Brown creation.
A hot brown is an open face turkey sandwich with cheese sauce and bacon.
We tried it! We liked it!
The Browns Hotel is very old. Its in what looks like a rough area, but the hotel is exquisit.
The hotel is very elegant. Its a must see in Louisville.
Old man Brown is said to haunt the place, with apparitions and strange occurances.
We learned about Al Capone's lost tunnels to the river. It is rumoured they used to hide out in them and play poker.
It was quite a walk to get there.
On the way, we ran into a bum who said he was born in the 17th century. He wanted $2 to buy a beer for his mom.
We ran into two more bums that were just as crazy.
We also saw a cop car, speeding 30 mph in reverse, looking for a place to turn around.
Another cop car was trailing him.
09/19/2007 19:01:04
 jim  Louisville,KY-4thSt-The Brown Hotel
09/19/2007 17:54:41
 jim  IPhone Pictures
Louisville's Most Wanted The Place: Louisville, KY
The Time: September, 2007
The Crime: Trafficking in Happiness.
If you should spot these suspects on the street, be careful. They are armed with humor and aren't afraid to use it.
These pictures were taken from my little IPhone. Its lens is about the size of a pin head! What do ya think?
Becky. AKA: Babe, Mini Mouse Peter. AKA: The Horny Pianist
Jeff. AKA: The Red Waiter Jesse. AKA: Pubby, Drink Slinger
09/19/2007 17:33:27
 jim  I must be
I can't even get a 'yes' when I offer to buy people lunch AT A STEAK and LOBSTER house thats only 200' away!
I got rejected today. Now thats pretty bad. I must be disgusting. Am I that bad?
Its no big deal.
I can eat lunch with a lot of people here. Just not the ones I work with.
Me, I think good PR is very important.
We never know when the tables will turn, and it is a very small world.
I believe that networking is important too, even if I don't really like the people I'm networking with.
I want to leave where I'm at, with at least a handful of email addresses and phone numbers.
The networks I like are based on trust and a promise.
And I people in my network to know, that if I'm ever in a position of power, I'll pull them in.
Thats kind of hard to do though, when you can't even have a power lunch. lol.
09/19/2007 09:22:44
 jim  Louisville,KY-BAMS PC
09/19/2007 00:12:56
 sae  .I got the IPhone. I love it!!!
I've been told that if you use WAP instead of WEP, you'll have better security and you won't have to enter those hex numbers. You didn't buy me one too? Not even a Treo? Did you keep your old cell number?
09/18/2007 23:15:35
 jim  4thStLive,KY-Becky

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