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02/14/2008 00:00:00
 jim  Happy Valentines Day
 I  love you !
If every day was Valentines day, I'd be grateful that I spent each and everyone one with you.
You've made the sky bluer, the birds chirp for joy and the winds sound melodic.
If you gave me a bite off your apple, it would be the best apple I'd ever tasted.
Thats because people like you, make everything feel special.
I don't know which is brighter, the sun rising, or your first smile of the day. ty ty ty!
01/27/2008 09:11:50
 jim  What can happen in an hour?
01/15/2008 20:24:05
 jim  My first day in Heaven
I got through the portal, and there was AIR. It was great ! I didn't expect I'd have air, however, every breath I took of it was refreshing. I could feel its energy pulse through my entire body, but it was disturbing. What would happen if there wasn't any?
I became aware of these beautiful visions.
They were all blurry at first, but after a while, they seemed to crystallize into shapes of form and depth. I was beginning to see Heaven
The sounds were incredible.
I first heard music, at least I thought it was music. I could sense the vastness of Heaven in my mind.
I could sense that others were helping me.
I didn't understand anything and I welcomed their help. It seemed clear to me that these helpers were angels.
Everything was warm.
The energy of it all...I was in love with this place. I didn't know why I was here, or how any of this happened, but I liked it.
And finally, after a few moments of struggling, and with the help of the angels,
I finally got up on all 4s.
My instincts told me where and how to find milk, and I walked over to get myself a suckle. The instincts with the songs and the visions that guided me through the portal, had left once I was born. I'll hear them again some day, but for now, I'm in for a ride of a life time.
If I ever do this again, I'm going to be like those things standing on two legs.
They act like they know everything.

01/15/2008 16:39:21
 jim  Snow Day
Channel 13 News was at my bus stop this morning. They didn't interview me  :^( .  Our bus was shut down. There was black ice everywhere. A bus driver going the other way yelled out "Go to the stop on Lakehurst (about a mile away). Well, I, being in great health, a leader and all, took a deep breath, got in front of the crowd and went straight home. I was out there for over an hour.
01/05/2008 02:52:12
 jim  1and1 took another dump!
Sorry bout that. I can't believe I pay them all of that money for these websites...har har. is an excellent web hosting site. They're cheap, and they're up 98% of the time.
If you want 99.9% of the time, buy a Tandem!
11/09/2007 23:49:41
 Guest  .time stamps
Jimmy - I thought you were going to start using an average of GMT and some random timezone choosen at the time an entry is made to your blog.
10/31/2007 00:00:00
 jim  Halloween
10/08/2007 00:00:00
 jim  Columbus Day
09/04/2007 00:00:00
 Jim  Labor Day
08/25/2007 23:51:57
 jim  Went to a Blue Grass Festival
We saw the IMax at the Louisville Science Museum earlier ($4 x 2).
Anyway, we were just wanting to do something, so we thought we'd head out to the Taylorsville Lake.
Somewhere along the way, we realize we missed a turn, and ran into the last hour of a Blue Grass Festival.
So, it was free!
While there, we heard explosions. A fellow told us it was coming from Fort Knox.
After the festival, we went to Fort Knox. The trip took us through a one lane road with corn stalks everywhere.
That GPS takes us down some wild roads, I gotta tell ya.
We ended going through the Knobs, and finally arrived at Fort Knox.
I took a picture of a tank that said Fort Knox on it, and started to turn around.
WOW. The military guys were all over us, and I wasn't even near the visitor information area out side of the base.
Obviously, I shouldn't have even taken the exit off of Dixie Highway.
They had me delete the picture. What got me is, when they were coming after the truck, they all put their gloves on.
Its kind of interesting that I can see the base through Maps.Google and not through Maps.Live.
Maps.Live has it blocked out. Good old censorship!
08/19/2007 21:50:17
 jim  New LVDUD features.
haha. If you click on the menu items above, a screen will show you the links for the menu listing, and it will show you a list of logs. I think its cool.
I made the change because I may get an IPhone.
The IPhone uses a Safari internet browser, and it admittedly has a few bugs.
Probably the first one most of us will notice is its menu listing for "Safari Home Pae". They didn't key in "Page" right. Well, my site looks great on the IPhone, except you can't log on, and the drop down menu goes UNDER the first frame. Thats just weird, but its easy to handle, coding wise.
Actually, I like the menu much better now. I like the Sign In screen better too!
08/18/2007 11:09:49
 Jim  Ahhhhhh...the pleasures of sleep.
We started the night off with Iggs Benedict.
Its beef tips, tomatoes, nacho cheese, poached eggs and grilled toast.
To the untrained tongue, it might be repugnant.
But I have a cona-sewer's tongue.
BTW - That is our dining room table.
Its a fold up thingy that folds up into nothing, and we've taken it way past the manufacturers dreams. Its a laptop stand, dining room table, printer and phone stand. Its the Swiss Army's concept of tables, and weighs about 3lbs.
Half the time when I'm home, all I can see of Becky is her head sticking up over our two laptops.
Then we went to Sullys last night and had two Hurricanes.
Hurricanes are like cherry slushies with a real kick to them.
We came back home and
I had two Soma's. I know, you're not supposed to mix sleeping pills with alcohol.
But, if feels SO GOOD.
Last night was the first good nights sleep I've had since we got here.
Six hours a night is about average for where we're living. 
Its hard to justify sleeping when theres so much going on just 5 minutes away.
I just keep telling myself...hey, ohhhh what the heck; we're all just going to grow old and die anyway. Why not stay up and have FUN! I'll sleep when I'm gone.

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