Chez2199's Log
Hey! Thats ME...and my daughter Jessica. We're Indianans, and I'm a horseshoeon. Yea!
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03/12/2008 21:00:25
 Chez2199  .The big hole in my dash is handy
So you got your truck robbed? That sucks That woul;d never happen in Louisville :-)
03/04/2008 17:53:45
 Chez2199  .Theres times in my life...
Some times it's to deep for me :-) but i miss ya! it sucks that you have been burglared twice never hapen where i live.. Hey maybe you should come back!
02/13/2008 12:18:28
 Chez2199  .Nicer Weather is on the Way
we had a pretty good snow/ice storm, but it is supposed to reach 50 on Friday. Short lived in this neck of the woods. we rarely get to many cold days in a row
01/19/2008 14:20:27
 jim  ..Beer, wine and coffee
Wish I could say I was still a talented beer drinker.
Seattle is 180 degrees away from Louisville.
In  Louisville, I could walk to Fourth Street Live in 5 minutes, and try a different beer every night. 
Any place we go in Seattle is going to take over 20 minutes to get too by bus, and thats a real buzz kill.
I can't seem to find any good beers in Seattle.
A good mead, cider beer, or any kind of fruity beer is hard to find. Bud and coors are practically flowing in the streets downtown, but I can't find any really good stuff anywhere.
About wine - on last week's black ice day, I walked to Lyons.
Thats our local convenience store (which is smaller than our apartment). There, I bought a small bottle of Cabernet sauvignon. It was rather nasty, but I drank it anyway. The really interesting thing about this wine was, the smell lingered on my breath for two days! I'm just glad it didn't turn my hair flourescent orange. So much for wine tasting.
Great coffee is everywhere in Seattle.
Even Wells Fargo has an coffee station. I'm surprised we don't have an expresso knob built into on our kitchen faucet.
01/19/2008 14:20:27
 Chez2199   (Reply).I designed Bill Gates house?
And here you thought you just were a programmer! You have architecual talents as well! Not to mention the talent for drinking a good cold beer LOL
01/11/2008 07:20:37
 Chez2199  .On the agenda this weekend
sounds like things are getting better. how's the work part turning out?
01/11/2008 07:20:37
 jim   (Reply)..On the agenda this weekend
We're making the best of things.
Ya know, I believe everything happens for a reason. If it doesn't make sense now, it might 100 years from now. Since wealth, fame and fortune won't be my treasure here, maybe the people I meet and the knowledge I gain will be. So now, for me, work is the best thing about Seattle. What I learn here should go far.
All past issues seem to have died away.
If anything, at least people know my name. I'm still fearful of writing freely in this log.
I'm afraid of saying something like "someone looks beautiful today", which could be taken as "they looked ugly yesterday"
My laptop fried last night.
I lost a lot of pictures from December.
So, I went out to get a new laptop at Frys Electronics (they have great sales on Friday), and ended up getting a Tablet PC. We couldn't afford it really, it cost $500 more than what I wanted to spend, but I need to keep up on technology.
I love it, and it makes up for the buses!
It has a touch screen (which I can't wait to write some programs for), 250gig hd, 3gig mem, AMD Turion dual processor, card readers, dvd+-, webcam,bluetooth,Wireless-G, 3xusb 2.0s, and weighs about a  pound. The only thing I don't like about it is the glare off of its screen. Maybe I can look really cool and wear Polaroids when using it!
Becky, Peter and I are searching for some kind of opportunity.
I still think the mobile notary worked out well, and the Segway dealership opportunity still intrigues me.
Time will tell!
01/05/2008 09:56:23
 Chez2199  .I know what happened to the clams now
Ya learn smething new everyday!
01/01/2008 07:09:47
 jim  ..Its like a whirlwind out here
Love you too buddy. I miss you guys. I still have the fall colors of that area ingrained in my mind.
My IPhone said it was 16 degrees in Louisville today, and it'll be back in the 60's by Friday.
It looks like we'll be wrapping up here in about 7 months.
That's unsure right now, but I can't wait to get back. I'll miss Seattle, but I won't miss the over crowded busses.
Maybe next time in Louisville
I'll sell Coney Hotdogs down by the river and Becky can be my lovely assistant! lol.
We've got lots of time to dream and plan, and that's a good thing! HNY!
01/01/2008 07:09:47
 Chez2199   (Reply).Its like a whirlwind out here
Sorry i didn't call you, but then i didn't even call my wife and child. worked 16 hours that day and busier than you can imangine. plus had to get up and go to work the next morning. It's the nature of the beast when you work in a casino. But none of that really matters.. you are my friend and i wish you the best in 2008!!! and that is what does matter!! Love you and Becky  Hope to see you soon

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