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10/14/2005 06:41:08
 Jim  I’m sitting here, looking at Becky sleeping so pea
And wondering if we made a mistake by coming out here.
Everything is so unfamiliar. Money is tight. We have only a few hours each day to spend together.

We've lost the luxury of freedom.
I've feel like a king who has chosen to be indigent just to be in someone elses world.
If I come clamoring back to Las Vegas after falling back a few steps here in Florida,
then I was just lucky in the decisions I made in Las Vegas.
However, if I can do well here, then what I did in Vegas wasn't luck, it was ability.
My life has been a perpetual experiment trying to prove this one theory 
- That we are the creators of our own lives.
- and that we (not some glowing entity in the sky) are the god that we pray to in our solemnity.
If this experiment fails, then my theory must be wrong.
I also think we chose to be here in this world. We aren't just an accident of nature.
But, I'm more than happy to wait to find out if that theory is true or not.

To those who ask the question "what are we doing here", the answer will reveal itself in the end.
I guess, no matter where I go, my soul searching will go with me.
I apologize to anyone who reads this and wonders why I talk this way. I'm just curious.
I believe that if Dorothy closed her eyes, clicked her heals three times, and said there's no place like home,
she could have been back in Kansas at anytime. 
Becky and I can do that too.

10/13/2005 20:07:11
 Jim  Well, babe, its nice when you say things are nice.
I love when nice things happen to nice people like us...
10/13/2005 08:12:27
 Jim  The funny things about living in a 3rd floor apart
We buy small quantities of groceries now.
We don't order pizza because the dumpster is 1/4 of a mile away.
Everything we do seems to be based on carrying things up or down the stairs.
Someone should invent a portable balcony wench for apartments like these, just to haul grocery bags up and down.

10/13/2005 07:29:32
 Jim  I fixed the Log Activity screen for paging
And also, it goes to the right spot now when you click on an entry.
I've got to remember to enclose my Href's with quotes.
It took about an hour to figure that out.
10/12/2005 14:37:29
 Jim  I’m bored. Mikey and I ate lunch at an Indian Rest
I still smell like curry fried rice. It was good food, especially the lemon chutney stuff.
This morning I got my Florida plates.
The Tax Assessors Office had no signs from the street. In fact, it was in the middle of a little mall.
There was no line, but there were a few snags.
- The tax guy needed to see my odometer (which has a mind of its own).
It didn't work.
- I could have gotten my personalized plates overnight,
but he said if my Schwab debit account didn't work, we'd have to do everything all over again.
- They took my Title to my truck.
I'll get a Florida one in 3 months. Now, I've got to wonder what will happen if I want to sell my truck.
The good thing about this is, I've got my ex's name off of the title.
The bad thing, of course is, I may never get my title back.
I've hit snags before, where a date/something didn't match, and I ended up with nothing.
Whatever the case, its all much cheaper than Vegas.
My plates cost $230, my insurance is $260 (I think), and I don't need a smog test

10/12/2005 11:06:35
 Jim  Correction....Mikey is not moving to San Franquerc
He's moving to Pleasantville, Ca.
10/12/2005 07:09:25
 Jim  Got up this morning and fixed the Log Dates on LVD
Paging back and forth was a mess. As it turned out, I got to rip out a bunch of code.
VB has a DateAdd("m",-1,mydate) function that manipulates dates very nicely.
Finding these functions is a pain without a manual or online help.
10/12/2005 07:07:22
 Jim  It’s gonna be weird here without Mikey.
He's 1/4th of the reason we came up. The reason definitely wasn't money.
My reasons for coming out here were
- Health Insurance

- See the East coast and get out of Las Vegas
- Fix up my Resume with current activity

- Hang with Mikey, because he's one of the few friends I have left.
Oh well, if he goes to San Francisco and works full time, maybe he'll be able to pull me in. That would be nice.
San Francisco now seems stained though, since Skip died there.

10/12/2005 07:01:35
 Jim  Last night, we went to DMV...but it was the wrong
Here in Florida, the Tax Collector takes care of vehicle license plates, and there's not many of them around.
To make things worse, they're only open 8:30am to 5:00pm., the hours I work.
So, I HAVE TO TAKE TIME OFF, and that sux.
Becky and I went to Tony Roma's last night. Man, that food was very good, and reasonably priced.
We also swung by Walmart to pick up a sheet, table, and clock. Much needed stuff.
10/11/2005 14:05:24
 Jim  Wow Babe...I love you so much too.
You're logged on as me right now it looks like I told me I love me....haha
10/11/2005 13:36:29
 jim  Hi Babe
I love you so much. I felt really bad about what you
said yesterday. I know you didn't mean what you said.

I know that you would ever leave me,we are too good
for each other. We love each other so much. I do miss
you when you are at work. It makes me feel good
when you call me. Today I'm doing laundry, watched
the movie Phatom of the Opera. Now I'm watching
ZZtop the music vidoes. I love this screen it is so cool.





                 Love you


10/11/2005 07:46:14
 Jim  I did a rotten thing yesterday.
I wanted Becky to overcome her fear of riding roller coaster's.
I told her an 8 year old that was riding this one coaster was braver than she was.
And then I told her if she didn't ride the coaster, she'd be on the next flight out to Vegas.
That makes me an asshole.

I don't know why I'd say something so cruel to someone as special as my sweet Becky.
I must be changing for the worst.
I don't like my job.
I don't like being poor again.
I don't like what the future is going to turn out to be if I stay in this situation.
I'm going to make a choice soon. It will be finishing LVDUDE or truck driving.
With either decision, I'll get to finish the condo and get some permanent income coming in.
None of the above is an excuse for saying what I said to Becky though. That was inexcusable.

10/11/2005 07:17:39
 Jim  I got up this morning at 4am to write some code on
Channel 8 in Las Vegas rewrote their website. It kind of looks like this one, which is scary.
LVDUDE has a very open format. There isn't anything else like it on the internet.
You can copy links, enter a personal blog and easily enter ads.
If I don't do something with this site in a year, the design will be worthless. So, I've got to keep trying to improve its looks and functionality. This is one of my opportunities to get rich. I must either finish it, or give it up.
10/11/2005 07:11:50
 Jim  Yesterday, we went to Universal Studios - Islands
The rides were great! We almost rode everything in 8 hours. A few of the rides were closed.
The worst thing that happened was when I ate a leg of turkey and the darned thing got stuck.
Man, that's painful. I kept riding the rides though. The pain lasted for two hours this time. sheesh.
We'd gotten what turned out to be an excellent deal on Universal Studios from Costco.
$64 for three months in either Universal Studios, or Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure.

The gate price for 1 day, 1 park is $54.

10/10/2005 08:44:41
 Jim  I can feel my Vegas spirit slipping away.
I've only been here three weeks, and it feels like I've been gone from Vegas for years.
I'm getting caught up in the day-to-day living. I may never know the answer to the what-if's I had.
What If: I'd finished this website instead of moving here?
Keep in mind, I wrote this program in a weekend--->

What If: I'd gotten Rainbird to buy my A/C energy saver?
Would I have gotten rich?
As it stands now, I may never know.
6:00am - I get up  and  work on LVDUDE.COM for maybe an hour.
7:30am - I take a shower at 7:30am. 

8:30am - I'm at work.
6:00pm - I get home from work

6:30pm - I have to feed Becky and myself. 
10pm    - I'm in bed.
I'd estimated completing LVDUDE in about a month, working 10 hours a day on it.
As it stands, it'll take 10 months because I'm only working on it 1 hour a day.
My budget is tight, because I'm not making much money. It will be December before I break even from just moving.
In other words, I'm becoming just like everybody else. I'm losing my dreams of a better future.
I'm not controlling life. Life is controlling me. It's trying to drag me into its little pits of hell.
It's my belief, that when a man's dreams die, he loses his soul.
He becomes a robotic zombie, doing the same routine every day of his life, until his life is expunged.
Soon, I'll be balancing pennies in my checkbook, thinking I can't afford to take vacation time.
I'll be thinking I need this job and fearing these people are going to fire me.
I'll lose my feelings of self worth.
If I cared about this job, my esteem would have already been crushed.
I've got to keep site of this one thought: "I am somebody. I can change the world.".

10/09/2005 23:15:14
 Jim  We rearranged the furniture AGAIN this morning.
And I think Becky and I both agree, it's pretty cool. The bedroom has a 12' projected TV screen on one wall, an air bed to lay on, and some fold up camp ground chairs (bright orange). It looks like a giant ate an M&M factory and puked furniture all over our apartment. So many colors.
We picked up some 1 park/3 month tickets for Universal Studio and Universal Adventure Island this after noon. They cost about $60 (a few more $$ than a one day ticket). What's confusing is, if its one park, how come they mention two parks on the box. Everyone says it like one park, but in different directions. Anyway, I think I read somewhere its 44 square miles, so, we will get lost without a map.
10/07/2005 19:30:04
 jim  Hi Babe
I LOVE YOU! Kisses & Hug's(((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Thank You for the sloppy Barbaque it was great lol. I liked when you
you came in and suprised me. It was so good.
10/07/2005 02:02:30
 Jim  WOWEEEE!!! It was raining hard here at 1am.
I got up and went out on the balcony to watch it. Across from us, three floors up, I saw a couple in their kitchen. They were moving funny.
SO, I got my binoculars. What happened next was a surprise for Becky.

They went to their balcony. He took off her pants and went down on her.
My binoculars by this time were zoomed in at maximum!!!
About then, I had to let Becky know.
When I went back out on the the balcony, they were still going at it like wild dogs!
She finally flopped off of him and back into her chair.

10/07/2005 00:08:10
 Jim  Robert just called.
It was 11:30pm here and we were sleeping. It's funny, because when I woke up, it felt like I'd slept for at least 6 hours.
They got a 99 Ford Escort for $1,000.
Now ain't that cool? He said the Blue Book on it was $2,000.

I could use one of those little go carts in this town.
They are getting a landline soon.
That'll be much better. I love cell phones, but they still cut out a lot when you're on speaker phone
Renee got kicked out of BADD
She wasn't bad though. Her toe was. It looks like they mainly want PYT's to spread the word.
She's moved in with Grandma, which, if my guess is right, she'll be kicked out of there pretty soon.
I'm guessing she never got her diploma or GED. She knows nothing about real work, and she's 20.
It'll be interesting to see what's going to happen with her.
I guess Robert and Sonny are the only two people in Las Vegas that miss us.
Noone else has called us out here from Vegas.
You'd think Grandma or Renee would have called us by now. They have free long distance.
That's pretty depressing when I think about it.
The people who call us are my Dad, Sonny, Robert, Ida (in Missouri) and Jeanette (in Sacremento).

They'll get nice Christmas presents this year...haha.

10/06/2005 14:39:07
 jim  Well, I suppose by not having a project, I’m fired
Hmmmm. It could even be a relief.
Jeff was working one of my previous projects. He merged my stuff into it, and I retested my stuff.
I was told that was a waste of time. I'm so confused. Either I'm supposed to test something to death, or I'm not.
I can't win here. I'm playing a loser's game.
10/06/2005 12:41:48
 Jim  Enform
 title     @date as date *
           TAB 20 "* * *   C A E S A R S   P A L A C E   * * *"
           TAB 70 "PAGE " @PAGENO ;
  subtitle @time as time *
           TAB 20 "            BRANCH LISTING        "
           TAB 70 "CCAGENT";
10/06/2005 12:40:20
 Jim  DDL
  02 CCP-KEY.
    03 CCP-PITAREA                PIC XXXX.
  02 CCP-MARKERAMT         PIC S9(9) COMP.
  02 CCP-SETSHIFT                PIC X.
  02 CCP-SHIFT                      PIC XXX.
  02 CCP-SETACTDATE        PIC 9(5).
  02 FILLER                             PIC X(5).


10/06/2005 07:42:55
 jim  I changed the log activity screen to look a little
Last night, Jeff, Becky and I went on a search to find cheap cigarettes.
We went all over looking for a smoke shop. One downtown was supposed to be duty free, but it was closed.
The businesses here must change frequently, because the phone book and online yellow pages aren't up-to-date.
I talked to Jamie and asked her to submit me to JP Morgan in Tampa.

