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01/27/2010 22:07:03
 Guest  .Sorry about not posting much lately
Hi Jim!

How are you! Did you settle down in Pittsburg (PA) and become a permanent employee of the company you work?

I had to think of you, because my wife is on business trip to Pittsburg (PA). She just arrived. We were looking for something interesting to
visit and I found the Duquesne Incline.   Look sgreat from the pics I saw on the internet, has a historical connection to the coal industry
and it seems you have a nice selection of restaurants on the top of the hill.

Take care!

01/26/2010 19:07:16
 Guest  Jim, thanks so much for these photos
Maybe next time Becky and I go out, we'll invite you.
Love Ya Guys
12/16/2009 03:24:03
 Guest  .What could be crazier than this?
Jim, you spoiled that safe feeling I had  for me now Jim! :)

I feel dizzy!

Have a good one!!!

12/16/2009 03:24:03
 jim   (Reply)..What could be crazier than this?
Jan, you're incredible! You are just simply awesum!
12/11/2009 18:54:40
 Guest  .Time is in a Bottle
Hi Jim!

Just read your "Time is in a bottle" story.

Very interesting thought and also very well written!

Got your name, I forgot it, when Don came back for a gig at GE.


Jan {one Cube away I sat at GE Healthcare}

12/11/2009 18:54:40
 Guest   (Reply).....Time is in a Bottle
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooodmorning Jim!

Sounds great your adventures on the West Coast! I was there with Thanks Giving and saw and heard the pacific for the first time. Awesome!!!!!
I think I arrived in heaven. I like the sea. I was born in a city called Harlingen in the north of Holland, so I like being at the coast, hang out,
stare into infinity, feel the sea breeze and enjoy the sun sets. My son also likes it, the first moment there he already got totally soaked and sandy,
2 hours before we had to fly back.

When "LVDudes Brotherly Love Shack" is officially open I will stop by to join a ceremony!!!!! :)

Time for coffee and some programming.

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/11/2009 18:54:40
 jim   (Reply)....Time is in a Bottle're going to love it Jan. We drove the west coast for the heck of it after my last contact in San Diego.

I was whale watching along the Oregon Coast when the cell phone rings..
The voice says "Hey Jimmy, how would you like to work in Pittsburgh". I said "whhaaaa?"
So I decided to take it.

Along the Oregon/California coastal route, I noticed all of these impoverished coastal towns had three things in common...a convenience store, a hair salon, and a church of sorts.
Some of the churches were in barns, and trailers.
So, I thought, that if this programming gig ever peters out, I'd got ordained as a mininster license. I could go back to Oregon, open up a litte shack.
and call it LVDudes Brotherly Love Shack. I could even have one of those drive through red woods people could get married in...hahahaha.

You will LOVE Carlsebad. That whole area was made for a convertable. I had a six week contract in San Diego, all expense paid, and we spent each weekend in a different motel next to the ocean.
Had the best time of my life there. GOOD LUCK!

Jim Cutlar - 702-203-8258 -
12/11/2009 18:54:40
 Guest   (Reply)...Time is in a Bottle
Hi Jim!

Yep, it's me! We were about to buy a house but we were outbid twice, think a little Angel was interfering
because she can she the Time Bottle we're in and had some credit with the Gods to interfere :) "Why Jan,
why? Tell us, The suspense is killing us!!!!" :)

We are going to California baby!!!!!!! My wife's job was relocated there, to Carlsbad and now I'm going
too! We're going to drive, a road trip, "Fear in Loathing In Carlsbad" We shipped the Civic, and the
Chrysler LHS form 2000 {Yes, I bought a boat!!!!! :} and I love it!!!!!! Great big American car. A dream
come true} we will drive. Nice chance to see the whole West coast,
head to toe. My wife will fly back here and then we drive all together. Will be great fun. Will try to take
some 101 and go through the South Oregon mountains.

How are you doing! Having fun I read in Pensylvania. Hope all is well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to hear from you again, you were out of reach, but thanks to Don I learned it was LVDUDE to put
be back on track of your site!!!!!!!

Greetings from a cold Bellevue where it's supposed to snow tonight!!!!

12/11/2009 18:54:40
 jim   (Reply)..Time is in a Bottle
Well how about that!!! I remember you very well! Your JavaMan, and you name is all over the web with interesting subjects
You're a genious dude!
I'm wondering how your property in Washington turned out. My Vegas property went from $260k to $60k in value.
Anyway, I'm still here in Pennslyvania, wracking up $ after $. Its been a hoot!
Its cold here. I need to get back down to the southern belt. It would be nice to know if whats turned blue will turn pink again.
Great hearing from you!!!
   From Jim Cutlar, The Las Vegas Dude.
10/05/2009 22:16:37
 Guest  .Jimmy Leavelle has Left the Building
Ur funny Jim.It was my wedding you saw him at not Jessica's. I doubt you ever see her get married!! haha... Mom says hi Ashley
10/05/2009 22:16:37
 jim   (Reply)..Jimmy Leavelle has Left the Building
Oops...that was dumb. I knew it was your wonderful wedding Ashley.
06/11/2009 00:00:00
 Guest  ..Camping near Cincinatti
The weekend was EXCELLENT!
We hung out with my good friend Rod, his daughter and Derrick.
The people at our campsite were mostly noncomputer literate (except for Rod and Darrick).
It was great hearing how people in the sticks live.
I can remember a time when computers weren't so necessary to my life.
It was a long time ago.
I liked these people because, well, take Lonny for instance, he doesn't have a cell phone, a computer, an internet connection or cable TV.
Lonnie is great people, and man, can he play corn hole. I'd have to think his life is so much more simpler than ours.
Make money, pay bills, watch local TV, hang out with friends, and sometimes make love,. Thats what my life used to be about.
Now I'm all about checking my email, writing programs, downloading my transactions, and everything centers around the internet. I check it before going out to see what to wear.
Talking to these people brings back memories of a time in my life when I was a simpler person. I like both the person I was, and am. Its cool!
So, these events aren't really about the event.
Its about the whole experience. Everything we do is exciting enough to think about for many months to come.
And in my old age, if I make it, I'll look back at these times and smile a great big smile.
*** These are the good old days ***

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