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01/25/2009 14:32:26
 SAE  .Wexford Apt Snow - 2009/01/25
What is that weird white stuff on the ground? I don't see it here in Flahadah...

And is that Rebecky's Bumble-Bee outfit?
01/23/2009 18:14:13
 jim  Heinz Stadium Rally
01/22/2009 04:26:52
 jim  Obama Day - I am Jazzed About It
01/19/2009 21:30:14
 jim  Martin Luther What?
My alarm clock went off at 6 am.
I got up, took my shower, put on my five layers of clothes, and sat down at the computer, to play with some programs.
The truck was buried in snow.
I had to dig my way through to the windshield. The roads were icy.
I ended up coming into work late.
When I got to work at 8:30,
the parking lot was empty,
I remember thinking,
Maybe my job went bankrupt!!!
The good thing about this morning:
I finished a program that lets me take pictures from my camera and put them almost directly to this website.
That means, most of the 17,000 pictures I've taken will soon be here. Cool, huh. The program is a Visual Basic.Net program. Also, LvDude is finally a .Net website. I converted it today too. What a day!!
01/19/2009 13:40:30
 jim  Seattle - A year ago today
glitter graphics
01/18/2009 20:20:50
 jim  Another Snowy Weekend has come and gone
01/18/2009 20:19:22
 jim  Circuit City is sad
That leaves Best Buy and Walmart for Electronics.
Of course, there is Ultimate Electronics and Frys in Vegas.
Remember CompUsa?
Remember Chrysler and General Motors?
Hmmm.....Things are happening slowly, so slowly that a lot of us don't even notice.
01/16/2009 07:32:29
 jim  Awwwe Cool!!! Its -8 Degrees in Pittsburgh
What we've got here is another ICE AGE !
Questions pop up into my head like:
Will my car battery work?
Will my hand stick to metal?
What temperature does gas freeze at?
Oh, and why is gasoline called gas?
I broke down, and bought a game computer.
It should be in the mail any day now. Its a Wii. My thinking was, its so cold out there, we're not going anywhere this winter. Staying at home could save our lives.
This winter, Wii is saving Us.
01/14/2009 21:50:38
 jim  Where have we been?
01/14/2009 17:18:16
 jim  20090114 Pennsylvania Snow
01/11/2009 17:20:52
 SAE  .Test

Jimmy. I am watching the football game there in Pitts town tonight and the snow looks ugly. But better it falls on you and Jeff-Wee than on me.
01/05/2009 22:37:35
 jim  The Netherland Orange Festival
01/05/2009 21:38:00
 jim  The Mayans and You
Doomsday predictions are so cool.
The Mayans supposedly predicted a doomsday event will be occuring on 12/21/2012. Catchy, isn't it. It kind of has a ring to it. While this may be true, a lot of people thought dooms day was going to be 01/01/2000. And then again, a lot of people thought Nostradamus predicted the Chinese would start WWIII in the 1980's.We didn't see much happen, but that doesn't mean something terrible isn't going to happen.
Of course, some natural event is going to wipe out most life forms on this planet. Of course it is. You've seen dinosaur bones in museums and fossils in your own back yard. Even the rocks in your driveway appear to be melted by something. Ever notice that most animals on this planet have the same organs? We're all either survivors, or as I'd like to think of it, children of the last "Doomsday". Like they say, life for billions of years has always found a way. As a whole, it is smarter than we will ever be. I doubt our brains are capable of handling the "truth".
The end-of-the-world as far as you are concerned is much more predictable, and will probably come much sooner. 
Every 80 years or so, all life on our planet is recycled.
If only we could remember where we came from.
All fear of death would go completely away, and the "end-of-the-world" would seem more like a spring shower.
At least, thats the way I like to think of it. I like to think we have and will go on forever,  
01/01/2009 00:18:47
 SAE  Happy New Year, Jimmy R. Cutlar and Rebecky...
First bark at you, in 2009....
01/01/2009 00:18:47
 jim   (Reply).Happy New Year, Jimmy R. Cutlar and Rebecky...
Happy New Year 2U2 !!!
12/31/2008 13:31:08
 jim  Another fun White Out
I love this weather for so many reasons, haha. Those are ice crystals on my windshield.
12/25/2008 20:06:19
 Jim  There is no place like home

Dorothy said

"There's no place like home",
but I'd bet if she thought about it

She would have realized
There's no place like OZ!

Its Christmas,
and it was a beautiful day here in Wexford, Pennsylvania. We could have been depressed, being thousands of miles away from our loved ones, but this holiday hasn't worked out like that at all. 
Its was a unique Christmas.
We ate some left overs from last nights BBQ, and went to Walgreen's a to buy one of those cheap massagers. We got a few text messages. We IMed a little. We even did a web cam.
We didn't open any gifts.
I want everyone to know, that was what we expected. These contracts have given us experiences that we would never have gotten if we spent Christmas in Las Vegas.
Life has provided the greatest gifts of all. We've seen this United States,
from San Diego to Seattle, from the Florida Keys, to Washington DC. We've traveled the country collecting memories that some may never acquire. 
This could have been my 30th Christmas in Las Vegas.
But this wasn't just another Christmas. This was an exceptional Christmas. Our memories are what we'll store
in the top of our closet this year and I'll share them with you on this web site as the years pass by.
To all of those at home,
We miss and love you very much !!!

From Far Far Away 
- - - - Merry Christmas to All - - - -

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