It would mean a 25% increase in wages, so, I'd be crazy not to give it a shot.
At M2, there is absolutely no chance for bettering my position. They just barely recognize my existance.
Hanging out there is a daily grind of deadlines and one line changes. Its a good way to waste your life if that's what you want.
I'd be doing well to write a simple report. I think they'd think I'm to stupid to write a requester/server pair.
I had to increase a working storage field from PIC 9(8)V99 to PIC 9(9)V99 yesterday.
I increased it to PIC 9(16)V99.
I wanted to increase it to PIC 9(16)V99 COMP, but didn't dare to do it.
WHY? Because, when I increased it to 9(16), I was asked why I did that.
I said, so the field will never have to be increased again, and there was no reason not to.
If I comped it, it would be smaller than what they had to begin with.
So, improving anything is probably a mistake. They make their money by billing hours for petty changes.
If I were the owner, I might be thinking that not having to change the field again and again cost $$$ in billing hours.

10/05/2005 15:47:53
 jim  I got up this morning and fixed my Link Sharing co
All I have to do with my site is to make it look prettier, and to figure out the best way to make money with it.

It seems like it's pretty much good to go.
I need to test it for the kind of people who'll be using the site though.
They will be deep country folk, probably with dial up connection and low-computer skills.

10/04/2005 17:27:48
 jim  Orlando Apt-Becky,Jim
10/04/2005 07:43:37
 jim  I came home last night and the cable, phone and in
I'm not using our internet connection because its being dominated.
The phone and cable I could care less about.
However, I picked up a wireless router at CompUsa on the way home.
Since the internet is down, I can't set it up.
Mikey said he'll set it up, SO, I'm going to let him.
Its not enough to just want something.
If you want something, but aren't willing to work for it, you must not want it very badly.
Besides, the router should set up easily.
I've done my transactions over the net...not the way I'd like to have done them...but at least their in.
So, I'm happy.
10/04/2005 07:35:34
 jim  I’m just not having any fun at work...but lots of
These two hour projects leave no time for anything extra.
I may be terribly misplaced at M2.
1) You have to fudge everything. They only think they have a test system.
2) You rarely see a screen that immulates production.
When I've set up test systems,
- They've had a whole day's worth of data that can be replayed, 
- A pathway system where a screen can be displayed and sent and a server can be debugged

Anything but entering raw data through notepad, then sending it through a program.
I'm back in the stone ages as far as work goes.

AND, I'm not going to get anytime to improve it.

10/03/2005 16:25:27
 jim  I’m at work. Slept maybe 4 hours last night.
The last hour of working in this quiet place just draaaaaaaaaaagggggggggssssssssssss on.

I wanna snore so bad.
I'm going to swing by and pick up a "D-Link DI 524 AirPlus G High Speed 2.4 Ghz wireless Router" on the way home.

With a name like's gotta be worth $20...haha.

10/03/2005 03:04:05
 jim  Hot and Cold
That's how I'd describe this trip.
People are either happy or crabby. They're sane or insane.
I'm both glad and sorry I came here.

My most recent pain is my roomie, who hasn't had wired internet in a long time.
He insisted on it before I even took off, and instead of getting wireless we got wired internet for ONE user.
That one user could have been my PC that could share the internet.
His laptop didn't even work using wired internet.
Wired internet is more difficult than wireless. Technology is working its way away from wiring codes.
I brought hardware that won't work. We have the WRONG cable modem.


By his expressing a desire to go backwards in time to a setup that everyone is getting away from,
I'm burning out trying to figure out if we can still do it and it's going to get expensive.
In other words:
- We have one internet connection.
- We are living in a apartment so we can't drill holes in the walls for wires.
- We don't have a shared internet connection device of any type unless its my PC that's setup for it.
- I don't think what he wanted can be done with out one.
I based my thoughts on being able to share a dedicated connection on Paul's cable modem.
It was probably designed for internet sharing, which is why he had an extra port on his bridge.
I'm having to connect to the internet through a connection we pay for,
I'm connecting though my neighbors internet connection. 
I'm doing it on a bar stool with my ass hanging out in the kitchen.
I rely on the internet for my finances and my knowlege. I spend at least 3 hours a day learning, and reading.
I almost never play games on it. I need this, my bills are back in Vegas, not here.
And I'm having to pray my neighbor doesn't move.
For this, I'm sorry we came. This internet is going to cost me dearly.
I get every day, and I write code for LVDUDE. Now I can't do that in comfort.
If I don't finish it, it'll cost me a lot money.
And LVDUDE is path for early retirement.

10/02/2005 09:23:03
 jim  We’re moved in
It's a great apartment. What isn't great is our furniture. I guess it's always best to buy furniture for the place you are moving into.
I'm hoping we'll finally get a chance to relax today.
They have a couple of pools, jacuzzi's, excersize rooms, and some gazebo's set up around the lake in back.
10/01/2005 07:15:52
 jim  We’re moving today.
To: 818 Renaissance Pointe #301, Alamonte Springs, Florida 32714
Today should be a real HOOT!
09/30/2005 07:26:08
 jim  Analysis
Truck Driving - $.25mi/6 days/10 hours/480da/2,880mi a weekAvg 48mph=$37,488 a year
Truck Owning - $.85mi/6 days/10 hours/480da/2,880mi a weekAvg 48mph=$127,488 a year
Current - $62,000
Mgm - $135,000
09/30/2005 02:27:53
 jim  If I had one word to describe the people I’ve met
It would be:
Zombie: 1 a : a person held to resemble the so-called walking dead; b : a person markedly strange in appearance or behavior. One who has no will.
We are close to Haiti aren't we?
09/30/2005 01:16:53
 jim  When I get an opportunity to leave M2, I’ll take i
After Monday, all I'll need is a small nudge. It won't take much. I need to read my contract.
09/30/2005 01:00:41
 jim  Captain, it looks like all the life forms on this
I went to get some coffee.
Standing there next to the coffee pot and putting sugar in his tea was the second highest up guy, Dave.
I said with a smile: "HEY, YOU'RE DAVE. I'M JIM. I'M YOU'RE NEW PROGRAMMER!".
He said: "uh huh". I felt worse than if I'd farted in a plastic chair in church during prayer.
The guy didn't even offer me a handshake. He didn't even look at me.
Two people, ONLY TWO PEOPLE, have had the decency to give me eye contact when I first met them.
The grumpiness doesn't appear to be just in my group. 
Everyone in that building seems grumpy.
I hope that kind of courteousy doesn't rub off on me.
If I become that way, I'm joining Skip.
I hate when I miss the opportunity for making a new friend.
I've learned so much by being friendly.
We are social creatures. Until we learn to self replicate, our race can't survive outside of a colony.
09/29/2005 12:12:05
 jim  This is the most miserable place I’ve ever worked
I suggested an obvious change in M2's environment that would save time....
- They are logging on as someone else then back to themselves just to see a report.
- Instead of just making a simple change to allow programmers to see the reports they generate


And instead of fixing this obvious oversight, I get, nah...we're used to doing things a certain way.

So this is Tandem hell.
'We're used to beating our clothes with rocks to wash them.'  

Who am I to say the world could be a better place.
I'll make things better for myself then.
This version of Guardian has more security holes in it than I have pores on my face.

09/29/2005 09:47:21
 jim  Mikes new cell
09/29/2005 06:05:47
 jim  Yesterday was a much better day
I swear though, there is no reason that people at work should be treated badly. That's just not right.
Life is too short to get caught up in someone else's personal hell.
I've got a lot of options open to me, and that's great!
I'd imagine most of the people at work don't even know they have options.
I'm always amazed at how so many people go through life without thinking about it.
They just go about everyday as if they were going to live forever.
When I get treated badly again, I'll just simply smile.
In my mind I'll say,
- "I know where you are coming from, because I've been there".
- "I know what your dreams are. You have none".
- "I know how you think. You haven't evolved much past the canine species."
- "I know, if you have kids, they love their GameBoy more than they love you. That's because you aren't fun."
- "And I know where you'll be in 10 years...right there at your desk."
And if whoever I'm talking to looks at me, maybe they'll realize that I'm free.
No one can predict where I'll be in 10 years.
And I certainly won't be letting someone else do my thinking for me.
This is my life, and I'll plan it myself.
There's only 36,000 days left till New Life's Eve.
09/28/2005 07:38:25
 jim  When I left Vegas, I left myself with quite a few
- I'm working way below my caliber for more than half the pay I was to making at Mgm.
  If I was working for the money, this move would have be stupid.
- I haven't forgotten any of my Tandem skills.
With this refresher, and Transaction Software backing me up, I could get almost any Tandem job out there.
- Unknown to most people, when I left Las Vegas, I created $400 worth of income a month.
  With one week of effort, that will increase my income to $900 a month tax free.
   That income will last for the rest of my life. All I need is health insurance to protect my assets (and future assets).
- I don't need this job, I came here to have fun.
  But if that includes being demeaned and intimidated, I'm out of here.
  I'm told I can move to Daytona beach and live with my Aunt for FREE.
  The deal would be, I take care of her, she takes care of me.
- I have Mikey on the hook for an apartment lease.
  So if I decide to leave M2 and burn my bridges, I'll have to make sure I don't burn Mikey in any way.
- I've also calculated that I can make more money driving a truck.
  If I bought my own rig, I can make almost as much as I was making at the Mgm.
  That option at least has promise for the future.
09/28/2005 07:23:38
 jim  My first day at M2, I got into trouble.
- I came in early. I got into trouble for that.
My goal was to create a good impression.
- So I waited in the parking lot and  I got into trouble for that.
I wasn't at my cube before my start time. I was told I was early, so I didn't come in, and I got into trouble.
Right off the bat, it was impossible to do anything right!

- I took time to say howdy and learn their systems. I got into trouble for that.
My introductions consisted of "Hi, I'm Jim", and that was it.
My introduction to the Office Manager was her putting a sticky on my PC.
I was given a stack of papers. A lot of them related to full time employees. Apparently, orientation hasn't even been thought about.

- I was told if I entered an office with no one there, I'll be fired.

There's a lot of paranoia there. For a shop with no production data, it just doesn't sense. They process electronic Food Stamps!
- I got into trouble for not answering my emails immediately.

My PC doesn't have speakers. Those emails came from a manager, just a few cubes away. Why didn't she just come by?
- The keyboard mappings on my PC are strange to me.
I won't have time to change them.


- I can't hook up my laptop.
I've got Tandem tools and information on it.
The style seems to be fear, intimidation and pressure.
M2 is a quandary.
They want things done fast.
My first code change took 5 minutes. But the testing, which seemed very unreasonable, required knowledge I didn't even have.
- The concensious seems to be that I'm slow.
Without time to learn the basics of their systems, I will be slow. If its written on paper, but its not in my head, I'll always be slow.
Silly things about this shop
Their enables are listed out on a spread sheet.  On another page, it tells you to prefix the names with an E.
Its not documented how to access them. The screen you run them from doesn't even tell you the key combination to get to them.
Running them is unnecessarily complicated. If you don't put N in one of the field's, you have to key in everything again.
Noone seems to know why you have to put an N in that field. Its silly.
- I could work up an easy to use enable menu in 20 minutes.
All of their production sources are just hanging out there for anyone to modify at their choosing.
They should have those sources someplace that's protected at the bare minimum, at the very least.

The name of their compare program is COMPARA.

The name of their pathway entry system is MNDRIV and not MENU.

They use different names for their filenames, the programs file names and the records field names.
An account number might be called as many as six different names. You need a road map to figure it out.
Their perform READ-MYFILE-NEXT paragraphs do much more than just read the file.
And, last but not least, they use GOTOs.

Without proper introductions, without any kind of voice, I'll have no power at M2, EVER. It'll always be a grunt job.
09/25/2005 09:56:06
 jim  Univeral Studios,FL
09/23/2005 13:01:44
 jim  Jacksonville,FL-20050923
09/23/2005 09:59:18
 jim  Mikey Mikey
Hey Mikey…how's it going? I just found out my Aunt Tass (who I've hardly ever even talked to) lives on the beach, an hour away from Orlando.
My dad said she has a guest house we could have lived in!!! Wow.
Dad's brother (Art) did very well in life. The temptation would be to ask her if I could use her place for storage, but that would be completely rude.
We'll probably be leaving Savanna around 2ish, but all of my time estimates have been way off so far.
Its a 4.5 hour drive from here to Orlando.
I've desparately tried to patch the leak in my camper shell.
Maybe the best thing to do would be to get a nearby storage unit for 1 week.

Then we all could concentrate on getting furniture after work.

I'd expect I'm going to have to do most of the lugging moving in, which is just fine.
The lugging for me will be easy. I've figured out ways to carry anything with one hand. LOL
What'll be hard is getting this 180lb body up and down those stairs.
It would be nice to have that little break one gets while travelling between storage and the apartment.

09/23/2005 08:46:28
 jim  Savannah,GA-20050923
09/23/2005 08:18:34
 Guest  This is SAE
Jimmy - Call me
If you get into Orlando before 5:20 PM, call me at 407-551-1333 (my work number).
If not, call me on my cellulite phone.
I am so anxious to see you and Ms. R.
I want to get a workout in tonight, but will settle for a short stationary bike ride at the hotel next door to our Extended Stay, which closes at 11pm.

So, I can do that in the 10 o'clock hour.
But how about din-din first.

I have been wanting to try this one place, or we can go to one of many good places around the area (no, not 51).
Desk pickup..
Jimmy... You have any room in the back of your truck? For one of those upright computer hutches/desks?
I bought one from Freddy, and got to pick it up from his wife Saturday at noon.
Freddy is the Base 24 guy who left M2 last week and is back in his native Dweebland (Canada).
Otherwise, I either have to break down the desk at their place (they are moving out of an apartment, about 1/2 mile down the road from our Camden)
to fit into me trunk or rent a van for the day to store it in my storage unit.
You're kinda kooky...
Some of your obversations are so funny. But I love them. 

09/22/2005 20:18:52
 jim  Savannah,GA-20050922
09/22/2005 09:02:50
 jim  Paula Kennard finally contacted me.
Bout time. She says she'll never return to Las
I still think Las Vegas is the most exciting town in the US, but its hard to compare one town to another.
Las Vegas is exciting, glamorous, and attractive people are everywhere.
Colorado has awsome scenery with great air. The people seem laid back and friendly.
Utah has spectacular features, but its mainly unpopulated

California has a great over all climate, great air, and something else that I can't quite define. It seems to make you feel special.
Missouri is a wind down place, where time stands still. Nothing seems new there. The people are laid back and it would be a great place to wind down the clock.
Kentucky is catching up to its Kentucky Derby reputation. Its personality has changed to the tune of plantation style brick houses, fine retaurants. They're accent is still THICK!
Kansas, well, what can I say, I've never liked it. It seems to be clickish.

09/22/2005 08:37:41
 jim  We’re in a Econo Lodge in Chattanooga Tennessee to
I suppose we're in or near the Blue Ridge mountains. We'll explore this town today.
With any luck, we'll be in Savannah 6 hours after we take off.
After staying there for the night, we'll be headed down the Florida coast, for yet another 6 hour drive.
Checkin time at Extended Stay is at 3pm.
09/22/2005 08:09:42
 jim  Paducah, Kentucky
I went through my old home town of Paducah, Ky yesterday.
Man, they've torn up everything. The highways, the house I'd grown up in, EVERYTHING!
It's now a rich person's town.
The cheap houses there look like the top line houses in Las Vegas.
I couldn't believe they rebuilt all of the houses in my old neighborhood.
But here's the odd thing, they left the roads as one laners,
so to pass by an oncoming car, you have to drive through someones yard and run over their little nigger statue holding a lantern.
I was surprised Starnes BBQ is still there. Its funny, a green brick restaurant is smack dab in the middle of new shopping centers. Starnes BBQ still has the best BBQ in the world (except for mine). They no longer smoke the meat there any more though. I missed that smoke smell.
We ate our BBQ at Bob Noble Park, which used to be Paducah's best attraction. It's beautiful, and it hasn't change a bit!!!
I guess Paducah is fueled by Kentucky Lake's posh growth and their technology center.
The hicks have turned into hacks.
09/22/2005 00:55:51
 jim  On the road...Friday should be CEI’s last day
Wednesday, September 21, 2005 08:44:38 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
SAE's so happy you're enjoying your trip here.
Particularily you seeing Denver and your old neighborhood in CO, seeing St. Louey (my way to harass St. Louisites), Ms. Ida. And more to come in KY on the way, southeast to Florider. Now, just make me one happy hound's AE, and get here, so the party can begin.
Me got a fur cut, so as to not scare Ms. R.
Now, I just need a good dose of Nair over the rest of me body.
Me loaded up on Dr.'s visits over the next few weeks.
With any luck, I will get a good estimate of my crocking day. No, I mean I will get solutions to my medical problems. And a plan of attack to correct some or most of them. Camden has a workout room, and "an indoor sports court" which usually means a handball/racquetball court. Let's play Jimmy. A buck a point? No way, I am broke already. Just use it to get in shape. You for Ms. R. and me for the other doggy AE's out there. HOWL!!!!
Tuesday, September 20, 2005 23:38:31 <Jim>
The days have turned into blurs.
We explored Denver yesterday, and I drove through Colorado Springs on my way to Kansas City. I love Colorado Springs. I graduated there in 1974. Surprisingly, I remembered the town. Its beautiful.
The drive to Kansas was boring!
Flat wheat fields accented by cops stopping people for going 75mph. It smells bad too. Kansas City drivers are insane too. They tailgate for no reason. They get right next to you on open freeways and hang there. They're terrible. PLUS, Kansas City has features like city parks in the road's median so you can't EVER make a U-Turn. On the other hand, Kansas had a pretty statium.
St Loiis has a lot of charm.
It's got cannery row type factories. We went up to the top of the Arch. What a view. One thing I've noticed in every engineers are crazy when it comes to designing interchanges. I have pictures of St Louis's interchanges, and they just don't make any sense. We had a lot of fun.
Ida's house is definitely in the sticks.
It's beautiful there(here). Tree's everywhere, there's a HUGE brick house down the road that sold for $75,000, with 2 acres of wooded land and a pond in 1998. Cigarettes, food, restaurants are about 40% cheaper here than in Las Vegas. Gas is $2.47 vs $3.10.
Monday, September 19, 2005 05:24:31 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
Long live Jimmy and Ms. R. both!!!
I am so glad you got to a great start. Keep up that pace, and I am sure, you'll get here with plenty of time to spare before the 26th and will be able to enjoy your eveings on the way.
Don't burn up Ms. R.'s fone. No, please, no...
It's not a Sprint fone.
Keep the posts on the BLOG coming. SO, I know what be happening.
Your job is still here waiting for you. That is, if you still want it...
Hope you gave my physical being, Squirty, a big kiss straight on the lips
as you departed LV. Doggy lips are always so juicy and sweet.
Sunday, September 18, 2005 21:07:24 <Jim>
We took off at 4am this morning and got into Denver at 7pm
Colorado is the worls best kept secret it seems. We drove by Vail and Aspen. The weather is cold, but it feels good, the mountains are gods artwork...they are SO dimensional, the air is crisp and clean and the people are fun.
I miss this state. Damn is it beautiful.
Mikey, of all the things we didn't squeeze into the truck, we've got your TV in there...kewl, huh. Am I still going to have a job there, or will the hurricane blow you guys away.
Its great to FREE!!!
This log is being updated through Becky's cell phone. I'm afraid its going to catch fire!!!
Sunday, September 18, 2005 05:58:22 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
I meant "Missy", not "Misty".. I am so sorry.
Did a little bit of funriture shopping yesterday.
Including a Little Lots Furniture site close to my storage unit in So. Orlando. WIll have to line up at least a bed and chair this week. Going by Camden today to try and get them to committ to the 50 bucks off per month for six months - if you lease for 12 months statement that was on for Camden Reainasse.
Dying to see ya get here Jimmy and Ms. R.
Drive here quickly, but safely. And no speeding tickets for going 120 mph.
Sunday, September 18, 2005 05:40:57 <Squirty's ALter Ego>
SAE is so happy Jimmy got the fone issue(s) resolved.
Poop on Sprint...
And Saturday was also a great day in college Football
USC, UCLA won and Notre Dame lost!!!
Jimmy is feeling emotional about this venture to FL
and I don't blame him at all. A huge venture away from "home" and the ones he loves. I think what is great is that the one he loves the most (Ms. R.) is coming with him. Jimmy... Your eyes are sweeling up with an occasional tear, but in a sense that's good. Remember, Sonny, Robert, Jennifer and whomever else (Misty, etc.) you will miss are a fone call or holiday trip by aeroplane away. And in their hearts too.
And in the meantime..
Damn, am I looking forward to spending the next year (or so) working with you and sharing the apartment with you and Ms. R. You two are so special!!! And don't forget that!!
Saturday, September 17, 2005 20:08:32 <Jim>
I finally got my cell phones Right!!!
Turned in the Sprint phones and got 2 Verizon phones. They are better, half the price, cheaper monthly cost, and I got one working with my laptop on the net in FIVE MINUTES. Sprint either lies a lot or they just don't know their own systems.
The kicker was, when I returned my new Sprint phone to Sprint, they said I had to return it to the booth in Costco where I bought it. So, if I had brought it to Orlando thinking I could exchange it, I would have been screwed.
We're almost all packed.
I brought Sonny over, the kids are here, they're watching TV, and were playing with the laptops. I think Squirt knows we're going somehow. I swung by Robert and Joy's. Its about the third time my eyes got watery since I got the call about Skip.
I spared Sonny from the tears.
I told him I'd see him around Christmas, and now that he's got that cell phone, we can call each other anywhere, anytime. He'll never be alone!
I'm so glad I stayed persistant on the cell phone issue.
It was time well spent. Plus, I can dial into anything, anywhere. I could watch TV on mine, but that seems kind of stupid! Why would I need broadband for watching TV on a 1" by 2" screen? People are crazy, and they make these cell phones for kids!!! I could buy a handheld TV with a bigger screen for $100. I could buy a Gameboy and have much more fun on it.
When I connect the through the cell phone, it wasn't a toy anymore.
I can trade stocks, find the closes Holiday Inn Express, or check my mail. It's business now...and that's cool.
Verizon's rates for 2 discounted phones $69/700 minutes.
I added their special plan for watching TV and all for $15. That's temporary.
My phone $139 has a great speaker phone, a 1.4megapixel camera, takes mini-SD cards, had voice recognition which works GREAT. The key pad is easy to use, clear to see, and I can flip it open with one hand. Its CDMDA means its broadband. It's got Bluetooth built in. I like the way this phone cradles up to your face.
Becky's phone $25 has great speaker phone, its cute, flips open easily, but is tri mode. I can dial out on it from my laptop. It acts like a regular dialup connection!!! Cool..huh.
Friday, September 16, 2005 13:28:25 <Jim>
I just sliced up my leg unloading that AC unit I grabbed for GMa.
I still think that sucked that she didn't take it. A lot of effort for nothing.
We're starting to load up furniture...this should be fun.
We packed up our shirts and Becky did a laundry load. Then we discovered we had nothing to
Friday, September 16, 2005 04:02:05 <Jim>
The sum of our days is greater than our life.
I feel like I'm already on my 1,000th life here on this tiny little planet.
Past life memories seem to come back in flashes, inspired by songs like 'Why do you build me up buttercup baby'
For a moment, I was there. I could have changed anything, but I like it all just like it was.
When I was 11, was I really riding that bus, watching those cute little girls sing that song.
Or was that someone elses life I saw, and I just believe it was me.
This life can be full of mysteries and adventure, or it can be one of those quiet hells people keep falling into.
I told Steve (the bartender at Blue Ox) that I was tired of watching TV.
It was time to plunge myself through the screen and become part of the show again. I asked him if he ever got wild.
He said "I am wild", as he viewed an empty parking lot as if to look for something that wasn't there.
I pray I never get lost in a series of unending and completely forgotten moments.
When I've gotten drunk, I go into a world where everything is forgotten. I lose myself in a place where I'm the only person in in the universe that matters.
Most people seem to go through everyday like that though. Its like their mind is somewhere else.
Steve, looking into the parking lot, gave me the feeling that he was somewhere else
and that it wasn't him at all, that was talking to me.
It was his shell reacting to my what I said with well rehearsed scripts, something he'd learned a long time ago when he was alive and developing his scripts for the first time.
I didn't exist. His day was just another day with no value. The sum of his days couldn't add up to much.
Friday, September 16, 2005 03:40:45 <clarence s>
I copied this email from my nephew. if you can follow it, it's poetry (in its most concentrated form).
You seem to me like a really fantastic person who deserves to be surrounded by community that is not only appreciative of your modern human level, but shares in it as well.
Is it really the year 2005? It is in somebodies living room I am sure.
Unfortunately it appears, for the lot of he/she who strives, the cure is world reconfiguration.
The striver is surrounded by those strapped in hell,
who keep fidgeting with THE wrongest controls EVER for getting out.
Then there are those few loved ones who will call drowning from the middle of the river.
If the striver keeps surrounding himself until he gets it right,
he leaves with a bonus smile on his face, while clutching his bonus (nothing) with fist raised to sky.
You have a wonderful attitude dude.
Hope you have the best of times with your girl in whatever adequate paridise you may be chasing.
- Peace and love. Warren D.
Thursday, September 15, 2005 20:57:15 <Jim>
For the happy and sad people out there...the lyrics toTaxi, by Harry Chapin
It was raining hard in 'Frisco, I needed one more fare to make my night.
A lady up ahead waved to flag me down, She got in at the light.
Oh, where you going to, my lady blue, It's a shame you ruined your gown in the rain.
She just looked out the window, and said "Sixteen Parkside Lane".
Something about her was familiar I could swear I'd seen her face before,
But she said, "I'm sure you're mistaken" And she didn't say anything more.
It took a while, but she looked in the mirror, And she glanced at the license for my name.
A smile seemed to come to her slowly, It was a sad smile, just the same.
And she said, "How are you Harry?" I said, "How are you Sue?
Through the too many miles and the too little smiles I still remember you."
It was somewhere in a fairy tale, I used to take her home in my car.
We learned about love in the back of the Dodge, The lesson hadn't gone too far.
You see, she was gonna be an actress, And I was gonna learn to fly.
She took off to find the footlights, And I took off to find the sky.
Oh, I've got something inside me, To drive a princess blind.
There's a wild man, wizard, He's hiding in me, illuminating my mind.
Oh, I've got something inside me, Not what my life's about,
Cause I've been letting my outside tide me, Over 'till my time, runs out.
Baby's so high that she's skying, Yes she's flying, afraid to fall.
I'll tell you why baby's crying, Cause she's dying, aren't we all.
There was not much more for us to talk about, Whatever we had once was gone.
So I turned my cab into the driveway, Past the gate and the fine trimmed lawns.
And she said we must get together, But I knew it'd never be arranged.
And she handed me twenty dollars, For a two fifty fare, she said "Harry, keep the change."
Well another man might have been angry, And another man might have been hurt,
But another man never would have let her go... 
I stashed the bill in my shirt.
And she walked away in silence, It's strange, how you never know,
But we'd both gotten what we'd asked for, Such a long, long time ago.
You see, she was gonna be an actress And I was gonna learn to fly.
She took off to find the footlights, And I took off for the sky.
And here, she's acting happy, Inside her handsome home.
And me, I'm flying in my taxi, Taking tips, and getting stoned,
I go flying so high, when I'm stoned. 

Thursday, September 15, 2005 20:29:12 <Jim>
Ate at the Blue Ox, wearing tie.
Just like old times. I had country fried steak.
A song played and I remembered a time in 6th grade just like I was there..
It was "Why do you build me up, buttercup baby".
The whole 6th grade went on a field trip to the Land-Between-The-Lakes in Kentucky. We filled up one bus. Renee Templeton, Suzan Woods, Cindy Harris, all my crushes were there and they were singing "Why do you build me up" to the top of their lungs. I had a crush on them so bad. It was a time I'll never forget.
We ate our dinner.
Steve came buy, shook my hand and asked how I was doing...before I could answer, he was looking out the door at the parking lot. I guess it was more interesting than anything I could say. I told him it was nice knowing he's been around for the last 17 years...I wouldn't be back so, have a good life. He said, you'll be back.
Thursday, September 15, 2005 16:52:45 <Jim>
Ahhhh, the final days of Cutlar Enterprises may be approaching.
I have a new blog set up on LVDude, but honestly, its butt ugly. I'd rather have a picture of a camel's mouth hanging on my wall then to look at its logs. Nice thing about is, it lets you do bold and special effects...bad thing is, its ugly....I may pretty it up real quick...could take an hour.
Thursday, September 15, 2005 07:13:33 <Jim>
This may be crude but
I think we may take off before Tuesday. Robert seems to be the only person here that's going to miss us (well, except for Jennifer and Dustin). Robert's the only person who has come by. Grandma doesn't visit, and she's doing nothing these days.
I get these types of conversations from people here.
Me - "Becky and I are moving"
Them - "I've got a hangnail, do you think I should trim it or cut it"
Me - "Yeppers, we're moving out of state, might not ever be back".
Them - "My toilet is backed up, do you think you could fix it?"
Me - "Yes-siree, we're planning on driving off the rim of the Grand Canyon"
Them - "Do you think my hair looks good like this".
30 years here, and I feel like a nobody.
I think the worst non-goodbye is probably Chuck. I cosigned on a loan for him just 2 years ago.
He lives a half mile away. sheesh.
Then there's Allen, who won't talk to me because I won't give him money.
And my sister, same thing.
Then there's Grandma, who doesn't care if I busted my back bringing over that AC unit, which she refused because she already has her eye on buying a used unit. Honestly, I felt like throwing AC unit through one of their windows.
The only friendly goodbyes I've gotten here have been from Susan Stone, and Robert. Grandma wants to cook us a meal, which she'd be doing anyway. In many ways, I hate Las Vegas with its transient nature.
I'm cancelling 363-4164. The only person who'll miss it is Jeanette in Sacramento.
By moving, I'll be out of the 'Doing Favors for Others' business. I'm so glad too.
Thursday, September 15, 2005 07:10:53 <Jim>
Bought a new cell phone yesterday
Its just like the one Sonny has. I insisted on data access through my laptop. The girl at Costco's Sprint booth insured me the phone has a data cable available. We called Best Buy. The guy said he had one there. I went there 10 minutes later, and he said it was already gone. Now, what do you think...did he lie when I called them. How much demand could there be for a data cable for a Sanyo 8300 phone at 8:30pm. Hmmm.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005 20:49:38 <Jim>
Woe...wowee. GMal needs a window AC unit.
I just brought one over for free. They turned it down.
They said they wanted to buy a used one, because it had a heat pump.
Of course, I'm just a stupid ol ex-certified air conditioning mechanic but, couldn't they just get a space heater?
And isn't free with delivery better than not free and with no delivery?
Thinking like this is why poor people will stay poor and rich people will stay rich.
They are spending the house refi money making one stupid decision after another.
And this is the kind of thinking I'm going to be glad to get away from.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005 18:16:02 <Jim>
We spent the day with Sonny. I bought clothes, he got a new cell phone.
Pretty cool day. My clothes look great!!! If M2 is casual, I should knockem over when I walk in the door. New hair cut, new clothes, they'll probably promote me on the spot to a CEO. lol
I got 22 items of clothing today!!!
Sonny replaced his precomputer cell phone with a cam phone.
It's a great little unit! Has a camera, can connect to a pc...easy to use menu, plus it has a really nice speaker phone. Nice job Sonny.
We topped off shopping at Red Lobster
I can quit saying bad things about Red Lobster now. What we had was GREAT! Becky had all you can eat shrimp, I had the seafood feast, Sonny had tripolalclalalk was very good. We shared a plate of calamari. Yum.
The cost for all that was $70.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005 15:41:08 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
Jimmy - I see you got the utilities taken care of. Hun How as they'd say in China (It means "Very Good") - Thanks.
My Bright House
You say 1 digital box... So, that just hangs there somewhere, but you can get all channels on all TVs without being connected to "that" box? What did you mean "only 1 package"? Just curious what you mean - I will be happy with anything. One wired phone. We'll be able to have phones in all rooms though? Autopay? What account did you give them. Remember, we be sharing all expenses 50-50..,
Electric - Sounds great. That was a Biggie.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005 13:44:41 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
I tweaked LVDude a very slight bit.
Will be lining up furniture for myself this coming weekend. I am looking at Little Lots Furniture for a bedroom set and a recyliner. Hopefully they deliver. If not, then me stuck doing it all by meself.
Kevin Short, the Eastern KY programmer here says there is a guy at a Title Insurance
across the hall here at work who is from Pudacah, KY.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005 09:37:58 <Jim>
Sonny won't be moving all of his stuff in.
Honestly, my junk here is better than his junk there. Somebody at sometime is eventually going to have to give up their junk. Since most of Sonny's junk was my old junk...we reasoned the dumpster would be the best place to store it.
Sonny was elated when I told him I was keeping the dumpster.
Here's the house plan:
- Sonny's going to shell out $400 a month and stay here.
- I'm keeping the dumpster, electric, gas and water.
- We transfer his phone, and change his address to here.
- I'm cancelling cable, but may keep DSL/Earthlink (because its tied to Cutlar Enterprises).
- If I keep DSL, I'll need to set up Sonny's PC, or set up one of my two extra ones.
- I'm going to need to pick up more dog food, two shower heads.
In the US, you don't get rich from your hard labor, you get rich off from other people's hard labor.
I stressed the importance of fixing the condo up and renting it out.
Free income should almost never be ignored, and we ain't rich.
Oh, when I Overnighted my check to Camden apartments, I talked to the new owner of the PO exchange.
I told him I thought the previous one went under because they hired minimum wage people to run it. They just didn't care. Then I mentioned the receptionist at this hair salon. I wanted to buy a $50 bracelet but she said she couldn't because she'd already closed the registers. In my mind, she should have been fired for that. She should have taken the purchase, then rang it up in the morning. He thought so too.
He told me, for a small Yellow Page ad, it cost $200 a month.
The signage (under the Albertson's sign) would cost $400 a month.

I thought that was amazing.
He is leasing a hole in the wall for $800 a month. But the signage and a yellow page ad will almost match the cost of the business place.
I'd think the formula for a successful business would be roughly $3 per square foot. That would include the spot with expenses.
For for him, $2,400 a month, to keep even. That means he'd have to work 6x10 hour days and net $11 an hour.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005 08:52:37 <Jim>
Saw the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur and did the rides at the Luxor.
I like going to these shows. All of it was fun.
We were laughing with the people all around us. Everybody was friendly and jocular.
At one point I was exchanging wise cracks with this guy who sat 12 people away from me.
The whole row was cracking up.
The Tournament of Kings - Dinner show @ $55 a person.
Over 1,000 guests enjoyed the show that had over 100 characters and 9 horses.
They had a jestor jesting, Knights fighting, acrobats flipping and damsels seducing.
I enjoyed the acrobats the most. The were incredible. I didn't realize a body could do what they did.
Sonny liked horses the best. They had some might fine horses.
Becky liked the pirotechnics. They would show up at the most unexpected times.
Waiting for the show, you have to play some arcade games!
We won at skittle ballish game. I gave my shark doll to Sonny, told him it would make a good Squirt toy.
Luxor rides - 3 motion rides and 1x3D moving @ $30 per person ($20 + $10).
The motion rides were "Reboot", "Comet" and "Search for the Obelisk" was the best!!!
The Obelisk one was by far the best. You tour around in a secret high tech area of a pyramid.
I lost my lighter in the first one. The 19 year old receptionist hottie eventually found it for me.
The 3D Movie "Haunted Castle" was EXCELLENT.
It was by far, the best 3D movie I have ever seen.
I believe they used 2 projectors in conjunction with the polarized glasses we wore to make it work.
The movie seemed very personal, what with the tree branches seeming to swat you in the face and all.
We were 40' up and the castle floor seem like it was right under us.
The movie them awesumes.
You go throught the movie with a musician's perspective.
He inherits the castle if he meets the devil there.
The devil gives him a tour of his musician's hell.
It was all incredible. The sound tracks were the best!
I was beat, and having an asthma attack...but still managed to watch Shrek 3D when we got home.
By comparison, my projector TV with those red and blue glasses were pathetic. I sort of wish we hadn't watched that 3D movie now. awwww.
Yesterday was yet another LONG day of the few we have remaining here.
We are making each day count.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005 09:41:08 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
Oh, and you should see the cocktail waitress at the Baked Potato
Well, you've heard of "10 on a scale of 1 to 10)".. Well, there is a 1 to 10 scale for most the world, then there is a 1-10 scale for LA (where the super hotties go to break into Hollywood, Fashion world, Playboy, etc.) that is much tougher. A 10 in most places, would be a mere 7.5 or 8 on the LA scale. But don't get be wrong, I'd take a 7.5 or 8 on this "secondary" scale. Well, the waitress at the Baked Potato when I was there about 7 or 8 times late last year, early this year is a strong 10 on the LA scale. And Israeli (Kosher) too. OH MY GOSH...
Tuesday, September 13, 2005 09:20:53 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
And Robert, take it from me, Squirt's Alter Ego...
Buy real houses, not Dog Houses...
Please Jimmy Please
Hurray and get here!!! Me need to see you and Ms. R.
All I'll say is, I got from the Physical Exam some bad news but also got:
Me wish. Bad Dog. Bad Dog. Go to your Dog House and think things over for a while and wise up.
Listening to my favorite CD right now.
Fusion Jazz group from right within the shadows of LA's Universal Studios and Universl City Walk. Their is a famous, small, jazz club where alot of local studio musicians show off their talents for guests that don't normally get to see and hear them in person and some famous artists "grew up" there over the years. It is called "The Baked Potato" as the only food items on the menu are these monster sized spuds filled with everything from meats to veggies and more. An ex-coworker of mine from about 1984-1991, Sylvania Marqeruita Hunt's (aka: Sylvia E. Hunt) husband used to be the drummer in the house band "Don Randi and Quest" (Don Randi owns the Baked Potato and is much famous in the music - jazz business). I'll go to the club as much as I can, especially when DR and Quest are playing. I'll let Ms R and Jimmy listen to the CDs I have. HOWL!!!!!!!
I should call Sylvania and see how's she's doing
Last I spoke to her was in May 2002, just before I came out ot LV. She landed a IBM programmer job at HealthNet (a Health Insurance Co.) in the west San Fernando Valley - I should see if she can get me in there in about a year or so. She's a great kid for being deathly afraid of earthquakes.
Monday, September 12, 2005 09:30:31 <Jim>
I'm miss the hell out of you too Robert.
You remind me so much of me when I was your age. Somewhere when I was young, I learned long term planning though. Probably from that book I read about Benjamin Franklin. That's what inspired me for college and all the other schools I've been too.
Your emotions are a lot like mine. So are Becky's.
We were both crying when we read your blog. We're all emotional creatures that use our intellect to interact with.
I don't know how many times I teared up while you guys were here last weekend. Almost the whole time I was screaching out "Benny and the Jets" while driving you home, I was watery eyed. If I'd played "Your Song" by Elton John, I'd have been a blithering mess of emotions.
Just want you to know, this isn't much different than us staying in San Diego for a month.
It's not a permanent move (could be, but I doubt it). And the trip has very little to do with money.
I'm going for the adventure, kind of like jumping through the TV's screen and being part of the show.
I'm keeping everything here intact. I plan on coming back and picking up where we were 2 weeks ago again. Only the next time we're, Sonny will be our guest, not Skip.
I love you Robert. Not really like a son, I don't know how I'd categorize my need for knowing you are around.
That empty feeling you have, I know it so well. I've felt it everytime I've moved or lost someone. There's a series of emotions, the sames stages you feel when someone dies, that grab you. Feeling lost, alone, looking back, feeling angry and sad. Its a roller coaster for me. I've learned to like it as much as I hate it.
But this is just an adventure, that's all. An experiment in LIFE. and that AC invention are really the only promising money projects I have going.
This house is making bookoo bucks for me every day. It makes the equivelant of a $15 an hour job. I should go over that math with you sometime.
If you can, BUY A HOUSE. Save, live cheap, rent rooms, do whatever, but accomplish that goal, Robert.
Every month you wait, is $thousands that you've lost. Its more important than owning a vehicle.
Paul was in terrible financial shape before he bought his house. lol. He kept talking about selling it, which was crazy. Now he's got more money than he knows what to do with. Its his house, not his job, that will provide him with retirement money.
I paid Sonny's/my condo off for $34,000, 7 years ago.
That may have seemed like a nice thing for me to do. I want people to think that. That was an investment though. That $34,000 is now worth $50,000. That's an 8% annual return. Sonny's kept the property intact for us.
If Sonny follows my advice, he'll fix up the Condo, and rent it out for $1,000 a month.
That's $500 a piece free and clear for each of us.
With real estate, there's no place to go but up.
Monday, September 12, 2005 02:01:39 <robert>
Hey Jim and Mom gonna miss you Wow I sure am going to miss you guys.
I am sure going to be lonely in a way without you guys.
Vegas is already feeling empty with me thinking you guys are leaving.
You never know how fun or how much you enjoyed some ones company until they leave or are gone.
It is hard for me. I am sitting here thinking of you guys and hoping everything will be great.
It is hard because i know you guys have been their for me the most out of anybody else I know.
Its gonna be hard also at the begining because mom is leaving too.
I always enjoye coming over, hanging out, joking, laughing and all that great stuff.
Boy am I gonna miss you guys.
But I am very happy that Jim you got somthing you kinda wanted to do and get your feet off the ground.
Making some money, thats always a plus lol.
It would be alot better then staying at home and watching movies lol.
Like when we went to hollywood video i was asking about certain movies, lol,
But you guys have seen pretty much everything in their lmao.
That seemed funny too me and your web site is coming along great i love it.
I hope you continue on that too.
Jim you are a very smart man and also prob the best freind/step dad I have ever had
and have taken mom for her funny humor and language lol.
I am glad she has you and am happy that she has soemone that she knows loves her soo much.
Well guys enough of that hahaha.
Anyways I was just saying love you very much adn am gonna miss you very much lol.
We plan on coming over again this weekend one last time.
Maybe I'll barbacue for you or take you guys out. love you
Monday, September 12, 2005 00:36:37 <Jim>
Strange but True
I was watching "The Octagon" which had Ninjas and Chuck Norris in it.
The ninjas fought with sticks and harvesting sickles.
It occured to me that the Chinese were poor. Thats why they ate rice, refried rice and fought with just about anything.
The Ninja sickles (or kama) didn't look like weapons.
With an interior cutting blade and now reach, they seemed like a stupid weapon of choice.
So why would a sickle be used to fight with? I looked it up.
In China, weapons were banned to all but the samurai. However, since sickles were farming tools, anyone could wear them on their utility belt without fear of getting their head whacked because of it.
I suppose, if the Chinese could have afforded forks, the Ninja would have used them as weapons too.
Sunday, September 11, 2005 23:50:56 <Jim>
What kind of hospitality do yo call this?
Something that Mikey said rang a peculiar type of bell in my mind.
He said when you get here, I'm buying you and Ms Rebecca dinner.
I can't remember how many times I've done myself for someone who was coming onboard at my job.
It's hard to remember how times that's been done for me.
Not everybody does that.
The people who offer welcome lunches/dinners seem to treat work like its a social-get-together, and it is.
For me, welcome aboard parties were given by Jerry Newberry/Nabs, Rob/Caesars, Allen/Union Plaza, Larry/Igt. No one offered at Bank of America, Univeral Reservations Systems, or Transaction Software.
I know I've put together countless welcome/going away parties.
It's really nice when people celebrate others coming or going.
Shoot, I've often thought it would be nice if people celebrated a persons passing before they died. Maybe all of the gloom and fear of dying would just go away then.
Celebrating arrival and departure parties isn't southern hospitality.
It doesn't seem to be related to any religion or region, but it sure is nice!
Sunday, September 11, 2005 20:34:34 <Jim>
Damn...I just realized I'll never be normal. I'll always be a planner.
I just explained how I'm going to be spontaneous. I reasoned that moving was just a wild act...not knowing where I'm going, not knowing where I'll be. That's not even close to being true. I'm incapable of being spontaneous. I even plan getting drunk!!!
If things go all to hell in Orlando, I've already worked out a fool proof comeback plan.
I know this house is going up $2k a month in value. I got Sonny to move in here. He'll pay rent. If I fell, I'd just move back, fix up the condo, rent it out, and we'd all make money again. sheesh.
I don't know whats right or wrong with me. Planning things has been so much a part of my life, I do it and think I'm being spontaneous. I'd have to bump my head REALLY hard to fail.
Sunday, September 11, 2005 20:12:27 <Jim>
One last Blog entry before I forget it. I'm reprogramming myself.
I've always had a pretty good guess where my next step was going to take me. This time, I'm floating free. I'm not planning where I'll be 30 years from now, or even 2 years from now.
There is no plan for what I'm going to do next. I'm just walking with no direction.
That seems to be how most people go. They do things without any plan at all.
For every step they make, they either stand, move ahead or fall, with no plans for where their next step is going to go. Like a kid in a candy store, you can't predict where they'll end up.
That can't be that bad of stategy. I'll try it for awhile.
Like getting drinking and getting drunk, I know I can just stop and pick up where I was at before I started.
This trip to Florida isn't about monetary gain. It isn't about getting ahead.
It's about hanging out in Florida with the last best friends I have left. I won't save be saving much. I won't be getting rich. In fact, I won't risking a single thing I own. I will be passing time in a place I've never seen before, and with people I really I care about.
Sunday, September 11, 2005 19:36:40 <Jim>
Ain't we all. Me especially
I'm constantly trying to assign some kind of meaning to a life where there is none.
I feel like a scientist looking for the smallest possible particle...or even the largest possible particle.
The more ya look, the more you find out you have begun to realize anything.
So, here I am, saying, live for the day.
And may everyday be your best.
Becky and I just got our hair cut.
We look marvelous. lol. This will probably be the last time Lisa ever cuts my hair...after almost 16 years. wow.
Now that we are getting ready to leave Las Vegas, I've got to wonder why I ever stayed here as long as I have. Sure, Vegas is a great town, but life is short, and you can experience Vegas in a month. I never moved on. wow.
Moving is going to be an eye openner.
Sunday, September 11, 2005 07:49:05 <Squirty's ALter Ego>
Please don't throw my around your BLOG
Me being the sheer definition of weirdness, you must have meant me when you said "throwing some weirdness into my blog" or however you phrased it... Me really weird. Then again, you knew that.
Saturday, September 10, 2005 21:34:58 <Jim>
Last breakfasts, lasts lunches, last suppers, and the last walks together.
You rarely know when you doing something for the last time.
I like to treat everyday as if its my last. Got nothing better to do today than to have some fun.
And if today was the last time I'll ever see your smiling faces, it was incredible an incredible day. Your smile will last forever in my mind.
Ok, I've asked people what they think heaven is like. It's my turn to have my go at it.
Heaven is much like a day like today. Except its more like everyday than just today. My life would pretty much describe what I think heaven is. I thought I'd throw in a little weirdness into this blog...
Saturday, September 10, 2005 20:12:47 <Squirty's ALter Ego>
Jimmy - Read your email after you have sent the animals back to Fly's employee break room (LV Zoo)
ha ha
Saturday, September 10, 2005 12:22:26 <Jim>
I keep running into apartments that look great, but arent available until 10/7
Saturday, September 10, 2005 10:00:36 <Jim>
Apts - 1.7 miles from M2
Camden Renaissance:(866) 786-9867 ext. 4919 631 LOTUS LANDING BLVD, ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL 32714 Type: B2, B3:2 Br2Ba, $938/905 They also have 3br2Ba I'm worried about living in a motel for 2 weeks, because the truck will be loaded. Really don't want to get a storage space, and the shell will leak eventually.
Saturday, September 10, 2005 08:32:49 <Jim>
Addresses In Orlando - I need to locallize my information...this seems like a good place.
M2 - 850 Trafalgar Ct, Maitland, Florida, 32751
Kevin Callanan - 508-297-1337, Cell: (508) 932-3252,
Saturday, September 10, 2005 07:52:23 <Jim>
Click here: Orlando-Club Renaisannce
I thought I'd sent you the word doc I was working up. Sorry. I meant to say Apartment J.
It would be nice to have 12 feet between the projector and the wall it hits. But thats a huge area.
AT 3'-4' the screen is 30".
At 6'-8' the screen is 60"
AT 8'-10' the screen is 80"
I've got it now at 12'...and the screen is about 9' tall by 12' wide.
BTW-the way they measure TV screens is diagonally...and its the only opportunity I've ever had to use A2 + B2 = C2
Saturday, September 10, 2005 08:12:39 <Squirty's ALter Ego>
Further Info for Jimmy and Ms. R
I took an alternative look at Club Renaiassne - I will go there this morning and follow up. It's a good looking place, seems well maintained and is close to work. I am repeating myself.. It's got every thing I think we want, so if you want to do that 3 bdrm, "L" unit, then let's do it. I will talk to Jade this morning when I turn in my paperwork about it.
Link to follow to look into a floor layout.
I know this is one hell of a long link. I went to and found the complex. Only thing I think it really gained me was the ability to get rough sq. ft. of each room. Looks like the living room can handle your new projector.
Clearly, the bedroom in the lower right with the connected bath would be for you and Ms. R. I'd take one of the others.
Saturday, September 10, 2005 04:21:46 <Squirty's ALter Ego>
Apartment issues..
While, it's funny. Jeff made a snide remark about "What if they don't have the particular aparment you want?". I guess he can be foresightful at times. I called Friday afternoon after I read your entry about having submitting your paperwork. I called to say I was going to be there Satursday morning when they open to submit my paperwork.
I sopke to Sharon
She did a bit of research and said Jade was handling you guys. I won't worry too much Jade didn't call back, she may just be doing that, today, Saturday.
You say they have a L-2 bdrm. Well, L is a 3 bdrm
So, I assume that is what you mean. I don't particularily care 2 bdrm vs. 3 bdrm. And if the price difference is only $100 (2x50) a month if ok, then I am ok. The extra room we can possibly make a computer room with PVs, small Tandems, even large IBM mainframes. Many apartments I see driving down the road that look like they face a lake, have a full fledged screen (surely removable) covering the entire patio/balcony.
Private Baths..
I've always kept that foremost in my mash (dog talk for "Brain") that we'll all want a private bath. You two will get first choice of rooms, etc. - what ever is decided, and I will work from there. I could use some privacy too, but if you look at a L unit - the maon bdrm has a walk in closet and a very private bath. And while they do not show a door from the other two bedrooms to the second bath, I am sure we can work something out, so I can make it back and forth to a bedroom from the bathroom without not much trouble.
Living room walls....
Looks like the L unit has a fair living room wall for your projector.
Did Jade say anything about early Oct. opportunities?
If they have a J - 2 bdrm unit coming available on Oct 5th, maybe we just hang out in an extended stay hotel for 1 week for the right unit. I wouldn't wait too long, or at all if they have not had any move out notices.
Here's another thought...
Go back to Camden's home page and look at Camden Club, #4, in Longwood (about 4 or 5 miles north of Camdem Renaisse). The commute will be slightly longer, but not really with that much more hassle (traffic). For the same prices, they have units that are 100 to 200 sq ft larger than what we've been looking. The extra footage is nice, but I'd give it up to be closer to work. Other things about the Camden Club property are: We'd have to look at all the floorplans, but given the ONE layout I looked at, the projector may not workout. This property is also within a reasonably close walk to places where Ms. R can find things to do during the days we are at work, if she's so inclinded. Longwood and Altamonte Springs are both nice neighborhoods. Howl....
Saturday, September 10, 2005 00:49:03 <Jim>
Mikey....a quick word....I hope you get this before going to the apartments tommorrow.
Jade there told me they have one L- 2br Apartment available in September. She said she'd call back but she never did. If you want to look at the 3 bedrooms, they're only $100 more. And a veiw of the lake probably isn't important. Probably has mosquito's everywhere on that side anyway.
Becky and I will just want a bedroom with a private bath...
because we like to get naked and when we get naked, we get
Use your best judgement buddy.
Friday, September 09, 2005 17:23:26 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
Me too....
I am taking my paperwork by Camden on Saturday morning.
Medical Insurance
STJ will provide Health Insurance for you beginning Octover 1, 2005. Yea, the first of the month, immediately following your start date on the job. Ir's through STJ, not M2. Remember, STJ is your employer. So there....
Speaking of Medical Insurance
Me going for a physical on Monday, 9/12. Oh please, may the nurse do all the dirty work... I am one very dirty minded AE.
Over and out for now
Friday, September 09, 2005 12:09:52 <Jim>
Things done.
- Faxed our rental Apps to Camden Apartments. Called and confirmed. They will call back.
- Scheduled an apointment for Lisa (hairdresser) for Sunday @ 5:30pm or 3pm.
- Cancelled the Newspaper
- Need a new copy of Microsoft's GPS/Street Maps.
Friday, September 09, 2005 09:54:43 <Jim>
Florida....what I keep hearing
It's's muggy...and it's
Mosquitos are problem, and hair conditioner doesn't work there.
I danced around with insurance again today.
I called the insurance company that declined me recently. They said I got declined for accident coverage, eg-hospital benifits, but I wasn't declined for medical discounts ($900 a year). So that's a good thing.
They said call the Nevada Department of insurance, call the Medical information bureau, get a lawyer, contact the doctor from India that wrote that I was an alcoholic in 1998.
I called Nevada Department of Insurance - 800-733-1110,5,0,5
They said they couldn't help me. Nevada doesn't have much in the way of social services.
She said I could get a fake identity, hire a lawyer, work for McDonalds and get group health.
When I'm 50, I can join AARP.
The good news about health insurance (my nemesis)
Once I get Group Health at M2, I'll be set.
I could have it for just one month, and HIIPA will kick in and help me keep my coverage.
However, if I ever try to get back into individual health insurance, I'll be stuck in the same loop again.
Here's an excerpt of what I told the insurance people back in 2000.
Dear Sirs:
I had a seizure in 1998. I was in pain, ever muscle hurt, my potassium levels were depleted. 
My tox screen was negative. The doctor I spoke to was difficult to communicate with. 
He was leaning towards diagnosing me as an epileptic. I would have lost my drivers license for a year.
I told him I was hungover from drinking heavily over 72 days prior. 
He asked me a series of canned questions and I couldn't understand him. 
I told him I was an alcoholic. I told him I drank a six a pack a day. 
He wrote in my record that "James Cutlar is an alcoholic. He drinks every day....on and on". 
The doctor expanded on what I said. 
When I read what he wrote, I was shocked. Why did he do that?
I told him all of those things, so I wouldn't lose my license and my livelyhood. 
I didn't realize I needed a lawyer to speak to my doctor in confidence. 
I applied for new medical insurance and had to sign a release form. 
They discovered the doctors statements and I was declined.
Now, any other insurance company can see I was declined by checking the Medical Information Bureau.
I've been declined repeatadly because I've been declined.
My only recourse, was to go broke or get rich. 
A weeks hospital stay would cost in excess of $100,000. Almost anything at a hospital cost over $20,000.
Illegal aliens, and jail inmates get better health treatment than me.
There would be no retirement for me. If I owned 10 houses, I'd lose them after any surgery.
I had to pull equity out of my house.
Is anybody paying attention to this kind of problem.
Or are my tax dollars going to projects for killing people overseas?
America, in my opinion, is in decline.
I think we have had the joy to see the rise and fall of the United States.
The service industry and entertainment industries are our best products.
Without low interest, Americans couldn't afford housing. 
If interest rates were to rise, the realestate market would plunder. 
The haves would keep. The have nots, would never get to have.
Foreclosures and bankruptcy would follow.
All that needs to be done to bring America to its knees, is to turn up the Prime Interest Rate knob.
We are teetering on insolvency. 
Consumer good prices have already eaten up disposable income.
The American family, and American's owning America was our pride. 
Our children's education used to be a priority. It is now on the backburner. 
7th graders are on a 4th grade level. 
And that, is my bitch about the American way of life.
On last thing...the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the following by 2012.
By 2012, you better be managing Advertising, Finance, Medical, Operations or Sales.
You'd better not be working in Education, Engineering, Farming, Gaming, General Operations, Industry, 
and worst of all, science (unless its medical).
They hint, the US direction is headed towards Sales, and away from Purchasing and Manufacturing.

Thursday, September 08, 2005 06:37:26 <Jim>
Disney Girls are comin back.
Clearing skies and drying eyes, now I see your smile.
Darkness goes and softness shows, a changing style.
Just in time, words that rhyme, well bless your soul.
Now I'll fill your hands, with kisses and a Tootsie Roll.
Reality, it's not for me and it makes me laugh.
But Fantasy World and Disney Girls, I'm comin' back.
Patti Page and summer days on old Cape Cod.
Happy times and making wine in my garage.
Country shade and lemonade, guess I'm slowin' down.
It's a turn-back world, with a local girl, in a smaller town.
Open cars, and clearer stars that's what I lack.
But Fantasy World and Disney Girls, I'm comin' back.
All my life I spent the nights with dreams of you.
The warmth I missed, for the things I wished, are comin' true.
I got my love to give, and a place to live, guess I'm gonna stay.
It'd be a peaceful life, with a forever wife and a kid some day.
It's early nights and pillow fights and your soft laugh.
My Fantasy World and Disney Girl, have all come back.

Thursday, September 08, 2005 09:49:09 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
Jimmy.. Check your email...
Very poetic blog entry you made at 4:22 in the AM...
Thursday, September 08, 2005 04:22:30 <Jim>
Epoch - A particular period of history, especially one considered remarkable or noteworthy.
We just got this house looking great, added wood floors, a projector TV, and the furnitures rearranged. Now we're leaving it as residence, probably only to return as guests.
If you don't move in Las Vegas, the world moves around you.
Over these last 30 years, I've been with so many groups of friends.
I've had over a dozen best friends. All of them have come and gone.
Long term friends are elusive. I've seen people come and go while I remained static.
Noone ever points to a house here and says, "that's where I was raised".
I've lived at eight locations here. Three no longer exist, two I own, and the rest are slums.
Homeowners in Vegas tend to move every three years. I didn't. I've had the condo for 28 years, and this house for 18 years. None of my neighbors have stuck around.
My perspective of Las Vegas has been very unique.
When I got here in 1974, I hated this town's nature.
I could easily make friends one day and lose them the next. I've been married for over fifteen years. Both ex's never call, even though the split was amicable.
I've supported over forty people for periods that lasted over six months.
7 are dead.
2 keep in touch.
3 long term friends from the 80's were shot, another had a heart attach.
I still have 1 friend from the 70's, 1 friend from the 80's, 1 friend from the 90's, and 2 friends from the 2000's.
In Kentucky, where I grew up, most of those people are still there.
My brother is all that is the only person who has seen what I was and what I've become.
Epochs - From dinosaurs to mankind. Did the dinosaurs exist or was it a dream?
I'm hoping that Florida will have a nature simular to Kentucky's. It would be nice to spend the rest of my life with friends who will travel through this time with me.
My diary, this log, and my pictures are all I have to prove I ever existed here.
Without those things, past memories could be conjured up in a dream.
I did do some remarkable things here.
I was part of, or created, several of the worlds first systems. I made a dent.
I remember. The world has changed because of what I've done.
It was not a dream.
My dinosaurs became mankind.
Thursday, September 08, 2005 08:12:28 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
One thing you can say about Robert
- He may be kooky, wanting to move every third day of his life, but at least he's man enough to repay his loans in a timely manner. Clearly Allen is in this world for himself, and himself alone. Bow Wow, sniffel...
The Orlando Sentinel is the local paper.
Pretty decent, given that Orlando and it's suburbs are small and jokeful. I think I have the correct spelling here, off the cuff: (or spmething like that). Let me know if something catches Jimmy's eye balls regarding real estate leasing/renting.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005 21:31:51 <Jim>
Well, Mr Allen Harmon just lost a friend of his since 1971.
I loaned Allen $500 in 1998. He called, asked me for the loan, and I sent him a check. Finally, he offered to pay it back in 2002. I told him to send me a check or forget about it.
Allen contacted me last month hitting me up for money.
I told him I just gave my sister $500, Skip was asking for money and he's dead now,
and why was he asking someone who has been unemployed for 4 years for money.
I guess this ticked him off. He thinks I should have offered him another bum loan.
I said howdy tonight to him.
And there he was, in his usual drunken stupor. Calling me names, cursing me, telling me to eat crap and die.
He didn't care about Skip being dead.
He didn't care that I'm going to Florida for work, or that I'm low on funds.
He didn't care that I would be driving right by his travel trailer's campground.
He said he'd never forget that I didn't give him some money.
Allen just cares about himself and himself only.
I just can't call someone like that a friend. He's a drunken bum that hurts people. He hurt my feelings. It's sad that, of all the friends I've had, I kept contact with him. It's also sad that people can be so self absorbed, they can't see anybody else. Allen is the center of his universe. He'll probably drink himself dead in a couple of years anyway.
So sad.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005 18:52:22 <Jim>
Orlandian doesn't sound funny. I like Tampan for obvious reasons. haha
Sonny's moving in here, so the moving pressure is off of me. I don't have to worry about my abandoned house getting raided or graffitied. My mail can go straight into the garbage, it doesn't have to be forwarded. With that said, we could have taken off next Tuesday, but I didn't know that at the time. I'd still like to have the extra week to square some things away. EG: My $1,600 health insurance gave me a $700 check for a refund. Just got a lot of little things like that.
The extra time will help us to find a really good place to hang too!!!
I could easily see the Orlando contract lasting for years and years...cause that's the way it always goes. Personally, I plan on using M2 as a stepping stone to get back to the West Coast.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005 20:08:37 <Squirty's ALter Ego>
DARN IT..... I typed for 15 minutes and one keystroke wiped out my huge entry!!! I am going to bite your tires....
Well, if you gotta start the 26th instead, I am sure Jeanne will say ok.. She said ok to Jeff (my friend here) to take a 8 day trip to the Ukraine - two and a half weeks after he started the job.
We're in the Metro Orlando area. Not Tampa!!
If this area was So. CA, Los Angeles CITY, not even LA County, would cover all the 90 miles from Tampa to Orlando and then some. But this is f-ing Jeb Bush land, not studly California. I think San Bernando County in SO. CA is larger than all of Florida or close to it, in terms of square or rectangalur mileage.
I'll email you my address here. But I know when I added Jeff to the box just last week
The lady working the UPS Store (Mail Boxes, etc...) needed Jeff's ID for her files before she could accept his mail. And it's a tiny box. I might be over loading. You want to fax me a pic of your Drivers License (what she wants for ID), and I'll ask her for a box for you separate. She might very well let me do it for you pre-arrival. Or you can wait until you get here, do it yourself, and then start mail forwarding with the USPS office there at 89121.
If you get here the 26th, and we take a comfortable 4 or 5 days to finalize housing
that will work good with me. For if you want to share a place with me, I am finally getting set for doing something "perm" anytime between the 22nd and the end of the month.
Here's another thought
If you (both you and Ms. R) and Jeffrey agree - and want to expand on that housing share thing, then maybe we can split it three ways. Like say, that Camdem Apt. place, the price goes up two hundred for the third bedroom and about an additional 300 sq. ft. and split three ways would save even more dollars for us all. He is quite, hold up in his room with the door closed, 3-5ing to his laptop, so he wouldn't be a hassle. But best you and he might and discuss it between yourselves.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005 11:41:26 <Jim>
Yeeeehaaaaa!!!! I'm almost a Florida Tampan!!!
Guess when I leave I'll be a Tampax!!!
I start September 19th, which should be plenty of time!
-Cancel the Newspaper
-Cancel the Dumpster
-Cancel the Bug Service
-Call forward my messages
-Put change-of-address in at the Post Office (use Mikeys PO box for now).
-Cancel the Bug Service
-Get hair cuts
-Get together with Ricco.
-Buy some clothes
-Eat up our food! Have a cookout!
-Load the Camper Shell back on
-Shrink the file cabinet
-Move Sonny's car over here.
-Store valuables in the Condo's garage.
I just asked Kevin if it would be possible to start on the 26th.
I think they'll go for it. I mean, what can they do? Fire Me...haha. I'm pretty sure they've already got the paper work moving, so, it should be okay.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005 15:43:58 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
I am so excited for Jimmy, and for Ms. R.... AND ME TOO...
I get to work with the grat Jimmy Cutlar again!!!! (and you others out there don't!!!!) HURRAY!!! Long live Jimmy. Just one thing Jim. I know I told you that the dress code here is EXTREMELY loose/liberal (shorts, tee shirts and flip flops), but please, no coming to work naked or as a construction worker (butt crack showing). That's be too much for the ladies in the office.
Just sent you an email....
Take a look and reply to my email address (mike -@- ginsburg -dot- net
Wednesday, September 07, 2005 10:17:54 <Jim>
I did the interview. I think it went well.
Of course, my heart is in my throat. They didn't ask any technical questions at all. They just asked me to tell about my experience. Here's what I said:
-I started programming in 1983, on the worlds first Race and Sports Book System.
It was Tandem based, and I was responsable for most of the code, sysgens, operations, and user calls.
-I moved on to the only Airline system in the United States running Tandem.
We got most of the code from Sweden. I was responsible for all their systems including pathway and programming.
-From there, I went on to Bank of America where I was responsible for all credit and debit card routing.
Another programmer and I wrote the pilot program for the ATM Fee system. My primary responsibilities were to maintain the INN switch, which routed ATM/POS transactions to the Card Issuers.
-Then I started at Caesars.
There I had dialup and was on call for all systems, operations, and programming problems.
I wrote an interface with the Tandem that allowed Pathcom users to pull up a customers picture by hitting a function key. I also wrote an interface with Accumail, for online address correction and zip-plus-4 encoding.
-Transaction Software Incorporated hired me to join Mgm in a rehost project.
We were rehosting Stratus programs to Tandem. I wrote a Tacl macro that converted their screens, and servers to Tandem. That project was dropped and Mgm hired me as their consultant to write a data warehouse system.
-After that project was wrapped up, I consulted with IGT, doing a data warehouse for their Slot systems.
However, that system used SQL 2000 and Windows 2000.
-Currently I'm building a commercial website.
Transaction Software offers vary little piece work, and I believe I'm one of only five Tandem programmers left in Las Vegas.
I hope the interview went well.
I was extremely nervous, and this flu doesn't help much. I asked Jean if they had any exciting projects they were working, and she mentioned their FEMA project. I forgot that stood for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, so I studdered a little.
In the end, they asked me when I could be available.
I told them I'd have a four day drive, plus I have a couple of properties to square away.
September 19th would be perfect, and it would give me plenty of time to wrap up.
I couldn't get a bead on their attitude though. I didn't inject any of my personality into the interview. The most we strayed was talking about New Orleans, and the disasters in Florida a couple of years back.
At least, if I blew it, I gave it a hell of shot.
I'd hoped they'd ask me some technical questions though. I've read a few manuals since yesterday. I reviewed Pathway, Cobol85, Scobol, Enable, DDL, FUP, Tacl, Spoolcom, Peruse...I was ready to answer any syntactical question they had to ask. If my interview failed, it would have to be because I mentioned the last Tandem work I did was in March. I called John just in case, to give him a heads up.
Bummer that I didn't get a chance to answer any techie questions.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005 08:39:53 <Jim>
That's the thing i like best about renting.
Since this house earns more in appreciation than I have in most of my working history, I'd have to keep it. The way I add it up is that I may be able to save $2,000 a month in Florida. During those months, this house will certainly appreciate over $2,000 a month. Plus, with my $520 payments (now), making monthly cash is a given.
It's my golden goose...haha.
What's the math look like. hmmm.
I owe $110,000. The house is worth $180,000. Unless a nuclear weapon radiates this land, this house should easily be worth $250,000 in two years. And its all tax free income (good ol Republicans).
What I especially like about this neighborhood, is that people are pulling money out of their equity, and actually putting it back into the house. Can you believe that?
Addenmum to my last entry.
I said should have been LINKDEPTH...haha.
I finally found a Pathway configuration file. Its was in my subvolume from Caesars. My subvolume had the most sophisticated sources of all too. I'd forgotten that.
I'd replaced Caesars 1,000s of lines of Declarative Section code with 60 lines of code that handled Guardian-err and actually told you what the error was.
Plus I wrote the macros for rebuilding the pathway configuraton cold start file, and implementation macros.
Its all intact and ready to go.
Caesars had several pathways with 100s of servers and requesters. All I needed to do to switch to a different system is type SL for slots, HT for Hotel, and so on.
I can't wait to use them again.
I've generated a bunch of Tandem documention from site.
The best way to learn something is to document it. So, now, I have my own compressed version of all the Pathway commands, a Cobol syntax page, and a sample requestor/server with all of the main chunks of code.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005 11:27:17 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
Renting/Selling your house.
Hay, if your serious about it. At least renting it, then maybe throw a few bucks Robert's way to spend a day a week there working to clear it out. Accomplishes two goals. Gets him a few extra bucks, and clears the place out for rental. Then maybe hit some RE agent you can trust (Brian "The Brain" Grady MAYBE????) up for finding you a qualtity renter. Nice thing about renting, is the place earns you some income, and is still yours down the road if you choose to return.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005 07:22:27 <Jim>
It sounds pretty good Mikey.
I've read a few manuals since yesterday. I'm all brushed up..hey hey hey...hey HEY, Yeah Yeah, uh huh (Elvis 'All shook up'). I even brushed upon that Maxlinks.
MaxServers * min(MaxLinks,MaxLinkDepth) = number of simultaneous request to a server.
MaxLinkDepth must be <= A Server's Receive-Control. Table Occurs 5 times.
When a Server reaches its MaxLinks or MaxLinkDepth, another one fires up.
A little brush up. That's all I needed.
Sure wish I had a Pathway configuration file though.
I'm confident I'll get the openning. It'll be nice to get away from Vegas for awhile too. I'm missing Sonny, Squirt and Robert already. I haven't been out of Vegas much since 1974 (except for going on expeditions), so this will an experience.
Who knows? Maybe I will sell this house and buy a Motor Home and some land (in Fiji).
Que sera sera
Florida should be coming into its good season.
Las Vegas is. Its 74 outside right now.
Just wish I had time to clear this house out, and rent it out. I should have bought a projector TV a long time ago. Its easy to move. If the bedroom was gone, everything here would be sellable or storable. hmmm.
We should be (maybe) be able to save $2,000 a month in Florida (or $24,000 a year). Still not enough to retire on after 10 years. We'll still need something else going for us. LVDude will still be a good project. There's nothing else out there that does what it does. I'll keep plugging away at it.
Tuesday, September 06, 2005 15:49:14 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
Hurray for Jimmy
On two counts..... First, and foremost, on the interview scheduled for Wednesday, 9/7 at 10am PT and for eating at the wondeful Peppermil with Mr. R and Sonny last night. Nice pick... But I lost you last night while IMing, so the last I knew, you were thing????????? Aside from my Ye Olde Spaghetti Factory thought.
Yea, those Peppermil meals are huge. Especially their salads.
I almost live for their fruit salads. I had breakfast there one time, and it was good too. But, a mid afternoon salad is great with time left to let the gut go down a bit before lying down for slummber.
I will IM with you tonight at 4pm PT.
We can go over what ever. But, I think if you knew what the job involves, and the atmosphere around here, you'll do perfectly. Manner of fact, as long as you don't say anything too far off the wall, it's probably yours already. They tend to only take the time to talk to someone when they have a good feel from the resume. Back in June, I didn't even know they were interviewing Jeff (from Northrop, whom i"ve known since 1987). He mentioned my name in the interview, and as soon as the interview was over, they asked my opinion. Less than an hour later, he got a thumbs up from Kevin.
No SQL to worry about. Pretty much standard Cobol/Scobol/Pathway - Only a little Requestor (Scobol)
So, you will see a lot of Cobol Batch and server work. If the Cobol program is in a pathway, it probably communicates with a communication line that for all in tentations looks like a Requester sending the data across into the server's $receive. I know you know all that kaka, but if you want to know more, we will IM it later today. What Requestor code is out tends to be menus.
Monday, September 05, 2005 23:11:22 <Jim>
Went to Peppermill tonight with Sonny.
The food there is always great! I can't believe there Cob Salads. They are HUGE!
We strolled on into the souveneir store next to Peppermill. They have great deals. Becky and I got 4 Las Vegas T-Shirts for $10, and 2 Thomas Kinkaid looking Dolphin candles. They boil sented oils, and they are very beautiful. Thomas Kinkaid is "The Painter of Light". (i think he's great).
While shopping, Grandmal asked Becky if we'd stop by and fix Dustins computer.
Figures. You give someone a computer, or just help them once with it and you end up always being on call for any problem. We stopped by. I went into Internet Explorer and it worked. So, I guess now, every time a server on the internet is slow, I'm going to get a call. sheesh.
Dustin was laying on his bed while I was playing with the laptop I gave him. I asked him if he'd figured out how to put paper in the printer yet. He said "Printer?". I said "Yea, the one Paul gave you and I installed for you yesterday". He said, "Oh, that one". What can I say, he's an idiot.
We watched Lord of the Rings "Return of the King"
What a Loooonnnngggg movie. No wonder I didn't remember most of it. It's too long. But it was very good. I've still got a mild case of pneumonia. Hopefully, I'll be functional soon. blahhhhhh. Tired of sweating. Becky had an accident, so she's probably got the bug too. Sonny's, mine, and some of Becky's symptoms are parallel.
Monday, September 05, 2005 12:53:17 <Jim>
Yesterday, Dustin did the nastiest thing I've ever seen any kid do.
He was in the dining room and he stepped in some ferret crap. HE YELLS "EWWE, I stepped in something nasty!". Then he walks into the hallway and wipes his feet off, returns, and he sits down right next to the crap.
I asked him if he was just going to leave it there for his Mom to clean up and he said, "I had to clean my feet". I said "I know, I saw you wipe them on the hallway carpet".
Meanwhile, Becky cleaned it up the mess.
Dustin doesn't understand manners. He doesn't understand the Golden Rule.
Most people who choose to disregard these concepts, understand them. He just doesn't understand. He only understands what effects him. He was born without the concept of others and he is capable of doing terrible things. Fortunately, he's not smart enough to get away with anything. He lies all the time, and his lies are stupid.
Grandma gave Dustin a color TV. He now has a laptop, printer, and a color TV.
Jennifer, has nothing. Dustin is a piece of crap, and Grandma treats Jennifer like she's a piece of crap. I think, thats why Becky and Paul are the way they are. Grandma treats Becky like crap, and treats Paul like a king. Becky would give her life for her kids, she's the only truly innocent person I know. Paul on the other hand, well, I won't say anything.
The family is an excellent reasons to get out of Las Vegas. I simply don't want to know what they do.
If we could take Jennifer with us, it would be a blessing. I'd have little reason for returning here. I'd like to save Jennifer.
Monday, September 05, 2005 12:50:43 <Jim>
Antibiotics seem to be doing the trick. I must have had a bug.
1,000mg Ampicillin to start. 500mg a day. My head and lungs seem to be clearing up. My body feels less achey. That's good. I've got too much to do. Don't need to throw up any more.
Sunday, September 04, 2005 14:48:20 <Squirty's ALter Ego>
Miscalculation.... Since you own a home in Lost Wages (anywhere at least 50 miles from your work location), you are entitled to per diem as set by the Federal Gov't. Without looking at the web site (IRS at least has a link if it isn't on their maze of sites), but here is the story.. $30/hr is gross, as you stated/implied. You'd have $24.85 per hour taken off the top, tax FREE!!!! That is the per diem portion of your pay. The remaining $5.15 per hour is taxed, and it'd be hard, at just about any tax rate, to be taxed much on the minimum wage of $5.15/hr or $206/wk. The $24.85 is dervived (generally speaking) as follows (and I am doing it backwards to try and dervive the amount per day the Gov't says is tax free). $24.85/hr X 160 hours a month = #3976 per diem per month (this is based on a 4wk, 40hr/wk work schedule. I don't know of a firm that will deviate from this equation, as it gets to complex and is close enough for it's purposes. The $3976 is divided by 30 (days/mo) for 132.30 roughly a day. In reality, again without looking, is probably $135 a day. So, add the bulk of the tax you state back into take home pay. Oh, and I do not believe JPMC (JP Morgan Chase) pays above 35/hr... Not 50/hr. So, you're not talking about a lot of money different between them.
Sunday, September 04, 2005 09:25:48 <Jim>
Thoughts to consider about M2 in Florida.
$30 an hour W2 = $5,200 a month.
Taxes should be roughly $1,200 a month. Net $4,000.
Housing cost should be around $1,000.
Maintaining my house in Vegas, $700.
Normal cost of living, $800.
I should be able to save $1,500 a month.
The trip to Orlando is 2,300 miles, or 230 gallons of gas at $3.50, or $800.
A big plus would be to move to JP Morgan at $50 an hour after working at M2.
And that would be worth the $800 risk. I hope I get it.
Sunday, September 04, 2005 09:24:50 <Jim>
I'm feeling better finally.
I'm bummed about the loss on the big screen TV. I had the TV taken apart. I could have finished the repair, but it always comes down to this, getting a replacement part. The service people love their markups, and you have to join their club to get parts at a reasonable price. They have it all worked out so if they charge $100 for a call, they mark up the part by that amount and there's no gain.
So it boils down to this: I'm going to net $350 for a TV I paid $3,000 for.
Thats a pretty bad beating. It was very difficult to haul. I couldn't do it by myself. I'd like to sell it on consignment for $1,000 and have them pick it up, but I'd have to get it fixed first. And there are the Spurlings, looking the unit sitting in the living room. It fits very well.
If I sold it on consignment, they'd take 35%. I'd still have to repair it. I'd still net the same amount.
So, I guess I'll just have to take a beating on it.
Saturday, September 03, 2005 18:29:59 <Jim>
Active ay here.
Took the camper off the truck. Moved the Big Screen TV to Pauls. Plugged it in and it worked fine. Then I adjusted the color guns. Turned it of, then on, and it went on the fritz. $300's probably to repair it. That means I almost should have just thrown it in the dumpster. Phewy.
Lesson to be learned...never sell to people you know. Let the buyer do the hauling. OR, next time, sell it on consignment and let them pick it up.
Saturday, September 03, 2005 08:08:26 <Jim>
Something I may have to consider on LVDude
Is multilingual capabilities. I could either code separate pages using Spanish and English, or code every literal on the screen to come from a database. Hmmm.
- Coding each page with different languages would be a maintenance nightmare.
- Coding each literal as a database column would spin a lot of extra cycles.
- If you look at the code for web pages that allow you to translate the page, all of the literals are coded for each language, the code looks awful.
Then again, hitting the Spanish speaking sector could be a big market.
Billing is my last project now.
Billing should include: Special offer codes, LVDude cash for referrals, a transaction log and a way to backout charges. That should take a couple of weeks to pull off.
Thorough testing will have to be done by both computer literate, and illiterate subjects.
I'll also need a feedback log.
Saturday, September 03, 2005 07:51:02 <Jim>
Still feeling crappy. Busy planned.
I got paging to work on my ads. Paging is always a pain in the sitter.
Todays agenda is:
- Greet Dustin and Jennifer at 10am
- Pick up Robert, Joy and Amy at 11am
- Remove the camper shell and load the big screen TV up
- Hookup the TV at Pauls
- Bring Robert, Joy and Amy home
- Bring Dustin and Jennifer over to Roberts (they're spending the night)
What seems odd to me is Robert and Joy already have 5 people living in their 2Br apartment.
Where are the kids going to sleep? Hmmmm.
I think its a bad idea myself, but I'm probably the only person thinking about it.
I think Robert is letting Tony sleep on the couch.
After he made that decision a couple of days ago, you'd think his plans would have changed about the kids staying over.
BTW-For any SQL coders out there
On the Tandem we used "Where (LastName,FirstName) >= (:LastName,:FirstName)"
That doesn't work with standard SQL.
I had to use "Where (LastName&FirstName)>=('"&LastName&FirstName&"')"
What boggles the mind is, I haven't seen any fixed length columns used in Access. It's all VarChar with a maximum length, therefore, trailing spaces don't exist for LastName and FirstName.
Friday, September 02, 2005 17:52:40 <Jim>
Paul isn't going to help move the TV.
Are you kidding? He'd probably get all in a hurry and destroy it. Robert and I can do the job just fine, and without working up a sweat.
I hope M2 comes together this time.
I'm glad to hear Kevin and Mikey are willing to go to bat with me. Maybe this time it'll fly. I'd love to hear their response to my 2 weeks free offer.
Friday, September 02, 2005 19:43:08 <Squirty's Alert Ego >
First thing Jimmy needs to do is tie his tail down to the chair...
Jimmy.... No promises yet, but Kevin and I just found out that the bloke Jeanne and Bryan hired here at M2, to start next Tuesday, changed his mind and took a job Cashier at a Fly's store that used to be in New Orleans, but is now somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. No, I don't know the guy, nor do Kevin & I know where he is headed instead of M2. But, I spoke to Kevin late Friday afternoon, and after the holiday weekend, we have to both go to bat for Jimmy Cutlar.
You should have double the price
of your TV to $1300 and make Paul pick it up. Isn't he at least going to help load/unload it?
What in the hell is Robert thinking?
Moving Joy and Amy all over the place. And potentially to a bad place, if that friend of his is kooky. And besides, if he is across the street from work, what the heck?
Bark and out....
I am going to go play with LVDude a little bit...
Friday, September 02, 2005 09:29:22 <Jim>
We're hauling my Big Screen TV to Paul's this weekend.
I sold it to him for $650. That means my camper shell has to come off. Robert's going to give me a hand with it.
I gave Dustin my ex's old Compaq laptop.
The monitor is burned out, but I attached an external monitor to it. I just bet Dustin will be playing those stooopid internet games on it all of the time, you know, the ones where you hit the space bar over and over again while shooting X's at a dumb looking monster. Grandmal thinks he won't do it if she tells him not too. uh huh.
Robert's planning on moving again.
I'm going to try to talk him out of it. Right now, he's walking distance from work. He wants to move back to N Las Vegas with his buddy, Tony. I'm surprised about that. They bitched at each other a lot last time they lived together.
Stop it nose!
I've gotta get all cleared up today somehow. Tired of feeling yucky.
Friday, September 02, 2005 11:55:52 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
What be happening with Ms R and Jimmy today?
Prepping of rthe eciting long weekend? Any plans? Justin's new liptop - is it an old junker? Does Jennifer have one too?
GrandMal's job
She lose it? What be the story?
Wouldn't GrandMal home teaching Justin be like a blind man leading a deaf mute?
That's the way it seems to me
I bet Paul's pop-ups were all from porn sites...
Me one very tired dog hunte.
Gotta sleep all the time... It seems...
Friday, September 02, 2005 03:51:33 <Jim>
It was a lazy day yesterday. Feeling the effects of Nyquil.
I hate colds. It was nice not to have anything to do. I setup Dustin's Laptop at Pauls, Wednesday night. What a pain! Wireless wouldn't work. It would have, if I was thinking clearly. I couldn't remember the numbers (EG: which made things rough. Plus, Paul's PC has so many popups, its TERRIBLE! I cleaned up most of them and gave him my Norton Antivirus. Anyway, Dustin is on wired networking now.
Wednesday was Grandmas last day at work.
We sat around and chatted alot. She's intent on home schooling Dustin, even though a really nice middle school that opened 1 mile down the road. I can't argue with her, the schools in Las Vegas are inferior and deadly. Home schooling is very rough though. It takes a lot out of a parent (or grandparent) and Dustin is lazy. It'll be interesting to see how this works out.
I've keep plugging away at LVDude, even though my mind is foggy.
Most of the code I'm adding isn't visible. Mainly moving chunks of code around to more logical positions. I should have ad screen paging done by tommorrow. This project will easily last till the end of September. All I can say is, it better make money. I'd much rather be writing code and maintaining systems in a mountain cabin, than driving a truck around the country.
Thursday, September 01, 2005 11:53:47 <Squirty's Alter Ego>
Yet, another chance to devirginize Jimmy's BLOG
Oh, there goes the cherry rolling across the floor. Darn, I am a bad AE......

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